Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 686

Chapter 686 Tyrants Plan

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Chapter 686 Tyrants Plan

After this victory, Section Zero temporarily did not carry out any more counterattack operations. Han Xiao left the main fleet after getting the contacts of Morred and the others.

The reward for this mission came very quickly. Purple Crystal was very generous, giving him a total of twenty-seven million Enas and other rare resources, clearly expressing Han Xiaos importance to them.

After this battle, Ralph saw Han Xiao as a treasure.

He told Han Xiao to stand by temporarily. Only on important missions would he consider using the Black Star trump card. There was no need to deploy him for normal guerrilla missions.

Of course, Han Xiao was more than willing to slack off. He could make use of this opportunity to digest the resources that he had just received from the Purple Gold Civilization and replenish his mechanical army. Furthermore, Lagi was on the way there as well.

At the same time, the influence of this war was slowly spreading

"Section Zero achieved a huge victory in the Kaya Star System, destroying twelve Bloodshed Land stronghold planets."

To the various civilizations and organizations of the Shattered Star Ring who had been paying attention to the secret war, this news quickly made them feel energized. Ever since the start of the war, this was Section Zeros first successful counterattack. They have finally put a stop to their string of failures.

These organizations knew what Purple Crystals strategy was-give up some areas strategically and split up the Bloodshed Lands forces. They knew that the secret war would enter a stalemate sooner or later and that the war would probably only end after many years.

The talented individuals appearing in the secret war became the focus of the various organizations.

War had always been a stage for the strong, a shortcut to honor. There were always people who became famous through war. To all those who have been paying attention, Han Xiao was clearly the brightest star born on this stage. Everyone else paled in comparison before him.

Black Stars turning point since the start of the war was when he was able to survive the attacks of all eight Vanguard Officials. With that, he earned the nickname of Indestructible Body, which spread across the entire Star Field.

Just two months later, he once again gained astonishing achievements, killing ten Calamity Grade Supers, including the Bloodshed Land Adjudicator, Tamaria. He once again made sensational news.

The Beyond Grade A seeds in the past had been quiet for a long time. After so many years, none of them became a new Beyond Grade A. Similarly, when those Beyond Grade A seeds first entered the list, that was when they were the most famous. Like a cycle, it was now Black Stars turn.

It had not been long since Black Star became a Beyond Grade A seed. These two achievements were his signature deeds, sparking discussion between countless people. These two unbelievable achievements produced a chemical reaction, making Han Xiao the latest Star Field level hot topic. His fame in the Shattered Star Ring skyrocketed, and his position grew just as quickly.

Before this, Black Star had not been considered someone huge in the Shattered Star Ringthe majority of his position was because of Floating Dragon. However, he had gradually stepped out of the Floating Dragon title, and his own position had started to grow. He could be said to be an overnight sensation.


Through this battle, it was not just potential that Han Xiao had shown but his true combat capability, which almost no one in his grade could match up to. To many organizations, Black Star was almost half a Beyond Grade A. It seemed like he really had a chance to sit on the Beyond Grade A throne one day.

The rise of every Beyond Grade A was always sensational. If a fifth Beyond Grade A really appeared in the Shattered Star Ring, the issues between Klent and Purple Crystal would become unimportant.

When Han Xiao stood his ground against the eight Vanguard Officials, those large organizations had still been spectating. However, after the news of him killing several Calamity Grades spread out, many people could not just watch anymore.

Some wanted him dead, while some wanted him to live.

More people wanted to contact him.

Many that were previously just watching decided to join in.

Han Xiao had yet to know that the storms he had stirred up had made the influence of the secret war exceed beyond what it was supposed to have.

A cyclone hidden under the secret war was brewing

At this time, Klent and Purple Crystal knew nothing about this, nor did they think that this war would go out of their control.

In the Bloodshed Land headquarters, specifically in the Tyrants palace, the small mountain-sized Heber sat on the hovering throne, looking down at the frightened Jorde.

"Tamaria died?"

Jorde shivered. Not daring to look up, he looked down at the ground and said, "She died at Black Stars hands. Im responsible, too. My intel was inaccurate"

It would not matter if those below Calamity Grade died, but Tamaria was different. She was one of the key members who had followed the Bloodshed Land through battles from the earliest time. She had even received personal guidance from Tyrant before. The death of an experienced adjudicator was a huge loss.

"Hmm, okay," Heber said with an indifferent tone.

Jorde stood still for a while but did not hear the next half of the sentence he had expected, so he cautiously asked, "What are you planning to do?"

"Dying in war is a righteous end for warriors," Heber said slowly. "In war, you can kill people, and people can kill you."

Jorde was stunned. Did this mean that Tyrant was not planning on getting revenge?

"Er I thought you"

"You thought I would be furious and immediately avenge Tamaria?" Heber frowned slightly. "Then, what would I need you people for?"

Heber was domineering, but that did not mean that he was reckless and impulsive. He was calm and would not change his plan just because one or two of his subordinates died.

As long as there was no Beyond Grade A on the enemys side fighting, he would not easily make a move. This had been decided with Klent long ago.

Usually, Heber would be biased toward his subordinates, but in wars, he was cold-blooded.

Wars were trials of blood and fire; Heber was not going to protect his subordinates. He needed his officers to grow in the flames of war. Even if all of them died, he would not feel heartache. His organization was his tool, not his weakness.

Jorde did not know what to say.

"However, this isnt over," Heber said.

"What does that mean?" Jorde asked honestly.

"He will be held accountable for this; our fight will be inevitable," Heber said coldly. "He has Beyond Grade A potential, but as of now, he still is a Calamity Grade. If I kill him now, it will be too boring, so I will give him time to grow.

"If he stays at Calamity Grade, I wont do anything to him, but as soon as he becomes Beyond Grade A, I will personally strike and beat him to death!"

After a pause, Heber said, "If he cant become Beyond Grade A even by the end of the war, I will still kill him by then."

"But Black Star is very strong. He will cause a lot of casualties to our high level combatants." Jorde could not help but speak up. He hoped that Heber could change his mind and kill Black Star immediately.

"I know the casualties will be high" Heber looked down at Jorde, speaking slowly. "Therefore, Black Star is the enemy Im leaving to you guys. Survive against him, become stronger or die. Those that dont even have this little amount of faith in themselves can request to come back to the headquarters. They wont ever have to go into the battlefield again."

Heber knew that Han Xiao was strong, so he wanted to use him to train the officers under his command.

Now that all the forces were paying attention to Black Star, if he, a Beyond Grade A, personally attacked a Calamity Grade, it would seem petty of him. Even though Black Star was a Beyond Grade A seed, he would still be able to easily kill him.

Heber disdained killing Black Star. In his eyes, not only would that be a despicable act, it would also be short-sighted.

Killing Black Star immediately would at most clear the obstacles of this war and decrease the casualties of his organization. In Hebers eyes, that was not even worth mentioning compared to what he could get from killing a Beyond Grade A.

He was willing to give Han Xiao time to grow.

The Bloodshed Land was so enormous and powerful because he, the Beyond Grade A, was the core that united all of it.

As long as he was there, no casualties were unrecoverable.

As long as he was there, the Bloodshed Land would be able to rapidly develop.

He needed an opponent worth fighting. If Black Star could really become a Beyond Grade A, the entire Star Field would be sensationalized. By then, if he fought Black Star, no one would have a problem with that.

I wont bully you when youre weak. I will wait till you reach my level, then kill you!

Domineering as usual!

This way, the influence that he would gain would be much bigger. Black Stars death would once again bring glory to the title Tyrant.

"Understood, I will let everyone know your intention." Jordes voice became louder as he was conquered by Hebers personality.

Although, from the way Jorde saw it, letting Black Star grow was not a wise choice.


Its so domineering!

He had absolute confidence in Heber. Even if Black Star became a Beyond Grade A, he would still be no match for Tyrant.

His Excellency Hebers perspective on the issue is on a different level. He saw a greater opportunity while my vision was limited by this war. Im too petty.

"Black Star became stronger again."

In the Floating Dragon palace, Aesop was looking at the news. He sighed and looked at Ames, who was sitting on the hovering throne.

"I still underestimated him. Back then, I wanted Black Star to be your right-hand man. I never thought that he would grow this fast. Sooner or later, he will request to leave Floating Dragon."

Ames was silent. She wanted Han Xiao to become stronger, but she did not want Han Xiao to leave her side.

Aesop sighed and said, "He has done a lot for Floating Dragon, but I have seen many Beyond Grade As before. Other than those raised by the three Universal Civilizations, no one is willing to be under someone else. I know that hes important to you, but the Shattered Star Ring is very big. He wont be your subordinate forever."

"He wont be able to leave," Ames said coldly.

Aesop frowned. "Dont be willful. No matter what, Black Star is your friend. With this relationship, the two of you will definitely be allies. Theres no need to create a conflict"

"I said, he wont be able to leave!"

Ames raised her voice and interrupted Aesop before lowering her gaze.

"Unless I cant stop him."



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