Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Hope Of The Village


From afar, the Thousand Beast Soldier army charged straight for Han Xiao like a tsunami. The earth shook as they got nearer, and their specially-made armor glowed with a deadly light.

Tamaria raised her arm and threw out her dark-gold axe. The axe sliced through the wind and formed a spinning ball of red flames as it smashed down toward Han Xiaos head.


Han Xiao stomped down on the ground, and his body shot toward the sky to avoid the trajectory of the flying axe.

The axe that was flying in midair suddenly changed its trajectory and chased after Han Xiao.

Han Xiao looked down from above and saw an alloy chain attached to the end of the axe. The alloy chain seemed to be able to extend indefinitely with the other end of it attached to Tamarias mechanical suit. She could obviously control it from afar.

A floating guard behind Han Xiao then released a psionic shield and collided with the incoming axe!


Sparks flew in all directions!

The burning axe was not able to make a dent in the psionic shield and returned to Tamarias hands as the chain shortened.

This attack signaled the beginning of the battle.

Phillip raised the alarm, and as Han Xiao lowered his head to take a look, all the artillery towers on this armed satellite fortress began to open fire at him!

Tuk tuk tuk!

The large barrel of the cannon spat out billowing smoke with missiles and laser beams being showered down on him from all directions and in all different colors!

Han Xiao was not only facing five Calamity Grade Supers but also the defensive measures of this armed satellite fortress.

His psionic thrusters were activated at full capacity, and Han Xiao transformed into a blue bolt of lightning as he dodged the never-ending wave of attacks nimbly.


All the explosions were narrowly avoided by him, but the high temperature of the aftershock heated up the exterior of his mechanical suit.

Mushroom clouds covered the entire sky and the bolts of lightning from the artillery fire made it seem as though a large thunderstorm cloud was expanding above the armed satellite fortress.

The particle cannons shot through the dark clouds to reveal the light of the world.

Ignoring the danger of the battlefield, this scene was like Buddhas light breaking through a thousand clouds and was extremely spectacular.

Dark clouds covered Han Xiaos vision, and the Armor value of his mechanical suit continued to decrease under the barrage of cannon fire. Han Xiaos expression remained calm, and he activated the Army Box. Together with his (Mechanical Force Field] skill, his Mechanical Force was boosted.

His energy had a new (Void) attribute, and he could borrow the void to transmit energy.

This meant that the efficiency of his Mechanical Force being transmitted was greatly increased.


The sound of his Mechanical Army being activated could be heard from the clouds, and his Mechanical Army went to war!

"Orders for the army have been received. Attack region has been confirmed, hum" Phillips voice sounded from Han Xiaos helmet.

The next instant, over a million psionic cannons opened fire and rained down like a thunderstorm!


The entire region was instantly flattened, and the metallic ground cracked up from the psionic canons. Mechanical parts flew in all directions, and craters could be seen all over the surface of the satellite.

Almost forty percent of the defensive canons were destroyed in just a single blow!

The armed satellite fortress was completely suppressed by Han Xiaos army. Han Xiaos Mechanical Army descended and dismantled the artillery towers of the armed satellite fortress.

Fighting could be seen all around with the smoke of war covering the entire battlefield.

All of a sudden, a high energy alert sounded from Han Xiaos mechanical suit, and he immediately dodged to the side.


Tamarias axe then shot narrowly past his body.

The mobility of a Pugilist was extremely high, and the moment her first attack missed, Tamaria turned around in midair and swung her axe down in rapid succession.

Her powerful attacks resulted in a deafening sonic boom with every attack.

Han Xiao released two psionic shields with his hands and received the attack without any hesitation. Sparks shot out in all directions, and a loud clanging sound resounded like thunder.


Dark silver nanoparticles then rushed out from the tube at the back of the Mountain Ape suit and transformed into four half bodied phantoms. The phantoms floated behind Han Xiao and aimed their canons at Tamaria and Han Xiao, who were fighting.


The four phantoms launched their first round of attacks but did not manage to stop Tamaria from engaging in close combat battle. She circulated her energy to form a flaming shield and blocked their attack!


The second round of attacks was fired, and Tamaria remained indifferent. Such a level of attack was not sufficient to make her dodge.

When the third round of attacks was fired, Tamaria wanted to block it as before, but suddenly, she felt a powerful force ignoring her arm and going straight for her organs.

The (Legendary Battle Technique] was activated!

The sound of the explosion was louder than before!


Tamarias expression dropped, and she could not help but retreat.

What a powerful penetrating force!

Tamaria suppressed her surging blood and had a face of shock.

Han Xiao made use of the opportunity to widen the gap between them as he looked at the battle information from his interface.

Thirty-five percent of True Damage from the previous attack had exceeded 12,000 points of damage. Apart from the basic boost from his Mechanical Force, he did not use any other skills. Just the additional True Damage from the (Legendary Battle Technique] skill had exceeded the reduced damage from the three rounds of attacks!

A Molding Talent is truly terrifying! Han Xiao thought to himself.

This talent was truly the bane of all Pugilists.

Tamaria should be a level 230 Pugilist who was toward the tanky side. Her Endurance should be about 1,600 points, so she should have a few talents to increase the strength of her body. Her health should also be above 300,000.

Currently, Tamarias health should be more than fifty percent higher than Han Xiaos, but both of them were tanky in different ways. Han Xiao relied on the conversion between energy and health, and his recovery rate could make a Pugilist who walked the path of being a tank doubt their own life.

This talent truly exceeded my expectations. As long as my Mechanical Army can ensure that their attacks hit the target

All those thoughts flashed through Han Xiaos head in less than a second, and the other four Calamity Grade Supers caught up and launched their various attacks!

Han Xiao hurriedly avoided all the long-ranged attacks and suddenly felt an attack coming from behind him.

One of his opponents was a Pugilist who walked the path of agility. He nimbly made his way around Han Xiao like a shooting star, and his alloy dagger shot toward Han Xiaos spine. He wanted to immobilize Han Xiao.

Han Xiao did not even turn back, and the four phantoms collapsed back into their nanoparticle form. The nanoparticles then formed a mechanical hand that was about seven to eight meters tall. The fingers and palm formed a psionic shield and blocked the sneak attack of this Pugilist.


The mechanical hand then threw the Pugilist away as though it was throwing away rubbish!

After experiencing the strength of his new talent, Han Xiao no longer fought Tamaria and the others personally. Instead, he issued a new command, and half of his Mechanical Army surrounded the five Calamity Grade Supers.

He would attack them from the side to disrupt the enemys attacks and harass them.

"Do you think this junk will be able to stop


Tamarias roar resounded, and the flames on her body exploded.

At the same time, outside the protective shield of the hyperdrive base, Morred and the other two Section Zero fleets were fighting with the defensive fleet of the enemy.

They had boasted the upper hand at the start of the battle and forced the enemy to retreat. However, the other strongholds had received news from the base, and a portion of their troops had immediately been sent to reinforce this hyperdrive base.

The battle was extremely intense at the moment, and neither party had the upper hand.

"Only Black Star has boarded one of the armed satellite fortresses. How is the situation over there?"

Morred could see Han Xiaos location from the main control room.

Section Zero had sent a few teams of powerhouses to attempt to board nine different armed satellite fortresses. However, all the others had been forced back, and only Black Star had managed to board one of the armed satellite fortresses.

Morreds palm was covered with cold sweat. His fleet was currently outside the protective shield. Whether or not he could destroy the base was dependent on if Black Star could destroy the armed satellite fortress.

He was the hope of the entire village!

"Sir, we have observed the battle between Black Star and the armed satellite fortress. The enemy has sent five Calamity Grade Supers to stop him, and they seem to have tied Black Star down."

"This is bad." Morred felt his heart tighten.

If Black Star was tied down, the entire battle would end up in a stalemate. The longer the battle dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for them.

Gritting his teeth, Morred issued an order.

"Inform the other two fleets. Ask all their Calamity Grade Supers to form a small team and reinforce Black Star. He has been pinned down by the enemy and needs support!"



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