Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Fighting Eight People Alone

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Chapter 658 Fighting Eight People Alone!

Lets end this fast, thought Fosters, and intense flames immediately spread out from him, akin to the surface of a small star. Pushing forward with both of his palms at the tens of thousands of mechanical soldiers, a dark red beam struck toward Han Xiao and the Mechanical Army that surrounded him.

The outer layer of mechanical soldiers was directly blasted away, shattering into metal pieces. The debris was blown away like sand particles being washed away by the tide.

The cannon fodder machines could not stop the assault of the Grade A+ Fosters. Only the Oathkeepers beside Han Xiao stepped forward, deploying their shields to withstand the shockwave blast from Fosters.

Han Xiaos eyes flashed, and his Mechanical Force rolled outward. Under the influence of [Mechanical Force Field], he covered all his mechanical soldiers. The next moment, he waved his hands, and the hundreds of thousands of mechanical soldiers opened fire at the same time, attacking Fosters with different formations and different tactical modes.

A fierce battle unfolded!

The vast Mechanical Army drowned Fosters. Right in the middle of the main battlefield, a smaller scale battlefield was formed. The fleets were still engaged with each other all around them, and Bloodshed Land did not care about a one on one battle, constantly firing toward Black Stars Mechanical Army. However, Section Zero was not a group to be trifled.

While the rest of the Calamity Grades were watching the show, they still had the courage to command the fleet to provide enough cover for Han Xiao.

Moreover, surrounding the machinery were numerous floating shields, which blocked the attacks from time to time.

This was the all-out attack of a Mechanic at the Calamity Grade. A person could rival an entire fleet!

However, Han Xiao had placed all his attention on Fosters.

Millions of ion cannon rays crisscrossed, like a large airtight net, which continuously struck at Fosters. He dodged continuously and rammed through when he could not, relying on the sheer power of his Pugilist flames to also wreak havoc in the mechanical soldier army.

The armor of conventional mechanical soldiers was akin to paper in front of Fosters strength. In a battle between the Grade As, the role of the basic mechanical soldiers was just to provide firepower and tactical containment, as well as to continuously sap at the opponents health and strength. Under the bonus given by Han Xiaos Mechanical Force, Fosters could only try to evade most of the time. Being bombarded by tens of thousands of concentrated firepower was nothing to scoff at.

While he might have been confident to endure it with his current strength, should he not treat himself better if possible?

As for the main combat force, it would be the small number of Grade A Elite Machinery, such as the improved versions of the Oathkeeper, Phantoms, and so on. The strength of a single unit naturally could not exceed that of the Calamity Grade itself, but their mutual cooperation would be able to threaten them. Even with their famed reputation within the Star Field, the Tyrants Vanguard Officials would not be able to blast away an Oathkeeper that was equipped with sufficient shields, energy, and thick armor in just two or three punches.

Han Xiao strolled leisurely among his Mechanical Army, but his walking speed was extremely fast. Coupled with his sudden change in direction, it caused Fosters to be unable to lock onto him.

However, Fosters did not dare pause, constantly maintaining his high evasion speed as he avoided the various attacks while analyzing the situation quickly in his heart.

Got to look for a chance to behead him in one fell swoop, or else Ill be drowned by this human wave tactic.

It was not as if Fosters had not come into contact with any Mechanics specializing in the Army Style. He understood that once he was completely surrounded, he would be tortured to death sooner or later. One could not look down on the damage ten thousand soldiers could deal.

As for the weakness of the Army Style if the commander was beheaded, the rest of the soldiers would easily be broken through.

Black Star has the moniker of Indestructible Body however, he cannot be more difficult to deal with than the Mechanical Army itself.

Fosters stared closely before drastically increasing his speed using a skill. Flames blazed around him, and like a dark red bolt, he bashed through layers of mechanical soldiers to arrive beside Han Xiao, swinging a mighty fist filled with endless power toward Han Xiaos neck.

The split second that the fist was supposed to connect, Han Xiaos figure suddenly flickered, and the next instant, he was at another location within his Mechanical Army. This was his Advanced Void Travel.

It continued the same way. Every time Fosters launched an attack on Han Xiao, it would end up being easily neutralized by the latter. With Void Travel, (Chaos Entity-Release] as well as the Short Distance Teleporter Module on his Berserk Ape on continuous cycle, Fosters had no way to touch even his clothes. The shockwave blasts were avoided even more easily.

Fosters face got uglier as time passed. According to the intelligence received, he had thought that Han Xiao would choose to fight with him given his sturdy body, but he did not expect the latter to be as slippery as an eel.

As for Han Xiao, his thoughts were clear. Since Im a Mechanic, before my Mechanical Army is depleted, theres no need for me to rush up and get beaten up like an idiot.

His fleshly body was his trump card, and of course, he had to use it only as the last resort. His mission was to restrain the eight Vanguard Officials. By trapping Fosters within the Mechanical Army, he would make the guy feel unbearable, allowing him to call the rest over for him to restrain.

If not, just based off his fleshy body, while Fosters might not be able to kill him, he would be completely suppressed and beaten down without any chance to retaliate. In that case, he could not appear as carefree as he was now.

Han Xiaos was considering this in the long term. As long as he completed this mission successfully, he would obtain the Cutting-Edge Knowledge needed for his Class Advancement. Destroying his entire Mechanical Army would give him an excuse to withdraw from the war for the current period of time, allowing him to go back and create a brand-new Mechanical Army with new and improved capabilities.

The Purple Crystal Civilization would naturally overcompensate him for his loss.

Since he knew that the expansion of Bloodshed Land was inevitable, with the current performance of Section Zero, they would be constantly defeated for the time being. There was no need for him to participate in a losing battle. It was better for him to go home and recuperate.

When the situation became bad and Purple Crystal started to panic, they would think of his performance before automatically asking him to participate. Only then would he take the opportunity to extort them.

While Han Xiao liked to utilize the Army Style, he also loved to personally enter the scene. However, this time, he had chosen to utilize conventional tactics, revealing his frightening evasion abilities to foil Fosters sudden advancement. The power of his Army Style was revealed to the fullest!

Although the losses of the Mechanical Army were constantly rising, Fosters energy consumption was also becoming severe. When facing hundreds of thousands of Mechanical soldiers, it caused a qualitative change as a result of the quantity. Unless one had a special tank-like ability, no one would be able to endure the entire group.

The damaged machinery was revived again and again by Han Xiao using both (Waste Modification] and [Machinery Continuation), and the soldiers appeared endless.

Both sides could see that Fosters appeared like a bug trapped within a spiders web, completely falling into Black Stars tempo. The Mechanical Army blessed by Han Xiaos Mechanical Force as well as the (Superhuman] buff provided a 142% increase in damage at Level 170. This had greatly offset Fosters strength advantage.

"Hes managed to restrain the Chief Vanguard Official!"

There were quite a few Grade A Supers in Section Zero, and they all obtained a boost in their spirits.

To have Black Stars capabilities rival the Chief Vanguard Official, this was good news.

However, no one was too surprised. With Black Stars fame, many of his deeds had already spread among the people in the galaxy. He was also recognized to be one of the strongest members under the Dragon Emperor Ames. Thus, it was not surprising that he was able to match the Chief Vanguard Official of the Tyrant in power.

However, Ralph was a little worried. Black Star had promised him that he would restrain all eight of them, but currently, only Fosters was being trapped. The other Vanguard Officials were still moving around and destroying the warships. If not for the fact that Black Star was wrapped up in an intense battle, he would have urged a retreat.

After dodging yet another round of cannon fire, Fosters gaze wandered toward Han Xiao, feeling extremely stifled.

The difficulty in killing Black Star proved to be far out of his expectations.

Fosters still felt that Black Star was not a match for him. In his opinion, as long as he managed to snatch a chance, he would definitely obtain victory. However, the two of them had been fighting for so long that it had run counter to his original intention of ending the battle quickly. Unable to resist getting angry, his patience had long been worn thin.

"Hunting Blade, Malekith all of you come over and help me to destroy Black Stars Mechanical Army. Ill see where he can still hide!" Fosters shouted out.

The other seven Vanguard Officials who were dealing with the fleet around received the new instructions and were surprised. Fosters had mentioned that Black Star was an opponent whom he would deal with alone, but now he needed help!

However, they naturally gave him some face, not to mention that Black Star had provoked them as well. Thus, all of them turned around and killed their way toward the tiny battlefield that Fosters and Black Star were at. They were akin to seven meteors, crashing into the Mechanical Army.

The moment the eight Vanguard Officials joined forces, the situation deteriorated instantly. The Mechanical Army was destroyed wantonly.

"Black Star cannot hold on much longer."

The Grade A Supers in Section Zero felt shock in their hearts, but to face off against eight of the Vanguard Officials, none of them had the courage to risk it and support him. Before the Mechanical Army was completely destroyed, Black Star still had hope.

Fosters eyed Han Xiao like a hawk the whole time. The moment Black Star intended to escape, he would immediately rush forward to disrupt him, not allowing him to escape.

Contrary to his expectations, even though the situation was clearly not on his side, Han Xiao continued to shift and dodge, without any intention of escaping. This resulted in Fosters vigilance being useless.

"What is Black Star doing? Why is he not retreating?"

"Does he not know that fighting on will only lead to his death?"

The surrounding Calamity Grades were all frightened, carrying expressions of incredulity. Was he really going to fight all eight by himself? The entire area was filled with shards from his Mechanical Army, with none of them in one complete piece. Fosters and the other seven finally stopped, gazing over at Han Xiao like a tiger eyeing its prey. Shooting a glance at the nonexistent Mechanical Army, Han Xiao remained passive. His opponents were the famed Vanguard Officials. This result was still within his expectations. Just based off the Mechanical Army alone, it would be difficult for him to face the assault of eight people.

However, with his insurance covering his losses, Han Xiao did not feel any heartache. Instead, he smiled before addressing the eight of them. "Hehe, seems like its still eight against one in the end."

Fosters face sank, and he growled, "Hurry up and deal with him. Lets see if he still can laugh."

"Really? All of us?" Malekith was surprised.

"Since weve already done so, lets just finish this."

The others were reluctant. In the first place, they had given Fosters face, allowing him to single out Han Xiao to fight. However, now that Fosters had gotten tired, he wanted them to helpthey could not stop halfway. Bloodshed Land never emphasized fighting single battlesthey only focused on getting the job done as fast as possible.

The eight of them rushed forward, and Han Xiao too breathed out once before rushing forth to meet them. In the eyes of the Calamity Grades around, Black Stars back seemed to have an impression that he had seen past death itself.

Everyone was touched!

They did not understand why Black Star would be so desperate to give up his life!

It was as though eight shooting stars continuously hit Han Xiaos body. Their explosive fists burst forth with numerous afterimages, bombarding every inch of his body.

Was Black Star hit with thousands of punches or tens of thousands? Nobody could tell for sure.

Everyone around had the cold sense of desolation, akin to foxes grieving when all the rabbits died. They could not bear to watch. Black Stars ending would definitely be grisly.

However, the next moment, everyone rubbed their eyes, not daring to believe this scenario!

When facing the barrage of blows like a heavy thunderstorm, while Han Xiao was beaten black and blue, to the point even his Mechanical suit shattered, his body was still perfectly sturdy, and he remained so lively even when facing such heavy punches!

Fosters and the rest suddenly stopped, staring at Han Xiao with uncertain gazes.

The strength that they released just now would be enough to destroy half the surface of a medium planet. How was Black Star still alive?

The MP and HP are indeed reliable, and the Steel Body ability does negate a lot of damage. However, these fellows are really frightening. I nearly had to use Auroras Character Summon Card.

While he was being beaten up, Han Xiaos had been calmly analyzing the situation.

Seeing that the eight had stopped, Han Xiao exhaled, rubbing his shoulders and neck whilst revealing a careless smile. This, however, worked better than any form of provocation. Fosters face turned steely as he felt that this smile was full of ridicule toward him, as though it was Han Xiao saying, Why did you stop?

At this moment, everybodys expression seemed to freeze up.

Ralph had a crazed expression of joy on his face. Black Star was indeed able to restrain all eight of them-he was serious about that!

The Grade As from Section Zero revealed various expressions of shock. Those eight were no ordinary Calamity Grade Supers; they were all the reputed eight Vanguard Officials of Bloodshed Land! The fame of each one resounded throughout the Star Field!

Fosters and the rest were furious. The eight of them had only lost to Tyrant whenever they joined hands!

They could not believe that Han Xiao could actually withstand their offensive.

It was as though the raging waves had smashed against the cliff but ended up being scattered into sea foam!

The name Black Star popped into everyones head, with the connection that could not be waved away.

Was this the famed Indestructible Body



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