Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 681

Chapter 681 Black Stars Weakness

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Chapter 681 Black Stars Weakness

An enormous black and metal space station hovered in space. Its exterior was equipped with rows of satellite-level guard cannons. Nine armed satellite fortresses circled the space station.

This was the T-04 Hyperdrive Base Station, which was the target of Section Zeros attack.

At this time, Tamaria and the other upper echelons were all in the conference room inside the base, attending a remote meeting.

The war commander, Jorde, appeared on the projection screen.

"According to reliable sources, eleven days ago, Black Star left his headquarters after two months. We speculate that he will be returning to the battlefield soon. Everyone present, pay attention to Black Stars whereabouts," he said in a serious tone.

All of Bloodshed Lands commanders in the three Star Systems were attending the meeting. Black Star had returned to the battlefieldthis was the reason that this meeting was being held. After Black Stars battle with the eight Vanguard Officials, Jorde had paid a lot of attention to Han Xiao.

Although one person would not be able to determine the entire war, Black Star was one of the most dangerous high-level combatants of Section Zero. Sending out a notification just for him was very necessary in Jordes eyes so that everyone would at least be prepared.

"According to the recent rumors and his fight with the eight Vanguard Officials, I have arranged some intelligence on Black Star. I will send it to all of you later," Jorde said.

He firmly believed that knowing his enemies would get him an advantage in battle. Purple Crystal would definitely place Black Star in a very important position. This set of intelligence on Black Star could make sure that every commander knew about the enemy. If they were attacked, they would know how to deal with Black Star.

The conference ended very quickly, and the commander of the T-04 Hyperdrive Base Station received the information. He only looked at it for a few seconds before Tamaria walked to him and grabbed the communicator away to look at it herself.

The base station commander was speechless. Tamarias position in the base was higher than his. This green-skinned woman was not only the captain of more than ten high level combatants but also the supervisor. Other than obeying his orders during battle, she usually did not even pay attention to him at all. The base station commander was already used to it.

Tamaria only glanced through before she sneered and threw the communicator aside.

"I was wondering how strong Black Star could actually be, but it turns out hes so easy to deal with"

The base communicator picked up the communicator and browsed through it. He then immediately understood what Tamaria meant.

Jorde had added the method to deal with Black Star in the intelligence as well.

Indeed, the result of Black Stars fight with the eight Vanguard Officials was astonishing. However, after analyzing the fight, Black Stars weakness had become obvious as wellhis attack ability was very limited. Through the entire fight, he was completely suppressed by the eight Vanguard Officials, only surviving due to his Indestructible Body. Due to that, the trouble that he could cause was minimal.

Although Black Star was rumored to have mastered psionic energy recently, there were tons of other Mechanics around the universe that had. It was far from being impossible to deal with.

Furthermore, strategic psionic weapons were equivalent to galactic nuclear weapons. Even Star Cluster civilizations would not use them unless they had no other choice, and they definitely would not in this unofficial secret war. Unless Black Star wanted to visit the Hegaboye Court Martial of the three Universal Civilizations and enjoy more than a hundred years in prison, he would not use Primordial Psionic Energy

Due to those many reasons, Jorde had detailed the method to deal with Black Star in this intelligenceall they had to do was send one or two experienced Calamity Grades and three to five normal Calamity Grades to destroy Black Stars mechanical army. Black Star would then pose no threat and become useless in the war.

According to how the Section Zeros organizations had been avoiding losing any high-level combatants, as long as Black Star was dealt with, the threat of the other Calamity Grades of Section Zero would also decrease tremendously.

No wonder Tamaria was disdainful. Black Star was not as difficult to deal with as they had imagined

"Nonetheless, Black Stars body is great." The fangs in Tamarias mouth showed, and her tone was full of desire and cruelty. "I wonder if I can get his abilities after I eat him."

Tamarias races culture was very savage and bloody. They believed in gaining the enemys power by eating their flesh and that consuming strong enemies would make them stronger. Tamaria was extremely interested in Han Xiaos body and thirsted to gulp him down. She licked her lips.


At this time, the alarm of the base suddenly sounded. Everyones expression changed as they hastily returned to their stations.

Seeing that the commander had returned, someone quickly reported, "Commander, Stronghold Planet 4 has been attacked. Requesting reinforcements from other strongholds. This is the enemy ships data collected by the radar."

T-04 Hyperdrive Base was the core that maintained the wormhole in the twelve strongholds. Any kind of reinforcements had to be reported to the base station. After approval, the quick reinforcement route would then be opened. The base stations job was to overlook everything.

The base station commander quickly scanned through the report and said, "Which strongholds have responded?"

"1, 6, 9, and 12."

"Open Reinforcement Channel 12." The base station commander did not hesitate.

The operational team nodded and got to work.

Visible through the wide-angle projection porthole of the space station, thousands of blue beams launched from two special devices of the base station, creating a deep blue circular shaped wormhole on both sides. The energy at the edges of the wormholes rippled, expanded, and gradually stabilized. The two wormholes aligned with each other in both location and size.

The next moment, streams of hyperdrive light shot out from the left wormhole and directly into the right wormhole in an instant. These were the reinforcement fleets, having taken less than thirty seconds to arrive.

"Its done." The base station commander nodded.

However, before he could catch his breath, three planets out of the twelve stronghold planets turned red on the monitoring interface again, signaling that they were under attack!

"Hmm? This isnt a simple attack!"

The expression on the base station commanders face drastically changed. He quickly gave out the reinforcement orders and loudly said, "T-04 Hyperdrive Base Station, get ready for battle. Activate all armed satellite fortresses, and send out all fleets. The enemies may appear any time!"

These signs were common when attacking Hyperdrive Base Stations. The base station commander reacted very quickly and instantly discovered that Section Zeros target was the base station. However, this was a plot that they had to take part in as the attackers had the upper hand. The only way to resolve it was to defeat the attackers.

Section Zero had been strategically splitting up their troops for two months. Now, the effect of that finally surfaced. They chose T-04 Hyperdrive Base Station as the target of their counterattack because this area had limited troops and had yet to build a long-range stargate.

Everyone in the base station started to act. Tamaria narrowed her eyes and stood up. Not only was she not nervous, she even looked excited and eager.

"Great, someones finally here to fight. I havent exercised my bones for too long. Theyre getting rusty."

Very soon, more strongholds were attacked and requested reinforcements. Despite knowing that this was a plot, the base station commander had no choice but to deploy more and more troops.

As they were getting nervous, the radar of the base station rang with a piercing sound of alarm.

"Warning! Warning! A large number of unknown targets are approaching!"

They looked at the porthole, which was now adjusted to see extremely far distances. Streams of hyperdrive lights stopped and showed the Section Zero fleet.

"Theyre here!" The base station commander clenched his teeth.

"Finally!" Tamaria tightened her fists and walked out in big steps.

The T-04 Hyperdrive Base Station was in sight, and the armed satellite fortresses were activated.

"The enemy fleet has completed their preparation. It seems that they guessed our strategy."

Morred looked at the projection and did not mind. He did not think that such a simple strategy would fool the enemies. It just had to be effective.

"Time is limited. All units, attack!"

As the order was given, this fleet quickly accelerated and marched forward. Through radar identification, both sides started firing at each other from an extreme distance. The crisscrossed particle cannon beams filled this dark area of space with vibrant colors.

The nine armed satellite fortresses formed an enormous irregular shaped shield, protecting the base station from attacks.

There was a total of three Knife Teams attacking the base station. Reinforcements appeared from two other directions and dispersed the attacks. The pressure on Morreds fleet was greatly reduced.

Han Xiaos team followed Morred in the charge as well, mixed within the fleet.

The distance between the two sides was still huge. They were firing at each other from far away and had yet to enter the close-range combat stage. Han Xiao suddenly received Morreds communication.

"Black Star, did you see the nine armed satellite fortresses? They are the generators of the base stations protective shield. This kind of protective shield is very strong, and we dont have enough time to slowly destroy it. The commanders of the other two teams and I have discussed this. We plan to all send out one team to board the armed satellite fortresses and destroy at least one of them!"

Morred spoke very quickly. What he meant was that as long as one armed satellite fortress was destroyed, the protective shield would have a hole in it. Before the other armed satellite fortresses got into position to close the gap, they would be able to use this opportunity to rush in to attack the base station. The mission would only be successful when the base station was destroyed.

They did not have much time. In this operation, the Restraint Teams and the Feint Teams had the most numbers. As the enemies reinforcements would only be divided when these strongholds were facing enough pressure. This way, not many enemy teams would be able to back up the hyperdrive base station. They had to use the opportunity when the enemies were split up and destroy the base station.

"No problem. My teammates dont have to follow me. I will act alone."

The mission on the interface changed to destroy an armed satellite fortress.

Han Xiao nodded and agreed. He let Risda control the spaceship then jumped out of the ship, activating the Mountain Ape mechanical suit and switching into Interstellar Travel mode. With a deep blue arc, he avoided the direct crossfire area and headed to an armed satellite fortress from the side.

The other teammates headed to another fortress, and the other two teams sent out ships as well. Han Xiao moved alone. As long as he could get to the armed satellite fortress, he would be able to destroy it very quickly.

Im swifter and a smaller target when I move alone. Plus, with my name, its easier for me to restrain the high-level enemy combatants if I move alone.

In his vision, the tiny armed satellite fortress started to look bigger. He could clearly see the mechanical structure on the surface of the armed satellite fortress. Very soon, the fleet stationed to guard the base station discovered him, and some of the cannons turned and fired at him.

With the tactical screen reminding him of the direction of high energy particle cannons, Han Xiao focused fully on dodging the attacks, sometimes using the Hovering Shield Shuttle to form a psionic shield and block the stray attacks.

Not long after, Han Xiao headed right into the base station defense fleet, bolting swiftly between the enemy spaceships.

With his brain in a highly active state, he processed tremendous data every second. Han Xiao had no time to pay attention to the outside world-he was completely focused on dealing with the attacks coming from all directions. After an unknown amount of time had passed, he suddenly felt that the pressure became much lighter!

Han Xiao turned around and saw that, without realizing it, he had penetrated the entire line of defense. Further away, Morred and the other two Knife Teams were also in close combat with the base station fleets, dividing the enemies attention and decreasing the density of attacks on Han Xiaos side.

Finally, some good teammates.

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled. Without further delay, he headed right toward an armed satellite fortress.

The armed satellite fortress was spherical. It looked like a small planet from the outside. It was less than one percent the size of Planet Aquamarine. It sounded small, but when looking at it from a close distance, Han Xiao felt it did not look much different from a normal planet.

The blue protective shield stopped him outside. Han Xiao pressed onto the protective shield and activated the shield neutralizer to its maximum output. The shield within a hundred meters started to ripple at a high frequency. Its light started to dim, and its energy level started to decrease. Estimating that the shield had reached its critical point, Han Xiaos other arm turned into a psionic cannon and fired right at the shield!

With a blue explosion, a more than thirty-meter-wide hole appeared in the protective shield. Compared to the entire protective shield, this hole was as tiny as a droplet of water in the ocean, but it was more than big enough for Han Xiao to enter.

Han Xiao looked around, the hole was shrinking from its edge, repairing itself. He summoned more than twenty Army Boxes and rushed in before the hole closed.

This armed satellite fortress had a simple artificial atmosphere for the maintenance personnel. Han Xiao quickly landed on the surface.

Landing on the ground, he looked around. Around him was an undulating mechanical landscape, cold and lifeless, full of mechanical beauty.

"Warning, hum! Five high energy reaction sources detected!"

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and looked over.

At the edge of the sky, five enemies with a strong Im a Calamity Grade vibe approached and landed nearby. The person at the front was wearing a ferocious and bulky heavy mechanical suit and carried a huge dark-gold mechanical axe on one shoulder.


The facial armor of this person opened, showing a ferocious face and short and gold hair. It was the person that Morred had warned Han Xiao to be careful about, the Bloodshed Land Adjudicator stationed at T-04 Hyperdrive Base Station, Tamaria.

"Ive been waiting here for you for a long time."

Tamaria stared at Han Xiao and smiled ferociously.

When she first spotted Black Star, she had been overjoyed. Following Han Xiaos route, she had brought a few people to this satellite in advance to wait for Han Xiaos arrival.

In terms of duty, she was meant to deal with Black Star. Personally, Tamaria was also eager to fight with Han Xiao.

"Just five?" Han Xiao looked around and sneered. "All of your Vanguard Officials could not even kill me. Youre underestimating me. It will probably take all fifteen Calamity Grades in your base station to even give me any pressure."

"Ha, Jorde has found your weakness. Were not trying to kill you, so theres no need for all fifteen of us to be here. Five of us is more than enough."

Han Xiao was not surprised. After his last battle, Bloodshed Land would no longer deploy many people trying to kill him but had instead decided to send fewer people just to restrain him.

Tamaria licked her lips, her bloodthirsty desire overflowing. "Your body is amazing. Wait for me. I will bite off your flesh piece by piece, chew your bones till they shatter, drink your blood till they dry, suck on your bone marrow, and eat every single cell from your body. I heard your recovery ability is very strong. I hope you can make me feel full."

Han Xiao felt disgusted. If these words had come from someone else, they might just be trying to threaten him, but he could hear that Tamaria truly meant it.

This woman wants to eat me?

How twisted I dont like it!


At this time, the ground started trembling. The surface of the armed satellite fortress cracked open. Artilleries rose from within like metal forests, and all the barrels turned around and aimed at Han Xiao.

Thousands of thousand Beast Soldiers sprinted out from under the ground and surrounded him.

This was the armed satellite fortresss defensive measure against enemies on its surface.

In the blink of an eye, enemies were everywhere!

Tamaria closed her facial armor and roared, "Before this war ends, youre not going anywhere!"




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