Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Darkstars End The Leaders Sacrifice

Han Xiao was surprised as he sized up the DarkStar leader. "You look quite well."

"Ive heard that the Godora government is using controversial methods to solve the bloodline conflict and theyre doing much better than I did." The DarkStar leaders tone was complicated.

"From a war prisoners perspective, you know rather a lot of whats happening out there," Han Xiao joked.

The DarkStar leader shook his head. "Did you know, Im going to be executed soon?".

"Hmm? Isnt your punishment indefinite imprisonment?"

"It changed, probably because of the Crimson Dynastys request." The DarkStar leader sighed.

Han Xiao slightly nodded.

The Crimson Dynasty wanted to suppress Klents crimes as soon as possible. Thus, they wanted to kill this important witness. Since the political deal was completed, the DarkStar leader no longer had any value. Purple Crystal and Godora did not reject the Crimson Dynastys request. Although the DarkStar leader was a Calamity Grade Super that had some research value, on the political gambling table between civilizations, he was just a slightly bigger chip.

What made Han Xiao curious was, despite knowing that he would be executed soon, the DarkStar leader looked very calm.

"You dont hate me?" Han Xiao was curious.

"A few days ago, I did, but not now." The DarkStar leader had a complicated look in his eyes. "I was once lost. I made a deal with Klent. If I did some dirty work for them, they promised to build a home for the Godoran hybrids in the Flickering World in the future.

"When I was captured by you, I thought everything was over, but I never expected that when I was in the deepest despair, I would see real change.

"Ive been thinking these few days. DarkStars existence made Godora realize the dangers of the bloodline conflict. Now that Ive been captured, their last obstacle has gone. In order to avoid another me appearing, Godora finally decided to completely solve the bloodline conflicts. Although the method is different from mine, the Godoran government is doing it much better than I did

"Maybe you dont believe it, but everything Ive done was to change the situation that the hybrids were in. However, my identity only allowed me to use extreme methods. The future I have been dreaming of is like a blurry shadow, far and unreachable no matter what I do. Youre the one that made me see that it turns out my belief wasnt unachievable. Only, I had to pay the price that is my life.

"I dont hate you. If I wasnt captured by you, the Discrimination Transformation Movement wouldnt have happened. To use my life to build a foundation for my dream, I have no regrets. Youve given meaning to my death."

The DarkStar leaders tone had a sense of relief, and he even smiled faintly.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and was unaffected. He slowly said, "Dont make yourself sound so noble. Youre still a terrorist whos killed countless people."

Han Xiao would not pity a villain just because he confessed before his death. If the DarkStar leader had not been captured, he might not have been willing to give up his life even if he knew that it would change the hybrids situation.

"I know." The DarkStar looked down.

Han Xiao touched his chin and smiled. He had a wicked idea. "However, your guess is wrong. Youre not the reason that Godora made up its mind to solve the bloodline conflict. Youre not as important as you think you are."

"Then why" The DarkStar leader was confused.

"To be honest, Im the one that convinced Serbia the Fifth to carry out the Discrimination Transformation Movement." Han Xiao raised his brows.

The DarkStar leaders eyes opened wide. He could no longer stay calm and stood right up with shock.

He did not think that Han Xiao would come all the way to bluff before someone that was about to die.

"Why are you helping me?" The DarkStar leaders lips were shaking.

Han Xiao tutted and said, "Help you? Are we close? Dont be sentimental. I have my reasons, but they have nothing to do with you."

The DarkStar leader stayed silent. The person who had captured him was Han Xiao, and the person that had completed his dream and belief was Han Xiao. His emotions were complicated and tangled up.

In the end, all the confusion and emotions became two sincere words of gratitude.

"Thank you."

Han Xiao was a little surprised. He nodded and did not say anything.

He felt that there was nothing more to talk about, so he turned around and was about to leave the cell.

This time, the DarkStar leader suddenly spoke again.

"Please wait! I have one last request, my only request."

Han Xiao turned around and asked, "What else do you want to say?"

"Youve risen in just ten years," the DarkStar leader said slowly. "Ive studied all your battles in the past, and I believe you have the blood of the fighter race that can absorb a part of the enemys abilities by killing them. This is why your strength has been growing so fast."

"So?" Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

This was no secret, nor did he plan to hide it, so it would definitely be discovered, except no one would know that it was because of the player interface and would only think he was talented.

The DarkStar leader took a deep breath.

"Rather than being executed by Godora, Id prefer to die in your hands. You have more rights to judge me than them. Plus this is the only way I can pay you back," the DarkStar leader said with a relieved tone.

Han Xiao was shocked, and a notification suddenly popped up on the interface.

You have triggered a unique hidden mission [The DarkStar Leaders Last Wish)!

Mission Introduction: You have destroyed DarkStar, but you also completed DarkStars belief. The DarkStar leader hopes to die by your hand and give you his abilities.

Mission Requirement: Kill the DarkStar leader.

Reward: 150,000,000 Experience, 1 Random Reward, 2 abilities/talents of the DarkStar leader.

A hidden mission

Han Xiaos eyes flickered. The mission to defeat the Germinal Organization leader also rewarded him with two abilities or talents, which he received a Molding Talent from and started his path of being a boss.

The DarkStar leader was also the boss of a major main storyline. This unique mission was a surprise of this visit and made him rather delighted.

Han Xiao took a long look at the DarkStar leader before raising his right hand. More than ten Mechanical Force lightning chains launched from his palm into the void and connected to the storage of the Blacklight Stealth at the dock, apostilizing the dozen powerful mechanical soldiers.

Energy flowed into Han Xiaos body continuously through the Mechanical Force, and his own Energy Rank grew rapidly. Psionic energy appeared in his hand like a bubble, highly compressed and giving off horrifying energy.

"I accept," Han Xiao said with a deep voice.

The DarkStar leader exhaled and dissipated the tiny bit of energy in his body. Then, he slowly closed his eyes.

Outside the cell, the warden was walking back and forth, waiting for Han Xiao to come out.

At this time, a loud and violent explosion suddenly came from within the cell, the entire prison seemed to tremble!


The warden was the closest to it, and he was almost deafened. His expression drastically changed, and he hastily yelled, "Your Excellency Black Star, what happened"

While he called for Han Xiao, he opened the cell door. The moment the door opened, he saw what had happened inside, and his yell immediately stopped.

Broken limbs and pieces of flesh splattered all over the floor and the walls, like someone had exploded from within. Han Xiao had a psionic energy shield in front of him, so the splashed flesh and blood did not land on his body. A head was rolling on the floor. The warden looked at it, and it belonged to the DarkStar leader.

"Yo-You" The warden was dumbfounded.

"He begged me to kill him. You guys were going to execute him anyway, so I might as well help you with it."

Han Xiao deactivated the shield, glanced at the warden, and left the cell, leaving the warden to stand there stunned.

The DarkStar leader was an important prisoner, so the warden did not know what to do as he looked at the gory cell. He let his deputy host Han Xiao in his place while he endured the discomfort and hastily reported this to his superiors.

The warden thought that he was going to get into big trouble, but when the superiors heard that Han Xiao was the one that did it, they had no intention of holding anyone responsible.

With Han Xiaos position in Godora now, killing a death row prisoner was not a problem at all. Furthermore, the DarkStar leader had been captured by Han Xiao in the first place, so Godora was not so pedantic as to hurt their relationship with Han Xiao for such a small matter.

It could be said that Han Xiao could almost do anything he wanted in Godora.

While being shocked by Han Xiaos influence, the warden hastily hurried back to the dock, worried that he might have made Han Xiao unhappy earlier. He barely made it and waved Han Xiao off.

Han Xiao activated autopilot before going to the training room. He opened the interface to look at the mission and receive the reward.

You have completed [The DarkStar Leaders Last Wish)!

You have received 150,000,000 Experience!

You have received 1 Random Reward.

Han Xiao nodded. His level was too high. Although 150 million was not little, it was not a lot.

As usual, he did not use the Random Reward, which he now had three of. He was extremely confident with his own luck, so he decided to stock up and do a consecutive draw after completing (Bloodline). The Mission Completion Card was not a rare reward, so he probably would not need to touch Feidin to obtain it.

The final reward was the highlight.

You have received reward: Two abilities/talents of the DarkStar leader.

Reminder: The DarkStar leader is a Mage, so some of the abilities have been adjusted to your class.

Randomizing complete.

Please select two from the five options below as the reward:

(Advanced Elemental Affinity) Talent: +80% Energy recovery speed.
(Trained Mind) Talent: Your mind has been to a hundred secret places in secondary dimensions. +20 Psychological Resistance, +10% MYS, +5% INT.
[Mysterious Vision) Ability: +25% MYS. Duration: 10 minutes. Cooldown: 25 minutes. Cost: 450 Energy.
[Painful Revenge] Ability: You can stimulate your cell potential through pain and gain strength exceeding your limits. For every 3% of health you lose, you can deal melee attack damage equal to 1.5% of your health. Cost: 300 Energy.
(Luck Curse] Ability: Using your luck as a sacrifice, you pray for the blessing of the God of Misfortune. -90% LUK, -90% LUK of the target. Duration: 3 hours. No cost. Before the curse ends, this ability cannot be used again.
These abilities are not too bad Han Xiao nodded.

The spells of Mages were powered by magic energy, which was not compatible with Mechanics, so most of the spells were not in the range of the randomization. Only a small portion of the abilities could be adjusted to become compatible. This way, the low-level spells of the DarkStar leader were all eliminated, and the chance of getting good abilities was higher.

The DarkStar leader was a boss-type character who had Molding Talents as well, but they would not appear as one of the options every single time. Han Xiao was not disappointed. He only glanced at the options shortly before he made his choice.




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