Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 828

Chapter 828 828 Player Military Operation

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828 Player Military Operation

The battle between more than thirty battleships built with Star System grade technology and the mechanical lives that were receiving Han Xiao’s Mechanical Force bonuses through [Quantum Infinite Distance Transmission Channel] ended with zero suspense.

The battle ended instantlythis Great Cosmos Corps fleet was wiped out without being able to fight back at all. The main ship became a firework in the universe.

Before the main ship exploded, having realized he was facing doom, Kikiga wanted to escape in an escape pod. However, the escape pod was blasted midway by Scarlet Flame. He initially wanted to flee from the enemies with his extraordinary combat capability but was completely destroyed by Psionic Prime in one kick and was captured.

Psionic Prime and the others obeyed the order with full loyalty, capturing more than a dozen upper echelons. As for the rest of the Great Cosmos Corps warriors, they became ash together with their spaceships.

Inside the spaceship, Kikiga and the group of operators were tied up by electromagnetic chains and lying on the ground. The shadow of the mechanical lives shrouded them and made them so nervous that they could hardly breath.

They looked at the tall and large mechanical lives around them and shivered. Mechanical Lives had no expressions, so they could not tell what these metal beings were thinking. They had no idea what would happen to them next.

Kikiga’s face was stiff; he was still in disbelief.

His powerful fleet had been eliminated by these strange creatures so easily!

Plus, he was no match for these monsters at all.

The Great Cosmos Corps respected the strong. Some of its members were Supers. However, these people did not have any properly classified Super knowledge, so every Super was extremely rare in the Great Cosmos Corps and took on important positions. Kikiga, being one of them, had become the Chieftain of a division because of his combat capability.

He initially had a lot of confidence in his own strength, but Psionic Prime had completely evaporated that confidence and made him start doubting the meaning of life.

What monsters were those metal beings? He had never seen such lives throughout the years he had been robbing.

“W-what the hell are you” Kikiga was shivering.

“I’m Psionic Prime, the leader of the Black Star Army’s machinery troops.” Psionic Prime spoke with his completely emotionless electronic voice.

“Black Star Army” This was the second time that Kikiga had heard this name today.

He thought they were just a bunch of natives when he heard it for the first time. Now, however, that belittlement disappeared together with his fleet, leaving him only panic and fear.

Kikiga swallowed his saliva. What was this ‘Black Star Army’? How could they possibly be this strong? He had never heard of the name of this organization and felt that it was extremely mysterious.

Seeing that Kikiga was stunned and filled with terror, Psionic Prime tilted his head, raised his finger, and emitted a beam, forming a hologram in front of everyone.

On the screen, images and text descriptions displayed the history of the Black Star Army.

Phillip had invaded the enemy’s spaceship long before the battle even started. The language of the Great Cosmos Corps had been recorded into the database beforehand, which was what allowed them to communicate in the first place. Other than language, the information stored in this fleet had also been duplicated. Their virtual technology was basically as good as non-existent in front of Phillip; he could do whatever he wanted.

“This is” As the curtain began to unfold on the Black Star Army, Kikiga and the others’ eyes and mouths were opened wide. The origin of the Black Star Army had shattered their world view.

Godora, DarkStar, Bloodshed Land, Purple Crystal Civilization, the Crimson Dynasty There’re so many organizations in the universe? Why have we never heard of them

Beyond Grade A? In Kikiga’s impression, Atimo was the strongest person in this entire universe. He could not even imagine how anyone could possess strength far greater than Atimo.

Kikiga had initially fantasized that Atimo would lead his army and avenge them. However, having just seen the tip of the iceberg of the Black Star Army, he only had one thought toward Atimo.

Please don’t come!

“They’ve captured them?”

Han Xiao received Psionic Prime’s message while commanding his fleet in exploring another resource planet; he immediately browsed through the data copied by Phillip in the database.

After looking through, Han Xiao was surprised.

That’s what I thought. There is indeed no hidden Star System civilization in this area. So, it turns out that it’s those idiots from the Great Cosmos Corps. Apparently, they have a division here

Han Xiao giggled in his mind.

So, the goal of this hidden mission is them. They did not meet the dynasty this time and met me instead They’re still quite unlucky.

The Great Cosmos Corps’ territory was mainly located at the center of the Garu Star Cluster. According to the normal exploration progress, it would take a few years before anyone would arrive at that location. However, Han Xiao had now met them in advance.

After eliminating one of their fleets, they would definitely not let this end easily. Although these people would not be able to cause any problems for him or the dynasty, it was not his style to leave them be.

Han Xiao walked back and forth pondering with hands behind his back. Suddenly, his eyes sparkled.

That’s right, these people have robbed many planets. They definitely have the data of those planets. Even if they’ve destroyed some of those planets, there will still be ruins that give Exploration Points. This intel is very valuable to the dynasty and can be considered an achievement.

If he obtained this information, the total Exploration Points of his main storyline mission would grow quite a lot, most likely an entire grade. Plus, this would be considered quite an achievement, and the dynasty would reward him for it, making his exploration progress look more successful than the Bloodshed Land’s.

“This is quite a good opportunity.” Although the Great Cosmos Corps was weak, the intelligence they had was useful.

He turned his communicator on and contacted the chief commander, Tarrokov, through Senico.

“Black Star, what’s this about?” Tarrokov was a little shocked. Normal matters could all be discussed with Senico, yet Han Xiao had gone straight to him. Could he have met some kind of special situation?

“Chief commander, I have made a discovery,” Han Xiao said slowly. “A few days ago, my army warriors discovered a damaged marker on Planet Pangurus”

He roughly explained the situation and then emphasized, “According to the data, this organization robs others for a living and has been active in the center area of the Garu Star Cluster. They seem to have quite a large territory. The way I see it, the planetary information in their hands will be very useful to our exploration.”

“I see” Tarrokov contemplated a while before nodding. “If you’re not mistaken, this will indeed give us a lot of information on multiple planets at once. This is quite a significant achievement. Did you skip Senico and came to me because you wanted to ask me to allow you to start a war?”

Han Xiao did not deny it.

In the laws stated by the dynasty, they had to take the peaceful approach when contacting the natives. In order to start a war with a Star System level native force, the dynasty had to permit it. If anyone eliminated natives for no reason, the dynasty would be displeased. After all, the Star Field belonged to the dynasty; its allies were just people helping in the mining process.

Therefore, the chief commander’s approval was needed to eliminate the Great Cosmos Corps; only then would there be no negative effects.

Han Xiao did not feel any guilt over eliminating the Great Cosmos Corps. These people robbed others for a living and had enslaved dozens of native races. They were basically galactic pirates.

Tarrokov considered it for a while before speaking in a deep voice. “I will write an order and give it to the Black Star Army, representing that what you guys are doing is on my orders. I shall leave the task of gathering information to you. There’s no need to spare these people.”

“Okay.” Han Xiao nodded.

“I will report the fact that the Black Star Army was the one that discovered this piece of intelligence. This is your achievement, so the merit naturally belongs to you.” Tarrokov smiled and spoke in a friendly way.

After a pause, Tarrokov suddenly changed the topic and said with a meaningful tone, “Renault is in the middle of the three Star Clusters that will be explored in the first stage. Its geographical location is superior and looks like the richest. Therefore, the upper echelons of the dynasty are paying the most attention to the development of the Renault Star Cluster.”

Why mention another Star Cluster suddenly? Isn’t Renault the Bloodshed Land’s exploration area? Han Xiao was stunned for a moment.

“As for the Garu Star Cluster,” Tarrokov continued, “due to it having rather a large number of desolate universe belts, the upper echelons of the dynasty have the lowest expectations for it. This is also why fewer people chose to explore the Garu Star Cluster. However, if the exploration of Garu goes very well, it will be a pleasant surprise to the dynasty.”

Han Xiao figured out what Tarrokov was trying to convey. Tarrokov was leaking a tiny bit of internal information of the dynasty and giving him a reminder.

The dynasty paid the most attention to Renault and had the highest expectations for it, which meant that the Bloodshed Land had to achieve more to meet their expectations. However, it would be a pleasant surprise as long as his exploration of Garu was not too horrible, so earning merit for him would be comparatively easier. There were both pros and cons.

Seeing that Han Xiao was pondering, Tarrokov smiled and moved away from this topic. Other than wanting to build a good relationship with Han Xiao, he reminded Han Xiao also to encourage the Black Star Armythis was one of his jobs as the chief commander.

After chatting casually for a while, they ended the communication. This time, a notification popped up on Han Xiao’s interface.


[Coordinate Marker of Unknown Origin] complete!

You have received 3,000,000 EXP and 70 Individual Exploration Points.

You have received 1 [Bold Explorer] Ability Shard. 2 Shards are needed to fuse.


“With one shard, there’s at least a start. I’ll have to try to obtain the second shard.”

Han Xiao was joyous. This was a very pleasant surprise. Maple Moon was really quite lucky.

This time, more notifications popped up on the interface.


You have triggered Faction Mission [Wipe Out the Great Cosmos Corps]!

Mission Introduction: The Great Cosmos Corps is a pillaging organization in the Garu Star Cluster, evil and lawless. I hereby request the Black Star Army to eliminate this organizationDynasty Exploration Army Chief Commander Tarrokov.

Tip: This is a sub-mission of the [Flickering World]. Exploration Points will be rewarded.

Tip: This is a faction series mission. You can complete the following requirements during this mission.

Eliminate Enemies I: Kill 10 normal Great Cosmos Corps warriors. Rewards: 750,000 EXP and 3 Exploration Points.

Eliminate Enemies II: Kill 10 elite Great Cosmos Corps warriors. Rewards: 1,500,000 EXP and 6 Exploration Points.

Eliminate Enemies III: Kill 10 spaceship operators. Rewards: 2,000,000 EXP and 9 Exploration Points.

Destroy Ships I: Destroy 1 enemy guard battleship. Rewards: 3,600,000 EXP and 12 Exploration Points.

King Before Men I: Kill 1 high level combatant. Reward: 5,500,000 EXP and 25 Exploration Points.

King Before Men II: Kill 1 chieftain. Reward: 7,000,000 EXP and 30 Exploration Points.

King Before Men III: Kill ‘Great Emperor’ Atimo. Reward: 22,000,000 EXP and 60 Exploration Points.

When the mission ends, based on the number of targets completed, the rating and bonus rewards will be given.


Han Xiao figured that this Faction Mission was given to the entire Black Star Army, which meant that the other army players would be able to accept it as well.

Han Xiao was initially planning to send out his machinery troops to eliminate the Great Cosmos Corps, but he changed his mind.

Since the players were able to accept this mission, he would leave it to the players. Spending a little bit more time was not an issue. This Great Cosmos Corps was not especially powerful, so it was suitable for the players to deal with.

The average strength of the players had been gradually growing, so he planned to let just the players eliminate the Great Cosmos Corps. Other than providing spaceships, he was not planning to let any NPC take part in this operation.

This would be the first military operation with only players!

This way, the players would have a better experience in exploring the Flickering World. After all, compared to purely exploring, most players preferred fighting.

The Great Cosmos Corps people were all walking experience, so Han Xiao basically considered letting the players eliminate them as watering his leeks. It was still the early stage of Version 3.0, so there were no max level players yet.

Furthermore, after a war, the players would have to replenish their ammunition and repair their equipment, which would all cost money.

Han Xiao never ignored the ammunition business of the army, and he was going to make a fortune from this war.

I’ll have to make the enemies gather and attack first so that it’ll take less time

Han Xiao contacted Phillip and spoke a few words to Psionic Prime.

Central area of the Garu Star Cluster, Great Cosmos Corps headquarters.

A deputy hastily came before Atimo’s throne and said with a shivering voice, “GrGreat Emperor, we’ve lost contact with Chieftain Kikiga’s team!”

A glow of coldness flashed past Atimo’s eyes. He said with a low voice, “What happened?”

“They were planning to invade the location of the marker but met the enemy’s team midway and were eliminated” this deputy said cautiously. “Those enemies call themselves the Black Star Army, and they’ve sent a message.”

“Black Star Army” Atimo frowned. “What did they say?”

The deputy played this message on the screen while shivering.

Psionic Prime appeared on the screen, and Kikiga was trembling on the ground beside his feet.

“I’m the leader of the mechanical army of the Black Star Army, Psionic Prime. Listen carefully, people of the Great Cosmos Corps. The Black Star Army will seize all your territory, kill all your warriors, and take away your everything. Tell your leader, Atimo, our army commander will drink wine from his skull.”

The moment the sentence ended, Psionic Prime’s arm turned into a blade flickering with psionic energy and slashed through Kikiga’s neck.


Blood gushed out, Kikiga’s head rolled on the floor, and his headless body fell on to the ground, still shivering.

Psionic Prime said with an emotionless tone, “Get ready for war!”

Then, the screen turned black, and the message came to an end.

Atimo was initially watching this recording with an indifferent face, but when Kikiga’s head was chopped off right before his eyes, his eyes flickered a little.

“Great Emperor, this is a provocation What should we do?”

Atimo stood up slowly.

“Gather all the fleets, combatants, and chieftains” Atimo’s tone was cold. “I will lead the charge this time!

“If they want war, I shall give them war!”


[Coordinate Marker of Unknown Origin] complete!


Maple Moon was farming dungeons with Bun-Hit-Dog and others and was fighting a boss when the mission completion notification suddenly popped up on her interface. She was shocked, and her movements stiffened for a moment.

“It’s only been a few days, and the mission is already completed. I’ve not even done anything yet!”

Maple Moon was shocked.

She had turned over the marker to the army as suggested by the mission. It was clear that this was thanks to the faction.

Giving things to the army was indeed the right choice.

“Don’t just stand there. Control the field!” Bun-Hit-Dog was being thrown around by the boss as he yelled.

Maple Moon completely ignored him, deep in thought.

She had been thinking for the past few days. The requirement of this mission was just to make contact with the unknown force, which meant that there would definitely be more to it. She immediately opened the faction mission list.

As she expected, there were indeed more missions and even large side missions distributed by the dynasty!

“Great Cosmos Corps, such a lame name it’s a pillaging organization. The mission requirement is to eliminate this organization. It seems like it’s going to be a group mission. There will definitely be a lot of people participating.”

Maple Moon pondered.

“He lp me” The boss pressed Bun-Hit-Dog onto the ground and punched his face again and again. Bun-Hit-Dog could only yell out one syllable at a time during the gap of the punches. His call for help had a constant rhythm.

Finally, as his last bit of health disappeared, Bun-Hit-Dog turned into a white light and died.

Maple Moon finally regained her focus and looked up. She threw out a ton of compressed orbs, and machinery filled up the field.

The large number of machines drowned this boss. Not long after, the boss who had half health was defeated by Maple Moon alone.

After playing for three versions, she had realized that she was quite talented in this aspect, and her PVP skills had been becoming stronger and stronger. Furthermore, this version was the powerful period for the Mechanic class, so farming dungeons was much easier. Mechanics above level 100 were welcomed by most dungeon teams.

The group came out of the dungeon and returned to the army’s battleship.

“Why were you distracted?” Bun-Hit-Dog complained. “I didn’t actually have to use one revive count.”

“Look at the faction mission.”

Bun-Hit-Dog opened the faction interface and saw the [Wipe Out the Great Cosmos Corps] mission.

Surprised, he opened the forums and realized that the army’s players were already overjoyed.

Although the exploration of the main storyline mission was filled with uncertainties and was quite interesting, the players spent most of their time in spaceships and hardly had any opportunities to fight.

Most players were itching for a brawl and could only enter dungeons. Now that there was an opportunity to fight in the main storyline mission, all the army players were excited.

Wiping out an entire organization sounded like quite a large mission



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