Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 661

Chapter 661 A New Level

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Chapter 661 A New Level

On Planet Heber, Bloodshed Lands headquarters, the intelligence of the frontline was transmitted back to the command post. Jorde requested to see Heber-he felt that he had to report Black Stars performance.

Heber sat on the enormous throne inside the palace. After hearing Jordes report, not only was he not angry, he showed an interesting expression instead. He slowly spoke with a thunderous voice.

"I was not wrong. Black Star is wasting his talent under Ames. He shouldve come to be my subordinate."

Heber shook his head. He had always thought Han Xiao was very capable, but Han Xiao had rejected him twice. He definitely would not invite him a third time.

"Klent isnt very happy. They think that Black Star is an unstable factor and should be eliminated as soon as possible," Jorde said.

"I dont need them to teach me how to fight a war," Heber said. "What do my eight Vanguard Officials think?"

"Er, Fosters said that he has brought shame to Bloodshed Lands name and is very embarrassed. He will use a hundred victories to wash away todays shame."

Jorde chose his words carefully. The truth was, Fosters was not as emotionally stable as Jorde said he was-he was almost depressed.

"The Bloodshed Lands position wont decrease because of just one battle," Heber replied. "Hes a winner, so he shouldnt act like a loser. In the entire Shattered Star Ring, there are dozens of Calamity Grades that have the potential to become a Beyond Grade A. However, after so many years, there are still only four Beyond Grade As"

After a pause, a fierce vibe came from Heber. Jorde felt as if his neck had been grabbed by someone, and his breath stopped for a moment.

"Potential is just potential. With me here, theres no need to fear anyone."

Jorde was instantly motivated. Hebers confidence was what made it worth following him till the end.

At the same time on the Purple Crystal Civilizations mother planet

The two losses of Section Zero had made the Purple Crystal upper echelons very unsatisfied. Black Stars performance was the only good news among all the bad news.

The high-level government officials from the relevant departments hosted a private meeting to discuss Black Star.

"Beyond Grade A seeds are extremely rare. Although the Dragon Emperor is neutral, Black Star is on Purple Crystals side. He has remarkably high investment value."

"Thats right. Black Stars force is in the Colton Star Cluster, so hes close to us. If he can become a Beyond Grade A, this means that a Beyond Grade A force will appear in Colton. This will make up for our disadvantage compared to Klent."

The Purple Crystal Civilization was very jealous of Klent Kingdom having Bloodshed Land as an ally.

If they had a Beyond Grade A organization as an ally as well, they would not have to spend so much effort to create Section Zero, and they would not be at such a disadvantage in the secret war.

Black Star had the potential, and he was much more motivated than the Dragon Emperor. Considering his political affiliation, the Purple Crystal Civilization felt that he was worthy of investing in.

This meeting was to discuss their attitude toward Black Star in the future. They saw longer term benefits in Han Xiao beyond this war.

Star Cluster Civilizations were not afraid of Beyond Grade As, but that did not mean that they did not want one. The various Star Cluster Civilizations in the Shattered Star Ring were all very serious in cultivating Supers. They built many schools to educate students with potential, producing talented people every year as fresh blood being supplied to the various departments.

However, they could only cultivate Calamity Grades at most. There was completely no hope in raising a Beyond Grade A. This was not something that could be created through a certain procedure.

Therefore, a Beyond Grade A seed who was close to the Purple Crystal Civilization was more than enough to make those high-level officials put down whatever they were dealing with and go for a meeting to discuss it.

"If Black Star becomes a Beyond Grade A, we can help him to build his Beyond Grade A organization into an organization that can match the Bloodshed Land. This way, Klent will no longer have this advantage. Also, this will make us more influential in the Star Field."

"Cultivating our own Beyond Grade A ally its a good idea, but Black Star will have to fulfill his potential."

They discussed for some time and finally came to an agreement.

They would change the way they invested in Black Star, increasing the resources provided to the Black Star Army. After all, the cost of building a relationship with a Calamity Grade was incomparable to the cost of building a relationship with a Beyond Grade A. The earlier they made this investment, the smaller the cost.

Purple Crystal did not lack resources. They were willing to invest early and bet on Black Stars potential.

At the same time, they decided to promote the Black Star Armys position in Section Zero. They would heavily focus on Black Stars growth and provide him with a certain amount of protection to prevent other organizations from secretly targeting him.

A Beyond Grade A seed was a new level that exceeded normal Calamity Grades. Every one of them was the focus of various organizations.

The fame brought by this fight had completely changed the Star Cluster Civilizations attitudes toward Han Xiao.

With people spreading the information, the news that Black Star had become a new Beyond Grade A seed quickly spread throughout the Shattered Star Ring. Countless galactic residents knew about this, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that almost everyone in the Shattered Star Ring did.

Even those Star Cluster Civilizations that had no conflict with the Purple Crystal Civilization were not willing to watch Purple Crystal obtain someone that might become a Beyond Grade A in the future. With the motive of bringing him more attention so that he would be targeted by more people, not only did they not hide their attention on Han Xiao, they deliberately leaked it.

In the process of spreading, the news was twisted again and again. In the end, it shockingly became "Black Star will be the fifth Beyond Grade A of the Shattered Star Ring in the future"!

This was much more shocking than him being a Beyond Grade A seed. It was basically pushing Han Xiao onto the throne in advance. Countless people were stunned.

The big organizations knew that this was bullsh*t, but most people did not know the details. Under the various exaggerated reports, many people really believed in this rumor and started to spread the news that the fifth Beyond Grade A of the Shattered Star Ring was about to appear.

This news reached Floating Dragon Island as well.


The alloy gate of the training room opened, and Hila walked out while wiping the sweat on her forehead.

Over the past few years while she was training on Floating Dragon Island, she had changed out of her black battle suit and gotten herself a specially tailored red windbreaker made with a special cloth. It was engraved with a high-level shield and was also enchanted to enhance her Esper ability.

If Han Xiao was there now, he would definitely feel that it looked very familiarthe design of this windbreaker was very similar to what he had worn when he was Black Phantom.

"Its been almost three years. Im getting more and more skilled in my ability. According to the universal standard, Ive stabilized at Grade B. Based on my current growth, I should be able to become Grade B+ within three years. Ames said that I have the potential to become a Calamity Grade"

Feeling more and more proficient in her Esper ability, Hila was joyous.

Ames was a master of the Esper class, so the experiences she taught her benefitted her hugely. In order to catch up to Han Xiao, Hila never slacked off.

She was satisfied with her progressthis was the result that she had earned with sweat and hard work.

"Sis, I have good news!"

Just as Hila was about to go back to rest, Aurora quickly ran to her with a face filled with joy.

"What good news?" Hila was in quite a good mood. She pinched Auroras tender cheeks and smiled.

"Its about Han Xiao. Everyone is saying that he will very soon become a Beyond Grade A Super. Even the news reported this!"

Aurora raised the communicator that was playing the news right in front of Hila and could not wait to share this with Hila.

Hila was stunned.

"Hes about to become a Beyond Grade A?"

Ames was a Beyond Grade A. Did that not mean that Han Xiao was going to be as strong as Ames?

Hila clenched her teeth. She had initially been very satisfied with her progress, but now she felt like she could not catch up to Han Xiao no matter what. She felt immense pressure.

Compared to him, this progress is not worth mentioning!

Im still not working hard enough!

Aurora was still speaking with excitement. Suddenly, she saw Hila turn around and walk into the training room, closing the door behind her. The next moment, the light showing that the training room was in use lit up.

"Sis?" Aurora was stunned.

Neither of them noticed that Ames was hovering in midair above, watching them.

"With such a strong personality, Hila will progress faster than expected." Ames smiled.

Although she was lazy, she liked how hardworking Hila was.

Every Beyond Grade A had gone through a period of time when they worked extremely hard and built their own legend before they became a Beyond Grade A. In Hila, she felt like she saw her younger self.

As for Black Star, Ames could not understand what was going on with him at all.

As Han Xiao achieved astonishing things one time after another, Ames impression of him was shattered and reformed many times. At this time, she was not even willing to try to speculate Han Xiaos potential. She had just one word for Han Xiao -unfathomable!

Ames had never thought that a mercenary whom she casually recruited would achieve the things that he had achieved.

Her requirement for Han Xiao was now as low as it could get.

As long as Black Star stayed by her, she would be satisfied.

Half of the Star Field was talking about him, and the news was exaggerated again and again, such that even Han Xiao was embarrassed by it.

Are they really talking about me?

When did I fight Tyrant to a draw?

When did I chase Ames?

When did I make the announcement to challenge the Crimson Dynasty?

When did I chat casually with Austin as if were friends Oh, this is actually true.

Han Xiao was completely speechless.

Dont these reporters know that they have to be responsible for these things they say?

After returning to the Garton Star System base, he finally felt the effect of this matter.

The Godoran Civilizations attitude changed visibly. They were much more respectful and actively suggested to extend their partnership, as well as open up more resource channels to provide him more rare resources.

Han Xiao even heard that Serbia the Fifth was preparing to tour the Star System and would be going to Planet Golden Gate first to visit him publicly.

The resources given by the Purple Crystal Civilization to make up for his losses had arrived at the base. Just the cash was already more than ten million Enas, much more than what the Purple Crystal Civilization had promised. The quantity of resources had also multiplied. This was a completely pleasant surprise.

Han Xiao tutted. He knew that what he had done was sensational, but he had underestimated how sensational it would be. It was crystal clear how much more serious the Purple Crystal Civilization was about him.

This sped up the plan that he had made before the war started.

He quickly told Phillip, Herlous, and Sylvia to settle the matters on replenishing the lost battleships and people before going to the training room. He took out the communicator and opened the data that the Purple Crystal sent to him on (Abnormal State Energy).

When I finish learning this knowledge, I will be many times stronger. My Mechanical Armies being wiped out is a good opportunity to renew them completely.

Excited, Han Xiao opened his interface.

Mechanic class Cutting-Edge Knowledge (Abnormal State Energy] detected. Spend 12 Potential Points to learn?


Learning in progress. Do not cancel.

9% 43% 78%

Successfully Learned! You have learned (Abnormal State Energy]!

Complex and difficult knowledge flew into Han Xiaos head. He digested it for a while and took a deep breath.

Of course, him telling Ralph that he needed a whole month to learn was bullsh*t. The others had no way to know that he could learn things so quickly.

Finally, I have my first Cutting-Edge Knowledge.

Han Xiao was content. He achieved the Class Advancement requirement at the same time.

A notification popped up on the interface immediately.

Class Advancement requirements completed!

You have received a new class (Truth Mechanic Lv.1).

+210 Energy, +2 STR, +4 DEX, +4 END, +10 INT.

You have received 7 Free Attribute Points.

You have received 1 Potential Point.

I did it!

Han Xiao was overjoyed.

[Truth Mechanic] was a high-level class in the Mechanic class, one level higher than (Galaxy Mechanic). Its level limit was twenty-five.

The name represented the fact that the Mechanic would start to learn the truths about machines in this stage.

However, to the players in his previous life, this name had another meaning.

Within my attack range, Im the truth!



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