Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 868

Chapter 868 Lock On Removed

The Star Pupil Holy Race fleet in the surroundings immediately gathered toward the planet and awaited their orders. At the same time, the defensive fleet at the border was also strengthened.

After waiting for two days, Psyker finally reached the border.

"Your Excellencies, Leader Psyker has already reached the border and will be here soon."

Jed heaved a sigh of relief.

His appearance was much frailer than before. Over the past two days, he had stayed in the room together with Han Xiao and Heber. He had suggested that the two go to a guest room, but Heber and Han Xiao did not even reply to him. Furthermore, they did not allow him to leave either, so Jed could only accompany the two in the room over the past two days. He did not even dare sleep, and his mental state was already on the brink of collapse.

To a Beyond Grade A Super, two days was no big deal at all. They could easily close their eyes, and two days would be over in a flash. Furthermore, the guards of the Star Pupil Holy Race present were all in the Calamity Grade and would not be affected too greatly. Only someone like Jed who was an envoy from the government would feel fatigue.

If they went to the guest room, the pressure that both of them had accumulated would be gone. As such, they chose to sit here for two days to increase the pressure on the Star Pupil Holy Race.

After waiting a while longer, a commotion could be heard on the outside, and both of them could feel a powerful energy source approaching them.

Heber opened his eyes and nodded. "Hes here."

The door opened, and Psyker walked into the room slowly. Everyones gaze was then focused on him.

The guards present all heaved sighs of relief and stood up straight as though they had found their backbone.

"Eh, isnt this Little Psy-Psy? The hero has finally appeared," Han Xiao teased.

Psyker walked over to the two. Jed, who was originally seated, immediately gave up his seat for Psyker.

"Didnt both of you want to meet me? Im back. Get straight to the point," Psyker said with a deep voice.

The next second, Han Xiaos arm suddenly transformed into a mechanical arm, and he swung it out toward Psyker.

The table and sofa in front of him was pushed away, and his palm sent Psyker flying into the wall.


The entire room erupted!

"What did you do"

The faces of the guards all changed, and they wanted to take action to help their leader.

Right at this moment, Hila and the other Black Star Guards also sent their auras toward the guards in the surrounding with the intention to warn them. The Bloodshed Lands Vanguard Officials did the same.

Just when the situation was about to erupt, Psykers voice sounded from under the mechanical arm.

"Dont move."

The mechanical arm was retracted, and Psyker dislodged himself from the alloy wall with his Psychic energy. He then looked at Han Xiao without any intention of fighting back.

"I almost took your life. Do you have any issues?" Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

" No."

Psyker took a deep breath and knew that Han Xiao wanted to take him down a notch. He then told his subordinates not to act recklessly and got them to bring a new table in.

The members of the Star Pupil Holy Race in the surroundings clenched their fists with aggrieved expressions.

They were able to understand why Psyker chose to give in but could not help but feel disappointed. On one hand, they were enraged at their own weakness, and on the other hand, they felt humiliated on behalf of their race.

Although all of them knew that the dynasty was there to seek an answer from them, they were all hoping that Psyker would be able to deal with such a situation and turn the tides. However, the unacceptable truth was that their leader was there to suffer humiliation.

The Crimson Dynasty emissary, who had not said a word so far, then said calmly, "You participated in the attack on Planet Lighthouse, and four of the six Beyond Grade As who participated have already been caught. The dynasty needs you and the Star Pupil Holy Race to give us an explanation."

"What kind of explanation?" Psyker asked.

The dynastys emissary then tapped his bracelet, and a holographic screen appeared. A contract appeared on the holographic screen.

"You have to give a public apology and sign this compensation contract to prove your sincerity. The details of the contract are all within it. If you dont agree, please follow us to accept your judgement in the dynasty or wait for the Arcane Church to pay a ransom."

"Compensation and apology?" Psyker murmured under his breath. He had not been idle over the past two days and had been thinking of what the dynastys intention would be. This was not out of his expectations at all.

The dynasty emissary did not bother keeping the matter a secret and read the entire contract out. There were many outrageous demands, and the members of the Star Pupil Holy Race watching by the side became more and more enraged.

There were only two options placed before Psyker at the moment. First, apologize and pay compensation. Second, become a captive. Of course, there was a third option, which was to fight back. However, the dynasty would not show him any face if he chooses the third option.

The dynasty did not necessarily need that little compensation but needed the enemy to give in.

After listening to all the terms, Psyker nodded and said, "I accept the contract. I will make a public apology for my actions."

He was not too bothered about the astronomical compensation. He was working for the Arcane Church, and although he had failed, the Arcane Church would not let him suffer the cost of the compensation. If they did not do that much, nobody would want to help them in the future. Thus, the compensation would be paid by the Arcane Church, so there was no need for the Star Pupil Holy Race to spend money.

As for a public apology, this was also something that the Arcane Church would want to see. The Arcane Church would never apologize to the dynasty, but since they wanted to redeem their people, they would have to give in somehow. Thus, the Star Pupil Holy Race giving in would be a representation of the Arcane Churchs attitude.

Even if the Arcane Church was the backer of the Star Pupil Holy Race, the Crimson Dynasty was also a Universal Civilization. With both parties in conflict with each other, the Star Pupil Holy Race definitely had to give an explanation.

Psyker understood this clearly, but most members of his race did not.

In the eyes of the others, their leader had accepted such humiliating conditions without any hesitation. This made the faces of all those present turn ugly, and the look in their eyes became complicated.

The way they saw it, Psyker seemed to be protecting himself and betraying the benefits of the race without any hesitation. Of course, they knew that this was far from the truth, but they could not help but think that way.

Although they knew that Psyker did not make a mistake in his decision, many of them could not help but feel anger and humiliation.

Right at this moment, Heber said, "Psyker, leave the Shattered Star Ring together with your people. You know that we and the dynasty will not allow you to develop. Your best option is to leave."

Having one less Beyond Grade A in the Shattered Star Ring would benefit everyone else. Heber and the dynasty had the same thought.

Psyker shook his head and said, "Regardless of how tough the situation is, we will not leave our homeland as long as we can overcome it."

"Humph." Heber did not say anything else upon hearing that.

At this moment, Han Xiao piped up. "The following matter will be between us. You have given an explanation to the dynasty, but you also need to give an explanation to the victim."

Psyker turned around and asked, "What do you want?"

Han Xiao smiled.

"I want the Evolution Cube."

Everyone was stunned.

"Havent you snatched it already?" Psyker asked doubtfully.

"No, you misunderstood me," Han Xiao said calmly. "I want you to get rid of the psychic connection that you have with the Evolution Cube and announce to the universe that you have given it to me."

Psykers expression changed abruptly.

He finally understood what Black Stars intention was!

The members of the Star Pupil Holy Race originally thought that Black Star had stolen their national treasure, so if he publicly announced that he had given the item to Black Star, he would no longer have any right to criticize the other party. At that time, the members of his race would divert their humiliation to their leader and vent all their anger on him. His status as a leader would also fall greatly.

"You b*stard" Psyker gritted his teeth.

"Because of the Evolution Cube, you tried to deal with me time and time again," Han Xiao said. "The ambush this time was also because of the Evolution Cube. If I do not make you give up on the Evolution Cube, something like this will happen again. I havent settled the score regarding the Avitan Souls trying to blow up Planet Aquamarine yet. Take a look at this video first."

Han Xiao then summoned a holographic screen, and the scene of the guard called Lalem criticizing him was played. Phillip had recorded the entire scene.

Psykers face became extremely ugly after the video was completed.

Han Xiao raised his brows and said, "She provoked a Beyond Grade A, but I wasnt too calculative with her. I dont wish to hear bullsh*t like that again, so I decided to make use of a solution to settle this matter once and for all. What do you think?"

Psyker suppressed his anger. "What if I disagree?"

"You can also choose to disagree." Han Xiao narrowed his eyes and released his aura. "However, are you still my opponent? Have you ever thought about what would happen to your Star Pupil Holy Race without you as their leader?"

At this instant, Psyker realized that the Black Star in front of him was no longer the one who had fought him to a draw. He then thought about the scene of Han Xiao capturing Dylan and felt a trace of fear.

However, he was still reluctant to give up the Evolution Cube. He had formed a Soul Connection with the Evolution Cube, and his psychic energy was strengthened as a result. Without the Universal Treasure, his own combat strength would fall, and his status would also be lowered in the Arcane Church.

The dynasty emissary then said calmly, "Black Stars intention is the dynastys intention. If you dont agree, we can add it into the contract."

Han Xiao had not discussed this matter with the dynasty yet, but this matter was not disadvantageous to the dynasty at all. Thus, the emissarys support was extremely normal.

Upon hearing that, Psykers clenched fists loosened, and he said softly, " I agree."


A Calamity Grade Star Pupil Holy Race guard finally could not restrain his anger any further and hammered down on the wall.

The other guards were angered to the point their bodies were trembling. Han Xiao and the others had completely ignored them.

Han Xiao nodded and took out the Evolution Cube. The silver cube floated in midair and attracted everyones attention.

Hebers throat also twitched slightly, but his subordinates did not notice.

"Then, please show your sincerity and undo your psychic connection."

Psyker shut his eyes and released his psychic energy to come into contact with the Evolution Cube. Gritting his teeth, he cut off the connection with the Evolution Cube.

The next moment, his body trembled, and his mind could clearly feel that the bridge between him and the Evolution Cube had been broken.

The ability to locate the cube had also disappeared.

"Its done," Psyker said with a soft tone and tried to conceal his sadness.

Han Xiao retrieved the Evolution Cube. The senses of a Beyond Grade A were extremely sharp, and he could clearly feel the aura latched onto the Evolution Cube disappearing.

I finally got rid of this hidden threat Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. Although the Spacetime Amber had a similar effect, he would still have to use the Evolution Cube from time to time, and this would get rid of all troubles for good.

However, he still passed the cube over to Feidin to take a look. Although Feidin was only a Calamity Grade, his luck was unrivaled.

"Dont worry, your dynasty also has Beyond Grade A Psychics, so it will be extremely easy to tell. You dont have to worry that I will leave anything behind," Psyker said with a depressed tone. "I have fulfilled your conditions already. Do you have anything else? Please leave the territory of the Star Pupil Holy Race if theres nothing else."

The dynasty emissary then stood up and said, "Alright, we shall not disturb you any further. The dynasty will be watching you and waiting for your announcement."

Psyker gnashed his teeth but did not say anything.

"Dont blame me." Han Xiao also stood up. "You have to pay the price for failing. At least you are still alive."

"I will not always fail," Psyker said.

"You also wont be alive all the time." Heber then walked out of the room with the dynasty emissary behind him.

Walking out of the door, Han Xiao turned around to look at Psyker. "Rather than being angry at us, you should take care of all your troubles."

Psyker ignored those words and asked, "How is Dylan?"

"You still have the time to care about others? It seems like you have a pretty good relationship with him." Han Xiao smirked. "Dont worry, he is safe very safe."

Han Xiao then waved his hands and left.

A while later, Psyker received a report that Han Xiao and the others had left the planet.

After a long while, Psyker raised his head and sighed.

"Get the government to hold a press conference. I will make a personal appearance."

Jed hesitated for a while before reminding him, "Black Star used his Virtual Technology skills and infiltrated many of our media websites, posting many rumors about you. Should we deal with that first?"

"That isnt necessary. Black Star will stop after he leaves. Although he is a vicious individual, he wont always play such petty tricks," Psyker replied. "After I make an announcement, all of you will know that these rumors arent considered anything."

Upon thinking about the effect of his announcement, Psyker could not help but feel depressed.

However, he did not have a choice. Even if he approached his backer, they would not come into conflict with the dynasty because of Psykers reputation.

His personal reputation was not at the top of the Arcane Churchs priority list.




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