Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Thanks Arcane Church

Han Xiao made a trip to the combat practice room and shut the door.

Taking in a deep breath, Han Xiao opened the interface.

The 40% Experience Penalty status only had a few minutes left, and Han Xiao could not help but become excited as he watched the timer go down.

It hasnt been easy. Sixteen months

Sixteen months ago, he had finally stepped into the realm of a Beyond Grade A Super.

In just a year and a half, he had fought Psyker to protect the Evolution Cube before having a duel with Heber. Following which, he had headed to the Crimson Dynastys mother planet, where he was provoked by the allies of the dynasty again. Along the way, he fought EsGod once and met with his biggest crisis not too long ago.

He had only been a Beyond Grade A for a year and a half but had met with plenty of dangers. Han Xiao could not help but feel a sense of lingering fear as he looked back.

Thankfully, my quick-witted brain and handsome appearance resolved these dangers. Han Xiao praised himself shamelessly.

Dangers also brought him opportunities, and his status had now been cemented in place. Furthermore, his experience penalty was over.

Everything was getting better!

Han Xiao rubbed his palms with a look of joy on his face.

"I am now at level 260. I increased my level hastily to deal with the Arcane Church, which resulted in me spending forty percent more experience. With the experience that I accumulated over this period" Han Xiao looked at his stash of experience, and his eyes sparkled. "I should be able to reach level 280."

At his current level, the experience required for every level was a sky-high figure.

Without the experience penalty and ignoring all Class Advancement missions, the experience required for him to level up once should be enough for a player to go from level 1 to 160. Furthermore, the amount of experience that he needed would only increase as his level went up.

If he did not have the players to harvest experience and only relied on missions for experience, he would probably take donkeys years to reach level 280.

The only reason he was able to accumulate enough experience to reach level 280 was because of the Political Asset. The combined effects of the Political Assets was like a double experience card.

It was truly frightening!

After lamenting for a while, the experience penalty status reached the last second and disappeared from his interface.

"The side effect of the Evolution Cube is finally gone."

Han Xiao rubbed the muscles on his body and felt the activity within the cells of his body. The way this side effect showed itself was the slow adaptation to the evolution of his genes. The more powerful an individual, the more energy contained within their cells and the longer the process needed for the conversion. At this moment, the slight tinge of discomfort within his cells had finally disappeared, and their evolution was complete.

The effect of the Evolution Cube is truly amazing, Han Xiao thought to himself. He had been in a rush to use the Evolution Cube so that he could reach Beyond Grade A quickly. The side effects of using the Evolution Cube did not come at the right time. Han Xiao naturally did not plan to only use the Evolution Cube once but would choose a better time to make use of it next time. The best time for him to use the Evolution Cube would be after he spent all his accumulated experience during the version update period.

However, that was still a long way away.

Han Xiao focused on his attribute interface and began to level up.


[Lord Mechanic] leveled up to Lv.2.

+360 Energy, +5 STR, +5DEX, +12 END, +15 INT.

You have received 12 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.

[Lord Mechanic] leveled up to Lv.20.

+360 Energy, +5 STR, +5DEX, +12 END, +15 INT.

You have received 12 Free Attribute Points and 1 Potential Point.


A warm surge of energy flowed through his body, and his energy level was upgraded.

As his experience stash went down, his level shot up and stopped at level twenty.

Every twenty levels, there was a Promotion Mission, and a notification popped up on his interface.


You have reached Lv.280. You have triggered the Promotion Mission [A Legend Takes Flight].

[A Legend Takes Flight]: Obtain 1 Universe Grade Legendary Point. Only the strong will write his own legends.


The moment this Promotion Mission popped up, it was already in a completable state.

Upon looking at the mission, Han Xiao was overjoyed.

The Universe Grade Legendary Point was the highest grade, and his actions needed to shake the entire universe. A player had to complete a mission of extremely high difficulty or do something extremely ridiculous to obtain the Legendary Point. This Promotion Mission was already at the level of the later versions during the World Tree Civilization arc.

Even with Han Xiaos current status, it was not easy for him to obtain a Universe Grade Legendary Point.

However, Han Xiao did have a Universe Grade Legendary Point right now: Enemy of the Arcane!

Han Xiaos mouth contorted. Was it truly a blessing in disguise?

After roaming through the universe for so many years, he only had a single Universe Grade Legendary Point. It could be seen just how rare it was.

He did not have any Mission Completion Cards on hand, and he originally thought that he would be stuck at the Lv.280 Promotion Mission. Who would have thought that he would be lucky this time?

Han Xiao then burst into laughter.

Hehe, I really need to thank the Arcane Church for giving me a Legendary Point.

Right, I also need to thank Feidin

Upon thinking about Feidin, Han Xiaos hands grew a little itchy.

This was a surprise that dropped from the sky, and Han Xiao chose to complete the mission without hesitation.


You have completed the Mission Requirements.

Lv.280 Promotion Mission completed.

+55 END, 1 END = 410 Health = 420 Stamina

Your Energy Rank has exceeded 52,000 Ona.

You have received the talent [Strengthened Elemental Resistance]!

You have received the talent [Optimized Energy Usage]!

You have received the talent [High Grade Life Vitality]!

You have acquired the skill [Mighty Prestige]!

The effects of all your Virtual Technology skills have been increased by 40%.


Han Xiaos eyes glowed with a blue bolt of lightning, and he spat out a cloud of bluish gas.

Since there was no race evolution this time, there was not much pain throughout the whole process.

He looked down to see if there were any changes to his body. From the outside, there were not many changes. He had grown slightly taller, and his muscles looked more toned.

He then felt his head itch slightly and grabbed a bunch of hair off from his head while scratching it.

"Im shedding hair"

Han Xiao was shocked and immediately summoned his mirror to take a look, but after getting a clear look, he heaved a sigh of relief.

His Promotion stimulated his metabolism and improved the cell structure of his entire body. As such, his original hair fell out, and new hair grew out. However, the hair that had dropped was still stuck in his head, which explained why he felt the itch.

"Thankfully, my thick black hair is still around."

Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. For a moment, he thought that he had walked the evil path of exchanging his hair for power. The balder he got, the more powerful he would become.

The upper limit of the Lord Mechanic class was level 40, and he would complete his Class Advancement when he reached level 200. The next race evolution was also at level 300, and level 280 was just an ordinary Promotion in the middle.

However, 52,000 Ona seemed to be a stable boundary. Not all Beyond Grade As were able to reach 52,000 Ona, and the few talents that he had obtained felt like the basic abilities of a new realm.

After learning [Endless Material Science] and [Virtual Creator], his Energy Rank rapidly approached 52,000 Ona, and he finally broke through the boundary after increasing his level.

Han Xiao then looked at his new abilities and verified his guess.

Although he did not experience a race evolution, every Promotion was also an increase to his realm. Going past 52,000 Ona meant entering a new realm, and every life form that reached this realm would receive the same talents.

[Strengthened Elemental Resistance] boosted his attributes like [Perfect Mechanical Sense], and its multiplier was 1.25.

[Optimized Energy Usage] reduced the energy and stamina consumption of all his skills to 27%.

[High Grade Life Vitality] increased the upper limit of his health and recovery rate. His health increased by 17%, and his recovery rate increased by 120%.

These three talents strengthened his basic ability to take damage, which was something that all classes required.

The only skill, [Mighty Prestige], was a halo type ability that could be turned on and off. A life form at a higher realm was capable of emanating pressure, and this had turned into a skill.

The suppression would cover a certain region, and the individuals within the region would be affected by it, inflicting a negative status to reduce their attributes. However, it was only useful to life forms with intelligence, and certain life forms that were immune to mental skills were immune toward it, such as Mechanical Lives. It was useless against individuals of the same level.

After thinking for a while, Han Xiao concluded that the skill was completely useless apart from bullying noobs. But if he wanted to bully noobs, a Mechanic like him would not need a halo like this. He could just have a team fight.

The three talents that he had obtained were still much better.

Although this was only an ordinary Promotion, the increase to his strength was still pretty good.

His base Endurance boost was one Endurance point to 410 Health. The increase from his other abilities included an additional 60 from [Advanced Strengthened Life], 140 from [Eternal Body], 50 from Grade S boost, 10% health from [Extraordinary Physique], 17% health from [High Grade Life Vitality], and 100 health from [Well Trained].

For his Mechanical Force, he also had various different talents and skills to convert Intelligence to Machinery Affinity.

He then threw all his Free Attribute Points into Intelligence and looked at his attributes with satisfaction.


Level: 280

Main Class: Mechanic

Race: Black Star Race

Attributes: 3,347 STR, 4,080 DEX, 6,129 END, 9,029 INT, 2,950 MYS, 1,163 CHA, 1 LUK

Free Attribute Points: 0

Potential Point: 21

Health: 5,137,427

Stamina: 4,417,950

Energy: 89,320 [Lv.17]

Lv.17 Energy bonus stats: +1,206 STR, +1,488 DEX, +1,890 END, +2,345 INT, +1,123 MYS, +311,520 Stamina Limit, +1,632% Machinery Affinity

Energy Rank: 53,750

Grade: S+ (Beyond A)

Grade S Bonuses: +50 END, +25 All Resistances. +25% Highest Attribute, +15% Other Attributes, +750 Free Attribute Points, +50 Potential Points

The future of a Beyond Grade A is like a cloud of mist. Everyone is searching for their path and will meet many bottlenecks during their evolution process. Congratulations for going past the first bottleneck.


The remark is so solemn this time.

Han Xiao rubbed his muscles and tried to get used to the changes.

Now that he was at Grade S+, he was still considered Beyond Grade A despite the growth in his strength. His strength did not achieve such a huge change like when he went from the Calamity Grade to Beyond Grade A. Because there was no clear distinction between the combat strength of the Beyond Grade As and the grades within the Beyond Grade A realm being slowly figured out, the realm was segmented into mini realms.

Just like how everyone thought that the Calamity Grade was the upper limit of strength during the early days of the exploration era, the people now felt that Beyond Grade A was the limit of an individuals strength. EsGod wanted to break through the current limits just like the Primordial Ones did and raise his strength to a whole new realm.

After his promotion, the amount of experience required to level up increased yet again. Han Xiao knew that it would be impossible for him to save up enough experience to reach level 300 quickly. After all, he used the faction store to earn the players experience, and even if he could earn experience quickly, he needed the time to accumulate it. Currently, the players had already learned plenty of knowledge, and the experience that they provided had begun to stagnate.

Han Xiao was not prepared to continue waiting. He had already been in seclusion for a few months, and it was better for him to get rid of EsGod as quickly as possible.

He had crafted many pieces of equipment that were made specially to deal with EsGod, and as long as the dynasty was willing to help him, he would have some confidence to kill EsGod.

"I havent contacted the dynasty at all during this period. I wonder how matters are still unsettled between them and the Arcane Church. If they have come to an agreement already, they should have the capacity to deal with EsGod."

Han Xiao then took out his communicator and was about to ask about the dynastys situation.

Right at this moment, Phillip suddenly appeared.

"Master, hum Someone sent me an encrypted message just now."

"Sending an encrypted message to me? Decrypt it and see who sent it."

"I cant decrypt it alone; thats why I came to you."

Han Xiaos eyes narrowed. Phillip was a capable assistant, and since Phillip was unable to decrypt the information, it meant that the other party was not a simple individual. They had to be at the Star Cluster level at the very least.

"What is said in the encrypted message?"

"They said that they are the descendants of Spacetime Freezer and want to talk to you face to face."

Han Xiao was stunned, and his expression changed slightly.

When he was searching for information regarding the Spacetime Amber, he remembered the current state of the Spacetime Freezer race.

So the Federation of Light is looking for me?

Since they have chosen to send the Spacetime Freezer race over, are they trying to hint to me that they are aware of the Spacetime Ambers origins?

Han Xiao then pondered for a moment before instructing, "Reply to them. I agree to meet them."






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