Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Fertilizer

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Chapter 724 Fertilizer

Fighting an entire fleet with the strength of an individual. All the players were completely entranced by the sight before them.

The last time they had witnessed Han Xiao taking action, he did not have such overwhelming strength. It seemed like many things had changed greatly over the past ten years

Frenzied Sword had a strange feeling in his heart. It was as though he had been through many good and bad times with Han Xiao.

Bun-Hit-Dogs eyes lit up, and he immediately interviewed Frenzied Sword. "Hey, didnt you say that our strength would slowly be unlocked with the release of new versions? Does this mean that we will be able to destroy fleets in future? This is too interesting!"

"We should be able to" Frenzied Sword was not too sure. He felt that as long as the level of strength in the galaxy did not change, their growth in strength would influence the way NPCs viewed them. With this games world being extremely open and free to possibilities, perhaps they would truly be able to attain a strength that could rival Black Star.

Maple Moon looked as though she was deep in thought by the side. She felt that the effect of the players leveling up should not be limited to an increase in their PVP abilities.

This small interlude did not affect the progress of the spaceships. The hundred or so spaceships approached planet K-00156, and the AI system began the countdown for their launch.

Under Phillips pestering, all 300,000 players boarded the launch pods and were ready for launch.

One after another, the space chargers shot out from the spaceships, and all the players took out their weapons while awaiting touchdown. Even the Espers and Pugilists would also have firearms as weapons.

Maple Moon frowned and suddenly thought about something.

"Since Black Star destroyed the enemys fleet, why do we still have to be sent down to the planet? Cant we just shoot at them from outside the atmosphere?"

Everyone was stunned for a moment, but before they had the time to react, the launch pods trembled, and everyone felt their bodies becoming weightless.


Han Xiao floated beside the fleet and looked down on the planet from above. The numerous space pods were like burning meteors raining down on the planet.

Han Xiao then zoomed in on the surface of the planet. An endless stream of players exited the launch pods and flooded the planet like a huge wave. This stronghold had many different bases with the sergeants of the Bloodshed Land leading their troops out to fight off the players. The strongest enemy fighter was only at Grade B, and under the fearless assault of the players, the enemy was forced back slowly.

"Not bad. I should be able to earn a large amount of experience this time." Han Xiao did not have any intention of helping and sat cross legged outside the atmosphere to watch the battle.

Han Xiao had volunteered to attack the smallest Bloodshed Land stronghold so that the Hyperdrive Base Station and the three planets that it was connected to would become the players fertilizer.

Apart from the war and faction mission, all the Bloodshed Land warriors on the surface of the planet were also like walking bags of experience. As long as they were killed, the players would be able to gain plenty of experience.

With his level, getting rid of these useless soldiers would only give him one experience point. On the other hand, the players levels were low, and thus, they would receive plenty of bonus experience from killing the enemies. Han Xiao would then harvest the experience points from the players, and a beautiful production line would be formed. It was just like the principal of feeding a chicken to lay an egg.

The strength of the players is growing, and they will slowly walk up to a larger stage and display their prominence in the various organizations.

In his previous life, as the players strength increased and they began to roam the galaxy, many powerful galactic organizations paid close attention to the players. In the later versions during his previous life, the players had received a resounding nickname.

Cancer of the Universe!

Han Xiao had always felt that the nickname was extremely cool and fitting.

The players were still far from that standard. Only when the first few waves of players became Grade B would it be the time for the players to rise.

As the farmer who was prepared to let the name of his crops shine far and wide, Han Xiao knew that his responsibility was heavy.

"Your Excellency Black Star, are we going to help?"

Just when Han Xiao was deep in thought, Marian who was clad in heavy armor flew to Han Xiaos side and asked if they should reinforce the ground troops.

He was one of the three Calamity Grade Supers who had joined the Black Star Army seven years ago. He was a powerful Mechanical Pugilist who did not talk much, with his focus being set on raising his strength. He could still be considered loyal and had gained Han Xiaos trust over time.

"It isnt necessary. I am training the soldiers, and both of you have something else to do." Han Xiao waved his hands.

Marian nodded in reply.

"With this planet being attacked, the Hyperdrive Base Station will definitely send reinforcements very quickly. I want the both of you to attack the Hyperdrive Base Station before the reinforcements arrive. I want you to then send me over to the two other planets through the wormhole of the Hyperdrive Base Station. I will destroy their flying equipment before sending our forces over to clear up their nests," Han Xiao said.

He wanted to turn the ground troops on the three strongholds into lambs waiting to be slaughtered. He would destroy all their methods to escape and trap them all on the planet. Not a single person would be allowed to escape, and they would all become fertilizers for his crops.

Han Xiao wanted to add something on but suddenly detected fluctuations in space. With a chuckle, he said, "My prediction is spot on indeed. Both of you prepare yourselves. Someone is here to seek death."

The moment his voice sounded, a whirlpool-like wormhole opened outside the atmosphere of planet K-00156 and spat out battleship after battleship.

Without saying a word, Sylvia revved up the output of her mechanical suit and transformed into a beam of light. She nimbly avoided all the incoming laser beams and charged straight into the wormhole.

Marian followed closely behind her, but his performance was far more boorish. He activated dozens of shields and charged straight into the wormhole while tanking all the cannon fire. Along the way, he had even crashed straight through two small assault ships.

Both of them were Mechanical Pugilists, and their mechanical suits had personally been fine-tuned by Han Xiao. Together with their Calamity Grade strength, they were more than sufficient to take care of a Hyperdrive Base Station without any high-level combatants. Furthermore, both of their mechanical suits were equipped with Phillips child program and could extend the range of his virtual intrusion. When both of them arrived, he would be able to assist them from afar in infiltrating the base.

The reinforcing battleships appeared without ending with their guns blazing. Han Xiao remained cross legged, and his new and improved eleventh generation Watcher Instrument defended him automatically. A total of 361 bluish-gold orbs floated around him to form a thick psionic shield that deflected all the enemies attacks.

"Let me play with you guys for a bit since I am not pushed for time."

Han Xiao chuckled. With a single thought, a terrifying amount of data assaulted the artificial intelligence system of the battleships. In the blink of an eye, the firewalls of these battleships were completely riddled with holes, and their calculation modules became unstable.

After multiple Class Advancements, his Virtual Technology skill had already entered a new realm, and his speed was completely different from the past. Furthermore, he had obtained a new Cutting-Edge Knowledge, (Quantum Network Matrix), from Purple Crystal, which multiplied the amount of data he could send. His infiltration technique went through a revolutionary change, and Han Xiao was currently capable of directly connecting to a quantum network.

As long as the enemy was within range, he would be able to generate a storm of data with a single thought, and his infiltration ability was extremely powerful. This was the flagship skill of a Virtual Mechanic.

Han Xiao had already grown to be extremely powerful in all areas. Although he had yet to reach Beyond Grade A, he could already be considered a powerhouse in the galaxy.

A Virtual Mechanic was a huge killing machine in a galactic battle. Even if Han Xiao did not make use of his mechanical army, he would be able to easily deal with a small fleet. As he infiltrated the enemy ships to throw the enemy into a mess, Han Xiao sent out his elite mechanical army to board the enemy ships and kill all their crew. Since he was not in a hurry, Han Xiao decided to minimize the destruction and capture all these battleships.

Han Xiao had plenty of strength to spare and diverted part of his attention to the players.

On planet K-00156, one of the bases was currently a bitter battlefield.

Boom boom boom!

Frenzied Swords large caliber rifle punctured a hole in the body of a Thousand Beast Soldier. The corpse of the soldier fell toward him, and Frenzied Sword kicked it away before raising his arm to activate a shield. A series of gun fire immediately rained down on his shield, and Frenzied Sword began to calculate the durability of his shield. He then charged forward into the midst of an enemy five-man team. Whipping out his electromagnetic whip and helix blade, he killed the five-man team after a short battle.

Taking in a deep breath, he looked around his surroundings. They were currently in the Hub Center of the base, and the main hall was currently a messy battlefield. Both parties exchanged fire with dead soldiers lying all around the hall. The players transformed into white light after reviving and did not leave any corpse behind. Thus, the situation looked like a one-sided massacre as though a swarm of locusts had just swept by.

The players formed small parties and worked together. Their screams could be heard amid the cannon fire.

"Pull the enemies, back row output damage!"

"Hang in there, main tank. Inject yourself with life sustaining hormones. Second and third tanks, prepare to switch out!"

"Mechanics, quickly set up your artillery towers!"

"Hahaha, were rich! A single Thousand Beast Soldier actually gives us so much experience. What the f*ck? Who is the one who stole this daddys kill!"

The Esper class players unleashed their various skills, and all the different kinds of energy blasts bombarded the enemy into retreat. The players had the numerical advantage with their individual combat abilities reaching an acceptable standard. They were all Grade C at least with an extremely small portion of them having reached Grade B with their accumulated experience from the previous version. They still had their biggest trump card: reviving!

With such an army, there was no need to bother sending scouts, sneak attacks, ambushes, or any complicated combat maneuvers. They just needed to use human wave tactics.

Frenzied Sword charged past the defensive line and entered the walkway of the base. Although the mission only required them to occupy the base, Frenzied Sword was extremely experienced and knew that killing the base commander would definitely raise his mission rating. Thus, he ignored all the other soldiers and searched for the base commander.

There were definitely other players who had the same thought as him, and Frenzied Sword did not dare delay.

At the same time, the base commander was currently watching the situation of the battle from the surveillance equipment in the base. He knew that their defeat was imminent, and his legs could not help but tremble.

"This is Black Star Armys immortal troops!"

The commanders voice trembled with fear gripping his heart. Everyone from Bloodshed Land had looked through Black Star Armys information before and knew that the immortal troops were the true hidden trump card of the Black Star Army. After disappearing for a full ten years, they had made their appearance again!

Hopelessness filled his heart, and he witnessed the most frightening aspect of the immortal troops from the screen. They were all extremely bloodthirsty and would never leave anyone alive. In a short while, the entire base would be soaked in blood, and all their spaceships had already been destroyed by Black Star. They no longer had any chance to escape.

"Where are the reinforcements?" The base commander still held on to the last bit of hope in his heart.

"We tried to contact them seventeen times, but we did not receive any response. We lost all contact with the reinforcements, and they were probably" The intelligence staff had a face full of fear.

The base commander fell into complete despair. They no longer had a way out and could only wait for their deaths to arrive.

"Why dont we surr"


Before he could even finish, the door was suddenly blasted open, and Frenzied Sword appeared from the large cloud of dust. Without any hesitation, he switched to a close ranged weapon and waved his axe around to slaughter anyone in sight.

"Wait a moment. I am the commander of this stronghold. I surrender!"

The approaching axe had truly frightened the base commander out of his wits, and he hurriedly knelt down to beg for mercy.

The axe stopped ten centimeters away from the commanders head, and the base commander felt his entire body turning soft. Frenzied Sword then looked at him with doubt.

"You are the commander?".

"I am!"

"Youre surrendering?"

"Thats right! Thats right!"

Frenzied Sword paused for a while before suddenly letting out a battle cry and swinging his axe down mercilessly to cleave the commander before him in two.

His axe was instantly stained with bright blue blood, and Frenzied Sword shook his head.

"Whats the point of keeping you if your surrender doesnt trigger a mission? Eh? Killing a commander actually gives so much experience!"

Frenzied Sword had a bright smile on his face as he left the room, leaving behind a dismembered corpse and bloodstains all over the walls.

At the same time in the interior of the Hyperdrive Base Station, a long sword was being dragged by a slender hand. Reddish-gold bolts of energy could be seen coursing through the body of the sword, and the tip of the sword created a deep scar on the surface of the alloy floor.

This was an alloy walkway with Bloodshed Land soldiers both in front and behind. They were trying their best to push back the beautiful lady in the middle, but all of their firepower was easily blocked by the protective shield of her mechanical suit.

Sylvia completely ignored the army that was surrounding her and looked at Marian, who was currently destroying the enemy ships outside. He was smashing his body through all the spaceships and having the time of his life.

"Hurry up and take down the base. Dont keep Teacher waiting too long," Sylvia muttered under her breath. Holding onto the sword with both her hands, her body began spinning.

Marian, who was currently fighting the enemy spaceships in space, could clearly see a reddish-gold circle burst forth from the interior of the Hyperdrive Base Station, cutting the entire base in two and slicing off a fifth of the base cleanly.

"Why are you even more violent than me? Youd better not destroy the base. We still need to use it later," Marian said helplessly.

Outside the atmosphere of K-00156, Han Xiao floated in space and waited silently. Over half of the enemy battleships had already been captured by him.

Right at this moment, a wormhole channel opened again with the other side of the channel being the second planet. The remaining defending battleships were clustered together as though they were screaming out, AHH! Dont come near me!

A bright smile could be seen on Han Xiaos face.

Not a single bag of the three fertilizers could be missed.

"Sylvia succeeded so quickly. It seems like I taught her well."






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