Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Lord Mechanic

"The Arcane Church forced quite a number of trump cards out of me this time"

The most dangerous stage had passed, but Han Xiao knew that the battle had yet to end. The Arcane Church had appeared out of nowhere using the Federation of Lights Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device, but they would have to cross the universe in their spaceships when returning. With the dynastys way of doing things, there was no way they would let the six Beyond Grade As of the Arcane Church leave just like that

Oh, its five Beyond Grade As now.

Therefore, when Ty-Ty and the others arrive, it will be their turn to chase after Sagman and the others. There are billions of dynasty troops in the Flickering World, so this group of Arcane Church people will not be able to easily retreat.

Even if they were able to flee the Flickering World, the Shattered Star Ring was still waiting for them. The Shattered Star Ring was the base of the Klent Kingdom, the Bloodshed Land, and the Black Star Army. Having received such a huge gift, Han Xiao had to return a gift; he was not a petty person. He had already decided to use all of the Black Star Armys forces and his complex network in the Shattered Star Ring to do so.

While planning in his mind, Han Xiao looked at the interface at the same time to calculate the losses the Arcane Church had given him.

Rushing levels during the EXP penalty period cost him a ton of EXP. Even for Han Xiao, he felt a heartache thinking about this number. He did not like wasting. If the extra EXP had been used to level up blueprints, he would have gotten so many Potential Points.

In terms of Character Summon Cards, the usages of Reynold, Aurora, and Ames Character Summon Cards had all been depleted. The EsGod and Heber Character Summon Cards each had one use left. They were both powerful trump cards. That was especially so for EsGods [Esper Silence] Character Summon Card. It would be extremely powerful against EsGod. With one remaining use, this meant that he had fewer ways to fight EsGod.

Furthermore, EsGod was the winner of this attack. He had no choice but to satisfy EsGods needs due to the Arcane Churchs attack to force EsGod off the battlefield. With the Evolution Energy, EsGod would be more difficult to deal with and might even touch the doorstep of the higher level that he sought. All things considered, his plan to deal with EsGod had been disrupted, and he was quite unhappy.

"Nonetheless, the mission rewarded three unknown Character Summon Cards. Together with the two Blank Character Summon Cards from the Random Reward and an Ability Upgrade Card, at least it somewhat made up for the losses." Han Xiao shook his head.

The damage incurred to his machinery was also quite large. A lot of mechanical soldiers had been destroyed. The mechanical lives were still alright, as Han Xiao purposely did not let them take part in the direct battle against the Beyond Grade As, so they did not suffer many casualties.

Compared to other machinery, the mechanical lives with the capability to grow had higher potential. It would be a pity for them to be destroyed in such a one-sided battle. The other machines were more than enough as pawns.

In some respects, Han Xiao was the cause of this battle. If any Beyond Grade As had died because of it, the dynasty would definitely not have been happy about it. However, luckily, with the help of Austin, they had just been wounded, which made things easier for Han Xiao.

This way, he owed Austin a huge favor, which was not a completely bad thing. Sometimes, owing someone a favor would lead to a better relationship.

Austin was originally neutral, but after he messed with the Arcane Church after this battle, it would be very difficult for him to continue to exclude himself from everything. Although he would not go so far as to immediately join the dynasty, all the forces in the universe would mark him as being on the side of the dynasty. He would no longer be able to keep a low profile like before.

Han Xiao then thought of Psyker, and his expression became weird.

"If thats the case Austin is now close to the dynasty; Ames is my ally, so shes considered an indirect ally of the dynasty; Heber also belongs to the dynasty. Including me, four of the five Beyond Grade As in the Shattered Star Ring are related to the dynasty. Psyker will probably have to keep quiet in the Shattered Star Ring in the future."

With this thought, Han Xiao opened the mission list and claimed the [Completed] missions. He was only confident about claiming the reward after touching Feidin earlier.


[Cause and Effect] completed!

According to your performance, you have received 45,000,000,000 EXP, 3 Random Reward, [Character Summon CardChild of Light Sagman], [Character Summon CardStar Pupil Psyker], and [Character Summon CardEsGod].

[Character Summon CardChild of Light Sagman]: [Light Particle StreamInfiltration]Releases a powerful light energy particle beam that has high Penetrating, Explosive, and Burning Damage. The light energy will continue to deal damage and give the target [Energy Disruption] and [Energy Suppression] statuses. When the enemy uses energy attacks, the power would decrease, the cost will increase, and their accuracy will decrease. Uses: 0/5.

[Character Summon CardStar Pupil Psyker]: [Psychic EnergyHeart Wall]In 4.7 seconds, the actual damage taken from psychic attacks will be reduced by 85% after Psychological Resistance reductions. It grants immunity to all kinds of psychic control abilities. If the attacker is a Psychic, the INT and MYS of both sides will be calculated. If one of your attributes is higher than the attacker, 45% of theoretical damage will be reflected. If both of your attributes are higher than the attacker, 90% of theoretical damage will be reflected. If both of your attributes are lower than the attacker, damage will not be reflected. Uses: 0/3.

[Character Summon CardEsGod]: [Esper AbilityCopy]Through close contact, copy the targets Esper Gene and receive a one-time Character Summon Card of the target. Only effective on Espers. Uses: 0/3.


Receiving the maximum EXP reward was within Han Xiaos expectations. The effects of all three Character Summon Cards were decent, but he was not lucky enough to get EsGods [Esper Silence] again. However, [Esper AbilityCopy] was not bad; it was basically three Blank Character Summon Cards for Espers. EsGod had a ton of random abilities, so being able to obtain this was already thanks to Feidins blessing.


You have received 1 Legendary Point.

Universe Legendary Point: Enemy of the Arcane ChurchFacing a despairing situation, you fought back and turned the situation around, forcing the Arcane Church to retreat and even capturing an enemy Beyond Grade A. Your name will spread through the entire universe with this battle and become a legend!


Enemy of the Arcane Church, the highest-grade Legendary Point, a Universe Legendary Point Looks like this will become a new nickname.

Every Beyond Grade A had many nicknames that represented the legendary things that they had done. Han Xiao now had Indestructible Body, Indestructible Black Star, the Black Star Army Commander, and other nicknames. When word about this battle spread, he would probably also gain the nickname Enemy of the Arcane Church.

The Arcane Church wanted to kill him, and he sealed their Universal Treasure as well as captured their Beyond Grade A. At this moment, the beef between the two sides was irresolvable.

Capturing a Beyond Grade A alive had extraordinary meanings. Back then, this was the reason Heber wanted to duel with him, but he sadly failed to do so, and now Han Xiao achieved this before Heber. This way, his reputation in the universe would become completely different, and his position would be much higher He felt that Ty-Ty would be quite jealous.

Speaking of which, Heber was right on his way back to back him up. Having thought of the possible expression Heber might have, Han Xiao could not help but chuckle a bit.

The interface also showed that he could now create the Dungeon [Flickering WorldPlanet Lighthouse Battle]. A total of eleven Beyond Grade As had taken part in this conflict, which rarely happened other than in full blown wars. This would shock the entire universe. Although it happened in the Flickering World and had yet to be publicized, it was clear that news of this would stir up a violent storm.

With so much influence, being able to create the Dungeon was no surprise. Sadly, given the standard of this battle, the effect of this Dungeon would only be to widen the players horizon and make them suffer.

Han Xiao opened the attributes interface and carefully read through his attributes after the level 260 Promotion.


Level: 260

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Black Star Race

Attributes: 3,247 STR, 3,980 DEX, 5,889 END, 8,489 INT, 2,950 MYS, 1,163 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 0

Potential Point: 33

Health: 3,854,550

Stamina: 3,521,025

Energy: 82,120 [Lv.17]

Lv.17 Energy bonus stats: +1,206 STR, +1,488 DEX, +1,890 END, +2,345 INT, +1,123 MYS, +311,520 Stamina Limit, +1,632% Machinery Affinity

Energy Rank: 49,975

Grade: S (Beyond A)

Grade S Bonuses: +50 END, +25 All Resistances. +25% Highest Attribute, +15% Other Attributes, +750 Free Attribute Points, +50 Potential Points

Remark: This seems to be a Beyond Grade A Mechanic who persists on the path of a tank.


"Almost 50,000 Energy Rank" Han Xiao touched his chin. He could still remember that when he first reached Beyond Grade A, his Energy Rank had been about 43,000. Afterward, he had completed [Heber Stellar Furnace Cultivation] and [Mechanical Life Tinder], which gave him quite a lot of Energy Rank.

Hebers cultivation technique had given him more than 16,000 maximum energy. His maximum energy was only a little more than 50,000 when he first reached Beyond Grade A, but it was now more than 80,000. His Energy Level had increased from 15 to 17, which had given him two new layers of bonus attributes.

He did not forget about [Radiation Absorption], which gave him some attributes here and there.

"The next Race Evolution Promotion is at level 300, and the level limit of Lord Mechanic is also level 40, so the Class Advancement is at level 300 too. Therefore, theres only the level 280 Promotion in between."

Han Xiao pondered.

[Emperor Mechanic]s limit was level 35, and the new [Lord Mechanic] was five more than that.

At the [Lord Mechanic] stage, the pros of Apostle and Emperor Mechanic were enhanced.

Same as the two previous Class Advancements, the abilities and talents of Virtual Technology were enhanced too, this time by sixty percent

There were four new abilities.

Talent [Mechanic Lord] gave +300% Machinery Affinity, +200% Virtual Intrusion and virtual defense efficiency, and some changes to the properties of Mechanical Force, which granted the so-called Lord Power. The introduction was brief and blurry, only saying that this was the prerequisite of some new Lord Mechanic abilities.

Ability [Lord Machinery Affinity] gave +190% Machinery Affinity at max level.

Ability [Apostle Life Creation] was similar to [Emperors Gift], also giving special enhancement to an individual machine. However, the effect was quite different. [Emperors Gift] could only be used three times on the same target and did not limit the number of targets. While [Apostle Life Creation]s effect was to use the so-called Power of the Lords Dominance Mechanical Force to turn a mechanical soldier into an Apostle Weapon.

The enhancement was much stronger. It could basically turn a normal unit into a mini boss unit and a unit with better fundamentals into a big boss unit.

With such powerful enhancement effects, [Apostle Life Creation] restricted the number of Apostle Weapons. At max level, he could have twelve Apostle Weapons at the same time. The Power of Lords Dominance in their body could be retrieved anytime and given to another machine. This ability also enjoyed enhancement from the various other enhancement abilities. Every level increased the maximum Apostle Weapon number by one.

The last ability, [Lords Descent], was an ability to fight with a remote army. Through the special Mechanical Force of a Lord Mechanic, he could project his consciousness, mind, and power onto a mechanical soldier and turn this mechanical soldier into some sort of avatar. It would share a large portion of the main bodys attributes, abilities, and talents and have Beyond Grade A strength.

This meant that, not only could Han Xiao provide Mechanical Force bonuses to the remote troops using Quantum Infinite Distance Transmission Channel when he was at home, he could also use this on one of them and fight personally. The restriction was that this could only be used on one target at a time.

The ability introduction also said that if [Lords Descent] was used frequently on the same target, there was a chance to form a Soul Connection.

"These four abilities are all quite good, especially [Lords Descent]

"After this battle today, there should be very few who come to make trouble for me in the future. My combat method shall start to be focused on remote combat. This ability will be very useful to me."

After concluding the losses and gains, Han Xiao received a call from Tarrokov saying that Urranrell wanted to speak with him personally.

Even for Beyond Grade As, Urranrell was not someone they could see whenever they wanted to. It was clear that his achievements in the battle had surprised Urranrell, which was why she wanted to talk to him.

Furthermore, there were still some problems that needed to be discussed and solved regarding this matter, as well as the mission to chase after Sagman and the others.

"Got it, Ill wait for her online."

Han Xiao took out the communicator and made a lot of speculations while quietly waiting for the call to connect.

After achieving so much this time, if he requested new Ultimate Knowledges, Urranrell would not reject him, would she?




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