Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Meeting And Goal

The two of them walked into Hebers palace and arrived at an enormous circular hall with five hovering thrones. Heber sat on one of them. Two of the other four thrones were already occupied. It was Austin and Psyker.

"Hehe, we meet again so soon." Austin greeted them with a smile.

This old man Han Xiao thought in his mind and looked at Psyker on the other side.

Psyker almost never attended the Tyrant Party, but he had come. Han Xiao was quite surprised.

Er, maybe because he no longer has the Evolution Cube, he doesnt have to stay at home anymore?

"Black Star." Psyker nodded with a calm expression as if Han Xiao was not an enemy that had taken the Evolution Cube away from him.

Han Xiao could not guess Psykers intentions. He nodded in response and did not speak.

Although they had a conflict of interests and personal hatred against each other, they were all Beyond Grade As of the Shattered Star Ring, so they would not start fighting as soon as they saw each other.

Ames floated up and sat on the throne. The eyes of the other four all focused on Han Xiao.

Han Xiao smiled, floated up, and landed on the last empty seat, the newly added fifth throne.

At this moment, he had officially entered this circle.

The five of them sat on the thronesthis was the new peak power structure of the Shattered Star Ring.

"Everyone is here. Lets have a proper talk," Heber said with a deep voice and turned to look at Han Xiao. "First, our problem. There are two choices in front of us. One is to continue to oppose each other, and the other is temporary peace."

"Hmm, Im listening." Han Xiao did not make a stand.

"Since you are now an ally of the Crimson Dynasty as well, we have no choice but to become allies on paper, and we must stand on the same side," Heber said slowly. "During the decade-long secret war, you killed many of my subordinates. Many of your warriors died at the hands of my men, too. The hatred between us is too strong. You definitely wont be willing to take a step back, and neither am I. How about we put our conflict aside for the time being and get back to it in the future?"

"What you mean is, we shall slowly settle this after the Flickering Worlds exploration ends?" Han Xiao raised his brows.

Too many of their comrades had died at each others hands in the past decade, so things would not be settled easily. This was already beyond what just the leaders wanted. If they forced an alliance, their subordinates would not be able to accept it. This would not be beneficial in the unity of their faction.

Heber nodded before shaking his head. "We dont have to work together. The Flickering World is very broad. We can ceasefire and do our own exploring, not interfering with each other. This way, the Crimson Dynastys request will be fulfilled, and there is no need to compromise."

Han Xiao rubbed his chin. This proposal was quite sensible.

The two sides would not form an alliance but explore the Flickering World separately. To the Crimson Dynasty, as long as the two of them did not drag each other down, it would be acceptable. Even the Crimson Dynasty would not be able to force a Beyond Grade A to let go of his hatred and shake hands with his enemy.

He roughly understood what the Tyrant meant. Exploring the Flickering World was very important to the Crimson Dynasty. As a completely unexplored new Star Field, there were too many areas that could be developed in the Flickering World.

The results of their exploration would not just be the fundamentals of their own organizations future developmentthe Crimson Dynasty would also reward them for the results of their exploration.

This meant that although they were allies on paper, they were also competitorsthey were competing in their exploring ability in the Flickering World.

"No, the Bloodshed Land is not the only competitor. The Crimson Dynasty will gather their allies from the various Star Fields to explore this together. By then, I will have to fight with more organizations for resources."

Han Xiao was overjoyed.

His advantage in this respect was way too huge.

To just about every explorer, the Flickering World was an unfamiliar area, and they had to depend on luck to explore it. To him, however, the map of the Flickering World was crystal clear. He knew about the resources in the various areas; there was no way the other competitors would surpass him!

"Okay, I agree with this plan. We shall have a temporary ceasefire and mind our own business. When exploring the Flickering World, do what we can and dont drag each other down." Han Xiao nodded.

The Flickering World was the most important. At this crucial time, there was no need to drag each other down. The Tyrant felt this way, too.

After the Crimson Dynasty completed their initial exploration and obtained a large amount of resources, only then would they open the Flickering World to the entire Star Field. Only then would the non-ally organizations enter the new Star Field, shuffle the organizations in chaos, fight for territory and resources, and form the structure of the Flickering World.

The players all over Galaxy would then enter the Flickering World.

In his previous life, the update between Version 3.0 and Version 4.0 had been when the Crimson Dynasty carried out their initial exploration. However, because of his actions, the majority of the Shattered Star Ring players would be able to enter the Flickering World in advance. This was a rather significant advantage.

As the World Server to the players, many guilds had occupied desolate planets in the Flickering World in his previous life and built their own strongholds. During that version, guild wars had been very frequent, and the players had been more active. As the players of the Shattered Star Ring would enter before others, they would have more time to operate their strongholds.

However, the players now did not know that the Flickering World would become the World Server in the future.

"Okay," Heber slowly replied.

As Han Xiao had become an ally of the dynasty, he put the thought of using Han Xiao to build his reputation away, knowing that he could not do that. Therefore, he treated Han Xiao differently and saw him as someone on his level.

Having decided on the ceasefire agreement, Han Xiao nodded in his mindthe main goal of attending this Tyrant Party had finally been achieved.

Although true peace would not be achieved, it was enough for now.

This time, Psyker slowly said, "Now, its time for us to talk."

Han Xiao looked over at Psyker and said, "The Evolution Cube is in my hands. If youre not planning to give it up, are you planning to continue to be my enemy?"

"The Crimson Dynasty has its eyes on the Evolution Cube and is willing to back you up. I know its impossible for you to return it to me, so the only way is to snatch it back from you."

Psyker did not hide his intention of the Evolution Cube at all. "However, can the Crimson Dynasty protect you at all times? Even if they can protect you, can they protect your Black Star Army? You dont have to stare at me like that. Im not threatening you, just telling you the truth. Even if Im willing to give up, the Arcane Church wont give up, and even the Federation of Light will act."

Han Xiao raised his brows. "You dont have to threaten me. The Evolution Cube is the relic of a certain sub-Universal Civilization from the exploration era. Its indeed an amazing item, but you managed to hold onto it for so long, didnt you?"

"Our situations are different." Psyker glanced at Heber and suddenly said, "Youd better be careful about the Crimson Dynastys allies."

"Hmm?" Han Xiao frowned.

"Those organizations going to explore the Flickering World are all allies of the Crimson Dynasty from various Star Fields. The dynasty can block the exterior pressure for you, but internal hostility" Psyker narrowed his eyes. "Whats important to the Crimson Dynasty is the Evolution Cube itself; the person that possesses it might not be so important. The Evolution Cube has immeasurable value to an organization. Some people might take the risk and target you. Once you die what do you think the Crimson Dynasty will do?"

"I get what you mean, save the boring provocation." Han Xiao shook his head.

What Psyker meant was that the Crimson Dynastys allies all had their own interests. There might be another Beyond Grade A from another Star Field interested in the Evolution Cube and would find the opportunity to kill him for it. As long as it did not get discovered before it was done, the dynasty would not do anything for a dead man. However, Han Xiao had once stayed in the Crimson Dynasty for many years and knew very well of the dynastys way of doing things. The possibility of that happening was very low.

The Federation of Light might do something like this, but the Crimson Dynasty would not.

The dynasty would only use this as an excuse to acquire the Evolution Cube themselves. Even for a Beyond Grade A ally, as long as anyone broke the rules, they would still uphold their standards. It could be seen from the Crimson Tide event that the dynasty was very firm and stern.

Psykers expression remained the same. His plan was not to threaten Han Xiaothis was just casual talk. He then said coldly, "Dont forget, EsGod also has his eyes on the Evolution Cube. If he finds you, youd better pray you run fast enough."


Han Xiao thought of EsGods number in the blacklist of his communicator, and his expression became odd.

"About the Evolution Cube, I will handle it, no need to trouble you." Han Xiao sized Psyker up. "Im curious, what are you really doing here today? Just trying to scare me?"

"Who said Im here for you?" Psyker shook his head.

He did indeed not come for Han Xiao. As he had needed to guard the Evolution Cube in the past, he had rarely left the Star Pupil Holy Races territory. Furthermore, with the Evolution Cube in his hands, the support from the Arcane Church had come nonstop. He had a superior position and had no need to attend this kind of gathering.

Now, however, his Evolution Cube had been taken away. Like he had broken off his chains, he had decided to become active in the Star Field. This was not just because he wanted to but also because he would not be as important to the Arcane Church now that he no longer possessed the Evolution Cube. He planned to get out and move around, do some networking by attending the Tyrant Party, and work toward making his race a Star Cluster civilization.

Then, Psyker closed his eyes and did not want to speak to Han Xiao anymore.

Han Xiao then turned to look at Austin. Seeing that the old man was staring at him with bright eyes, he sighed and said, "Do you also have something to say to me?"

Austin extended his tiny finger and pointed at the Evolution Cube on Han Xiaos neck, chuckled, and said, "Lets make a deal. Let me use it once. I will fulfill one request for you."

"Hehe." Han Xiao did not smile at all.

When he was troubled in the past, Austin did not help him. Now that things had settled down, this guy finally came to make a deal with him, thinking that there would be more than enough chances to exchange a chance to use the Evolution Cube given Han Xiaos personality.

You damn old man

Han Xiao was filled with resignation. His goal of obtaining the Evolution Cube was to gain favor all along. Using it to exchange for a Beyond Grade As promise was worth it no matter how he looked at it. There was no reason for him to refuse.

"Any request?" Han Xiao snorted. He pointed at Psyker and said, "Then fight with me now and kill this guy."

Psyker was unaffected and continued to rest with his eyes closed.

"Stop messing around. You know I cant agree to that request." Austin shook his head with a bitter smile. With a luring tone like he was tricking a little girl, he said, "Request something else. How about you play with my Palace of Hidden Spells? I can lend it to you for a few months."

"Lend it to me? How about you give it to me?"

"Come on, weve known each other for quite some time. Dont be so greedy."

"This is a no, thats a no, what can you do for me?"

Austin contemplated, then shrugged, and said, "Dont know, but you wont make a loss."

Veins popped up on Han Xiaos forehead. You dont say. Theres no cost to let you use the Evolution Cube. Of course I wont make a loss, but you will make a huge profit!

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration.

"How about you help me to deal with EsGod?"

" Lets talk about killing Psyker."

Psykers eyelids twitched uncontrollably.

The two of them negotiated back and forth for so long Ames started to yawn. Then Han Xiao and Austin finally came to an agreement.

First, a Beyond Grade A Mage could cross multiple dimensions and would frequently acquire some extremely rare materials. Austin had to provide some materials consisting of the genes of high-grade Void beings for free every year.

Second, the Hidden Red Robe Abbey would form a half-alliance with the Black Star Army. The Hidden Red Robe Abbey had to send high-level Mages to the army every year to train some Mages as well as teach some rare spells.

Last, Austin had to do something within his ability and not against his morals and the final definition of morals depended on Austin.

There was nothing Han Xiao could do about him. The two of them had quite a good relationship, and Austin even helped him a few times in the past. Thus, he was not willing to let that all go to waste over the Evolution Cube.

"By the way" Han Xiao suddenly thought of something and threw an Observers Mark over to Austin.

"What are you doing?" Austin was confused and casually shattered the Observers Mark. As a Beyond Grade A Mage, breaking such a simple Void Energy application method was a piece of cake, even though Han Xiao was also a Beyond Grade A. After all, he was a Mage that could control energies of multiple dimensions.

Han Xiao did not give up and threw another Observers Mark, and Austin shattered it with his eyes opened wide again.

The two of them stared at each other and repeated the process more than a dozen times. In the end, Austin gave up resisting and allowed the Observers Mark to land on his forehead with resignation.

Only then did Han Xiao nod with satisfaction. He felt much better.

Heber felt a little bit of headache and regretted putting the two of them together.

The atmosphere had been so intense, but it was suddenly not serious at all!

Seeing that Austin had made a deal with Han Xiao, it suddenly occurred to Heber.

Among the five people present, it seemed like he was the only one that had no chance to use the Evolution Cube.

Heber looked at the Evolution Cube, then Han Xiaos face, and his eyelids twitched slightly. Without even thinking, he knew that Black Star would definitely not agree to let him use the Evolution Cube.

Suppressing the desire inside, Heber adjusted his emotions and slowly said, "Black Star and I will stay here. The three of you can leave."

"Looks like you guys had quite a good chat. Black Star, I shall leave first." Ames stood up and stretched.

She was not interested in the matters discussed there. It looked like she had just attended to show her face, but as Han Xiaos ally, showing up meant making her stand clear.

Among the five people present, she and Han Xiao were the only ones that were firm allies. Although the other three did not mention this, they knew it clearly. In terms of strength, given that Han Xiao and Ames were on the same side, they surpassed the other three completely.

The three of them left, and the gate of the hall closed again, leaving only Han Xiao and Heber in the room.

This time, the side door opened, and Zoel walked out with a smile.

"Im glad the two of you have come to an agreement."

"Envoy." The two of them nodded slightly as a greeting.

Zoel was followed by a Klent representative. Everyone in the room was on the same side on paper, so it was clear that they were going to discuss official business.

As expected, Zoel pressed on his waist. A 3D star map projection appeared in midair, drawing out a new shining area in the wide universe map. It was marked as the Flickering World.

"Using this opportunity, let me explain the current situation in the Flickering World, so you guys can understand the rough process of the exploration," Zoel said loudly. "Carefully prepare for your exploration plan. When the developments start officially, were all going to have missions."

It seemed like this was for them to consider the areas they were going to explore

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled.

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