Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Intense Battle

Two figures, one white and one blue, collided like two meteors!


The shockwave from their collision sent the densely packed mechanical soldiers flying in all directions!

The surging psionic energy in Han Xiaos body was unleashed without any restraint, and Han Xiaos fists hammered down heavily on Psykers psychic shield, sending out intense shockwaves in all directions. Han Xiao did not retract his fists as his armor transformed into a gigantic hand cannon, with a burning red glow charging up in the barrel of the cannon.


Violent dark energy shot out from the barrel of the cannon and swallowed Psyker in a tower of light. However, Psyker remained unmoved like a rock within the tower of light.

Han Xiao frowned. This fellows psychic shield is too powerful. The shield durability is far too high and he can easily generate another shield after the old shield is destroyed. Although he isnt able to ignore True Damage, my attacks would have to first hit him.

A Psychics psychic shield was like a Mages magic shield and even more powerful in certain areas. A Psychics shield was able to defend against both physical and mental attacks, and Psyker was able to freely control the state of the shield. Since Han Xiao only had physical attacks, Psyker could reduce the strength of his mental shield by ninety percent and channel his energy to physical defense. As such, the shield was extremely durable.

Thankfully, Psykers physique was not particularly strong, and he did not have any talents to ignore True Damage. Han Xiao could also trigger True Damage attacks on the shield to multiply his damage. However, damage done to the shield was not the same as damage done to Psyker.

The Psychic branch was his nemesis, and the most direct solution would be to compete in firepower.


The mechanical army got into formation and spread out in the sky, unleashing their never-ending fire down on Psyker. Particle Cannons, dark energy cannons, psionic cannons, and many other different weapons rained down on Psyker.

Including the Ice Age Star Freezing Cannon, more than ten satellite cannons shot into the sky, and thick beams of light smashed down on Psykers shield.

At this moment, Psyker spread out his arms, and a white whirlpool of psychic energy burst forth from his body and sent Han Xiao flying.

The psychic shockwave swept all the mechanical soldiers near Psyker away, and these soldiers were all smashed into pieces.

Following which, Psykers knees bent slightly, and he looked as though he was about to jump, treating the sky as flat ground.


Psykers body exploded forth, with every step producing a sonic boom as he charged straight into the mechanical army.

The psychic energy surrounding his body began to spin rapidly, and Psyker seemed to have transformed into a drill. He weaved through the army with unstoppable momentum and released mental attacks while crashing through the army.

The formation of the mechanical army was immediately ripped into shreds with many soldiers being reduced to scrap metal.

The intense battle between the two continued and left giant craters on the planet that they were battling on. The planets diameter was reduced by a few thousand meters; it was as though a layer was shed from the planet.

Han Xiao tried to approach Psyker to engage in a close combat fight, but Psyker refused to tangle with Han Xiao and focused all his attention on destroying Han Xiaos mechanical army. Whenever Han Xiao came close to Psyker, Psyker would use his psychic force to push Han Xiao back.

Psyker was extremely swift and his shield extremely thick. Many of Han Xiaos attacks were avoided by him, but a portion still managed to find their way to him.

A portion of Psykers attributes were displayed on Han Xiaos interface. His level had a question mark, but his health was not as high as Han Xiaos. Psyker only had slightly more than 2,000,000 HP and had already lost a little more than 100,000 HP. Psykers HP was recovering slowly, and he could recover 10,000 HP every second. His normal recovery rate was about 0.5% per second, but with his high total HP, the amount of HP that he could recover was not too low.

Han Xiao glanced at the interface and thought to himself, He doesnt have the Beyond Grade A talent [Everlasting Body] and should have chosen a talent related to energy.

Energy was the foundation of the Psychic class, and Psychics expanded energy extremely rapidly.

Upon seeing that the almost one million mechanical soldiers were destroyed, Han Xiao waved his arm, and his Mechanical Force stuck onto the spare parts like a spider web. All the spare parts gathered together, and Han Xiao combined the spare parts with his [Waste Modification] and [Basic Machinery Construction] skills before throwing them back into the fray.

His mechanical army was not too powerful, but he had many methods to repair his army in battle, and it would not be destroyed so easily. However, he did not have a relaxed expression on his face.

This fellow knows that I have not rebuilt my mechanical army yet and is treating my mechanical army as his breakthrough point. His energy is recovering too quickly, and itll be difficult for me to fight a protracted battle with him.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

He had lowered Psykers HP by about 100,000, but he had lost about 700,000 HP in return. As Psyker destroyed his mechanical army, Psyker would occasionally send him a few Psychic Blasts or mental attacks. Even though Psyker suffered from the Luck Curse and had a decrease in critical rate, his normal damage was not low.

The Mechanic Class lacked skills that guarded against mental attacks, and he had no way to avoid the opponents mental attacks.

However, his HP had already recovered to the maximum.

His [Middle Grade Cell Proliferation Control] talent converted energy to health with a 1:5 ratio. Because of the upper limit of his energy, he could regenerate 250,000 HP every second. Although the psychic attacks did not allow him to absorb energy, he could control the Watcher Instruments around him to attack him to regain his energy.

Ill be on the losing side if this continues, and I cannot allow him to attack my army without restraint.

Han Xiaos eyes narrowed, and a machine appeared beside him. This was a high-grade control type machinery that could use a powerful magnetic force to control the target.

A golden Mechanical Force shot out from his palm and struck the machine. This special bolt of Mechanical Force then merged together with the machine, and the stats of the machine were immediately multiplied.

Emperors Gift!

The next moment, more than ten thick bolts of electricity exploded forth, and an intense magnetic force was released toward Psyker.


Psyker, who was flying at high speed, suddenly stopped in midair as though he was grabbed by an invisible hand.

Without the boost from the Emperors Gift, it would be impossible to catch Psyker.

The control duration was extremely short, and Han Xiao immediately entered the Void Dimension and appeared behind Psyker the very next moment, grabbing both of Psykers arms.

His Mountain Ape mechanical suit then transformed into handcuffs to lock onto Psykers body.


Han Xiao activated his [Gene Liberation] skill, and the damage of his entire army was increased.

The next moment, the entire mechanical army fired at both of them!


A new gigantic crater was left behind on the surface of the planet.

Han Xiao was sent flying far away and only managed to stabilize his body after travelling a few hundred kilometers. His first priority was to recover his HP before looking around for Psyker.

Psyker was also sent flying and was not in a good state.

At this moment, Psyker had a couple of burn marks all over his body. He had been obstructed by Han Xiao previously, and his psychic shield could not block the full force of the explosion. A small portion of his HP was lost during the blast, but he had various talents to guard his mind and would not be affected by a dizzy status or such.

Right at this moment, Han Xiao could feel a sense of danger approaching from behind him.

He hurriedly unleashed his psionic shield toward his back and saw a white, mist-like figure appearing behind him. As though the shield did not exist, the white figure went through the shield and into Han Xiaos body.


Han Xiao could clearly feel this white figure entering his mental region and creating destruction all around before detonating itself. His mind was severely wounded, and his entire head felt heavy and woozy.

Psykers attack had wiped out almost 200,000 HP, and Han Xiao immediately retreated. However, he also heard Psyker letting out a soft grunt at the same moment.

Bearing with the intense headache, Han Xiao looked over and saw Psyker bleeding from his every orifice.

This is right! Han Xiao immediately looked at the combat information and almost burst out laughing.

Psykers sneak attack had triggered the twenty percent mental rebound of [Supreme Piety]. Psyker had suffered from the rebound damage.

Although his Luck was low, Psyker had suffered from his Luck Curse and did not have very good luck either.

I wonder if this is because of my good luck or his bad luck

Right at this moment, Psyker lifted his head up, and six of his auxiliary eyes lit up to form a white circle on his face with his main eye being the center of the circle.

Following which, his appearance transformed again, and the skeleton armor covered his entire body, only revealing his seven eyes.

The combat information displayed that Psyker entered a new state with all his attributes explosively increasing. A new white layer appeared on his health bar, which was a full sixty percent of his max HP.

"Again," Psyker said with a deep voice and his voice resounded like a bell.

Han Xiaos mouth contorted.

Transforming again?

Do you think you are Frieza[1]

This is against the rules! Do you think you can do as you wish just because you are a combat race?

A Beyond Grade A is truly perverse with never ending methods.

Han Xiao felt his balls ache.

Although Psyker did not have regenerative capabilities like him, he had many different forms that provided him with extra HP and defense.

When he was in the Calamity Grade, he had an almost BUG like ability among the Calamity Grade Supers. However, every Beyond Grade A existence was like a bug-like character, and not a single one was easy to deal with.


Han Xiao took a deep breath and circulated his energy to the maximum. Letting out a loud roar, Han Xiao led his mechanical army to clash with Psyker again!

After their previous exchange, Han Xiao had a rough estimate of the Psykers strength. Both of them were on par, and it would be extremely difficult for either of them to get rid of the other party. However, with his mechanical army being destroyed, his damage would decrease over time.

Since his mechanical army had to be rebuilt anyway, Han Xiao decided to ignore the damage to his army and make use of this opportunity to measure his combat strength. He would only have the chance to go all out when facing another Beyond Grade A Super.

Bang bang bang!

Their battle lasted a few hours, and they flew around the entire planet a few times, destroying its surface.

The surface of the planet was riddled with many unfathomable craters, and the intense vibrations on the surface of the planet caused lava to shoot out from these craters a few thousand meters into the sky. The entire planet seemed to have become an orange that was riddled with holes, and all its juice was being squeezed out from it.

The lava that spurted out into the sky cooled down rapidly and rained down like meteors.


This was the umpteenth time that both the figures had collided and separated.

Han Xiao floated in midair, and the surface of his mechanical suit shattered into pieces to reveal his body. This was already his fourth mechanical suit. His [Machinery Continuation] skill reached its time limit, and his mechanical suit was reduced to a pile of scrap metal.

The mechanical army in the surroundings had become sparse. Han Xiao had used his Waste Modification skill to reform the wasted machines too many times, and the upper limit had been reached. But even if this was the case, his mechanical army still had the size of about four million soldiers.

On the other side, Psykers skeleton armor was half destroyed with blue blood all over his body, and his psychic energy was much weaker than before.

More than half of my mechanical army has been destroyed, and Ill be on the losing end if this battle continues, Han Xiao thought to himself. He wont be able to deal with me, and I cant do anything to him. There isnt a need to continue this battle. I should rebuild my mechanical army first

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled, and he threw an Observers Mark onto Psyker.

He would not be able to remove the psychic mark that Psyker had placed on the Evolution Cube and could only return the favor. With both of them aware of the other partys location, he would not be on the losing end.

"Hmm?" Psykers eyes narrowed. His mental sense was acute, and he could clearly sense the feeling of being spied on but did not know where it came from.

He was not a mage who could grasp multidimensional energy, and although he could feel the Observers Mark, he could not get rid of it.

Furthermore, Han Xiao was already a Beyond Grade A Super, and it would be even more difficult to get rid of his Observers Mark. At the very least, it would be impossible for a Calamity Grade Mage to do so.


Han Xiao then waved his arm and stored his mechanical army away. Without saying a word, he activated his Void Dimension Jump and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

During the battle, he had intentionally destroyed the other partys spaceship, and it would be impossible for Psyker to catch up to him in terms of flying speed.

Psyker watched as Han Xiao disappeared and did not make a move.

He had already gone all out, but Black Star was not at a disadvantage. It would be difficult for him to snatch the Evolution Cube back with just his own strength

Han Xiao was not the only one who felt that they would not be able to do anything to each other. Psyker also had such a feeling.

He could not count the number of times he had attacked Black Star with his mental attack. However, the other party only seemed to have lost his mechanical army but remained as lively as a tiger.

Such a situation reminded him of the Tyrant.

"A new Beyond Grade A Mechanic who has a powerful physique like Tyrant," Psyker muttered to himself. "Indestructible Body?"

Right at this moment, a figure flew over. It was Sardeem. His appearance seemed extremely pathetic, and he was equipped with a simple thruster made from spare parts.

"Youre still alive?" Psyker looked over.

"I hid myself when the two of you were fighting."

Sardeem had a sense of lingering fear in his heart. He did not have any equipment on him, and the battle of two Beyond Grade A Supers was enough to threaten his life. He had long escaped from Psykers spaceship and escaped from the battlefield.

Looking at Psykers appearance, Sardeem asked with a trembling voice, "You werent able to defeat Black Star?"

Psyker glanced at Sardeem and replied, "He escaped. I couldnt keep him back."

Sardeem took a deep breath. He had already expected such a reply but wanted to confirm it. Although he was already mentally prepared for such a reply, he was still filled with shock.

"The fifth Beyond Grade A Super has been born in the Shattered Star Ring, and the Star Field will experience a huge change," Sardeem murmured. "Id better send this piece of news to His Excellency Manison."

"Not just the Shattered Star Ring" Psyker interrupted him with a profound tone. "Perhaps the attention of the entire galaxy will be drawn."

Psykers eyes gleamed. The Evolution Cube isnt so easily taken.

With Black Star carrying the Evolution Cube around with him, it would be extremely difficult for him to snatch it back alone. Psyker decided to find a few allies and make further plans.

Before this, I shall leave the item in Black Stars possession.

Since his psychic mark was still present, Psyker felt that things were within his control.

He then looked up at the sky. Psyker was not planning to fly with his body, so he looked at Sardeem.

"Youre a Mechanic, right?"

"Er, whats the matter?" Sardeem was stunned for a moment.

Psyker pointed at the spare parts on the ground.

"Build a spaceship."

"" Sardeem.

[1] This is a Dragon Ball reference. Its where the "This isnt even my final form" meme comes from.




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