Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 847

Chapter 847 847 Ten Thousand Deity Scepter

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847 Ten Thousand Deity Scepter

The four Beyond Grade As looked at the magical aura being emanated from the Palace of Hidden Spells. Austin’s sudden arrival had truly shocked them.

Psyker had a belly full of doubts.

Isn’t this darn old man always neutral?

Why would he appear here! Furthermore, it seems like he was here to help Black Star!

Psyker was enraged. “Austin, did you join the Crimson Dynasty”

“Nope.” Austin smiled.

“Then what are you doing here? This matter has nothing to do with you. Go and continue maintaining your neutrality and not causing trouble here,” Psyker said with a deep voice.

“My apologies, I had a deal with Black Star. This matter has nothing to do with the Crimson Dynasty and is a personal matter.” Austin chuckled.

In order to borrow the Evolution Cube, he had promised Han Xiao a few conditions during the Tyrant Party. One of them was to help Han Xiao with a single matter that did not go against his principles. This was why he was there.

As soon as Han Xiao noticed the strange actions of the Arcane Church, he had requested Austin’s aid in order to be safe. To fulfil his promise, Austin had piloted his Palace of Hidden Spells and secretly arrived at the Flickering World through long distance teleportations.

He did not make use of the Crimson Dynasty’s stargate and declared that he was finding other secondary dimensional magical materials to the public.

Because it was extremely common for a Beyond Grade A Mage to find secondary dimensional materials together with the fact that Austin had always maintained neutrality, the outside world did not pay close attention to the movements of the Palace of Hidden Spells. None of them had expected a neutral party like Austin to secretly arrive in the Flickering World without seeking approval from the dynasty.

As gold grade equipment and a Universal Treasure, the value of the Palace of Hidden Spells was definitely astronomical. It was capable of long-distance teleportation and only required little over ten days to arrive at the Flickering World from the Shattered Star Ring. It was far faster than the spaceships of the stowaways. He then found a place to wait and activated the concealment formation of the Palace of Hidden Spells. It would not be easy for ordinary detection equipment to see through the concealment ability of a Universal Treasure.

However, Austin did not know that there were so many enemies at the start. He originally thought that the Arcane Church would not take action, and he would only have to stay there for a period of time to easily complete his promise. Even if he was discovered by the dynasty, the dynasty would not do anything to him with Black Star’s testimony.

However, he never imagined the Arcane Church to create such a huge scene!

After being caught in a dilemma for a while, he decided not to watch by the side and led his Palace of Hidden Spells to reinforce Black Star!

As someone who maintained neutrality, he naturally understood that doing so was not to his advantage. But since he had made a promise with Black Star already, Austin would not go back on his word.

Although Austin looked as though he was chuckling and relaxed on the surface, he was cursing in his heart.

He had truly been scammed!

Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief, and his lips curled up slightly. “Darn old man, you’ve finally arrived. With you around, you can help us share the pressure.”

Austin rolled his eyes at Han Xiao and snorted, “I must really be crazy to enter such a battle. I suffered a huge loss from using your Evolution Cube!”

Upon hearing that, Beyoni agreed with those sentiments whole heartedly.

Looking at Han Xiao, who was currently recovering, Beyoni could not help but grumble in his heart.

I shall just keep all my grievances in my heart.

Upon noticing Beyoni’s expression, Han Xiao took out a syringe and indicated to Beyoni to lower his defenses.

“What do you want to do?”

“Treat you.”

“Sigh, the life force of a Beyond Grade A is incredibly large. What can that little syringe of yours do. I oh? What did you inject me with”

Before he could even finish, Han Xiao injected Beyoni with Aurora’s life potion.

Beyoni’s face then changed abruptly, and a look of shock could be seen on his face.

He could feel a powerful surge of life filling his entire body. The cells of his body all cheered with joy and became extremely active. The recovery of his wounds had also sped up many times over.

Although he was not fully recovered, he was no longer severely injured.

“Just what is this medicine? To think that the effect would be so great on a Beyond Grade A!” Beyoni was shocked.

“You still have time to be curious? First deal with the situation before us.”

Although Psyker’s group of four had stopped their attacks, the mechanical army was still fighting the summoned creatures. Since the mechanical soldiers that had received Han Xiao’s Mechanical Force boost were still in combat, it was akin to Han Xiao being in combat. Furthermore, he would need to leave the battle for five minutes, and it was far from enough.

Despite the enemy being shocked, they would not remain idle for such a long time. Upon seeing Austin determined to interfere, they all accepted the reality and also treated Austin as their target.

Austin activated the Palace of Hidden Spells and triggered all the formations to absorb dark energy. With a humming sound, the Palace of Hidden Spells began glowing with magical radiance, and rays of magical energy were shot out.

On the other side, Mercer who was extremely close to Han Xiao appeared right in front of Han Xiao, and his fists smashed down on Han Xiao’s head.

With such a short distance together with the fact that he had just used the Void Hyperdrive and had the paper Beyoni behind him, Han Xiao activated the Heber Character Summon Card, and his Strength increased by four thousand points!

A powerful force exploded from his muscles, and Han Xiao also threw a punch in response.


The fists collided with each other, and a shockwave was sent in all directions, clearing out the fog in the area.

Mercer could feel a strength no weaker than his own colliding with his fist, and his body was sent flying uncontrollably. Upon stabilizing his body, he realized that Han Xiao had also been sent flying.

Both parties were sent flying, and their strengths were equal!

“Why do you have such strength?” Mercer had a face full of shock.

His most powerful attribute was his strength, but a Mechanic was actually able to compete with his strength

Are you kidding me? Do you deserve to be called a Mechanic

Waving his arm, Han Xiao gritted his teeth. Heber’s Character Summon Card could allow his attributes to match up to the enemy, but the Pugilist’s flames had an extremely destructive capability that destroyed plenty of his cells.

By borrowing the force of the collision, Han Xiao retreated together with Beyoni and hid within the defensive line of his mechanical army. At the same time, he began to analyze the situation.

“Milizaus is able to tie two people down, and the battle on my side is now three against four. Although the opponents have one more person, Austin has the Palace of Hidden Spells and can endure more pressure. We will no longer be on the losing end and can barely hang in there

“However, the enemy still has powerful reinforcements. If EsGod arrives on the battlefield, the balance would be broken.

“Austin’s Palace of Hidden Spells can bring me along to escape, and a single Mage shouldn’t be able to stop him. However, the enemy has two Mages, and they will definitely be able to restrict the transportation of the Palace of Hidden Spells if they work together. If I want to run, I can only bring Beyoni along. If I want to bring Milizaus along as well, the enemy Mages will end up working together, and we won’t be able to escape

“There is still another problem. The Palace of Hidden Spells needs some time to charge up, and the other Mage definitely won’t let their target escape so easily. He would abandon Milizaus and attempt to stop us. If Milizaus sees us abandoning him to escape, he won’t remain behind to risk his life and tie Ninjia down. When Ninjia turns around to deal with us, Milizaus will probably use his teleportation spell to run away. At that time, the Palace of Hidden Spells will still be left behind, but we will lose a powerful ally like Milizaus.”

Han Xiao’s expression was solemn. If they wanted to rely on the Palace of Hidden Spells to escape, they would only be able to abandon Milizaus. However, the chances of success were too low, and it was likely that Milizaus would choose to seize the opportunity to escape. If that happened, they would lose a combatant, and their situation would be even more dire.

If he really chose to escape, the dynasty’s troops would definitely be wiped out. Regardless of whether it was the Armed Dragon Guards or his Black Star Guards, none of them would be able to survive.

It would also be difficult to get the Palace of Hidden Spells to send reinforcements. Even the [Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device] had an upper limit to the transportation distance, and the Palace of Hidden Spells was the same. Furthermore, Heber and the two other reinforcements were in different Star Clusters, trying to rush toward Planet Lighthouse through stargates. Thus, the Palace of Hidden Spells would not be able to bring their reinforcements to them either.

“Tarrokov was right. We don’t have much of a choice. We can only choose to hold on until our reinforcements arrive at the entrance of the stargate.” Han Xiao gritted his teeth.

The more powerful he was, the greater his hope. He only needed to leave the battle for his mission to be completed, and he had to find an opportunity

It would not be too realistic to wait for the enemy to stop, so he had to try another method.

After Austin joined the battle, the intensity of the battle went up a notch, and it was impossible for anyone under Beyond Grade A to intervene.

The Palace of Hidden Spells was Austin’s combat equipment, and it boosted his magical force to a large extent. It was like a magical artillery tower firing without stopping.

Despite the battle being a three-on-four situation, the battle was no longer one-sided, and neither party could do anything to the other in the short run.

Han Xiao had someone to share the pressure with him, and his mechanical army now posed a greater threat to Psyker’s group of four. The enemy had no choice but to be more wary and decrease the intensity of their attacks.

Taylor also could not summon creatures without any pressure anymore, and his summoning was interrupted time and time again.

The four Beyond Grade As had intentionally separated the Palace of Hidden Spells from Han Xiao, and they discussed their battle strategy while fighting.

Psyker used his Psychic force to connect his comrades and said with a grave voice, “Austin has the aid of the Palace of Hidden Spells, and his combat capability has been increased to the next level. It is extremely difficult to deal with him.”

“Tsk, I wouldn’t be afraid of him if I could bring my own Mage Pagoda along.” Taylor was a little frustrated with his summoning spells being disrupted.

All Beyond Grade A Mages had their own Mage Pagoda, but not all of them were able to craft a Universal Treasure like the Palace of Hidden Spells.

Taylor and Ninjia did not bring their own Mage Pagodas because they were extremely bulky. After being sent over by the Federation of Light, they would have to leave on their own, and they would definitely be chased by the Crimson Dynasty fleet. As such, bringing such a bulky Mage Pagoda would only hinder their mobility. Furthermore, they had felt that they would have the absolute advantage, and there should have been no mishaps during the battle. Finally, it was to maintain the secrecy of their operation.

“Take note, Black Star may make use of the Palace of Hidden Spells to escape,” Dylan reminded.

“If he has such intentions, I will immediately inform Ninjia to work together with me. I won’t be able to stop the Palace of Hidden Spells alone, but both of us should be able to do so if we work together,” Taylor said.

“Then Milizaus may make use of the opportunity to escape”

“Then tell Sagman and Ninjia to hurry up and use the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter. If not, force Milizaus over as well. If we really must choose between both of them, we can ignore Milizaus. Black Star is our main target,” Psyker said.

Mercer could not be bothered to join the conversation, and he continued to give chase to Han Xiao. He wanted to test Han Xiao’s strength again.

When the Palace of Hidden Spells appeared, the three battling outside the atmosphere also noticed the situation.

Milizaus was overjoyed at the powerful support that Han Xiao had, but both Sagman and Ninjia’s expression became grave.

“Psyker said that the other party is Austin from the Shattered Star Ring. He is here to help Black Star. With one more Beyond Grade A joining in, our advantage has decreased,” Sagman said with a frown.

“Four versus six. It will be difficult for us to settle the battle before EsGod arrives.” Ninjia shook his head.

The Arcane Church instructed them to finish the mission as quickly as possible and try not to let EsGod join in the battle. It seemed like this objective would not be so easily fulfilled. Han Xiao’s trump card was something that they had not expected.

“Don’t be in a rush to come to a conclusion.”

Sagman suddenly unleashed a light screen that was like the surging waves.

The wave like light energy shattered Milizaus’ dragon breath, and the blinding light lit up the dark space.

Milizaus’ vision and senses were also affected by the blinding light, and he suddenly felt a sense of fear in his heart that came from his intuition as a Beyond Grade A.

He unleashed his defensive spells without any hesitation and covered himself in layers of colorful magical shields like a tortoise.

Following which, Milizaus flapped his dragon wings and attempted to charge out from the light. Turning around to take a look, he saw Ninjia holding onto a strange looking black staff. With Milizaus’ sense of sight, he could clearly see the thousands of small figures engraved on the black staff.

“This is the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter”

The alarm bells went off in Milizaus’ head. He was extremely knowledgeable, and it was impossible for him not to recognize this Arcane Church Universal Treasure.

The Arcane Church specialized in the soul, the mind, illusions, and beliefs. They had an unbelievable skill that turned fake ‘deities’ into a real existence and created artificial ‘deities’.

The Ten Thousand Deity Scepter was a Universal Treasure that the Arcane Church created by ‘coincidence’ using such a skill, and it was impossible to replicate. It was a medium that borrowed the strength of these artificial deities.

Describing it simply, the Arcane Church’s ‘deities’ were like gunpowder and bullets while the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter was like a rifle.

If the Federation of Light’s Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device was a strategic weapon, then the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter was a singular killing weapon!

The might of the attack was not stunning, but it had an unbelievably lethal force toward living beings that had a soul. Furthermore, the more powerful the user, the more frightening the damage. During the exploration era, there were at least three powerful Primordial Ones who had died to this weapon!

The Ten Thousand Deity Scepter needed to use ‘deities’ as weapons, and the user would experience a backlash. The same person would not be able to use it continuously in a short time, and the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter would receive some damage every time it was used. This was the reason that the Arcane Church rarely used this Universal Treasure and kept it as a deterrent.

Milizaus had not imagined that he would be able to personally witness this infamous weapon in his life!

Just what kind of darn luck do I have? Did Black Star spread his bad luck to me

Did I steal your Arcane Church’s rice? Is there a need to go so far

Just when he was still in a state of shock, Ninjia snapped his fingers, and the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter floated in front of him, aimed straight at Milizaus.

Ninjia’s energy was then sucked into the black scepter, and the engravings on it lit up.

The engravings of the deities lit up and seemed to have become alive. Ten thousand partially transparent projections suddenly appeared and combined into an illusory energy pillar that shot toward Milizaus.

If it was anyone else, they might have been able to avoid this attack. However, Milizaus was not able to do so with his gigantic body. He could only madly release various forbidden defensive spells.

However, the energy pillar went through the shields, which were sufficient to defend against a psionic cannon, as though they did not exist.

Milizaus could only watch as the energy pillar shot through his numerous shields without the slightest restriction and smashed right into his chest.

“Black Star, you @$*%u0026!#*”

Before he could even complete his string of curses, his gigantic dragon body trembled, and he lost control of his body as though he was a bird being shot down by an arrow.

His gigantic body was caught up by the gravitational pull of Planet Lighthouse and rapidly crashed down to the planet like a meteor.


The instant the attack landed, a few cracks could be seen on the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter.

“Urgh!” Ninjia let out a mellow grunt.

Sagman, who was by the side, shot out a light hand and grabbed the Ten Thousand Deity Scepter. He knew that this attack was not enough to kill the thick skinned Milizaus. Ninjia would not be able to use the weapon again, so it was now his turn.


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