Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 711

Chapter 711 Discrimination Transformation Movement

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Chapter 711 Discrimination Transformation Movement

Planet Gautin was the first testing area of the Discrimination Transformation plan. Be it pureblood or hybrid, all Godorans paid attention to Gautin, wanting to know how exactly Serbia the Fifth would do it.

A Purple Crystal flagship arrived at Planet Gautin and used some kind of device to send an invisible Psychic Current across the entire planet. Serbia the Fifth said that this was a secret device built with Star Cluster Grade technology that could change the thinking of Godorans over a large area. He once again promised the civilians that this device was very reliable. Actually, this was just a bluff that he had discussed with Purple Crystal to prove that this plan had Purple Crystals approval so that the civilians would not be as flustered.

The key person to carry out the transformation, however, was Rossellin. She displayed her ability to the fullest for the first time in front of Han Xiao. The large area Psychic Current that the Purple Crystal flagship was sending to Gautin was actually Rossellins Esper ability, enhanced by a device specifically designed to strengthen Psychic abilities. This made the range of her Esper ability increase many times over.

Psychics also had the ability to hypnotize and brainwash, but the accuracy and range were not as high as Rossellins Esper ability, (Contagious Ideology). Her Esper ability was a very gentle brainwash, completed subtly; it would not affect the personality of the target and would only give the target new ways of looking at things. This could even be explained as Rossellin showing the target a new angle of looking at the world. This Esper ability was very suitable for spreading religion and building beliefs.

The transformation lasted two days. The stay-at-homes of Gautin were initially trepidatious, but as time passed, they realized that their thinking did not change at all. They got confused and wondered if it was ineffective.

Two days later, the Purple Crystal flagship left. All the Godorans were focusing on the effect of the test, and Planet Gautin was all over the internet. Everyone was discussing it.

"Are there any Gautin residents? Come out and tell us how you feel."

"I dont feel any changes. Am I the only one?"

"No, Im on Gautin too, didnt feel any changes."

"Did it fail?"

"Er, not sure if you guys feel the same way, but at first I thought it had no effects, but just now, I went to chat with a hybrid friend. Originally, I was a tiny bit repulsed by him, but when I saw him just now, I felt totally peaceful and calm. I even felt he looked somewhat handsome ahem, this is anonymous. I dont want him to know."

"For me, its not exactly the same. I have a hybrid friend too. Originally, I thought he looked quite ugly, but when I had a with him earlier, although I still felt he looked ugly, that occasional disgust had disappeared."

The people of Godora started to figure out what change the Godora residents underwent. Those that were transformed retained their own personality and even knew what changes they had gone through.

This result made the Godorans much less worried-at least their minds were not forcefully twisted.

Serbia the Fifth had been paying attention to the public reaction. He saw the effects of the test and decided to host another press conference, emphasizing on the fact that the Discrimination Transformation plan was harmless.

At the same time, the government also secretly guided the public opinion and tried to make the people feel that accepting the hybrids was a policy that would never change. This would lead them to think that since the overall trend could not be changed, maybe changing themselves might be a good idea, it would make society a better place too.

The success of the test and the manipulation of public opinion did indeed make some civilians feel less alarmed. Some people even acknowledged the idea that accepting the transformation to not feel disgusted by these hybrids would make their daily life more peaceful and harmonious.

With the first success, Serbia the Fifth grew more confident. After observing for quite a long time and making sure that the Gautin residents certainly did not suffer any side effects, he finally stopped worrying and fully carried out the plan. The colonial planets of Godora would be accepting the transformation one after another.

Godorans called this incident the Discrimination Transformation Movement.

The pureblood Diehards had power and force. Even though the Discrimination Transformation had no side effects, they were still unwilling to accept. Hence, using their power, they started to create obstructions to Serbia the Fifth.

When the relationship network of these upper-class people started to operate, even the government operations were affected. The Diehards stirred up public opinion to smear Serbia the Fifth, saying that he was even more insane than DarkStar and that he was leading Godora to its grave, becoming a slave of a higher civilization.

Many people were convinced by these claims and became furious, claiming that the government not even asking for their opinion to change their minds was an act of not treating them as proper citizens. Serbia the Fifths reputation on the internet plummeted. Some even called him the second generation DarkStar leader.

However, not only was Serbia the Fifth not enraged, he was happy about it instead. This was an opportunity for him to step up and explain to the people more clearly; whether the people would believe him or not did not matter.

Of course, some conspiracists completely ignored the explanations and created even more trouble. Serbia the Fifth did not hold back against them; he sent his men to kindly invite these people to a friendly tea session so that they would stay quiet.

He did not care about those smearing accusations. In his eyes, that was just short-term damage. As soon as the plan was completed, the entire society would naturally think very highly of him, and he would become the wisest leader of Godora since the start of history.

The upper class saw that swaying public opinion was useless, so they started to secretly fund the government officials with a lot of power, hoping to impeach Serbia the Fifth and change the leader.

Sadly, ever since Godora entered the Interstellar Era, they had taken back the tons of privileges for the royalties. Furthermore, Godora was hereditary, not democratic, and Serbia the Fifth had Purple Crystals support. His position was extremely firm. Therefore, Serbia the Fifth sneered at the actions of the upper-class people.

Come on, you guys are so weak.

Serbia the Fifth did not want to waste time dealing with these people, so he directly invited many Diehards in the upper class and made a very firm stand. "If you people continue to cause trouble, you will have to pay the government back for all the benefits it has given you, doubled."

The upper-class people folded. Seeing that all their plans came to nothing, they realized that they could not stop this from happening. Hence, they changed the focus of their objection into claiming that since the purebloods had to accept transformation, the hybrids had to too.

The hybrids had been oppressed for a long time; their hatred had been building up. Through research and studies, some rebellious hybrids were unhappy with the Discrimination Transformation Movement. They felt that after the purebloods discriminated against them for so many years and caused so many tragedies, wanting the hybrids to immediately forget about all that as soon as the discrimination was gone was too easy for the purebloods.

Serbia the Fifth did not ignore this. The hybrids had to accept the transformation equally.

The Godora Discrimination Transformation Movement caused a sensation in the galaxy. A tiny Star System civilization successfully occupied the head news for this period. Even the other Star Cluster civilizations of the Shattered Star Ring were paying attention out of curiosity.

A government brainwashing all their people was such a rare occurrence.

Countless galactic reporters swarmed over, so Serbia the Fifth decided to host a press conference and answered the questions of those reporters.

One day later, those renowned news outlets published their own reports. Among them, one report became extremely famous and received approval from the highest number of people.

In that report, Serbia the Fifth received a very positive description. He was praised over the top. The reporter felt that the Discrimination Transformation Movement was an extremely strong and effective medicine that was perfect for the bloodline conflict illness. Only a bold and confident leader like Serbia the Fifth would dare to execute this plan that looked completely insane. Although it had met a lot of obstructions, it was actually beneficial for the civilizations future.

In the report, Serbia the Fifth was described as a wise, visionary, and bold leader.

The report also included interviews with many Godoran hybrids who were roaming outside the Godoran Civilization. Quite a number expressed their intention to go back to Godora. The reporter called this a sign of Godoras complete unification. The goal that DarkStar had failed to achieve was now achieved by Serbia the Fifth of all people and achieved in a much better way.

Purple Crystal was seen as being passionate and responsible for willingly solving the internal conflict of a civilization under their ruling. Their credibility thus increased. This was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. It indirectly increased Purple Crystals area support from the three border Star Systems.

The report also mentioned Han Xiao, saying that Han Xiao capturing the DarkStar leader some time ago was the root of everything that came after. It made Godora and Purple Crystal closer and indirectly caused the Discrimination Transformation Movement.

Although those outsiders did not know that it was Han Xiao who planned the Discrimination Transformation Movement behind the curtains, this report did not forget about him and believed that Black Stars contribution to this incident was just as important. Because of that, his reputation in the galaxy became more positive as well.

Han Xiao saw this report too and was quite happy about it as well.

In his previous life, no player had ever completed the [Bloodline) mission, and Godoras bloodline conflicts had carried on. Although another Star System level terrorist organization like DarkStar never appeared again, the ever-growing internal conflict caused the hybrids to have fewer and fewer opportunities to rise higher in society. They were all lower-class citizens. This caused many talented hybrids to never be discovered and fueled the birth of many rebel organizations. Godora suffered continuously.

If not for the mission, Han Xiao would not have cared about Godoras internal conflicts. His initial motive was just to do the mission and get the reward, but it seemed that the results generated by that were unexpectedly positive.

The Godoran government now completed what their arch-enemy had wanted to achieve. Han Xiao suddenly felt interested to see how the DarkStar leader would react to this.

Rainbow Prison was an independent galactic fortress floating in the universe. Its security was very tight.

Han Xiao had access to almost everywhere in Godora now; he could even enter Serbia the Fifths bedroom if he wanted, not to mention a mere prison. He requested to visit Rainbow Prison, and Godora agreed without hesitation.

The Blacklight Stealth arrived at Rainbow Prison and stopped at the dock. The warden came to welcome Han Xiao.

"Its my honor to meet you, hero of the Golden Gal Badge, ally of Godora, Your Excellency Black Star."

The warden was very respectful.

"I want to visit the DarkStar members inside Rainbow Prison and talk to the DarkStar leader. Thanks, warden." Han Xiao smiled.

"Please follow me."

The warden led the way ahead, and Han Xiao followed him into Rainbow Prison.

He passed by one cell after another, in them were all DarkStar members. Han Xiao even saw the former DarkStar officer Degulish. This guy had electromagnetic cuffs all over his body, and his face was numb and lifeless. Han Xiao knew from one look that his life here was blissful.

Finally, Han Xiao arrived at the cell with the tightest security. The DarkStar leader was right inside.

The warden opened the cell door personally and invited Han Xiao to go in, while he wisely waited outside to give the two of them space for a private conversation.

Han Xiao walked into the cell, and the door closed behind him. The room was completely dark. He summoned a Floating Guard, which acted as a light source and lit up the room.

The DarkStar leader sat in the corner. Surprisingly, he was not listless and hopeless anymore. He stared at Han Xiao with a complicated emotion in his eyes.

"Its you."

"Yes, its me; yes, Ive come; yes, Im here to talk to you Ive answered your next three questions. Now, can we talk about something else?" Han Xiao rolled his eyes.

The DarkStar leaders words were stuck in his throat. Why do you like to stop others from talking so much?

This time, the DarkStar leader suddenly realized that he and Black Star had been enemies for so long, but this was their first proper conversation. He could not help but feel that things had changed so much.

Although it was said that the person who knows you best is your enemy, DarkStar realized that he knew almost nothing about DarkStar. He had no idea what kind of person the man that destroyed DarkStar almost all by himself was.




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