Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 683

Chapter 683 One Combo

Chapter 683 One Combo!

At the center of the base station, the base station commander was also observing Black Stars movements.

"Black Star is the only one to have penetrated the protective shield. Tamaria has taken people to deal with him," an observing officer said.

The base station commander nodded and looked at the radar. Suddenly, his eyes constricted.

"Hmm? The enemy has sent a Calamity Grade team toward the armed satellite fortress that Black Star is in? Theyre trying to back Black Star up," the base station commander said with a deep voice. "Just in case, send five more Calamity Grades to Black Star. We cant let the enemies destroy our armed satellite fortresses. If the base station loses its protection, our loss will be inevitable!"

As the order was sent, five more Calamity Grades were deployed.

Both sides sent reinforcements to the battlefield that Black Star was in.

On the armed satellite fortress, Han Xiao had been fighting with Tamaria and the other four with his mechanical army for quite a while.

The battlefield extended over hundreds of miles. Everywhere they passed, the surface of the fortress was torn apart and messed up.

The battle in the sky had reached its climax.

Boom boom boom!

The five Calamity Grades dashed left and right. Broken mechanical soldiers fell from the sky one after another.


The dark-gold mechanical axe was being spun around like a tornado, crushing every machinery in its path. Tamaria punched and kicked all the mechanical soldiers around her into pieces.

The other four were also continuously damaging the mechanical army.

It seemed like the enemies were unstoppable. However, they were actually wounded and exhausted.

The attacks of close to a million machines were very intensive. They were going to get hit sooner or later. Following the triggering requirement of the [Legendary Battle Technique], Han Xiao had changed Phillips control method. The first two attacks were focused on limiting the enemys dodge routes to increase the accuracy of the third attack.

Furthermore, he split up the attack frequency of the various units. This meant that the armys every round of attack included a lot of True Damage. It was very lethal and gave the enemies a lot of pressure.

Tamaria did not dare ignore the attacks. She had to focus fully every time the army attacks. Otherwise, if she got hit by the True Damage attacks, suffering light injuries would be lucky.

She was furious.

This is called limited lethality?

Jorde, youre full of sh*t!

Most of the low-grade mechanical soldiers were still fragile when facing Calamity Grades, but their attack was now on a different level.

Previously, most of the time, Han Xiao had used the mechanical army to reduce the enemys energy before he went to beat up the enemy personally. Now, however, the enemies were completely trapped in the mechanical army and were barely able to hold on. They did not even have a chance to approach Han Xiao.

Phillip firmly controlled the entire battle. Han Xiao was free enough to carry out Virtual Intrusion on this armed satellite fortress.

The armed satellite fortress seemed to have countless defensive measures and had held back half of his mechanical army. In order to quickly destroy this satellite, Virtual Intrusion was the most efficient method.


At this time, Tamaria suddenly used some sort of ability and penetrated the armys encirclement, dragging a blood red flame behind her. Like a rocket, she bolted up to Han Xiao!


With a loud roar, the mechanical axe slashed down!


Han Xiao had no choice but to stop the Virtual Intrusion. Two psionic shields appeared from each of his hands and blocked this attack.


The axe was stuck between the shield. This time, as if the axe suddenly had an absorption force, the flames all over Tamarias body flowed right into it as it became more and more red.

The next moment, a thick, powerful blood-red wave launched from the axe!

It landed at zero distance!


Being attacked by a powerful hit, Han Xiao coughed and was about to back off. To his surprise, Tamaria moved quicker and tied Han Xiaos arms with the chain at the end of the axe, pulling him back.

"Like I said, youre not going anywhere!" Tamaria roared and heavily headbutted Han Xiaos forehead.


Han Xiao felt dizzy. Tamaria had at least two thousand Strength, so it was normal for her to overwhelm him in terms of raw strength.

The vibration penetrated the helmets shock absorption module and caused a buzzing in his ears.

Tamaria was just about to continue attacking, but Han Xiao suddenly exited the Mountain Ape and exposed his body. Not only did he not look panicked, he even looked a little speechless.

"You really are eager to die."

The next moment, Han Xiaos actions made Tamaria confused.

Not only did he not escape, he wrapped his arms around Tamarias waist and hugged her.


Before Tamaria could react, she instinctively felt an extreme sense of danger. Suddenly, she figured something out, and her entire body was frozen.

All the mechanical army in the sky suddenly turned their barrels around and aimed at Han Xiao as well as Tamaria!

"Let me go!"

Tamaria was extremely shocked and hastily tried to push Han Xiao away.

However, the Mountain Ape mechanical suit, now controlled by Phillip, shot out dozens of compressed orbs that turned into all sorts of traps and were planted around the two of them. With all those traps, neither of them were able to move for about two to three seconds.

They both became stationary targets.

Han Xiao chuckled beside Tamarias ear and said, "Didnt expect that, did you? Im just the bait."

"Do you want to kill yourself ?" Only after Tamaria said this did she realize that Han Xiao had the Indestructible Body title. Rage and despair appeared on her face. She clenched her teeth and said, "Do you really think youre unkillable?"

"No." Han Xiao blinked then said something that Tamaria did not understand. "But Im immune to True Damage."

The next moment, countless psionic cannons from all directions fired at once!


The expanding ball of light consumed the two of them. The other four Calamity Grades ran away with all their might.

The ball of light expanded to its maximum before exploding. The shockwave blew away everything around it, like using an eraser on a drawing

The exploded ball of light turned into sparkling light debris and fell like rain.

At the center of the explosion, Han Xiao was healthy and vigorous. He summoned the mechanical suit and wore it again. Then, he let go of the charred corpse that was still emitting black smoke, allowing it to fall from the sky.

With (Steel Body], he was immune to True Damage. Through the health-mana cycle, the health lost from the explosion swiftly recovered. Not only was he not injured, he even felt revitalized.

Oh, its because the attribute increase from the Advanced Strengthened Life has already stacked so many layers. No wonder

Han Xiao slightly raised his brows.

Using himself as the bait to control the enemy before using the mechanical army to focus fire

this was his trump card after obtaining the ability of health-mana cycle. As long as the enemy approached him without knowing, they would fall into the trap.

After obtaining (Legendary Battle Technique), the lethality of this method had become an ace card that could now kill the enemy.

Tamaria had instantly been killed under the focus fire!

No matter who she was, in Han Xiaos eyes, she was just a Grade A+ Pugilist that had about seventy percent health, enough to be killed with one combo.

Han Xiao turned around and looked at the other four terrified Calamity Grades with a smile.

"Come on, lets get to know each other."

The four Calamity Grades shivered. With horrified expressions on their faces, they only had one thought in their minds.

Dont come any closer!


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