Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Fertilization

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On the dock, the more than one hundred thousand players scattered. The guiding mission given by Han Xiao had ended, they decided to explore the Black Star Army headquarters and get to know the facilities here.

The players knew that this planet fortress would most likely be their base in Version 3.0.

The Black Star Army headquarters was extremely large, not cramped at all even for more than a hundred thousand people. They quickly scattered and fused into the usual Black Star Army members.

Frenzied Sword, Hao Tian, and a few other close professional players moved together, accompanied by Bun-Hit-Dog and Maple Moon. They walked around and observed the NPCs passing by while discussing the main storyline mission they had just received.

"The storyline of the new version is so exciting," Frenzied Sword said. "I cant believe we are going to experience an enormous war between two Star Cluster civilizations. Those in the other Star Fields did not receive the main storyline mission as soon as they entered the game like we did; theyre still exploring."

"Well, this isnt the first time. In every past version, the main storyline always appeared the earliest in Shattered Star Ring. This should be our specialty." Twinkle Fried Rice shrugged.

"Indeed, it was the same in Version 2.0. We knew about the main storyline as soon as we came online. The other Star Fields only got it months or even a year later." Hao Tian nodded.

"From how things are looking, it seems Black Star is going to be the main NPC in Version 3.0 once again. All the main storylines in the past three versions were related to him," Bun-Hit-Dog said while rubbing his chin.

"Its more than three versions" Frenzied Sword said with an excited expression. "I saw him even during the closed beta, but back then, I never guessed he would become this strong."

Bun-Hit-Dogs eyes sparkled. "Black Star is making so many appearances. I dont think the other Star Fields have an NPC similar to him at all. Black Star is the only NPC that has appeared in every version for the past three versions. I feel like Black Star might be the protagonist of the entire Shattered Star Ring Thats right, this sounds like an amazing topic to talk about. The next episode of my video will definitely explode!"

Han Xiao was now extremely popular among the Chinese players. Plus, the video earlier showed his achievements in the past ten years, so this was the time when the players were most interested in him. Therefore, Bun-Hit-Dog felt like he could make use of that and use the topic of Shattered Star Rings protagonist to make the next episode of his video series. He believed that it would definitely become very popular.

In the past two versions, the players had experienced many interesting storylines in Galaxy and witnessed all kinds of NPCs. Quite a number of those NPCs were also widely liked by the players, but Black Star was the only one that the players had the deepest impression of. Even the players in the other Star Fields knew his name. Currently, Han Xiao was the most famous NPC and also the NPC that the players wanted to see the most.

In the eyes of many players, creating articles, videos, or anything related to Black Star was a business opportunity.

Black Star Series was the video series that had made Bun-Hit-Dog famous. It was one of the must-watch videos for the new players, and it was still ongoing.

Due to the fame brought by this series, Bun-Hit-Dog was most passionate about building Han Xiaos image. However, due to how famous Black Star was, there were also other video creators that did the same and made videos about the Black Star Army.

Nonetheless, Bun-Hit-Dog had captured the market as early as back in Version 1.0, so he was the most authentic in the eyes of the players.

It could be said that Bun-Hit-Dogs videos contributed greatly to how much the players liked the Black Star Army. As members of the Black Star Army, seeing that the faction was growing under their influence and hard work, and that it was made into a kind of drama series, it gave them a very strong immersive experience.

Video creators such as Bun-Hit-Dog used NPCs fame to benefit themselves, but they did not know that Han Xiao was also using them.

The group chatted for a while and returned to the main topic of the main storyline of the new versionthis was what the professional players were interested in.

"By the way, with our strength, we shouldnt be able to influence the result of this galactic war, right?" Frenzied Sword said.

Maple Moon nodded and said seriously, "Hmm. I just checked. The representatives of the secret war are the Bloodshed Land and Section Zero, which the Black Star Army is a part of. The leader of the Bloodshed Land is called Heber, one of the Beyond Grade As in the Shattered Star Ring. As for Section Zero, their organization is also extremely large. With both sides being so strong, the people involved in the war are most likely in the billions. Even if all the players take part, I dont think the result of the war will be affected much, if at


Hao Tian pondered and analyzed, "If thats the case, the secret war is just the major background of the new version. The main areas we will be acting in should be the smaller battlefields within the war."

"I hope they arent just more cut scenes" Twinkle Fried Rice smiled bitterly.

"That might not be the case" Seeing that the others turned to look at him, Frenzied Sword continued to explain. "Think about it, for the past three versions, our level limit has been increasing. The scale of the storyline has been increasing too, from a planet, to a Star System, to a Star Cluster. However, the combat capability standard in the Galaxy has a stable system. For example, Grade Cs are basic galactic warriors, so Grade Bs are the mid-tier combatants. This system will not change because of the version updates, while our Grades will keep increasing. This means that our position in the Galaxy and our influence on the storyline will keep growing as the version keeps updating!

"Now that the level limit is 120, the first batch of players should all be able to reach Grade B. According to this theory, our importance in the new version will definitely exceed the previous two versions. Hence, I think that we will be able to take part in the storyline of Galaxy more actively in Version 3.0, and there will definitely be new ways of playing this game."

The others contemplated for a while. Damn, this guy does kind of make sense.

Bun-Hit-Dogs eyes sparkled. "Can I cop quote what you just said?"

"Please, act like a human being." Twinkle Fried Rice was speechless.

"By the way, although we triggered the main storyline, how are we going to take part in the war? Do we listen to the armys arrangements or take on missions on our own?"

At this point, Frenzied Sword and the others suddenly realized that the Black Star Army members around all suddenly gathered in the same direction. Their communicators also vibrated. It was a notification from Phillip to tell all the members in the headquarters to head to the squarethere was going to be an announcement.

Frenzied Sword and the others went to the square with the crowd. The place was now filled with people. The other players had arrived as well and were waiting with the other Black Star Army members.

The floor in front of the crowd curved up and turned into a stage. Projections appeared above the square and displayed the image of the stage so that the people far away could see.

More than twenty high-level army officers appeared on the stage. Many were familiar faces to the players.

"Its been ten years, but the officers from Version 2.0 are all still here. Thats nice."

"There seem to be quite a few new officers as well."

"Oh, is that beauty Sylvia?"

"Oh no, is this excitement I feel?"

"Humph, so what if thats a beauty? Im an educated person. Us Dragon Emperor Lickers will never betray our faith!"

Seeing the familiar NPCs from the last version, many players felt nostalgic. Out of habit, they threw detections at the officers. Other than getting to know the names of these officers, the rest of the information was all question marks, and every one of the officers was shown as Fatally Dangerous.

Now, the players finally had a clearer image of how strong the Black Star Army was.


The space in the middle of the stage rippled. A person appeared out of thin air and walked out of the void. It was Han Xiao.

More than a hundred thousand players finally saw what Han Xiao looked like after ten years. He was still wearing the familiar clothing but taller and more level-headed.

Frenzied Sword and the others realized that admiration appeared on the faces of many of the Black Star Army members around.

From this detail, they were clearer on Han Xiaos position in the hearts of his subordinates. Bun-Hit-Dog quickly started recording to collect materials.

Including the players, countless people in the square were staring at Han Xiao. He cleared his throat, and his voice spread across the entire square through machines.

"In half a month, we will work with the large group of Section Zero to launch a large-scale counterattack against the Bloodshed Land. Many people will be recruited to take part. Other than the warriors that have already been enlisted, the army will be accepting the enlistment requests of the rest of the members as well. Other than the returns paid by the Purple Crystal Civilization, the army will provide additional subsidies for those who take part in the war according to their position. The details are on the announcement board of the internal army system"

As a mercenary group, the members would just split the reward given by the employer. Now that the Black Star Army had completed its transition into a private armed force, it had to pay salaries to the official members like the military. Taking part in a war was extremely risky, so additional subsidies were required as well.

Luckily, Black Star Army was more than able to afford those expenses even with its current size.

"So thats how were going to take part in the war. Well have to request it in the army," Frenzied Sword said.

"The Rating of the main storyline mission can only be increased by taking part in the war, but we can choose not to. So, this isnt a compulsory storyline mission."

The players started to discuss the topic, and the square became noisy.

This time, Han Xiao looked around, chuckled in his mind, and continued.

"All those who are taking part in the war will enjoy fifty percent off when purchasing the various products of the army. In half a months time, all those taking part shall gather in the headquarters and board the fleet to head to the battlefield. If you have any questions, you can ask the artificial intelligence program of the army."

The crowd was stunned.

Fifty percent off?

Fifty percent for all the faction products


Thats amazing!




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