Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 671

Chapter 671 I Recognize You

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Chapter 671 I Recognize You!

In Raylens capital, Zeglin walked slowly in the government building. Everyone he passed-be it government officials, secretaries, or guardsignored him as if he did not exist. However, if someone was about to bump into him, that person would subconsciously dodge aside.

Arriving at the door of the leaders office, Zeglin did not stop. He pushed the door open and walked in. The guard beside the door did not react at all.

In the room, the Raylen leader was in a call with the military, who also ignored Zeglin. Zeglin tapped his own forehead with his finger, and invisible psychic energy expanded and turned into more than ten tentacles, which then penetrated into the Raylen leaders brain, modifying his memories.

The Raylen leaders words suddenly paused. Confusion flashed on his face for a second before his expression returned to normal, and he continued speaking on the call. In this short pause, his memories had been modified.

Expressionless, Zeglin nodded and left the way he had entered. While walking, he used the psychic mark in his brain and communicated with Stephanie and the others across thousands of miles.

"I checked their memories. Black Stars attitude toward them is very normal. He threatened them and does not know that the memories of these national leaders have been modified. Its basically confirmed that he did not notice anything. We should act soon. Hes not alert now, but he might be if we delay this for too long." Stephanies chuckling sounded in his mind. "Dont forget what happened to Albert. Black Star is even more cautious than Antarrians. Letting our guard down against him would be foolish. However, youre right-delaying isnt a good idea. The next time he leaves Black Star City, we will set up an ambush over there. In his own territory, he would be more hesitant to attack."

"When Im done with my job, I will rendezvous with you guys."

Zeglin nodded and then levitated with his psychic energy, flying toward Theseus, which was also on the Northern Continent. This was his next target.

He was a member of Stephanies team, a Grade A Psychic master who could modify memories. He deviated from the others and acted alone, giving fake memories to the Six Nations leaders and twisting their knowledge toward Black Star, making them think that they were fighters resisting a dictator.

The political conflicts of a planet surface civilization were just tricks between weaklings, meaningless and childish. He could toy with those people any way he wanted to. If not for the sake of setting up a trap for Black Star, he would not even have been willing to waste his energy on using such delicate memory modifying methods on a group of surface civilization natives.

It was winter on the mountainous Northern Continent.

Zeglin quickly left Raylens border, flying over the icy landscape.

When flying over a mountain, Zeglins heart suddenly skipped a beat as if it was grabbed by a hand. A sense of danger appeared, and he looked up at the sky.

A mysterious blue light was burning in the sky.


In the blink of an eye, many blue light beams fell from the sky!


The ground cracked open!

The area of hundreds of miles was all within the attack range. Apart from the bright blue light, no other colors could be seen. Half of the mountain was flattening in an instant. Terrifying craters appeared on the planets surface, like a dozen meteors hitting the planet at the same time!

At the edge of the explosion radius, Zeglin barely kept himself floating. He was covered in burn marks and was horrified. He had never expected to be attacked so suddenly by such a strong attack.

Unable to hold back, blood spilled out of Zeglins mouth. He felt as if his organs were going to shatter. As he backed away, he looked around anxiously, wanting to find the enemy.

"Who is it? Come out!"

Just as he said that, a blue meteor flew toward him from the edge of the sky rapidly, leaving a long trail, and stopped not far away.

"Black Star!"

Zeglins eyes opened wide with shock.

He did not expect Black Star to suddenly find him.

Han Xiao opened his helmet, stared at Zeglin, and snorted.

"Theres indeed someone controlling the Six Nations, or they wouldnt have acted so strangely. Speak, why did you target Planet Aquamarine?"

Since he was already putting on an act, he might as well do the whole show. Han Xiao acted as if he did not know that he was the target of Stephanie and the others, and he acted as if he was certain that Zeglin was the last mastermind behind all this.

Since there were definitely more enemies other than Zeglin, him striking suddenly would mess up with their plan and get him the high ground. Without the Observers Mark, he would only be able to wait for the enemies to attack him. It would be too passive that way, and there would very likely be unrelated casualties.

Now, however, he could choose the battlefield and attack the enemies first.

After confirming Zeglins appearance, Han Xiao had locked onto Zeglins rough coordinates with the spaceship radar before using more than ten Psionic Sky Cannons to bombard the area. There was no need to be careful when fighting in this desolate region.

The power of one Psionic Sky Cannon was higher than an Eye of God.

He did not know that Stephanie and the gangs choice of the battlefield was Black Star City. The Observers Mark had helped Black Star City escape its fate of being destroyed, not turning it into the battlefield of more than a dozen Calamity Grades.

Psychics were even more vulnerable than Mechanics, and seeing that Zeglin was heavily injured, Han Xiao knew that his attack was very effective.

Zeglin hastily turned his mind into a server through the psychic mark in his brain and shared his vision with Stephanie and the rest.

"Sh*t, Ive been discovered. Quick, come save me!"

Stephanie was surprised. "Black Star is indeed as cautious as I thought. Hes very observant too However, hes only discovered you."

Black Star had discovered Zeglin and attacked him directly. This had messed up Stephanies plan, but she felt reassured upon seeing Han Xiaos attitude.

She connected Han Xiaos actions and realized that Black Star definitely did something to the Six Nations that led him to discover Zeglin, thinking that he was the last and only enemy. However, Black Star did not know Zeglins motive and did not know that there were still nine more people waiting to ambush him. He only thought that his enemys target was Planet Aquamarine. In this case, the situation was still in her control-Black Star did not discover that this was a trap for him.

"We only have one choice now. Change the plan and attack Black Star straight away. He has not discovered us yet. Zeglin, do your best to stall him. Were heading over now."

Having made the decision, Stephanie felt confident.

Black Star thought that Zeglin was the only enemy, so when the nine of them all appeared, Black Star would definitely be surprised!

Stephanie and the rest were rather far from Zeglin. It would take some time for them to arrive even with Calamity Grade speeds.

Half of Zeglins heart froze.

He was heavily injured, and the opponent was a Mechanic that could use psionic energy, who also happened to have the Indestructible Body title. He knew clearly that he was no match for Han Xiao. Without saying a word, Zeglin turned around and started escaping

"Want to escape? Do you think thats possible?"

Han Xiao clapped his hands. The Army Boxes arrived instantly and turned into an enormous mechanical army that shrouded Zeglin in an instant.

The Psychic class countered the Mechanic, but the Mechanic class also countered the Psychic class. After all, psychic attacks were useless against machines-only telekinesis would have an effect.


The long-range units and the artillery units shot psionic beams one after another, penetrating Zeglins Psychic barrier again and again. Mechanical soldiers waved their multifunctional weapons with electromagnetic, shock, high temperature, laser, and other attacks, slashing through Zeglin time and time again, leaving him with scars of all sorts.

Zeglin ran with all his might, but he was surrounded. The new generation mechanical army enhanced by the Truth Mechanic bonuses was many levels stronger than before.

Without needing Han Xiao to do anything, Zeglin was already in a dire situation. His health was steadily reducing.

Han Xiao was giving his machines Mechanical Force bonuses at the side while paying attention to the surroundings at all times. He attacked to lure the enemies out, but he still did not know how many hunters there were. Thus, he kept his guard up.

After fighting for a while, Zeglin was covered in wounds and blood.

"Argh!" Zeglin roared with rage. His psychic energy turned into an enormous spiral drill, covering him as he tried to escape the encirclement of the mechanical army.

He was at his limit, and this was his last attack-he was betting his life on escaping.

The psychic drill penetrated one layer of encirclement after another, almost penetrating the army.

However, at this moment, the shield team suddenly gathered before Zeglin. They activated their Psionic Shields at the same time, which then fused with each other and turned into colossal Psionic Barrier.

The invisible psionic drill and the thick Psionic Barrier clashed!

Energy debris shot out from the location of the impact, like the sparks from cutting through metal.

The drills impact lasted quite a while before weakening. Zeglins eyes opened wide with regrethe could not penetrate this Psionic Barrier.

Out of exhaustion, he felt sleepy. This was the side effect of overusing psychic energy. Usually, he would be able to recover after a short while, but he was now under siege!

The moment that Zeglins body stiffened, countless psionic beams landed on him.


Blue explosions appeared continuously!

Blood and flash separated, incinerated the moment they left his body.

Mechanical soldiers slashed Zeglins body with high temperature weapons, making him spin around in midair.


An arm flew out.


A leg this time!


The next second, the dozens of mechanical soldiers attacked together. Zeglin was sliced into minced meat in an instant. His body exploded like a firework. Blood fell like rain.

Dead on the spot!

The mechanical armies all stopped moving. A cold wind blew past, bringing the only sound to the dead silent battlefield.

Han Xiao was stunned. The battle had ended quicker than he expected. If he remembered correctly, this was the first Calamity Grade to have been killed by his mechanical army.

My god, my virtuous mechanical army has killed someone.

Though, this guy was a little too vulnerable

Han Xiao scratched the stubble on his chin.

If he did not have so many tanky talents, with his Endurance, he would only have a little more than 70,000 health. Psychics were strong in attack but weak in defense-this was a known fact. If Zeglin did not only think about escaping the encirclement but attacked him with psychic attacks, Han Xiao might have been injured a little.

Sadly, it seemed like Zeglin feared his Indestructible Body title and did not have the guts to attack him.

Killing Zeglin in a duel was a welcomed surprise. Not only did this weaken the enemies overall strength, but the Promotion mission on his interface was also displayed as Completed.

This meant that, if Han Xiao wanted to, he could go through his Promotion at any time to complete his Race Evolution!

Han Xiao felt relaxed.

Knowing that he could go through Promotion anytime, he was more confident.

The Experience that he had was more than enough for him to level up to 195 right after his Promotion, reaching the maximum level limit of Truth Mechanic.

At his current stage, being able to maintain such fast leveling speed was thanks to his savings in Version


At this time, the sound of the sound barrier breaking appeared.


A few people flew over from the edge of the sky and stopped in midair. It was Stephanie and the others. They all looked at what was left of Zeglin, and their expressions changed.

In the short time it had taken them to travel there, Black Star had already killed Zeglin?

Stephanie squinted. She had no emotion toward her teammates, so she was not angry, just staring at Han Xiao.

"He really is very strong. His Excellency Thousand Shadows will definitely like him."

Not planning to explain anything to Han Xiao, Stephanie made a sign, signaling for the others to spread out and surround Han Xiao. They blocked all of Han Xiaos escape routes and looked at Han Xiao.

Stephanie stared at Han Xiaos face, looking forward to seeing his terrified and shocked expression of realizing that he had fallen into a trap.

Seeing this, Han Xiao put on his helmet and covered his face. He had already successfully lured the enemies out, so he was too lazy to continue his Oscar spirit.

Stephanie was disappointed and lost her excitement. Although she knew that Black Star was definitely shocked and was only controlling his expression to not show his enemies, she still wanted to see the panicking expression of her prey. Sadly, it did not go as she hoped it would.

Nine Calamity Grades Hmm, this is probably all.

Han Xiao was secretly relieved. If he was alone, he would definitely have had a very tough fight. Luckily, he had planned ahead and found helpers.

Phillip had already called Wilton, Nagakin, and the others to reinforce him. He just had to hold on for a whilehe was not as vulnerable as Zeglin.

Furthermore, he had discovered something huge that he did not expect.

Under the mechanical suit helmet, Han Xiao stared at the enemies leader, Stephanie, sizing her up. He then smiled.

He recognized this woman.





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