Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Multiple Hideouts


The more nervous he was, the harder it would be for him to infiltrate without being exposed. Han Xiao had many experiences infiltrating enemy bases. Thus, he was very calm and walked as fast as blowing wind, without alarming anyone.

He gradually understood more about the base after exploring it for a while. The base was hidden at the hill side, and it was about five to six times larger than the laboratory that he used to stay in. The base had two exits: one was the entrance that he took; the other was a side gate for the individual personnel to access the outside world conveniently.

Not knowing why, Han Xiao felt that some places in the base were unusual. However, he could not pinpoint the exact reasons.

Most of the personnel had a serious face, as if they were expecting an incoming storm. They were loading up important supplies hurriedly.

“Have you heard? The higher ups want us to evacuate the base. It seems like Hesla’s agents have found us.”

“They mentioned that the spy stationed at Crow Forest Town lost contact. I think a battle is going to happen soon.”

Han Xiao heard some voices as he turned a corner. A few armed guards were gathered together and having a discussion. They looked worried. As they saw Han Xiao, one of the guards shouted, “Hey Mandela, did you guys find anything from the search inside?”

Mandela was H223’s real name. He was a Caucasian. Han Xiao covered his skins fully with his uniform so that the rest would not get suspicious.

These few guards seemed to be acquainted with Mandela. “The sentry guards outside were all shot in the head by a sniper. We still haven’t uncovered the enemy. I bet it was done by the Hesla agents,” lied Han Xiao while innocently blinking.

The guards looked troubled. They were all armed personnel, so if the enemy were to strike, they had to be at the frontline to defend the base.

“I am so jealous of the non-military personnel. They get to evacuate the base first.” One of the guards was disgruntled with his circumstances.

Light flashed in Han Xiao’s eyes. Since they were up against an army from Hesla, it was predicted that the enemy was going to evacuate the base. Furthermore, this was only a supplemental base, not a main one; it was impossible for everyone to stay back and fight to their death.

However, evacuation was not an easy feat; too many people leaving at the same time risked leaving trails in the forest for the Hesla army to track. So, it was essential to leave some military personnel to stay behind and cover their tracks, while the officers and non-military personnel leave first with important supplies, which were more valuable than those armed guards. They would only get to leave after the more important personnel had evacuated safely.

The final Camp-Destroyer mission was to destroy the entire base, which included their personnel. If they only took hold of an empty base, the completion rating of the mission would be really low.

A thought suddenly occurred in Han Xiao’s mind.They already know Hesla is going to attack the base; they should have evacuated by now. Ye Fan’s team infiltrated the base last night, which was twenty-four hours ago. They should have had enough time to leave. This is strange.

A muscular-looking guy walked over and shouted, “What are you idling here for Don’t you have things to carry”

The guards apologized in great trepidation. It was the captain of the base’s security team, Dormund, a buff Sharnuk.

A core member like him would definitely know the secrets about this base.

Dormund left after some reprimanding, and Han Xiao followed from a distance behind. After turning a few corners, Han Xiao was dumbfounded. He barely looked away for two seconds, and Dormund was already missing from his sight.

There was no one on the walkway, only a storage room.

Han Xiao walked over to the room and turned the knob. It was not locked.

He pushed the door open and walked inside. The room was about a hundred square meters, and it was filled with miscellaneous items, with no one else inside. The lamp was not switched on, and the light from the walkway shined through gap beneath the door.

Han Xiao knitted his brows as he suddenly realized something unusual.

The room was spotless, and the floor was clear of any footprints.

Normally, very few individuals would go into the storage room. Even five-star hotels would not send people to clean their storage unit like this, so it was impossible for the Germinal Organization to keep an ordinary storage room as immaculate as this.

There must be a secret door somewhere here. Otherwise, Dormund would not have disappeared so quickly. But Han Xiao could not locate the door.

What would be behind the secret door?

All of a sudden, Han Xiao pretended to cough while bending his back. He took this chance to take out the Spider from his pocket. He then threw it into the corner silently before leaving the room immediately. He took out his tablet in a spot that was hidden from the surveillance cameras, switched the Spider on, and stared at the storage room.

It took Han Xiao two hours of high intensity monitoring, during which he started to become quite weary, before that was some movement in the storage room.

One of the walls creaked open, and a secret metal door was shown. Two people, unarmed, walked out. They seemed to be technical staff.

There is my secret door.

As the two personnel left the room hurriedly, Han Xiao followed behind quietly. He suddenly sped up to bump onto the staff from the back. Three of them almost fell.

“Sorry. Sorry. I am really sorry about this,” Han Xiao apologized as he stabilized the two staff with his hands.

They did not make a fuss over it and left.

Han Xiao turned around to continue following them. However, this time round, he had gotten a white card. It was an access card from the pocket of one of the two staff.

His stealing skill had come in really handy.

This card had no noticeable difference from the ordinary identity card from the base. However, Han Xiao believed that the chip inside should be different; it should have access to the secret door.

He followed the two staff for a while and arrived at the side gate of the base. The two greeted the door guard and left through the gate.

All of a sudden, Han Xiao realized what was wrong with the base.


Although most people were worried sick over the incoming Hesla attack, a small group of personnel still held on to their posts without any anxiety. They seemed to have some backup plans and were as calm as the seagreatly contrasting the first group of personnel.

Han Xiao squinted and soon arrived at a reasonable deduction. However, he still needed some evidence to confirm his thought. He went forth toward the side gate before the door guard stopped him.

“You are not allowed to enter or leave the base without a mission.”

Han Xiao took out the access card he had stolen and said, “I bumped into those two people just now, and they dropped this card. I want to return it to them before they walk away.”

The door guard nodded his head before allowing Han Xiao to go.

Han Xiao walked out of the gate and saw a forested valley; it was already past midnight. The two staff were few hundred meters away, so one could only see their tiny back view. He chased them up quickly.

The staff turned around as they heard footsteps coming from behind and looked guarded.

“You dropped your access card.”

As Han Xiao walked near, they realized that he was the colleague that they bumped into in the base beforehand. They let down their guard. One of the duo searched his pockets and exclaim, “Where did I drop the card Thank you very much.”

“You don’t have to thank me. We are all comrades of the Germinal Organization, working hard to build a new tomorrow. This is just a part of my job.”

Han Xiao smiled as he walked closer to them.

“You are quite an interesting guy.”

The person laughed while he moved his hand over to grab the card. Han Xiao’s face instantly turned serious, and he launched his attack all of a sudden. His fist punched hard onto the person’s stomach, injuring the internal organs with its shear force. The person stared with astonishment, as his vomited. The other person almost screamed before Han Xiao quickly grabbed his neck to choke him. He them slammed his head onto the floor and slapped them as hard as could, knocking them out.

Han Xiao took off his belt to tie the two personnel. He dragged them behind him while taking a big detour to avoid all the sentry posts. As soon as he had moved far enough away from the base, he slapped the two awake.

They woke up with faces full of horror. “Youyou are not from the base!”

Han Xiao took out his foldable machete and rubbed its blade. He was clearly threatening them. He said in an ice-cold voice, “I know the two of you know something that the ordinary members are kept in the dark about. You’d better tell me honestly now.”

They gulped in fear and stuttered, “We are just low-ranking members who do not know anything.”

“Low-ranking?” Han Xiao laughed before he moved his knife swiftly toward one man’s crotch.


The person screamed as if his soul was tearing apart, like a pig that was being butchered. But he suddenly realized he was not in pain. He looked down and saw the shiny blade had grazed past his inner thigh and cut into the soil beneath. It was only three centimeters from his genitalia. His crouch could feel the chill from the cold metal blade.

“I know that is a secret door in the storage room. Tell me everything you know, or I will make you the first eunuch in the Germinal Organization,” Han Xiao said in a murderous tone.

Although they did not know what a eunuch was, Han Xiao’s action was quite telling.They were badly shaken up immediately.

“How how did you learn about the secret door”

“I am the one asking questions.” Han Xiao lifted his machete to brush his genitalia gently, as if he would just lop it off at any moment. He was so frightened that he almost peed his pants andHe really peed his pants? Damn my machete!

The two staff looked crestfallen. Since the secret was out, there was no point in hiding. They spilled the intel as they trembled in fear.

After ten minutes

Han Xiao’s brows were knitted tightly together.

“No wonder”

[Reconnaissance 2 completed. You gained 8,000 EXP]

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