Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Hidden Talen

Han Xiao looked at Tomar and greeted him with a smile.

"Hello to my friend who suddenly appeared."

"H-hello." Tomar snapped back to reality and stammered slightly. He then sized up the four individuals before him and asked with uncertainty, "Are all of you real wizards?"

The moment he said those words, Tomar immediately felt that he had asked an unnecessary question.

Whats the point of asking such a question? Only a wizard can get rid of a demonic spirit

The four individuals before his eyes had to be powerful wizards. If not, it would be impossible for them to kill a mutated blue shadow demonic spirit with a single strike.

I thought that the ones Im protecting are novices. Who would have thought that they are in the same field as me? Tomars eyes widened with shock.

All of a sudden, Tomar seemed to have thought about something, and his expression changed greatly. He then took out a packet of white dust from his back and scattered it in midair before asking Han Xiao and the others to follow him.

"I used a bag of aura erasing dust to wipe out traces of magic in this place, so we shouldnt be spotted. Hurry up and follow me. I will bring all of you to the gathering place in Stone Heart City.

As he said that, Tomar leapt across the wall of the garden nimbly and sprinted away. Han Xiao took his three confused comrades and followed behind Tomar. They then arrived at an old house in the corner of Stone Heart City. A simple concealment array was laid in this place. In the eyes of Han Xiao and his three comrades, the array was naturally extremely clumsy, and nothing could be hidden from them. However, it was more than enough to bluff the natives of the planet.

Tomar entered through the chimney and took out a comer of the floorboard to reveal an underground passage.

The gathering point is below. Follow me."

A hanging basket floated in the opening of the cave, and people were transported through gears and chains. It was like a prehistoric lift.

They stepped onto the lift, and after a short period of descending, the hanging basket touched the ground.

They were greeted with a gray space which was like an underground base. There were many cartons of supplies and over ten rooms in the place. The burning lamp was the only light source in this place.

Being extremely used to the technological advancements of the galaxy, this backward place gave Hila, Aurora, and Feidin an extremely fresh experience. It was as though they had gone back in time.

"This is the gathering place of Stone Heart City. I will take you to meet the person in charge, Mister Lanley."

Tomar took them to one of the rooms that was filled with bookshelves and old books.

A bearded old man was currently reading in front of an oil lamp that gave out a faint glow. Upon hearing some sound, he turned around with a face full of surprise.

Tomar gave a brief explanation, and the old man called Lanley lowered his guard. He then said with a hoarse voice, "It turns out that all of you are also wizards. Feel free to use anything in this place. Stone Heart City welcomes your arrival."

"I have been extremely curious along the way here. All of you did not use any magical elixirs. How did you get rid of the demonic spirit?" Tomar asked curiously.

"It is actually very simple. It is a technique of using magic." Feidin had received Han Xiaos instructions and could only follow them helplessly.

"Really? Why havent I read it in the books?" Tomar rubbed his head.

As Lanley heard those words, he stood up abruptly and said with shock, "Only the legendary great wizard can cast a spell without using magical elixirs. Could it be that you are a great wizard? I thought that all the great wizards were killed by that devil fifty years ago!"

"What devil? What is going on?"

Lanley was stunned for a moment. "You guys dont know?"

"We dont" Han Xiao revealed a puzzled look. Actually, I do know. However, I can only trigger the mission if it comes out from your mouth

"I understand now. All of you are the legendary reclusive wizards and didnt participate in the battle fifty years ago." Lanley grew excited and began explaining what had happened.

Fifty years ago, when there were plenty of wizards who roamed the streets, a wizard called Vosumede created a Divine Weapon. It was able to create and control demonic spirits, and he could use the strength of the demonic spirits to increase his own magical strength. In order to increase his strength, he released a large number of frightening demonic spirits in multiple cities and used ordinary individuals to increase the strength of his demonic spirits. In the end, he became a great wizard by using such a method.

At that time, many wizards united together and wanted to kill Vosumede. However, Vosumede made use of the Divine Weapon and killed all the wizards who surrounded him. He then chased after all the remaining wizards in the world and ended the legacies of many wizards.

After this, Vosumede became the Great Palace Wizard of the Ocean Boundary Kingdom and was known as the Demon King by the wizarding world. He groomed a large number of demonic spirits within the territory of the kingdom and became slightly more restrained because of his many different identities. The demonic spirit army under his army became more and more powerful and caused chaos everywhere.

A small portion of the wizards submitted to Vosumede and became his lackeys while the other surviving wizards had no choice but to hide. They set up various gathering points and helped each other.

Vosumede continued to chase after the surviving wizards, and thus, all the wizards hid themselves and no longer appeared in public. The outside world had lost all traces of the wizards, and the legacies of the wizards were in the hands of Vosumede or the gathering points. The gathering points would only pass on their techniques if they met a reliable youngster, bringing new blood into the world of the wizards and barely being able to survive.

This Vosumede is also a farmer in the same line as me Han Xiao thought to himself.

After living in the universe for such a long time, Han Xiao had heard of plenty of similar incidents. It was basically the appearance of a powerful boss without anyone in the civilization being a match for him. Thus, a new dark era was bom.

Planet Nalun did not know that there were other living beings in the universe and were not even clear about the meaning of the universe. Thus, they naturally did not have the ability to seek help from mercenaries.

Vosumede was the final target of this Chain Mission. Although Vosumede was a powerful existence who could do as he wished on Planet Nalun, he was no more than a little boy who Han Xiao could take care of with a wave of his arm. However, he might not necessarily obtain the Talent reward from the final phase of the mission if he got rid of Vosumede directly and had thus chosen to follow the mission step by step.

In any case, it was akin to him returning to a novice village to bully the noobs. There was not the slightest bit of pressure, and he just treated it as a vacation.

Lanley paced around excitedly before saying with a respectful tone, "Great wizards, we need your help."

"Speak." Han Xiao nodded.

"The wizarding world will always be under Vosumedes control as long as he doesnt die"

"So, you want us to kill him?" Feidin interrupted.

Lanley shook his head and said with a bitter laughter, "We have tried to do so for fifty years, but Vosumede is too powerful. He was able to kill multiple great wizards at once a few decades ago, and he is probably even more powerful now. Even if all four of you are great wizards, you may not be a match for him. We cannot send all of you to your deaths."

Hila curled her lips up with dissatisfaction. She would be able to roam unhindered anywhere on Planet Nalun alone. However, she could only remain silent since Han Xiao did not say anything.

"Then, what do you need us to do?" Han Xiao asked patiently.

"Its like this. Vosumedes greatest helper is his demonic spirit army. He created the most powerful demonic spirit to lead his army, and we call it the Demonic Spirit King. If we want to deal with Vosumede, we will have to get rid of his helper first. However, the Demonic Spirit King is extremely powerful, and even a great wizard may not be a match for him. However, we have investigated his weakness.

"The Demonic Spirit King is a man-made item, and its strength is sustained by three magical altars. Every time an altar is destroyed, his strength is weakened. We have already located the locations of the three altars. There is one near Stone Heart City, but a demonic spirit army is guarding the altar. With the addition of the four of you, we will have the strength to destroy the altar."

As he spoke, the next phase of the mission appeared on Han Xiaos interface. It described the existence of the altar near Stone Heart City, and he could gain the trust of the gathering point by destroying the altar.

"Alright, I accept."

Lanley was overjoyed and said, "Then we will rely on all of you. The manpower that we can mobilize is limited, so we will only be able to provide eight wizards"

"No need, he is enough." Han Xiao pointed at Tomar, who was by the side.

Tomar, who was listening by the side silently, was slightly surprised by those words. He then nodded resolutely. "I will try my best."

Han Xiao nodded silently. Obtaining the Talent was one of his objectives. Han Xiaos second objective of this trip was Tomar. This fellow had a low-grade Luck Glow and was a main character level NPC on Planet Nalun.

Most missions would have some residual influence after the completion of the mission, and the players who completed this mission in his previous life went back to Planet Nalun a few years after completing the mission. They had then discovered the achievements of Tomar.

After Vosumedes death, the wizards on Planet Nalun had attained their freedom, and Tomar had become a famous wizard. He spent his life researching magic and achieved a groundbreaking discovery. He left behind a lot of knowledge for the later generation and single handedly raised the Super standard on Planet Nalun to a whole new level.

This was no simple matter. This was akin to someone who had only received high school level mathematics education coming up with university level mathematics proofs.

In truth, many of the heroes of the civilizations were talents who were buried because of the generation that they were born in.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

Tomar was such a character as well. His magical talent was extremely outstanding, and he was a rare talent who could only be found once every thousand years. However, he could not grow properly in a backward location, and his talent was wasted as a result.

Thus, Han Xiaos other objective was to bring Tomar into the army to groom.

Talents were precious, and the more main character level NPCs the better. Regardless of how worthless they were, they could increase the luck of the army.

The location that Lanley gave was a cave hidden in the mountains. One of the altars was located in this location.

The next morning, Han Xiao and the gang set off together with Tomar. In order to match Tomars speed, it took them half a day to reach the cave. The sky was already dark by then.

They stood outside the cave, and a chilly wind blew out from within the dark cave as though it was breathing.

Tomar shivered and said, "The demonic spirits will come out at night as their strength increases at night. We should set up camp outside and rest for the night before entering the cave tomorrow at noon."

"That isnt necessary." Han Xiao shook his head. This mission did not pose any difficulty to him, and he walked into the cave with Hila, Aurora, and Feidin. Tomar hesitated for a while before gritting his teeth and following them.

The cave was filled with many winding tunnels with cold winds blowing from within. The deeper they went into the cave, the more obvious the cold aura being emanated from the cave. When they reached the depths of the cave, the demonic spirit aura was not covered in the slightest, and some faint muttering could be heard from time to time in the cave.

Tomars head was covered in sweat, and he looked around nervously, afraid that a demonic spirit would jump out and scare him at any moment. He held on tightly to the magical elixir on his waist and was ready to throw it out at any moment. His appearance was completely different from Han Xiaos group.

"Wh-why dont we return?" Tomar stammered with his voice trembling. "Although all of you are great wizards, we shouldnt underestimate our enemy. There are three hundred demonic spirits in this place at the very least, and it would be extremely difficult for you to deal with them"

Right after he said those words, a strange stone altar appeared in front of him. A few hundred candles were lined up by the altar and burnt with a green flame that seemed inextinguishable.

"This is the place. Lets quickly destroy the altar and make our retreat!" Tomar said anxiously and was about to throw out his magical elixir.

Right at that moment, a bone piercing chill blew over, and a few hundred figures appeared in the surroundings, glaring at Han Xiaos group coldly.

They are all demonic spirits" Tomars eyes widened with shock, and his heart skipped a beat.

However, before the fear in his heart could explode, the cold aura in the cave melted away like snow in the sun.

The few hundred demonic spirits were all destroyed without even making a sound. They were all defeated in one hit by Feidin.

Their illusory bodies disappeared, and Tomars scream was stuck in his throat.

The scene before him had completely changed his worldview.

Just what happened just now? How did all the demonic spirits disappear?

Is a great wizard really so powerful?

"We just need to destroy this altar, right?" Hila waved her arm, and the altar turned to dust.

A notification of the second phase being completed popped up on Han Xiaos interface.

The instant that the altar was destroyed, the cave began to tremble.


Black fog floated up from the destroyed altar and formed a black whirlpool in midair. A wave of pressure was then emanated from the whirlpool as though a being was about to descend.

Tomars hair stood up on end, and he felt as though a ferocious animal was glaring at him. An instinctive feeling of fear rose in his heart.

"Its the Demonic Spirit King" Tomars voice became hoarse, and he was frightened to the point that he could not move.

The next second, an eerie voice sounded from within the whirlpool and echoed in the cave.

"A few bugs actually dared to destroy my altar? You will pay the price for this!"

Han Xiao and the others watched the Demonic Spirit Kings performance emotionlessly.

"Humph, it is too late to regret. I will eat all your souls and transform all of you into a part of me. All of you shall fall into the depths of argh!"

Before the Demonic Spirit King could even finish his act, Feidin snorted and shot out his Psychic energy. Like an inflated balloon being punctured, the Demonic Spirit King let out a miserable groan and disappeared.

The black whirlpool floating in midair had disappeared and the shaking of the cave had also become silent. It was as though nothing had happened at all.

"Hey, you didnt end up killing it, right?" Han Xiao became worried. Would the mission be stopped midway if the Demonic Spirit King died?

"I could have killed it, but it wasnt necessary." Feidin rolled his eyes.

You are the one who knows me best." Han Xiao laughed and slapped Feidin on the back.

Following which, Han Xiao then waved at Tomar, who was rooted to the spot in shock.

"The altar is destroyed. Lets return."

Tomar had spent a great amount of effort to shut his opened mouth before jumping back to look at Han Xiao with caution.

"Who exactly are all of you?"

Han Xiao frowned and said, "I said before. We are wizards."

Tomar had a look of disbelief on his face.

Dont think you can bluff me because I am uneducated. You lot are definitely not wizards.

Because wizards cannot be so powerful!

He then praised his own wisdom silently.

"Alright then, since we have been discovered, I shall tell you the truth"

Han Xiaos eyes spun around, and a teasing look could be seen in his eyes.

"We are actually deities."

Hila, Aurora, and Feidin almost choked.

Woah, youre truly shameless!

Tomar had a look of disbelief upon hearing that.

There are actually deities in the world? Could those religions be real? I thought that it was only a scam.

However, it seems like only deities would be able to kill a few hundred demonic spirits in a second.

Tomar could not think of any other explanation. In the face of a deity, he was completely helpless and did not know what to say.

Han Xiao giggled in his heart while pretending to be solemn on the surface. "I have come for Vosumede. His actions have gone against the laws of nature, and he will be punished."

Planet Nalun was a backward planet, and it was extremely easy to fool them. It was not the first time that he had tried to act as a deity. He had tried once in front of the Black Spirit Race before. When facing the natives of a backward planet, saying that he was a deity might be more convincing than saying that he was from the universe.

Tomars eyes lit up upon hearing those words, and an agitated look could be seen on his face.

Upon seeing that, Han Xiao placed his finger on his lips and said with a smile, "But I hope that you can help keep this secret. It is best that only you know the truth that I am a deity."

It will be time to kidnap you when the mission is complete.

"Okay, okay." Tomar nodded like an obedient child.

He originally wanted to inform everyone at the gathering point about the truth, but since the deity had personally requested for him to keep silent about it, he must have his reasons. Thus, he decided to hide this truth in his heart.

Upon thinking about the fact that he was the only one who knew that the four individuals before him were deities, Tomar felt extremely agitated.




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