Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Meeting Second Chain Mission Completed

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After straightening his clothes and arranging his hairstyle, Han Xiao pushed open the door of the training room and walked out.

Outside the door was a silvery white corridor, with built-in lamps along the ceiling lighting the place with a white light. The corridor was ring-shaped, and on both sides were training rooms, with numbers engraved on the doors in black lettering. The suspended virtual screen on the side showed the user who was inside. This was a dedicated training place for the officers.

The satellite base in the headquarters was humongous, and it was divided into multiple bases. Where Han Xiao was located was the core area.

Han Xiao touched his stomach. Because he had just advanced, he was still full of energy, but he felt that he had consumed a lot of energy mentally. After thinking about it, he decided to head to the dining area to get himself a good meal. He was afraid that if he stuck to just eating nutrition packs every day, his taste buds would rot away sooner or later.

The dining area was a basic need of life. Furthermore, due to the diverse tastes of the various races, there were also chefs of various races.

Because of the size of the base, various anti-gravity suspension vehicles were used as modes of transport. They were all products of the logistics department. Within his home, Han Xiao would naturally not be so idle and choose to walk over. Thus, he searched for one of the vehicles and set a course for the dining area.

From afar, one could see the sea of people within the dining area. As one got closer, the din grew ever louder. No matter what time it was, the human traffic in the dining area would always be the highest.

Landing on the docking platform, Han Xiao stepped off the suspension vehicle and walked in. The army members who were idly chatting at the door after having their fill noticed Han Xiaos figure, and those leaning on the wall immediately stood upright.

"Army Commander, good day!"

"Oh, good day. Have you all eaten already?" Han Xiao nodded and greeted back casually.

Whenever he met his subordinates at the headquarters, he would definitely reply. His airs were projected only for the outsiders, and he was more casual and friendly toward his people.

Upon entering the wide hall of the dining area, many pairs of eyes immediately glanced over. The atmosphere quietened for a moment, and many of them showed a face of emotion as they hurriedly got up and saluted. Some remained sitting as they ate, only raising their head to curiously size up Han Xiao.

Following the expansion of the Black Star Army, many of the new members had never even seen their leader once. Han Xiao also did not typically appear in public areas, choosing to stay within the core areas, thus his image in the members minds grew more and more mysterious.

Furthermore, the event of Enemy of the Arcane had given an additional halo around Han Xiao, causing his reputation to constantly rise. His image only grew bigger in the eyes of his members.

Every large organization would have internal faction disagreements, and it was the same with the Black Star Army. With its current size, the factions had also become more obvious, where different races and tribes all formed their own small pockets. Only Han Xiao was able to completely suppress all of them. As long as he was present, the army was truly unified.

"Dont mind me, just continue eating." Han Xiao helplessly waved his hands. This was the reason why he did not like to show himself.

Every time he strolled around within the base, he would seem like an inspector going about his rounds. What a lonely life.

"Teacher, here, here!" This time, Han Xiao heard a familiar voice. Turning his head, he saw Sylvia waving toward him. She was having her meal with Aroshia.

Han Xiao walked to the seat facing hers and sat down. He then picked up a drumstick from his tray and took a bite. The meat was tender and juicy, full of substance and stimulating to his taste buds. After chewing a few times, an even stronger fragrance was emitted.

"The taste is pretty good. We should raise the salary of the chefs here." Han Xiao finished his drumstick in two or three bites. He licked the corners of his mouth, savoring the last bit of taste, and he started to pick at the other dishes. "Remember to grant funds to the canteen department as well to research a new flavor of the nutrition fluid."

"I get it. You really love the nutrition fluids." Sylvia grunted as she cut into her vegetables.

"Eating a meal requires ten minutes, but drinking a tube of nutrition fluid only needs three seconds. I like the more efficient method. Learn from me, sister," Han Xiao joked.

Im the one in charge of miscellaneous tasks, and you have more time than me. What sort of time are you trying to save? Sylvia rolled her eyes, going back to her meal feeling depressed.

Han Xiao then turned toward Aroshia. "How have you been?"

"Ah owh" Aroshia did not raise her head, fully focused on the mountain of food in front her. Her face was expressionless, her cheeks moving like a chipmunk as she quickly chewed. The amount of food in front of her was almost ten times Sylvias.

She had known Sylvia for a long time, and their relationship was pretty good. However, because Aroshias combat abilities could no longer match Han Xiaos tempo, she was unable to move out on operations together with him. However, she still had a special position within the army due to her experience and popularity due to her looks. She was the crush of countless army members and had even attracted a group of fans from the players.

Because of the [Reboot] mission, Han Xiao did not wish to come into contact with Aroshia and Risda too often. At this level, ruining any chance of a relationship with the Mechanic Empire over this small issue was not worthwhile. Risda had always been pestering him, but Han Xiao currently did not have any idea how to approach this issue. His current level did not allow him to have that sort of ability.

"Thats right. Since youre already here, I dont need to send out the news." Han Xiao spoke to Sylvia. "In the next few days, someone from the Federation of Light will pay me a visit. Please arrange for it."

Sylvia was startled, raising her head. "Teacher, youre allied to the dynasty. Seeing someone from the Federation of Light isnt too good."

"They asked to meet me first. At least I have to listen to what they have to say."

As Han Xiao was explaining, he suddenly got interrupted by a voice behind him.

"Black Star, I I have something for you!"

Han Xiao turned around, only to see a male player with his ID above his head standing behind him, holding something black in his hands.

Yet another guy who thinks giving gifts will brush up my favorability

Because the players treated him as an NPC, they thought that their favorability with him would increase when he was given gifts. Han Xiao was resigned to this.

Every time he showed himself, someone would try this method. He had long gotten used to it.

After receiving the gift, it turned out to be a slightly rare mineral.

Honestly, Han Xiao did not understand why people would send him minerals. Did they think he could not afford it

Gazing at the face full of expectation, the corners of Han Xiaos mouth twitched, and he endured the impulse to lower that guys favorability, merely forcing out a smile. "Thank you."

The player waited for a while but did not see any notification about an increase in favorability. He scratched his head, looking at the rare mineral in Han Xiaos hands, his expression regretful.

"Um, can I take back my gift?"

Han Xiaos expression turned black.

Brother, youre being too stingy.


"Sigh, I lost out." The player still did not give up, however. "Is there anything you would like me to do?"

No, scram!

Of course, this was only said within his heart. He would not be so rude to the players.

" I currently have nothing for you to deal with. If you are free, how about you proceed to the Gulal Civilization and join the war there or help with the exploration in the Flickering World? There should be something for you to do."

Han Xiao smiled innocently but with the hidden meaning of asking the player to go f*ck himself.

"Alright then" The player left with an expression of pity and regret.

To prevent himself from being mobbed by the players, he quickly finished his meal and left the dining area as though he was flying. He went to the logistics department next to check up on Neros studies.

[Perfect Mechanical Sense] was a Molding Talent that he had desired for a long time, so he paid a lot of attention to Neros progress.

Reaching the logistics department, Han Xiao walked into Reynolds office and saw Nero sprawled over a table full of books.

After drinking the dragonblood potion, not only did it energize the mind, it also rejuvenated the body. Thus, Neros little face appeared healthy. However, his expression was bitter as though he had swallowed a pile of herbs. His face was so scrunched up that it looked as though it was about to be compressed into a single point, and he wrote as though he wished to pierce his entire pen into the textbook.

"Little Nero, your godfather is here to see you." Han Xiao smiled as he walked over.

Nero did not even look at Han Xiao. He turned his head, his expression one of grumpiness.

Han Xiao turned to Reynold. "Hows his progress?"

"The dragonblood potion is very useful and has saved him the time needed to sleep. His progress is also extremely fast, and he will be able to start learning the introductory theory soon. I plan to add in some practical machinery classes in the next stage of his study plan." Reynolds tone was serious.

Hearing that, Neros hand trembled, and the pen dropped onto the table with a clack sound. His entire bearing appeared to have been frozen stiff.

Han Xiao smirked.

Youre truly a devil

This time, the door opened again, and Feidin, clad in loose blue robes, walked in. Seeing Han Xiao, he was surprised but revealed a warm smile. "Black Star, youre here as well."

"What are you here for?" Han Xiaos brows rose.

"Im here to see Nero." Feidin laughed. "And to play some cards with him."

Nero immediately threw himself into Feidins bosom, as though he had met his savior. He conveniently turned back and stuck his tongue out toward Han Xiao.

"Cough cough, Feidin comes to play cards with Nero every now and then. Thats his free time," Reynold explained.

Han Xiao had an amazed expression on his face, as though asking, You actually will give him time to play?

"Er once every half a month."

Oh, I was wrong.

Since it was rare to have any playtime, Nero excitedly took out the Wayne Cards and pulled on Feidins sleeves to begin. Feidin smiled and took out his cards leisurely, beginning to battle with Nero.

Seeing this situation, Han Xiaos brows twitched. He felt that Feidin was very fond of Nero. Could it be that Feidin and Chen Xing were unable to produce children?

While Han Xiao did not enjoy playing cards, he knew the rules well. Standing by the side, he could not help but suck in a deep breath.

Was this the so-called battle between two lucky stars?

He seemed to see the Goddess of Fortune playing against herself, fighting on both sides!

Seeing Neros practiced hand movements, Han Xiao felt a little heartache.

My little cub in the end, you have still been infected by Hadavy and Herlous.

Seems like I need to correct this.

Han Xiao endured his laughter as he threw a [Luck Curse] toward Nero. He shook his head and stealthily left the scene.

Over the next few days, Han Xiao took the time to adapt to his newly increased strength and also cleared a few miscellaneous tasks, preparing for the meeting with the Federation of Light.

The spaceship landed at the headquarters of the Black Star Army, and Mona led a group of people off the spaceship. They were led to a reception room under the guidance of the reception robot.

Seated at the reception room, Han Xiao waited for a moment before the doors opened, and the emissary team from the Federation of Light appeared. They greeted each other before taking their seats.

"The Federation of Lights Advanced Combatant Team Sergeant, Mona." Mona gave a simple introduction.

Sensing that the other party was a Calamity Grade, Han Xiao opened the interface panel to take a look. Indeed, after being in contact with someone belonging to the tribe of Spacetime Freezer, the mission of the Spacetime Amber showed a change.


The Second Chain Mission of [The Primordial Ones Inheritance Spacetime Freezer] has been completed!

+1 Soul Connection with the Spacetime Amber.

Spacetime Amber: Current Soul Connection 2/5

The Spacetime Amber has gotten closer to you.

The buff Blessing of the Spacetime Amber has been refreshed.

[Blessing of the Spacetime Amber (Lv.2)]: +15% Maximum Energy, +120 STR, +120 DEX, +120 END, +240 INT, +50 MYS, +50 CHA. In addition, +70% Basic Space Resistance, +30% Basic Psychological Resistance. The effect of all your spacetime related abilities are increased by 18% 32%.

Buff Duration: Permanent


Han Xiao was overjoyed but did not show it on his face. With an increased connection to the Spacetime Amber, he had also developed a closer feeling to the amber, and from his senses, the Spacetime Amber seemed to have transformed into something that he had used for a long time.

This meant that his efficiency in creating the amber balls would also increase. However, he was now in a meeting with people and was unable to test it out.

Han Xiao glanced at the third series of the chain mission.


Third Chain Mission Requirements: Proceed to the ancestral land of the Spacetime Freezer, and take his body to visit his homeland.


Okay, so this is not a coincidence any longer Han Xiao murmured to himself internally.

The ancestral land of the Spacetime Freezer was located within the territory of the Federation of Light. If he wished to complete the third mission, he had to personally make a visit. After all, it was impossible for the other party to bring the entire planet to him.

Closing his interface, Han Xiao cut to the chase. "The Federation of Light has few dealings with me. May I ask for your purpose in visiting me?"

"Its like this. The Federation of Light is curious about your Spacetime Amber," Mona said with a straight face. "After checking our records, we found out that the Spacetime Amber seems to have some relation with one of the Beyond Grade As in our history."

"Oh, there was such a thing?" Han Xiao feigned surprise, but he was actually shocked. To think that the Federation of Light even held secret records relating to the Spacetime Freezer and even made such an informed guess.

As for the Federation of Light expressing their interest in the Spacetime Amber, he did not find that surprising. Basically every single organization in Galaxy was curious about his two Universal Treasures and were probably researching them.

"Do you know about the Spacetime Freezer?" Mona asked.

Han Xiao had to put on a show, and thus, after a while, he nodded, his expression unchanging as he replied, "Let me check."

"Oh, now I know. What you mean is that the Spacetime Freezer and the Spacetime Amber are related, right?"

Mona had been observing Han Xiaos expression but could not deduce anything, so he could only continue the conversation.

"We cannot confirm this either, so it is only a hypothesis. I am one of the descendants related to the Spacetime Freezer, so I requested for the Federation of Light to help me get into contact with you to understand the origin of the Spacetime Amber."

"Why should I care about the history of the Spacetime Amber? How does that benefit me?"

Han Xiao raised his brows, but he was clear of the answer himself.

The reason the Federation of Light did this was because he could be considered to have picked up this Universal Treasure by luck and did not understand its history. Thus, the Federation of Light sent Mona as a descendant of the Spacetime Freezer to contact him and search for his ancestors traces. However, the Federation of Light knew that Han Xiao would not buy this reason and thus only used it to get closer to him.

"Rest assured. Because this involves the ancestor of our entire race, the Federation of Light is only helping us to investigate it and add information of this new Universal Treasure into the public database. We have no other plans regarding your Spacetime Amber," Mona explained.

"I believe you." Han Xiao had on a straight expression. "Really."






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