Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 840

Chapter 840 840 The Biggest Butterfly Effect

840 The Biggest Butterfly Effect!

With the notification of [Bold Explorer] being activated popping up on the interface, Han Xiao’s sights were filled with another illusion. Knowing how this ability worked, he focused on what he was seeing.

Two people appeared in the illusions, surrounded by messy black and blue space energy, like they were inside a wormhole path.

These two people were familiar. One was his past self, and the other was the EsGod doppelganger.

This set of wormhole data came from the wormhole that EsGod doppelganger had entered back when the two of them first fought. These were the images from that time.

As the scene played on, his past self fled from the wormhole following the original event, while Han Xiao’s vision was locked onto the EsGod doppelganger, watching it flow between the streams of space energy.

“Come on.” Han Xiao was excited.

When he banished the EsGod doppelganger, he had no idea what happened to it. Now, it seemed like he would finally learn about what happened to the EsGod doppelganger on the other side of the wormhole that made EsGod care so much about this set of data.

The next moment, EsGod finally passed through the tunnel and was spat out by the wormhole, appearing in a pitch black cosmic space.

Having realized that Han Xiao was not going there either, the EsGod doppelganger in the images looked a little angry, knowing that it had been tricked. It stopped for a while but then suddenly continuously teleported in one direction. Han Xiao’s vision followed it throughout.

Not long after, the EsGod suddenly stopped. A strange planet appeared in front of it. Above the atmosphere of this planet, there were multiple wormholes. Roots of enormous plants extended from within and connected to the planet surface. Waves of energy were flowing up the roots from the surface, like it was absorbing the nutrients of this planet.

“This is” Han Xiao’s pupils instantly constricted as he was astounded.

He had never expected to see this thing here!

Before he had time to think, a sudden change happened!

Out of nowhere, multiple black space cracks opened beside the EsGod doppelganger. More than ten thin, long roots launched out from within like vines and wrapped around the EsGod doppelganger completely.

At this time, the illusions disappeared, and the images stopped. Han Xiao’s vision returned to normal.

“Sh*t, why did it stop there?”

Han Xiao almost cussed. He was just paying full attention to what would happen to the EsGod doppelganger next, and it ended there

So upsetting!

Han Xiao took a deep breath and recalled what he had just seen. His expression was grave.

If this piece of information was shown to anyone other than him, people would only feel it was weird and had no value. In fact, in this entire universe, he was probably the only one that knew what this information signified.

He might very well be the only person that knew what these roots were. They came from the universal civilization that carried out a large-scale invasion in the later versions in his previous lifethe World Tree Civilization!

“There are still many versions till the World Tree Civilization version. Why is it appearing at this stage?” Han Xiao subconsciously bit his fingernails. His expression was extremely grave.

He finally understood. It turned out that this set of wormhole data connected to the World Tree Civilization’s territory, and the EsGod doppelganger went there out of pure coincidence!

The World Tree Civilization was located in the unexplored universe that was extremely far from the known universe. The three civilizations and the World Tree Civilization were both unaware of each other’s existence. To a powerful civilization, exploring unknown areas was a must, so their meeting would happen sooner or later. In the later versions in his previous life, the World Tree Civilization discovered the existence of the three civilizations and decided to invade in the end. Just like that, an astronomically huge universal war erupted.

However, at this stage, the two sides should not have had any contact at all!

“Without me, the DarkStar leader would not have brought along an EsGod doppelganger to attack me, and EsGod would not have met the World Tree Civilization. Sh*t, this might be the biggest butterfly effect I have ever caused”

Han Xiao’s expression was grave.

The footage he had just watched contained a lot of information.

He knew that the World Tree Civilization was a civilization with a very special structure. The World Tree was equivalent to their Universal Treasure, and a Universal Treasure of the highest grade at that. It was worshipped and nourished by the entire civilization, at the same time bringing incomparable benefits to the civilization.

The World Tree’s roots were in another dimension and had very sharp senses for energy, which was what led to it discovering the EsGod doppelganger. Although he did not know what happened to the EsGod doppelganger next, it was clear that he did something, given how persistent he was about this set of wormhole data. The two of them must have made contact!

“EsGod probably wants this set of data so he can find out the exact location of the World Tree Civilization. He said that’s the hope for his evolution. Was this *sshole deluded by the World Tree Civilization and now wants to be their guide”

Having thought of this possibility, Han Xiao’s expression changed.

If the World Tree Civilization discovered the location of the three civilizations because of the EsGod doppelganger’s visit, the World Tree Civilization’s invasion might erupt in advance. That would be a disaster to the entire known universe!

If the war with the World Tree Civilization happened before it should, the storyline he was familiar with would be completely gone. The advantage he had of knowing things before others would be almost useless, and at the same time, he would lose the precious time to increase his strength.

Although he was already Beyond Grade A, in such a gigantic galactical war that matched the exploration era war, even Beyond Grade As would not be able to ensure their own survival.

After all, there were way too many Beyond Grade As who died in this war in his previous life.

“Luckily, that’s just one of EsGod’s doppelgangers. With his personality, he might not have told anyone about it at all”

This guy wanted to find the location of the World Tree Civilization and not wait for their arrival, which meant that EsGod might not have exposed any information of the known universe.

With the current situation, the only thing Han Xiao could do was pray that EsGod did not tell the World Tree Civilization about the existence of the three civilizations.

However, if EsGod was allowed to keep studying this set of data, he would have results sooner or later and drag everyone into the flames of war. No one would be able to exclude themselves.

This was a ticking time bomb that could not be ignored!

“I can’t let him keep studying it” Han Xiao clenched his teeth.

To this moment, he had only fought EsGod twice. Although they were enemies, he knew that he would not be able to do anything to EsGod for the time being.

Today, however, for the first time, a clear and straightforward murderous intent for EsGod was born in Han Xiao’s mind. He wanted to kill him as soon as possible!

“Given the fact that EsGod can survive between the gaps of the three civilizations, looking for the dynasty’s help would most likely be useless. I also don’t have any way to prove the existence of the World Tree Civilization, so the dynasty will not insist on getting rid of EsGod”

The information obtained through [Bold Explorer] could not be displayed to anyone else but him. Even if he told the dynasty what he had seen, there was no way the dynasty would believe the existence of the World Tree Civilization. The only way to make the dynasty believe it was to interrogate EsGod, the witness.

However, in order to interrogate, they had to at least capture him; he would not deliberately share this information otherwise.

Han Xiao frowned. He realized that there was not much exterior help he could obtain on this matter.

Unless the dynasty had also completed studying this set of data and somehow discovered the World Tree Civilization without being discovered themselves. In that case, in order to keep the existence of their known universe a secret, the dynasty would have a strong reason to eliminate EsGod.

“Tough, the requirements are too difficult. Although the dynasty have the experience of the exploration era and know to hide themselves from unfamiliar entities, with the currently existing laws, the dynasty might actively make contact.” Han Xiao shook his head in resignation. If he had known that this set of wormhole data led to the World Tree Civilization, he would have never given it to the dynasty to study. There were too many uncontrollable factors. If anything went wrong, the universal war that should only happen in the later versions would have a very high chance of erupting in advance.

“I’m the only one that knows about this now, and it’s too difficult to solve this problem properly just by myself”

Han Xiao was feeling low.

“Dealing with EsGod has to be done much sooner than I planned to. I’m not strong enough yet to fight EsGod alone Sigh, the EXP penalty period is so long”

After staying for more than half a month on Planet Lighthouse, the new exploration teams finally arrived at the Flickering World from afar.

Tarrokov met with the leaders of those new exploration teams in the base. Han Xiao came to meet with the members of this second batch of the exploration teams, planning to show his face and make new friends.

Inside the meeting room, the people swarmed in and instantly saw Tarrokov, who was waiting there. They then looked to the side and saw Han Xiao.

“Greetings, Chief Commander Tarrokov, Your Excellency Black Star.”

The commanders of these Star Cluster civilization exploration teams there were all familiar with this new dynasty ally who possessed the Evolution Cube. They looked at Han Xiao with curiosity, and Han Xiao nodded back at them.

“Haha, we meet again.” Beyoni laughed. “I heard the Arcane Church is planning to attack you. Looks like you need my help.”

Suddenly, someone beside cut in and said, “Our help.”

Han Xiao turned and sized this person up. The voice came from an illuminating energy body with a human shape. Bright red energy flowed through this person like liquid flames. He had no mouth or nose, only a pair of bright golden dragon eyes.

“You are” Han Xiao was stunned about the fact that he did not recognize this person.

“Milizaus,” this energy body said with a calm tone. “Don’t be surprised. This is just an energy apparition. My main body did not land here.”

Having his confusion resolved, Han Xiao shook hands with this energy apparition. “It’s an honor to meet you, king of the Dragonblood Nation, leader of the Starry Spiritual Dragon Race.”

At the same time, he secretly entered the quantum network vision and looked at the exterior atmosphere of Planet Lighthouse through the surveillance devices of the base.

A gigantic dragon with the size of almost a main ship was floating in the upper atmosphere. A long beard hung from its head, and diamond shaped dragon scales covered its body. Even the smallest scale was a few meters long. The body of the dragon had a mixed color of silver, purple, and green, as if bright star light was flowing between the gaps of the dragon scales. Although it was huge, it still looked agile with its streamlined body.

This was a Starry Spiritual Dragon. Even within the same race, this size was still impressive. This was indeed Milizaus’ main bodyhe was a non-humanoid intelligent species.

The Starry Spiritual Dragon Race was a descendant race of a Beyond Grade A Magic Azure Dragon. They were born with a talent for magic. Although their reproduction capabilities were not high, an adult Starry Spiritual Dragon would have the power of a Grade B at least. The percentage of Calamity Grades in their race was exceptionally high.

Milizaus was the second Beyond Grade A in this descendant race. He was a unique giant dragon Mage. He had both the specialties of a normal Mage and a circuit mage and could learn all kinds of spells. However, when using the legacy spells of the dragon race, its power would be greatly enhanced. Currently, Milizaus was the leader of this entire descendant race; his position was somewhat similar to Manison, who led the Mechanical Race.

Furthermore, as dragons were long-lived, Milizaus was also a member of the Ancient Ones. He indeed was the Ancient One Dynasty ally other than Ravenlaude.

The Ancient Ones were a very loose group, so his standpoint with Ravenlaude was different. To some extent, one could even say their relationship was not exactly good. Ravenlaude was a Mage too, but their beliefs in magic conflicted.

Obviously, Milizaus had already become a new species and was no longer a pure Starry Spiritual Dragon. Due to how large his main body was, he usually used an energy apparition to communicate with others.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, the undying Black Star.” Milizaus’ voice was ancient and husky, but his personality was quite cheerful and not as cold as Clotti’s. This was mainly because they were both Beyond Grade As, so they could communicate on equal grounds.

“With me here, you don’t have to worry about the Arcane Church. They might not dare to act anymore seeing that I’m here.”

“Haha, then I will have to prepare the Evolution Cube for you.” Han Xiao chuckled. “By the way, are you interested in making another deal with me? It’s also related to the Evolution Cube.”

“Oh?” Milizaus was interested. “You know me well. Sure, when we’re done with the meeting, let’s have a proper chat.”

Ravenlaude glanced at Han Xiao with a faint sneer. He then nodded at him as a form of greeting and sat down with the others without saying anything.

Due to Aesop, Ravenlaude did not want to be too close to Black Star. As a Mage, he was not too interested in the Evolution Cube. Furthermore, both of them were exploring the Garu Star Cluster, so they were competitors. Factoring all that in, Ravenlaude did not want the relationship between the two of them to go any furtherhe was not someone who liked to do networking.


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