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Chapter 746 746 Planet Macipher And The Cornerstone Summit Corporation

746 Planet Macipher and the Cornerstone Summit Corporation

As Planet Macipher was not a colonial planet but an industrial neutral planet that would naturally attract people, there were only five cities on the planet’s surfaceone main city and four sub cities. Han Xiao landed in the main city, which was the biggest.

Looking down from above, Planet Macipher had a very strong industrial theme. It was mainly made up of large spaceship yards. Some were even assembling large spaceships in the open, and the skeletons of these spaceships could be seen from above. There were no actual residences on the planet, only the hostels for the Mechanic workers and entertainment facilities, as well as all sorts of hotels for the galactic travelers.

At the heart of the city was a conch-shaped mechanical hovering citythis was the base of ‘Giant Soldier Architect’ Sardeem. It was wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. Sixteen two-hundred-and-forty-meter-tall sentry-type mechanical Giant Soldiers were mounted at the base of the hovering city, which were all in standby mode and would automatically be activated when attacked. They were very powerful.

The three branches of the Mechanic class all had their specialties. Sardeem was clearly an Armed Branch Grade A+ Mechanic that mastered building powerful mechanical Giant Soldiers.

Planet Macipher had eight planet surface ports. Han Xiao’s spaceship followed the instructions from the surface and landed in Surface Port 3 before entering the hangar. After Han Xiao went through the simple procedures, he led the disguised Hila and the others out of the port, mixing into the crowd and entering the city.

There were beings from all kinds of races on the streetshuman-like beings and even some pedipalp beingsall galactic residents from different Star Clusters. The universal translator allowed them to communicate with each other at ease.

“It’s so boisterous here. Both are neutral planets. Why is Floating Dragon so quiet?” Aurora looked around curiously.

“Well, that’s because Floating Dragon doesn’t have a specialty, and it’s not friendly to foreign financial groups.”

Han Xiao shook his head and smiled. Places with Beyond Grade As in them were always popular. The reason that Floating Dragon did not prosper was completely due to their strategyAmes did not want to develop Floating Dragon at all.

Furthermore, from the aspect of the territory type, Planet Macipher was a pure industrial planet while Floating Dragon was Ames’ home. The management mode and openness of the two were different.

Sardeem had enough strength to be the boss of an organization. He was also a Mechanic who was good at attracting investments and businesses. Thus, it was easy for him to make a place popular.

This time, the sound of energy spraying flashed past the sky. They looked up, and a team of mechanical soldiers happened to pass by. They were the armed forces that Sardeem used to maintain the law. They were also his own mechanical troops.

Opening a neutral planet is quite profitable. Hmm, although my Black Star Army is at a higher level, making a neutral industrial planet seems to be quite a good idea. It can gather more leeksHmm, but thats a matter to think about after the secret war ends…

Han Xiao caressed his chin and pondered about the business expansion of the army.

Black Star’s name was quite well known in the Shattered Star Ring. Fortunately, they had put on a disguise, so no one recognized him. The group boarded ground vehicles and went to a shipyard at the center area of the main city.

This shipyard was extremely large and grand. Han Xiao and the rest stopped outside the gate and looked up at the colorful floating virtual signboard. On it were the words ‘Cornerstone Summit Corporation’ written in Universal Language.

This was one of the most credible and reputable shipyards on Planet Macipher.

This is the right place.” Han Xiao nodded. He opened the communicator. On it was the hiring notice of the Cornerstone Summit Corporation.

This kind of large shipyards recruited Mechanics constantly. The minimum requirement was Grade Cs or owners of a Mechanic Technician Work Permit distributed by a Star System civilizationjust like companies in the real world that required minimum education qualifications.

Han Xiao did not have a Machinery Technician Work Permit. This was something that only those Supers focusing on researching and life skills needed. Its main purpose was to make things more convenient for research personnel and technicians that did not like fighting. Han Xiao had never had a need for this. Plus, with his Grade, he would get it easily without any tests if he wanted to.

Supers had extraordinary powers. Some used this power for violencesuch as the galactic pirates, mercenaries, and bounty hunters. Some used this power to produce and manufacture things. Supers were also important labor and production forces in the galactic society.

Among which, the business of Mechanics and Mages was the most popular. Some Espers with special Esper abilities also had quite good business, and Psychics were suitable for therapy, reconnaissance, and the like. Pugilists were the only ones that had very worrying futures in the business world. After all, Pugilists were the best in manual labor jobs, which was something even robots could do but for a much cheaper price. After all, who would hire Pugilists just to carry things around the site?

Han Xiao and the rest walked into the shipyard. There were many guests in the reception hall who were all there to order spaceships. They were using the self-service screens to browse through the spaceship models available and make orders.

Han Xiao went to an unoccupied self-service screen and pressed on manual service instantly. The next moment, the image on the screen changed into a pretty lady receptionist of the Galaxy Human Race.

“Hello, welcome to the Cornerstone Summit Corporation. How may I help you?”

“I’m a Mechanic here to look for employment.” Han Xiao expressed his intentions. The disguise was effective, and he would not be recognized.

“Okay, please follow the reception robot. You will be led to an interviewer.

A palm-sized, spherical robot wearing a mini receptionist uniform flew over. It was really adorable. It bowed and led the way.

They left the reception hall, passed by the exterior factories, and entered a huge workshop. Han Xiao immediately saw quite a few low-level Mechanics working on the various workbenches, assembling parts.

This time, an old man approached. His white hair was tied into a braid behind his head, and he was smiling. He looked rather amiable.

“Hi, I’m a Senior Machinery Engineer of the Cornerstone Summit Corporation, Luke.”

Right, I need an alias as well… Han Xiao smiled and said, “I’m Barne.”

Luke paused and said with a deep voice, “Cornerstone Summit Corporation is constantly recruiting Mechanics. You should’ve seen the requirements. Which kind of test would you like to take? Showing your permit or testing your Grade?”

Testing my Grade.”

Luke nodded. He raised his hand and released a wave of Mechanical Force. He then grabbed the reception robot in his hand. The energy that he emitted had reached the Grade B standard.

He secretly sized Han Xiao up. Seeing that Han Xiao’s expression did not change, he then pressed a few more times on the reception robot. A probe popped out from the head of the robot. This was a device used to detect a person’s Energy Rank.

“I assume you know how to use this thing. Just release your Mechanical Force toward the probe,” Luke said.

Han Xiao exhaled deeply and carefully controlled the Mechanical Force inside his body. He worried that he might release too much of it and expose his Grade A identity.

A stream of Mechanical Force shot out from his fingertips. As Luke saw the results, his expression changed immediately, and his tone suddenly became enthusiastic.

You’re a Grade B+ Mechanic?”

That was still too much… Han Xiao thought in resignation.

Grade B+ was basically the top talent that a shipyard could employ. Although Calamity Grades were common in the secret war, they were exceedingly rare in normal galactic life. There was no way a Grade A would look for a job in a normal shipyard like this.

“Are there any other tests?”

“No, no, we will immediately give you the Senior Engineer position and salary. This is what someone at your Grade deserves.”

Luke was very enthusiastic. In the corporation, being Grade B was the basic requirement of becoming a Senior Engineer, but one still had to accumulate contributions before becoming one. Anyone at Grade B+, however, could become a Senior Engineer immediately.

“Please wait a moment. I will tell my superiors to discuss with you directly.”

Then, he turned around and instantly reported the situation to his higher ups before passionately escorting Han Xiao around to tour the various areas of the shipyard.

Not long after, a few Cornerstone Summit Corporation managers arrived and sincerely discussed the terms with Han Xiao. Han Xiao came just for the talent, so the two-year contract was very quickly agreed and signed by both parties, which included the usual terms such as not allowing Han Xiao to leak some blueprints and such.

Of course, Han Xiao was not planning to comply with the contract. He signed the contract as ‘Barne’ and planned to leave as soon as he received the talent. Even if his real identity was exposed someday, with his position in the galaxy, would this shipyard dare to go after him for breaching the contract?

Furthermore, he was not planning on hurting their profit.

I, a peak Calamity Grade, am working for you. What else do you want?

As the contract was signed, Luke smiled and shook hands with Han Xiao.

“The Cornerstone Summit Corporation welcomes you.”

Han Xiao nodded. “What project do I need to be responsible for?”

“Hmm, well, the corporation recently accepted a high-level order from one of our big customers. They provided the blueprint and asked us to mass produce a rather rare battleship model. Our assembly lines are unable to build some parts of it that require very advanced technology. Only Grade B Mechanics and above are able to learn and build these extremely complicated blueprints. Therefore, we used many of our Senior Engineers, but the progress is not optimal at the moment…’

“Understood, so my job is to build some of these parts.” Han Xiao nodded.

Yes. I shall first arrange your accommodation, then I will give a part of the blueprint to you. You have five days to learn the blueprint before borrowing the corporation’s factory to build it. Every Senior Engineer has a quota to meet. You’re new, so your schedule might be a little packed,” Luke explained.

Five days is completely unnecessary. Just give me the blueprint and I will learn it within a second… Han Xiao laughed in his mind. Plus, with the manufacturing ability of a Calamity Grade, mass building spaceship parts was a piece of cake.

Finally, a mission popped up on the interface.


Mission Introduction: First line in the Mechanic Code of ConductA Mechanic’s career is incomplete without the experience of using others’ resources to train oneself!

Mission Requirements: Using the Cornerstone Summit Corporation’s resources, build 1,500 products of any type (must be for the corporation).

Current Progress: 0/1,500

Reward: 6,500,000 Experience, [Proficient Technician] talent.

It finally triggered. Han Xiao was joyous.

Although the name of this talent was a little boring, its effects were rather good. Talents that could strengthen the main class were always valuable.

He now had a total of twelve Mechanic type talents[Energy Modification], [Machinery Analytical Comprehension], [Virtual Technology Essence], [Machinery Theory Summary], [Military Machinery Enlightenment], [Flexible Weapon Usage], [Super Electromagnetic Sense], [Elementary Grade Mechanical Sense], [Assembly Line Professional], [High Level Mechanical Suit Pilot], [Machinery Truth Knowledge], and [Mechanical Force Ascension-Apostle Body]. Most of them came from the Class Advancement of his main class.

The bonuses from these Mechanic type talents added up to a considerable amount.

For the rest of the day, Luke accompanied Han Xiao to know more about the areas within the shipyard. When night arrived, his accommodation was finally arranged. He would be staying in the high-level hostel at the internal area of the corporation. The other three had been acting as his bodyguards, so they moved in as well.

After they finished unpacking, Aurora could not help but ask, “Uncle, do you have some other motive for working here?”

“Oh?” Han Xiao wondered.

You actually want to steal their blueprints, right?” Aurora said with an excited tone and a smug expression.

“You’re overthinking this. I don’t need to do such low standard things.” Han Xiao’s mouth twitched. “If I wanted a blueprint, I can just buy it. I’m not poor.”

“Black Star, we’re not really going to stay here for two years, are we?” Feidin suddenly asked.

“Of course not, what are you thinking?”

Feidin sighed. “We’ve followed you around for three months. You said this was to experience different lives and see more things, but I really can’t figure out how this will help you to break through and reach Beyond Grade A.”

Han Xiao had no choice but to create an excuse. “I fought a seven-year-long war and did not improve much if at all. Maybe relaxing will give me something different.”

“Anyway,” Feidin said with resignation, “you have to know that you really don’t have much time left. If you aren’t able to break through, it’s best to make plans. Be it asking for the Dragon Emperor’s help or escaping the Shattered Star Ring, you have to at least have a plan.”

You’re saying it in a way as if I’m near my doom… It would be great if you’re Lagi…

This time, someone rang the doorbell. Luke walked in carrying a thick stack of blueprints, placed them on the table, and chatted for a while before leaving.

These were the blueprints for three partsto prevent the technology of the entire spaceship being leaked, every Senior Engineer received blueprints of different parts and was responsible for the production of those parts.

Han Xiao quickly browsed through the blueprints in less than a minute. The blueprints of these three parts were recognized by the interface and quickly turned into abilities, fully learned by Han Xiao.

“The technology level of these three parts is a little high. Usual spaceships won’t need to use these three parts. Only super large spaceships do…”

Han Xiao was stunned.

If he was not wrong, only spaceships using Star Cluster level technology would need these three parts…

Linking these factors together… could the order that the Cornerstone Summit Corporation had received be to build a Star Cluster grade flagship? Like the Star Diamond Grade Flagship of the Purple Crystal Civilization?

That would be a secret manufacturing process even for Star Cluster civilizations!

Han Xiao was tempted. He was not an Armed Branch Mechanic and always had a shortage of blueprints for large machines. All he had that was considerably impactful was the armed satellite fortress. If he could obtain the blueprint of a Star Cluster grade flagship, it would be an amazing surprise.



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