Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Psionic Core War Situation

Chapter 663 Psionic Core, War Situation

Four thin mechanical poles formed an X shape and secured the mini sphere-shaped reactor in the middle.

The sphere-shaped reactor was the size of a fist. It was completely silver with the surface of the ball being smooth and shiny, reflecting Han Xiaos suave appearance.

"The small psionic reactor is of light purple grade, and its efficiency is many times that of the cold nuclear fission reactor."

Han Xiao looked at the psionic reactor and heaved a sigh of relief.

He had used (Abnormal State Energy) to roll blueprints and received the blueprint for a large number of psionic machines. He first constructed a complete set of psionic extraction apparatus and tested it many times before carefully refining a psionic particle. Following which, the particles were melded together, and he used a few days of testing before finally being able to construct a psionic energy furnace.

Because psionic energy had some risk, Han Xiao only dared speed up the production process after ensuring the stability of every step.

After observing the results of the test, Han Xiao plucked off a compressed orb from his necklace and threw it to the side.

A bolt of Mechanical Force shot toward the compressed orb and activated it. In the blink of an eye, the compressed orb transformed into the Berserk Ape mechanical suit. This was the backup suit in the warehouse. His original one had already been destroyed by the eight Vanguard Officials.

"Phillip, maintain standby mode and eject the energy core."

"Orders confirmed, hum

The Berserk Ape mechanical suit raised its head and stood up straight. The chest piece of the mechanical suit then opened to reveal the interior construction of the mechanical suit.


A dense energy reactor was ejected from the chest of the mechanical suit. It was glowing red as though it was the heart of the mechanical suit.

Han Xiao removed the nuclear reactor and placed it to the side. He then took the psionic reactor and stuffed it back into the empty slot.


A humming sound could be heard, and the psionic reactor lit up. A bright blue glow could be seen from the reactor, and the glow spread through the entire suit. The mechanical suit then automatically retracted the reactor and began adapting to the new reactor.

The energy furnace got to work and provided an endless stream of psionic energy. With the energy furnace as the core, blue veins spread out in all directions on the surface of the Berserk Ape suit and covered the entire suit. These blue veins lit up for a short while before becoming dull and flashing for more than ten seconds before coming to a stop.

"The update of the energy reactor is complete. The mechanical suit is functioning perfectly, hum" Phillip said in a merry tone as though he was a little child.

While he was constructing the psionic energy furnace, Han Xiao had also upgraded Phillips program with his newly acquired Logic Program Strengthening. Apart from increasing Phillips processing efficiency, Phillip had also downloaded an emotion module and now seemed more energetic. Not only that, he had even chosen to replace his voice with the voice of a little boy.

Looking at the equipment introduction on the interface, the Power Output of the Berserk Ape was three times that of the original figure, and more modules could be installed. The mechanical suits original energy level of just over 20,000 had increased to 57,000, more than two times the original!

With such a large jump in attributes, it could be seen just how important Cutting-Edge Knowledge was.

Han Xiao released Mechanical Force from his palms and connected to the Berserk Ape suit. The next moment, the Berserk Ape suit rapidly covered his entire body, and the equipping process only took an instant.

With a single thought, the arm of the mechanical suit transformed into an exquisite cannon barrel, and Han Xiao aimed at an alloy wall used to test weapons.

After the energy furnace was replaced with a psionic energy reactor, the weapons of the Berserk Ape suit had also been upgraded to become psionic weapons. After adjusting the canon to burst mode, Han Xiao fired without hesitation.


A crisp sound could be heard, and a blue light pulse was shot out from the canon. The light pulse rapidly expanded as it traveled through the air and exploded when it came into contact with the target.

A blinding light flashed by.


Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, and when he took a look at the wall again, the entire alloy wall had been reduced to rubble with dust floating in the air.

"Not bad." Han Xiao was overjoyed.

Psionic energy truly lived up to its reputation. Just changing a single energy furnace had resulted in such a huge increase in strength. Of course, there was also the effect of the [Extreme Energy Output).

Because primal psionic energy was not stable, an ordinary psionic weapon would only be able to use the dormant psionic energy being produced from a psionic reactor. Before the psionic energy was activated, it would not expand.

Only the strategic class weapons between civilizations would pursue the pure destructive force of primal psionic energy. However, psionic weapons that were extremely destructive were heavily restricted. If a civilization made use of such a weapon, Star Cluster civilizations or the three great civilizations would investigate the matter. After all, no one wanted to see a planet within their territory getting flattened by a weapon.

All civilizations were extremely wary of Mechanics who had grasped psionic energy. It did not matter if they wanted to be a litterbug. However, they could not choose to freely throw psionic energy around.

Han Xiao still was not able to refine something like a Planetary Destroyer. His level, Intelligence, and knowledge were not sufficient at the moment. He would only be able to do so after reaching the level of Manison from the [Mechanic Empire). This was also a specialty of a beyond Grade A Super.

Han Xiao then tested the piercing, fully automatic, and other modes of the psionic canon before testing the shield module of the Berserk Ape suit.

Because of the new energy furnace, the shield had also transformed into a psionic shield. The original appearance of the nuclear shield was a half-transparent mirror-like shield glowing either yellow or blue.

As for the psionic shield, its exterior was like a bubble with two thirds of it being transparent and colorless. Outside the colorless region, the shield was blue in color, gradually turning darker toward the outside. The entire shield was more circular and not as angular as before, with the durability of the shield being greatly enhanced.

At the same time, because of the assimilation property of psionic energy, the psionic shield would absorb a small amount of damage when being struck to replenish the durability of the shield, allowing it to last longer. The psionic shield also came with the ability to perform a short-ranged charge. Han Xiao activated his psionic shield and charged straight at the alloy wall. The alloy wall caved in immediately like soft soil, leaving behind a circular dent.

At the instant of the collision, the durability of the shield fell slightly and transformed into kinetic force to increase the damage.

Even if an ordinary individual covered his fist with the psionic shield and punched normally, they would easily be able to bend a metal pole. This was an important method for a Mechanic to deal with close combat fights.

"Right, I think the psionic reactor has an Additional Ability."

Han Xiao then raised his palm and controlled the energy supplied by the furnace to his palm. With a shake of his wrist, a psionic energy ball floated on top of his palm. It was currently in a dormant state and was extremely stable.

He then pressed the psionic energy ball onto the alloy wall, and the next moment, the entire alloy wall shook, and cracks could be seen spreading out from the surface of the wall.

"Indeed, a psionic mechanical suit can directly release psionic energy."

Han Xiao was extremely satisfied with the results of his test. Directly releasing energy was a very handy skill. Not only would it increase his close combat abilities, it would also allow him to use it in various complicated ways.

After testing the various skills, Han Xiao began to upgrade his machines. The first one that he upgraded with his Berserk Ape suit.

The Berserk Ape suit had been constructed when he was around level 140, and now that his skills had been upgraded, it was time to improve the suit. Han Xiao was prepared to perform an all-round upgrade for the Berserk Ape suit so that it could keep up to his current level and become his core weapon.

The reconstruction of his Mechanical Army was also taking place at the same time. Han Xiao refined a large number of psionic energy particles as the core material and invested a large amount of experience to form a mini psionic energy furnace assembly line.

Apart from that, as Han Xiaos level increased, more high-level blueprints were also unlocked. Han Xiao gambled for some new machines and weapons before constructing their new assembly lines. Very quickly, new batches of high-grade machines came out fresh from the oven.

The Black Star Armys military factory was clearly demarcated into two different sections. The purpose of the logistics factory that Reynold oversaw was mainly to provide for the entire army, and it produced common equipment. Han Xiaos military factory was for his personal use, and all the equipment produced was top quality. Regardless of production speed or quality, it far exceeded the logistics factory.

To date, Han Xiao had only lent the factory to Reynold. It could be said that only a Calamity Grade Super would be allowed to use his personal factory.

The assembly line that Han Xiao had personally constructed enjoyed his personal stat boost. His new talent, [Machinery Truth Knowledge), greatly increased the attributes of the products in his factory. Currently, the cannon fodder mechanical soldiers had attributes no lower than the elite soldiers of his army before his Class Advancement.

At his level, he had almost maxed out the production speed of his assembly line. As long as he was willing to spend money, he would be able to construct a new army within a short time!

Han Xiao spent money like water, and in a short months time, he completed the reconstruction of his Mechanical Army. Its size was even greater than before his Class Advancement, and the number of soldiers that he had was over a million!

The serial number of his ordinary army reached 016, and he had six elite army units that were numbered from 101 to 106, making a total of twenty-two Army Boxes.

He truly could do as he wished if he was rich!

In the past month, Bloodshed Land had steadily advanced, and the other two vanguard forces had also revealed themselves and invaded two other Star Systems on the border.

By this point, Bloodshed Lands target was extremely clear. They wanted to occupy West Wind, Kaya, and Chaida, the three Star Systems on the border.

Bloodshed Land intentionally fragmented the battlefield up into many different regions, and Section Zero invested all their members into the war to launch a counterattack in the three Star Systems. However, under the ferocious assault of Bloodshed Land, Section Zero was on the losing end.

The situation in Kaya and Chaida was slightly better than the battlefield in West Wind, which was the most dangerous. The eight Vanguard Officials had gathered together, resulting in the high-level combatants of Section Zero choosing to avoid battle. They were not able to stop Bloodshed Lands advancement, and the enemy had already set up bases on six different planets.

As they captured more planets, Bloodshed Land began to gradually reduce the speed of their advancement. The military forces of the vanguard army were limited. After leaving behind soldiers to guard the captured planets, the number of soldiers that they could mobilize greatly decreased. After the many battles, the vanguard army also suffered considerable losses. However, the vanguard army brought along their own logistics factory and began constructing battleships on the spot to replenish their losses.

The mission of the vanguard army was only to set up a bridgehead for their main army. They took just a month to complete the mission, and after that, they stopped their advancement and waited for the arrival of the main army.

The main army naturally would not cross the barren cosmic belt slowly like the vanguard army did. Klent had already made preparations before the battle to stealthily set up a transit station in the barren cosmic belt. They used their Star Cluster level skills to construct a stable stargate so that the transportation of reinforcements and resources would take considerably less time.

Klents transit station was hidden within the barren cosmic belt. While the Purple Crystal Civilization did not know of its exact location, they were aware of its existence.

On the base that they had set up, the vanguard army had also brought the spare parts and Klents technological staff to set up a stargate. The moment the construction was complete, their logistical issue would not be a problem, and they would be able to receive a never-ending supply of reinforcements.

Even if the Purple Crystal Civilization understood what Klents strategy was, they did not have the strength to stop it. After the vanguard army constructed a few strongholds, they immediately set up a Military Orbit Quantum Leap Station to connect all their strongholds to reinforce each other.

The moment one of their strongholds was under attack, the other strongholds would be able to send reinforcements.

In order to deal with the Mutation Disaster, Godora had once used the Military Orbit Quantum Leap Station. This was Star Cluster level strategic equipment that was commonly used in galactic wars. Godora had also bought it from a Star Cluster level civilization.

Section Zero had tried to destroy the stargate multiple times with all their attempts ending in failure. Only then did they change their strategy so as to not waste their soldiers. They had changed their strategy with the main focus being to harass their enemy.

Purple Crystal invested a large amount of resources to allow the members of Section Zero to expand their fleets and replenish their troops.

Despite Ralph not mentioning it, it was obvious that Section Zero had decided to take his advice.

With the resources and production capabilities of a Star Cluster Civilization, as long as Bloodshed Land completed the construction of the stargate, this war would end up becoming a long war. Both parties would be able to replenish their armies without end and dump a never-ending supply of resources into the war.

While soldiers would die, the battleships would never be used up.

Both parties ability to fight the war for ten years was because they had a hefty accumulation of resources. Fighting a war required money, and both parties were competing in production capabilities.

After not participating in the war for a month, the current situation of the secret war did not have much to do with Han Xiao. He reconstructed his Mechanical Army and continued to expand his army. The first batch of resources that the Purple Crystal Civilization had given him had been used up. A full 10,000,000 Enas had been used up, and he even had to take out some money from his own savings.

After spending such a large sum of money, the Black Star Army had constructed more than a hundred new battleships and hired a new batch of mercenaries.

Fighting a war burnt a lot of money. If he did not participate in the secret war, Han Xiao would not have received the support from a Star Cluster Civilization.

After skiving and preparing for a month, Han Xiao was prepared to complete his Promotion mission before returning to the battlefield.

Farming faction contribution was still useful as Purple Crystal still had a few Cutting-Edge Knowledges that he had not learned.

Han Xiao wanted to fight Lagi to exchange pointers, but a few uninvited guests showed up at his base.



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