Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 795

Chapter 795 Goal

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The dynastys elite soldiers were always quick and direct. The four of them briefly explained themselves. They did not request to rest and immediately asked to accept the Evolution Cube modification.

Han Xiao agreed. He would have more than enough time to communicate with them after that.


With a flash of blue and gold Mechanical Force, a small silver cube hovered above his head. He activated it with the password. The evolution energy flew out instantly and spread in the hall like a tsunami, shrouding the tens of thousands of dynasty elites.

Han Xiao deactivated the Evolution Cube, looked at the black cocoons all over the hall, and nodded with satisfaction.

He then looked at Tenys cocoon, smiled slightly, and thought, Since you came to my doorsteps, how can I not invest in you?

It could be said that he was extremely familiar with this future dynasty marshal. He was one of the renowned NPCs of the dynasty that existed through multiple versions.

In the later days, he led many large fleets of the dynasty alone and called them the Dynastys Iron Hoofs, which fought many legendary battles. His performance was exceptional throughout many versions. The players under the Dynasty Faction could choose to join under his command and become his soldiers or officers, where they would receive plenty of War Missions.

There were two things that Teny was best known for. One was during the [Calamity of the Supers], where he led the fleet under his command and killed a notorious Beyond Grade A without any help!

The other was during the World Tree Civilization invasion event. For the sake of the entire war, he put his own life on the line and led his troops to charge into hundreds of Star Systems, restraining the enemys overwhelming invasion. He penetrated countless lines of defenses and entered the heartland of the World Tree Civilization, earning a ton of time. In the end, his troops were wiped out by the enemies. Dragging alongside countless strong enemies, he was killed in battle and met a tragic end.

Teny was just a Calamity Grade.

He was an extremely strong commander, strategist, and leader of fleets. The dynastys fleets could achieve astonishing strength in his hands. To the dynasty, such a military talent like him was even more important than Beyond Grade As.

According to his lifes direction, in the future, Teny Amenos would obtain a very high position in the dynasty and have masses of soldiers under his command. Since an opportunity to build a relationship with the dynastys future military boss was right before him, Han Xiao was not going to let it go.

There were many factions in the dynasty. The first group of dynasty elites was selected from the various factions. The Military Youngsters Faction, which Teny represented, was a very strong faction, and he would become one of the factions representatives in the future. He was worth Han Xiao wooing.

Han Xiao knew his place. Although he had become the Crimson Dynastys ally, it was just the beginning and far from being carefree. Even as an ally, he had to think of ways to increase his influence within the dynasty. After all, he was not the only Beyond Grade A in the dynasty.

Ive operated in more than twenty years in the Shattered Star Ring, so Im considered quite important. In the Central Galaxy, however, there are more Beyond Grade As. Plus, many of them are seniors that have lived many years. I have limited influence over there, Han Xiao thought.

Universal Civilizations had many powerful individuals and allies. Their profit network was complicated and broad. Although he had some power within the dynasty, it was pathetically little, and this included the bonus from the Evolution Cube.

The other three captains beside Teny were also known characters whom Han Xiao was familiar with. They did not achieve as much as Teny would eventually, but since they were all leeks right at his doorstep, he decided to not let any of them go.

The evolution lasted about half a day. The tens of thousands of dynasty elites came out of their cocoons one after another.

Teny was the last to complete the evolution. He extended his hand and clenched his fists, familiarizing himself with the changes in his body.

"This feels amazing" His deputy, Corbus, was overjoyed. He was not initially qualified enough to be selected, but because he was Tenys deputy, he was able to obtain this opportunity.

"Its indeed magical. It feels even better than the Federation of Lights Gene Adjustment." Teny nodded firmly.

All the newborns of the Universal Civilizations would usually experience free Gene Adjustment right after their birth to increase their potential.

Federation of Lights Gene Adjustment technology far exceeded the other two Universal Civilizations as it was one of their specialties. Federation of Lights Super ratio was the highest in the entire Galaxy.

The armys officer who had been waiting at the side walked over and said, "Friends from the Crimson Dynasty, the Army Commander told me to wait here for you to complete your evolution. I will now take you to the armys guest area to rest."

The people nodded. Some of them would be following the dynastys main logistics team to go to the Flickering World and explore, which planned to rest for some time in the Black Star Army headquarters. Therefore, they would be waiting there.

The rest of the dynasty elites were there purely for the evolution and would return to the Central Galaxy after it was done. Teny was one of them. Han Xiao would be traveling with them as well, and Zoel had already told them about it. Therefore, they would be staying in the armys headquarters and waiting for Han Xiao to head to the Central Galaxy together.

They came to the guest room area and settled down. Not long after, Han Xiao came. Teny and the other captains went to welcome him.

The first thing Han Xiao asked about was how they felt after the evolution. He then moved the topic onto the situation within the dynasty and started to chat casually.

The elites from the Crimson Dynasty were indeed different. Maybe because they had met many Beyond Grade As since they were officers of a Universal Civilization, their attitudes were very natural. They were neither nervous nor arrogant, just chatting with Han Xiao normally.

Han Xiaos goal was to improve his relationship with these people who would have high positions in the dynasty in the future so that it would be easier to become friends with them later.

He knew a lot about the people present. The chat was going very pleasantly.

However, Han Xiao noticed that Teny was the calmest and kept observing him. It seemed he was a little wary against him.

Han Xiao did not speak too much in their first conversation. He stood up and left after briefly familiarizing himself with the others. Making non-profit focused friends took time. It would only achieve the opposite effect if he was too hasty.

After sending Black Star away, Teny looked at his back and pondered.

Whats with this guy?

"Teny seems wary of me. This doesnt seem easy"

After returning to his office, Han Xiao tapped the table and contemplated it.

It was indeed not easy to bond with someone so talented. He had to focus on Tenys likings.

Han Xiao noddedthis was his advantage. He knew about Tenys likings. This was all hidden intelligence dug out by the players in his previous life after countless wrong attempts. He wondered how many strange and weird gifts Teny had received throughout those years.

"He doesnt have much fondness for many material possessions; he only likes special types of gifts. Hmm, I think he has a hobby to collect Star Core samples? If I remember correctly, he also likes reading mechanical theory books written by high-level Mechanics Sigh, even the hobbies of outstanding people are high class."

Han Xiao shook his head. Since Teny had such a specific preference, even if he wanted to give him any gifts, it had to be subtle. Otherwise, it would expose the fact that he had a motive and would make Teny think that he had researched him, which would only achieve the opposite effect.

"Mechanical theory books" Han Xiao murmured. "Im a Beyond Grade A Mechanic, so he might even ask about it."

He put this at the back of his mind for the time being and called the Hila sisters, who were taking Nero around headquarters. He then called Reynold there as well.

Not long after, Reynold opened the door.

"Army Commander, were you looking for me?"

"I have a mission for you."

Then, he turned to look at Nero, whose face was filled with curiosity about the alien, smiled, and said, "Nero, you will be learning mechanical theories from Reynold for the time being. I have some business to do outside. Ill teach you myself after its done."

Nero was suddenly worried and said with an indignant tone, "But you promised to bring me to travel the universe"

The universe was a completely unknown environment to him. The only person he could rely on was Han Xiao. When he heard that he was going to be left in the armys headquarters, he instantly panicked.

This reminded him of his father, Bennett. He promised to take him to play time after time, but he always used work as an excuse to disappoint him again and again. In his limited view of the world, adults never kept their promises. He was afraid that Han Xiao would do the same.

"Dont worry, after I come back, I will definitely take you to somewhere fun" Han Xiao comforted him.

There were many strong people in the Central Galaxy. Even he did not know what he would face. Nero was way too weak; it would be dangerous for him to follow Han Xiao. With so many officers and allies, Nero would be safer in the army headquarters.

Furthermore, Nero had just awoken his Mechanical Force and needed to learn a ton of theorieshe would have to do homework anyway, so where he did that homework made no difference.

Giving Nero to Reynold to teach temporarily was also a decision made after thorough consideration. In the time that Nero spent learning the basics from Reynold, his Advanced Luck Glow might give him this guys Perfect Mechanical Sense. After all, Nero was a high-level protagonist character, so everything was possible.

"No problem, leave it to me." Reynold nodded.

Han Xiao paused and suddenly thought of something. "By the way, is your sister still in the army?"

"Hmm?" Reynold was confused for a moment. "She is, why?"

It seemed that Rossellin had yet to leave with those three guys. Han Xiao caressed his chin. Rossellin and he were the only ones that knew about that; even Reynold did not.

"Then, what has she been doing recently? Has she done anything abnormal?"

"Abnormal it seems so." Reynold thought about it. "I realized that she hasnt been going out much recently and has been spending a lot of time in her room doing who knows what. She hasnt been coming to chat with me recently. Ive asked her a few times. She said that shes writing something, but I dont know what that is. Do you need me to ask her for you?"

"No need." Han Xiao waved his hands. He could roughly guess what Rossellin was writingprobably the plan for the Silver Revolutionary Army.

Although the goal of these founders was to overthrow the three Universal Civilizations, give other civilizations a chance, and help one ruler overthrow another, there was no way they could use these words to convince ordinary people, and they knew that full well. Rossellin was the spiritual leader; she wrote most of their slogans and beliefs and used her Esper Ability on those ideas.

He was not intending to interfere with the birth of the Silver Revolutionary Army because this would be a choice of the era. He alone would never be able to stop the windmill of an entire era. In conclusion, this storyline would be the first time that various advanced civilizations would work together to challenge the ruling position of the three universal civilizations, ever since the start of the exploration era and the countless years of peace. No civilization was willing to be ruled forever. When ambition and strength reached a certain threshold at the same time, the new and the old would clash. It was unavoidable.

Therefore, he might as well watch it happen and let the people he knew about climb up in position. This way, he would at least have an advantage, and it would be easier than dealing with the people he was unfamiliar with.

Han Xiao casually grabbed the aggrieved Nero and put him onto his knees. He then called Sylvia and Herlous.

"Ill be going to the Central Galaxy in a few days. Are the manpower, battleships, and resources Ive asked you to prepare ready?"

They nodded.

"Good." Han Xiao exhaled.

This trip to the Central Galaxy was not sightseeing. He had many things to do.

Speaking of which, this was his first time leaving the Shattered Star Ring and heading to another Star Field in this life.




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