Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Exclusive Race


[Emperor Mechanic] levelled up to Lv.15.

+300 Energy, +5 STR, +5 DEX, +8 END, +12 INT.

You have received 10 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.



When his level reached level 240, a powerful surge of energy exploded within Han Xiaos body. The electric Mechanical Force violently left burn marks on the floor and walls like a thunderstorm.

The level 240 Promotion Mission appeared. Han Xiao glanced at it. It was not difficult, but he was not going to stop now. He had two more Mission Completion Cards, so he directly used one of them to complete the Promotion Mission.


Level 240 Promotion Mission completed!

Promotion successful!

END Bonus increased! 1 END = 210 Health = 220 Stamina.


From level 60, a Race Evolution would occur every 40 levels. The last Race Evolution was at level 220, so level 240 would usually be a normal Promotion. However, with the benefits that he had received from the Evolution Cube, he received a bonus Race Evolution chance.


The [Gene OptimizationEvolution Cube] effect has been triggered.

You have received a bonus Race Evolution.

You have taken another step on the path of evolution. You have ascended in the hierarchy of life. Your genes have reformed Under the influence of the Evolution Cube, the chances of Mutation Option appearing in this Race Evolution have increased.

Race Detected: [Void Star Pursuer (Human Form)]

Randomly drawing 9 matching evolutionary directions

Drawing complete!

Please choose one of the following 10 options for your Race Evolution. Warning! The evolution process is irreversible. Please choose carefully! [AppendixEvolution Path Feature Descriptions]

[Void Commander (Human Form)]66% Compatibility

[Void Devourer (Mutated Form)]42% Compatibility

[Void Ripper (Mutated Form)]38% Compatibility

[Thunder Element Tyrant (Energy Form)]17% Compatibility

[New Edge Mechanical Race (Human Form)]58% Compatibility

[Void Silencer (Human Form)]49% Compatibility

[Chaos Demon]27% Compatibility

[Void Pathfinder (Human Form)]72% Compatibility

[Chaos Secret Sorcerer (Energy Form)]35% Compatibility

[Child of Star Core (Physical Form)]9.7% Compatibility


Han Xiao was overjoyed.

The influence of the Evolution Cube was obviousthere were quite many mutated options in the ten options. This was probably how Psyker went through atavism.

As for the options related to the Void Race, the two Mutated Form options were out of the question. [Void Silencer] and [Chaos Secret Sorcerer] were more suitable for Mages. His best option was [Void Pathfinder], which was the next stage of his current race. [Void Commander] was the path toward Void Lord.

The other mutated options were quite good as well. Mechanical Race was the bloodline left behind by a Beyond Grade A Mechanic among the Primordial Ones. Becoming a Beyond Grade A meant becoming a one and only being in the universe, but reproduction was still possible. Beyond Grade As had very long lives, so there would be more than enough time for them to pass down their race. That Mechanic Primordial One had long passed away, but the Mechanical Race still lived in the universe. As the name suggested, they were born Mechanics.

Manison of the Mechanic Empire was the leader of the Mechanical Race. He was the second Beyond Grade A of this race.

[Child of Star Core] was also a very talented species. They were born in the cores of stars.

After some contemplating, Han Xiao selected [Void Pathfinder]. Although the Mechanical Race was very suitable for Mechanics, their potential was not as vast as that of the Void Race. Since he was so far down this path, unless he encountered an extremely powerful option, he would not easily change his path.


Selection complete. Undergoing Race Evolution Evolution complete.

Your race has been changed to: [Void Pathfinder (Human Form)]. Molecular structure is improved, organ structure strengthened, metabolism changed, and adaptability enhanced Your potential aptitude has been improved!

+130 STR, +180 DEX, +317 END, +169 INT, +169 MYS, +73 CHA, +3180 Energy.

Energy Level bonus attributes have been changed!


The original five talents did not disappear, but [Void Molt] was enhanced into [Void Blessing]. The increase in its effect was about twenty-five percent.

Also, he received a new talent[Void Path]!

As the name suggested, this was the upgraded version of Void Distortion, which allowed him to directly open the gate of the Void Dimension. This was also how the name [Void Pathfinder] came about.

Opening the Void Dimension had many uses. He could throw the enemies attacks inside like trash, or he could send the enemies into the Void Dimension. He could even connect to a certain area within the Void Dimension and let the beings in there out into the world.

The only flaw was its long cooldown, or he could just hide his mechanical army in it. In terms of bringing his mechanical army along with him, the unactivated [Secondary Dimension Army] was still a better choice.

Maybe because he followed the direct evolution path, Han Xiao did not feel too much pain this time. This time, a notification that made him exhilarated finally popped up on the interface.


You have satisfied the Prior Requirement: Achieving u003e32759.1 Ona after Promotion.

Race Mutation activated!


At this instant, the pain level in his body suddenly shot through the roof. Han Xiaos expression became twisted. It was as if someone kept pumping air into his body and his body could explode at any moment.

"Race Mutation this is it!" Han Xiao clenched his teeth and held on as he stared at the interface.

This was the true evolution toward Beyond Grade A!


You have reached the peak of the hierarchy of life. You have found your own direction on the path of evolution. Youre going to undergo changes you have never experienced before. From this day forth, you are going to become a unique being like no other in the entire universe

Detecting evolution path complete.

Your evolution have gone through [Carbon Based Human (Yellow)], [Type I Spacehuman], [Void Prowler (Human Form)], [Void Observer (Human Form)], [Void Distorter (Human Form)], [Void Star Pursuer (Human Form)], and [Void Pathfinder (Human Form)]

Please select 10 from the Racial Talents below


The choices were all Racial Talents that he had once possessed. Some had disappeared, but they had now all become available choices.

This exclusive race would gather the essence of his previous evolutions, Han Xiao realized.

As he had taken the Void Race path, he had no need for some duplicate talents, so the choices were easy. Firstly, he kept the six strongest talents of [Void Pathfinder]. Then, he selected two talents from [Void Observer][Void VisionObserver] and [Observers Mark]. He had missed these two abilities for a very long time, and he could finally regain them!

For the remaining two, he selected [Chaos EntityRelease] and [Adaptability]. The latter was the jack of all trades talent of the Galaxy Human Race, which gave a ten percent bonus to all resistances, including Psychic Resistance. He had selected this with Psykers threat in mind.

After confirming the choices, a new notification popped up on the interface.


Please select 2 from the 5 Race Evolution choices below and receive one talent from each.

1. [Chaos Apostle (Human Form)]

2. [Void Destroyed (Mutated Form)]

3. [Void Preacher (Spiritual Form)]

4. [Advanced Ethereal Race]

5. [SaintGalaxy Beast Race]


Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

The previous ten talents were all from the previous evolutions, but these two would be from the next stage of the evolution.

As he would become a unique race after becoming a Beyond Grade A Super, the following Race Evolutions would only enhance his exclusive race and grant him the talents of other races.

Absorbing talents had nothing to do with compatibility as he would not go through any mutation.

Enduring the immerse pain in his body, Han Xiao hesitated for a while and chose [Chaos Apostle] and [Void Preacher]. The former was to maintain his [Void Pathfinder] evolution path and the latter was because it was a Spiritual Form. Han Xiao felt that it would increase his Psychological Resistance, which would help him in dealing with Psyker.

The talents of these two races appeared on the interface. Han Xiao browsed through and made his choice.


You have received the talent [Void Ethereal Echo].

You have received the talent [Supreme Piety].


[Void Ethereal Echo] came from [Chaos Apostle], which could be used for many purposes such as applying debuffs to the enemy, restricting the enemys movement, defending, or attacking. It could only be used for one purpose at a time and had a cooldown of five minutes.

[Supreme Piety] was one of the [Void Preacher]s talents. It gave a ninety percent Psychological Resistance increase and immunity to all kinds of deceptive psychic attacks, as well as a twenty percent chance to reflect psychic attacks.

"Okay, I now stand an even better chance against Psyker."

Han Xiao was very pleasantly surprised. This single talent gave more bonus than all the Psychological Resistance talents that he previously had.

This time, a new notification popped up on the interface again.


Please select your preference for the exclusive Racial Talent.


This was referring to the thirteenth talent of this Race Mutation, which was the special talent of his exclusive race. It was no longer a talent from another race but creating his own talent.

This special talent would be the race talent to be passed down to his descendants.

The choices were attack, defense, resistance, health points, Machinery Affinity, and many others. The special talent would decide the direction of his exclusive races development, and there was only one chance to choose it. Han Xiao did not dare take the matter lightly, so he selected the Mechanic preference.


Preference selected. Creating unique talent

You have three chances to recreate. Your choice cannot be canceled after confirmation.

Creation complete.

[Natural Mechanical Senses]: +180% Machinery Affinity, +2 levels to all Mechanic type abilities, not limited to maximum ability level.



Han Xiao shook his head. This talent was rather ordinary, so he used one recreation chance.


Creating Creation complete.

[Source of Mechanical Force]: When your Energy Attribute is Mechanical Force, receive 50 bonus Energy every level.



This was not bad. If he selected this talent, he would gain 12,000 bonus Energy, which would most likely increase his Energy Level another level.

It was almost impossible to create a Molding Talent level ability, so [Source of Mechanical Force] was not bad at all.

He had two more recreation chances. Feidin was not around, so Han Xiao felt very insecure.

One more time. The exclusive talent of a Beyond Grade A wont be too horrible no matter what I think.

After making up his mind, Han Xiao clenched his teeth and used another recreation chance.


Creating Creation complete.

[Mechanical Genius]: Total Machinery Affinity * 1.15, +30% Machinery Creation Performance.


Yo, this is what Im talking about!

Han Xiao was overjoyed.

With this 1.15 multiplier to his total Machinery Affinity and the 1.08 multiplier of [Basic Mechanical Sense], it would give more than half the bonus of Reynolds Molding Talent [Perfect Mechanical Sense], which was decent.

Furthermore, the thirty percent performance increase in his machinery creation was the most valuable bonus. The machinery that he created would have higher attributes. The thirty percent increase would make his mechanical army much stronger.

He would definitely have to create a new mechanical army suitable for Beyond Grade A battles afterward, so this ability would come in handy.

"This is it!"

Han Xiao did not use the last recreation chance and selected Confirm immediately.


You have received Exclusive Talent [Mechanical Genius]!

Tip: The effects of the Exclusive Talent will increase along with Race Evolution.

The 13 talents have been confirmed.

Exclusive Race created.

Please select a name


As the first being of this race, Han Xiao could name it.

"What race should I be called? Void Mechanical Race? Commercial Genius Race? A Pugilist That Doesnt Want to Be an Esper Isnt a Good Mechanic Race?"

The agony from evolving continued. Han Xiao decided not to waste time thinking of a name and used his own name.

He still recalled that the underground mutants that he had saved back then were called the Black Spirit Race, so using his own name would not be a problem.


Exclusive Race Name confirmed.

Your race has become: Black Star Race

Detecting Race Appearance

Based on your evolution experience, you can change your appearance to up to 2.7%.


As Han Xiao had maintained his human form all along, he could not change his appearance much, nor did he want to, so he decided to keep his original appearance.


Molecular structure is improved, organ structure strengthened, metabolism changed

According to the preference of the Black Star Race, you have received bonus attributes.

+367 STR, +317 DEX, +534 END, +881 INT, +380 MYS, +249 CHA, +5600 Energy.

Energy Level bonus attributes have been changed!

[Race Mutation] Completed. Your Grade has increased to S.

+100 END Bonus! 1 END = 310 Health = 320 Stamina


33,000 Energy was the triggering point of Race Mutation. Beyond it was the territory of Beyond Grade A.


Grade A Grade Bonuses disappeared.

You have received Grade S Bonuses.

Grade S Bonuses: +50 END, +25 All Resistances. +25% Highest Attribute , +15% Other Attributes, +750 Free Attribute Points, +50 Potential Points

Please select 2 from the 7 options below as Grade Talents.


Han Xiao clenched his fists in excitement. Just like how he received [Superhuman] when he became a Calamity Grade Super, Grade Ss had their own talents as well, which was also the main reason they were so much stronger than Calamity Grades.


1. Physical Resistance

2. Psychological Resistance

3. Power Bonus

4. Status Enhancement

5. Health

6. Explosive Power

7. Energy


Han Xiao focused and pondered. Power Bonus was a must. It would enhance everything just like [Superhuman], including Mechanical Force enhancement. This was the source of the destructive power of Beyond Grade As.

What he had a hard time choosing was the second optionhe could not decide between Psychological Resistance and Health.

Psychological Resistance would be great against Psyker, but so would health. Furthermore, health would be more viable. He had yet to forget his two other enemies that did not use psychic attacks, EsGod and the Tyrant.

"Is taking beatings my fate?" With complicated feelings, Han Xiao sighed and made his choice.


You have received Grade Talent [Supreme Power]!

You have received Grade Talent [Eternal Body]!

[Supreme Power]: You have gained power exceeding the Calamity Grade. The energy in the universe is yours to control. Your ability strength has increased, including but not limited to all weapons, equipment, machinery, and other combat means controlled by you. Bonus depends on Total Level.

Lv1 Lv100: +4% attack every 10 levels; Lv100 Lv200: +6% attack every 10 levels; Lv200 and above: +10% attack every 10 levels]

Current Bonus: 140% (This can be stacked with [Superhuman] bonuses)

[Eternal Body]: The life span of your cells is very long-lasting.

+1 END Bonus every 2 levels.

Current Bonus: +120 END Bonus


"The enhancement brought by these two talents is horrifying!"

Han Xiao was stunned.

No wonder Beyond Grade As were so powerful!

The agony became even more apparent and violent. Han Xiao focused on feeling the changes in his body.

Just as Austin had said, after he became a Beyond Grade A, the Soul Embryo in his mind disappeared instantly, directly destroyed by his Beyond Grade A mind.

The chain of debuffs brought by it on his interface disappeared all at once. He had returned to his peak state.

The pain finally faded after a few hours, taken over by the continuously expanding sense of power. It felt clearer and stronger than ever before. His sense of the world had never been this sharp.

The energy in his body overflowed from his every pore. His body was covered in dark blue light.

"Ive finally succeeded!"

Han Xiao was ecstatic. From that day, he would be a Beyond Grade A standing at the top of Galaxy!

Calming himself down, Han Xiao distributed his Free Attribute Point evenly between Intelligence and Endurance, then looked at his attributes.

Despite being mentally prepared, he was still shocked by the numbers on his interface after he became a Beyond Grade A.


Level: 240

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Black Star Race

Attributes: 2,346 STR, 2,930 DEX, 4,265 END, 6,672 INT, 2,108 MYS, 986 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 0

Potential Points: 84

Health: 2,533,510

Stamina: 2,487,270

Energy: 52,270 [Lv.15]

Lv.15 Energy bonus stat: +671 STR, +848 DEX, +1080 END, +1305 INT, +653 MYS, +141,520 Stamina Limit, +952% Machinery Affinity

Energy Rank: 43,837

Grade: S (Beyond A)

Grade S Bonuses: +50 END, +25 All Resistances. +25% Highest Attribute , +15% Other Attributes, +750 Free Attribute Points, +50 Potential Points

Remark: Beyond Grade As are far more powerful than Calamity Grades. No matter which Star Field it is, you stand at the peak of it.


"Way too powerful" Han Xiaos eyes widened with excitement.

Becoming a Beyond Grade A made him way stronger than Calamity Grade. He was in completely new territory.

With these attributes, no wonder no Calamity Grade could ever match a Beyond Grade A. Even he could not have beaten a Beyond Grade A before this. It was just like how a human would never be able to beat Godzilla with their bare hands.

Even he had more than 2.5 million health, so he wondered how much Tyrant had.

If those Primordial Ones never penetrated this limit, maybe the current universe would still have thought that Calamity Grades were the limit of individual strength.

"This is the power of a Beyond Grade A"

Han Xiao felt the changes in his body. He felt like he could punch right through this planet under his feet.

And this time, it was not an illusion!

Beep beep!

Before he could test the limits of his power, Phillip suddenly sent a message.

"Master, hum the radar has detected a spaceship in the outer atmosphere, hum!"

Han Xiao looked up immediately. As if his sights could penetrate the thick rock walls, his eyes locked onto a water droplet shaped spaceship outside the planet.

"Psyker? Hes finally caught up"

Han Xiaos eyes became firm.

This was the perfect opportunity. He could test out how strong he was among Beyond Grade As in the battle with Psyker!




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