Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 713

Chapter 713 Grade S Mission Reward

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Chapter 713 Grade S Mission Reward!

[Mysterious Vision) was useless, and [Advanced Elemental Affinity) was not very useful either. Recovering mana through the health-mana cycle was much more efficient. Plus, Han Xiao would not be short of mana because of Apostilization.

(Trained Mind) was not too bad, but its percentage increase was too little. In terms of Psychological Resistance, he had (Advanced Mental Toughness). In terms of Intelligence, he also had (Research Theory) and (Battlefield Wisdom).

Other than that, he had [One Against the World) and others. Although (Trained Mind] was not too bad, its bonus was nothing notable. In comparison, Han Xiao felt that the last two abilities were more interesting.

[Painful Revenge) was suitable given how tanky he was. It would give him the ability to basically reflect half of the damage to the enemy. It did not look a lot, but it would be quite considerable because of his recovery speed.

He had about 200,000 health points. For example, if the damage dealt to him had accumulated up to 300%, [Painful Revenge] would be triggered a hundred times, dealing about 300,000 damage, which would be quite a lot. Furthermore, his health points would increase as he leveled up, which meant that this ability had room to grow.

Han Xiao felt that this ability should be the result of adjusting Chain of Pain. Although it had its limitations due to the fact that it could only be triggered at close range, it would be very useful against those who tried to get close to him. After all, focus fire on myself was rather risky.

Among Calamity Grade Supers, Han Xiao was now at the very top, so he had to prepare for the eventuality of facing a Beyond Grade A Super. By then, he would definitely get beaten up quite badly, so reflecting the damage would be very useful.

Furthermore, his close-range combat capability increased as he obtained the ability to Apostilize his machinery. Close range combat once again became one of his regular combat modes, so [Painful Revenge) would definitely be triggered.

Han Xiao had always wanted to let go of the Getting Beaten Style, but to his resignation, he realized that he could not escape the fate of being a tank and getting beaten up was still one of the most effective styles.

Another thing that surprised him was (Luck Curse), which he felt was the most valuable of all the rewards given in this mission.

This ability was double-edged, since both his Luck and the targets Luck would reduce by ninety percent. However, with how many Luck points he had, whether it was reduced or not would not make a difference since it would not go below zero.

Han Xiao did not believe that anyone would have lower Luck than him!

He was extremely confident in this.

Han Xiao had made up his mind the minute he saw (Luck Curse). It was basically an ability to greatly reduce the targets Luck without any side effects.

It was a perfect fit for him!

With a faint smile on his face, Han Xiao confirmed the options.

You have received (Painful Revenge]!

You have received (Luck Curse)!

Han Xiao closed his eyes to feel the new abilities for a while. Then he opened his eyes and took a deep breath with content.

The DarkStar leader gave me two decent abilities. Its indeed true that honest, loyal, and pure men like me get rewarded.

Han Xiao rubbed his hands and chuckled without any shame.

After accumulating over a very long time, he had created a very strong combat ability that could defeat just about any Calamity Grade Super. However, he did not become overconfident at all; he knew more than anyone how powerful and strong Beyond Grade As were. Normal people would never be able to reach Beyond Grade A. Every single one of them was a boss among bosses. They all had plenty of Molding Talents and bug-like abilities.

His style was far from being the most powerful among Beyond Grade As. For example, EsGod was almost almighty; Thousand Shadows abilities were extremely mysterious; Ames Force Field was great for both attack and defense; the Tyrants body could penetrate Fixed Stars; plus, there was the famous Mechanic Empire. The biggest specialty of his current combat style was just being tanky and difficult to kill. It needed further development.

Now, I just have to wait till (Bloodline) is complete. Then, I will try to stock up on Mission Completion Cards. Seven years is plenty As long as I complete the level 200 Promotion, I will be able to spend all the Experience Ive accumulated through Version 2.0 and turn it all into actual strength and combat capability

"Yesterday, under the monitoring of the Purple Crystal Civilization, Godoras Discrimination Transformation Movement was successfully completed. Serbia the Fifth has made a speech. He thinks that be it pureblood or hybrid, everyone should support Godora as a whole and should not be divided due to their blood. From now on, they shall put aside their differences, fight and work for the Godoran Civilization as one.

"Serbia The Fifth once met many obstacles during the process, and he became hated by many. Fortunately, after this process was completed, his achievement was finally recognized, and his support rate jumped up to 91.67%. The Purple Crystal Civilization thinks that in the long history of Godora, Serbia the Fifth is undoubtedly one of the wisest and bold leaders Okay, that will be all for the Garton Star System News today. See you on the"


Serbia the Fifth turned off the virtual screen and looked at Han Xiao and Rossellin on the opposite of the guest table with a delighted expression.

"The plan is finally over. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the two of you for your help."

Rossellin gave a reserved smile before picking up the cup on the table and taking a sip of the specialty Godoran drink, displaying a nonchalant posture. Han Xiao watched from beside and almost wanted to give her a thumbs up-what a professional in being pretentious.

It seemed that every wrinkle on Serbia the Fifths face was laughing. He was overjoyed. Having solved the illness that had plagued Godora for countless years, he could predict that he would definitely be written in the history and textbooks as Godoras herothis could be said to be the biggest achievement.

After all, as the saying went, a great man who isnt written in textbooks isnt really a great man!

This opportunity was gifted to him by Black Star, who was sitting in front of him, so Serbia the Fifth was full of gratitude.

"In terms of reward," Serbia the Fifth said, "we shall follow the promise we made in the first place. First, a large amount of money and resources; second, opening more resource purchasing channels; third, more resource planet harvesting rights, and we will be providing the devices and manpower; fourth, the borrowing right to the military factory to mass produce spaceships for the Black Star Army; fifth, the right to deploy our technical personals to cultivate professional talents for you; last but not least, political support."

Han Xiao listened carefully with a straight face. Those were all pre-discussed terms.

As for supplies and money, he did not care that much since he had so many resource planets now. The rights to borrow Godoras military factory and deploy their technical personnel were not bad.

The production rate of a Star System civilization was not to be underestimated; borrowing their hundreds of huge military factories across the Star System would increase the efficiency of building spaceships tremendously. Deploying technical personnel to cultivate specialized research and development talents for the Black Star Army was also beneficial in the long run.

However, compared to these rewards, the most important thing to Han Xiao was still the (Bloodline) mission that had never been completed in the previous life. This was also the first Grade S mission that he had completed!

The (Bloodline) mission on the interface was already shown as Completed, but Han Xiao stayed patient and did not immediately look at it. Instead, he chatted with Serbia the Fifth for a while before taking his leave with Rossellin.

After the two of them left, Serbia the Fifth stood up and looked at the bright sky outside from the window, thinking of the bright future ahead.

At the same time, Rudy felt the same as Serbia The Fifth, full of anticipation of the future.

The changes in his life were very noticeable and obvious. After the Discrimination Transformation Movement, he realized that when he walked on the streets, the looks of discrimination and alienation all disappeared. His colleagues became friendly; his wifes family became passionate and not cold anymore; his boss gave him important matters to take care of and seemed to have plans to give him bigger responsibilities.

His children were no longer quiet and alone in school and made many new friends.

Everything was becoming better.

His passion for life was reignited.

"Thank you, Serbia the Fifth. Thank you, Purple Crystal. Thank you, Black Star for capturing the DarkStar leader"

Rudy was filled with gratitude.

Han Xiao took Rossellin to the spaceship and headed back.

After entering hyperdrive mode, just as Han Xiao was about to look at the reward, Rossellin stopped him and asked with a curious expression, "Black Star, do you really think that my brainwashing can completely change Godoras bloodline discrimination and that it will not bounce back in the future?"

"How would I know? It wont have anything to do with me even if it does."

"Yet you still trust me so much?" Rossellin tutted. "Even I dont know if this plan will work, but I feel like youre more confident than me despite not knowing the details of my Esper ability."

"I can see the future. If I say you can do it, you can do it." Han Xiao was in a hurry to complete the mission and receive the reward, so he was in no mood to chat with Rossellin. He gave her this ever-applicable excuse and hastily walked into the training room, leaving Rossellin standing there pondering.

After closing the training room door, Han Xiao quickly opened the interface and looked at the notification of the mission.

[Bloodline] Completed!

Mission Rating: B (Good)

You have received 1,250,000,000 Experience, 3 Random Rewards, +30,000 Godora Contribution Points, 10 Eternal Dungeon Crystals for (Godoras History).

You have received 1 Political Asset.

Wow, 1.25 billion Experience! Thats more than seven times what I got from the DarkStar leaders last mission and almost at the reward standard of Version 5.0.

Han Xiao was surprised. This amount of Experience was not little even to him, and it even gave him three Random Rewards, which was equivalent to completing three Grade A missions with a high Mission Rating and exactly what he needed at the moment to get a Mission Completion Card.

Grade S missions all had very few clues, and their rewards were unknown before completion. Even Han Xiao had just found out about the reward of this mission. Maybe because he completed the mission using a controversial method, the Mission Rating was only Good. After all, brainwashing was not the most stable way to solve the problem. However, Han Xiao had no idea how to complete this mission the usual way, so being able to complete it was already a great surprise.

30,000 Godora Contribution Points would allow players to exchange many good equipment, but to him, it was not all that useful. Nonetheless, it was better than nothing

Ten Eternal Dungeon Crystals were great. Eternal meant that they could be used repeatedly for a limited number of times every day. The dungeon (Godoras History]s level requirement was level sixty to one hundred and eighty, which was a very broad range. This meant that this was an enormous dungeon, and its rewards would definitely be very rich.

Han Xiao would have no use for it, but those player guilds would definitely spend huge sums to buy these Eternal Dungeon Crystals. This would basically give a guild a huge dungeon that they could enter every single day, providing their pro players continuous tests, allowing them to level up quicker and gain more resources.

Although the Dungeon Creation Right on the NPC interface could continuously create dungeons, it was not able to make any Eternal Dungeon Crystals. Furthermore, guilds would definitely want to obtain a stable way of entering dungeons for themselves. Rich people loved to buy assurance with money.

Han Xiao was more interested in the players Experience, not money, so selling them or not did not really matter. However, using these Eternal Dungeon Crystals as high level items in the faction store would be useful in attracting players.

Han Xiao looked at the last reward-one Political Asset.

(Political Asset (1): Godoran Civilization]

You are loved by the Godorans. When trading with Godorans, you can buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices.

Godora is willing to listen to your requests. You can make suggestions to the Godoran government directly. According to the rationality of the request, theres a slight chance the Godoran Civilization will fulfill your request.

This is a symbol of political influence. Your achievements are praised in the galaxy. When interacting with certain organizations or characters, +30% Favorability gain rate.

You have valuable experience. +30% Experience gained from all sources.

Remarks: Relationship with Godora has to be at (Reverence) for the above effects to be active.

It really is this thing. I thought I was mistaken. Han Xiao was overjoyed.

Political Assets and Legendary Points had the same characteristics, but Political Assets were rarer than Legendary Points. In his previous life, he had only seen it in other peoples screenshots.

He looked at the NPC interface. All of his Reward Quotas increased by sixty percent!

The effect of a Political Asset was much better than a Legendary Point!

In his previous life, Han Xiao had completed Grade S missions too, but they were either large scale missions that many were involved in or challenge missions that consisted of fighting and killing. This was his first time completing such a complicated Grade S mission like (Bloodline].

Political Assets had a lot of benefits. To Han Xiao, he felt that the most important effects were the thirty percent increase in Favorability gain rate and Experience gain. As long as he met the requirements, he would enjoy those bonuses forever.

These two effects were applicable to the players as well. Obtaining Political Assets was extremely important. It required a lot of work and time, so these two effects were somewhat making up for that. Furthermore, the long-term rewards were higher than the expenses.

If a player had one Political Asset, it meant that for the same time they spent on missions, they would gain more Experience than everyone else. Their level would always be ahead, and they would have more excess Experience to learn and level up abilities. As this continued, the difference between them and the other players would keep growing larger.

In his previous life, Han Xiao had witnessed many guilds trying everything they could to obtain Political Assets for their players.

Experience isnt Enas and has no physical form, so it cant be traded between players. This says that the bonus applies to Experience gained from all sources. Does this mean that the Experience I reap from the players will also increase by thirty percent?

Han Xiao was looking forward to finding out. Experience only existed in the interface. Since there were cash items such as Double Experience Cards and so on, him getting thirty percent bonus Experience was not impossible.

If that was indeed the case, the efficiency in him reaping leeks would see an explosive increase!





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