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Chapter 675 Promotion

Chapter 675 Promotion!

Boom! 1

The fallout of a battle between more than ten Calamity Grades created enormous whirlpools all over the sea in the area.

The violent winds sucked the seawater up, forming water tornados that extended all the way into the sky, connecting the sea and the clouds.

It was a doomsday scene above the sea.

The moment that Han Xiao dived into the sea, those noises suddenly became faint. The seawater weakened the sound coming from above, but the sound of the powerful tides and streams under the sea was amplified. It was as if he was in the middle of hundreds of enormous drums being played together, surrounded by stereo sound effects.

The radar showed that Stephanie was following behind, and Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

I cant let her get close during the Promotion.

Han Xiao ordered the mechanical army around him to turn back and hold back Stephanie while he quickly dived deeper.

The ocean before his eyes was dark, turning from deep blue to black in the distance. The visibility was low, there was no source of light anywhere and no end in sight. It was even darker than the universe.

Fortunately, I dont have Thalassophobia[1]. The ocean was the hotbed of life. Many ancient creatures lived in the sea of Planet Aquamarine. However, at this point, all the marine lives of the area had escaped. The ocean was completely devoid of any sign of life.

Stephanie was stalled by the mechanical army. Han Xiao quickly dived deeper and found a trench that had formed a few hours ago.

Here will do.

Han Xiao immediately opened the interface, selected the Completed Promotion mission, and activated it.

A shiver in his marrow and soul quickly passed through his entire body. He was familiar with this Promotion feeling.

This time, a chain of notifications popped up on the interface.

(The Ultimate Trial] Current Progress: 50/50

Level 180 Promotion Mission completed! END bonus increased! 1 END = 120 HP = 130 Stamina

You have taken another step on the path of evolution. You have ascended in the hierarchy of life.

Detected Race: (Chaos Observer (Human Form)]

Randomly drawing 8 compatible evolution paths

Drawing complete!

Please choose one of the following 8 options for your Race Evolution.

Warning! The evolution process is irreversible. Please choose carefully! (Appendix Evolution Path Feature Descriptions]

[X-type Galaxy Human Race]67% Compatibility

[Void Stroller (Human Form)]78% Compatibility

(Dark Shadow (Human Form)72% Compatibility

(Void Disciple (Human Form)]71% Compatibility

(Void Distorter (Human Form)]69% Compatibility 2

[Void Whisperer (Spirit Form)]84% Compatibility

(Void Slime]55% Compatibility 4

[Octa-claw Race]31% Compatibility

First, Han Xiao eliminated the non-Void race choices. The octopus-looking Octa-claw Race was not even within his consideration, and Void Slime was way too weird.

Void Whisperer was a spirit form choice, suitable for Mages and Psychics. Han Xiao had such a strong body, so he was not willing to give it up.

The only possible choices were the four human form evolution paths.

Han Xiao quickly scanned through and immediately made a decision.

Void Lords core enhanced his Void Genes. As Han Xiao had jumped into the Void Race evolution system from the human race, it was kind of like a midlife career change for him. Hence, he naturally could not compete with those that started as Void Beings. However, the genetic substances that had Void Genes in them such as the Void Lord core had enhanced his evolution progress in the Void Race system, allowing him to catch up.

With the benefit from the Void Lord core, an option that was supposed to appear in the next Race Evolution had appeared this time. This was a higher level being on the Void Race evolution system. According to his data, this being was one entire level higher than the other options on the evolution chain!

Be it the current attribute bonuses or the evolution potential in the future, this species was the best choice!

Han Xiao quickly selected his choice.

Selection complete. Undergoing Race Evolution Evolution complete.

Your race has been changed to: (Void Distorter (Human Form)].

Molecular structure improved, organ structure strengthened, metabolism changed, and adaptability enhanced

Your potential aptitude has been improved!

You have received bonus attributes: +44 STR, +83 DEX, +65 END, +120 INT, +92 MYS, +34 CHA, +1460 Energy. Energy Level bonus attributes have changed!

Han Xiaos eyes widened rapidly, and a dim light appeared in his pupils.

All the cells and genes over his body started to change, and pain erupted in both his body and his mind. His vision kept going back and forth between Void Vision and reality. His brain was trembling. 2

His body greedily absorbed the energy of the Void Dimension. His entire body was emitting a mysterious gray and dark blue light.

If the level of Void Prowler and Chaos Observer were to be evaluated on the military scale, these two would be privates, and Void Distorter would be at the sergeant level! 2

This Race Evolution hugely enhanced his connection with the Void Dimension. His body seemed to have become a container, and Void Energy poured right into him, absorbed by every cell in his body.

His energy changed under the Void Energy erosion.

You have received Void Energy bonuses!

+30% Energy recovery speed

+1000 Energy

You have received a new Energy Attribute: (Void)!

Your energy will now have Void characteristics.

A new Energy Attribute!

Han Xiao was overjoyed. Enduring the immense pain, he quickly looked at the interface. The interface showed that he now had two Energy Attributes. One was the Mechanic class magnetic attribute Mechanical Force, and the other was the new void attribute.

Han Xiaos joy was almost overflowing.

The change in Energy Attribute was not as obvious as character attributes, but it was very important. It could even change ones combat style.

Although the interface introduction was ambiguous, Han Xiao had already felt the change in the energy in his body during the Race Evolution. Furthermore, he remembered stuff from his previous life, so he knew very well what the (Void) attributes effect was.

Energy Erosion!

The ability to transmit energy using the Void Dimension as the medium!

Both these characteristics were very powerful in battle, and they were suitable for any class!

The evolution was still going on. The Void Energy in his body started to saturate. The evolution process created an enormous vortex under the sea.

This attracted Stephanies attention.

I cant let him do as he wishes!

Stephanie did not know what Han Xiao was doing, but that did not stop her from wanting to stop Han Xiao. She vibrated the seawater, shattering mechanical soldiers one after another, and cleared a path.

She directly headed to the middle of the undersea vortex and launched a powerful wave right at it.


The vortex was shattered into streams in the blink of an eye. At the last moment, Han Xiao dodged being hit directly and was just pushed away by the fallout.

Stephanie was a powerful enemy. Han Xiao did not have time to slowly feel the changes in his body. He glanced at the various new talents and abilities on the interface before throwing tons of Experience into the interface, leveling up rapidly!

He leveled up fifteen times directly!

The level up notification popped up.

[Truth Mechanic) leveled up to Lv.25 (max).

+450 Energy, +2 STR, +4 DEX, +4 END, +10 INT.

You have received 7 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

As his class reached its maximum level, Han Xiao stopped leveling up.

As usual, he put all his Free Attribute Points into Intelligence.

His total level now was 195!

Before Han Xiao could look at the changes in his attributes, the tremendous increase in his strength made him feel like the rich and powerful energy was about to overflow from all the cells in his body and that he had to use it urgently.

Without hesitating, Han Xiao took back his Mountain Ape mechanical suit and dashed toward Stephanie.

This time, Stephanie finally saw what Han Xiao looked like now. Her expression changed.

Han Xiaos skin had become silver-gray with a crystal-like texture, sparkling with the light of energy. He had symmetrical deep blue patterns on his body. His entire body was covered with silver flames fueled by Void Energy. His silver hair was swaying in the water like a dancing flame. 2

His eyes looked like obsidians, and his pupils had become rice-sized white dots.

This appearance was similar to a Void Prowler, but the energy emitted was much stronger.

New Racial Talent-[Void Molt)!

What is the

Stephanie was dumbfounded.

At this moment, Han Xiao opened his arms. Half of his palm reached into the Void Dimension. He bent his fingers like a claw and pulled down like tearing open a cloth.

"Try this!"

The next moment, the world before Stephanies eyes was suddenly deformed.

She felt as if all her muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels were squeezed together then separated again. She felt as if she had become a piece of cloth and was twisted and bent by someone who was trying to squeeze the water out of her body.

In just a short moment, it felt like countless years to her. This indescribably strange feeling had exceeded most peoples knowledge. It was like Stephanie had a dream. She forgot what the dream was about after she woke, but the sense of inferiority still lingered as if she had dreamed of something extremely horrifying

While she was still confused, continuous pain suddenly exploded in every corner of her body!

Stephanie regained focus. Her expression dramatically changed, and she was about to retreat. To her shock, the seawater around her was all spinning at a high speed, generating a terrifying force that prevented her from escaping.

Sh*t! Stephanie was stunned.

The movements there transmitted to the sea surface as well. All the small vortexes in this area were shattered and fused into a gigantic vortex that seemingly could consume the sky!


The ten Calamity Grades all stopped fighting and looked at the horrifying endless vortex under them

In their eyes, the ocean was no longer the ocean. It had become a galaxy, and this vortex was like a black hole.

Deep, mysterious, and terrifying!

Like the entrance of an endless abyss!

The people who had made this could only be Han Xiao and Stephanie.

"What have they done?" Wiltons eyes widened. 1

At the same time under the sea, it was as if Stephanie had been thrown into a washing machine, unable to control herself among the whirlpools, enduring the terrible forces tearing and damaging


At the center of the most peaceful whirlpool, Han Xiao grabbed tightly onto the Void Dimension. A huge force of resistance came from his hand. He could only maintain the current situation no matter how hard he tried. His energy was reducing at an astounding speed, releasing from his hands.

"This is marvelous!"

Even Han Xiao was startled by the effect of this attack.

This ability was indeed one of the new abilities from Void Distorter.

(Void Distortion]!

[1] Thalassophobia is phobia of the deep sea.


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