Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 888

Chapter 888 Future Dynasty Ruler

The dynastys team had been decided. A group of seven Beyond Grade As was an extremely powerful force, and the number had exceeded Han Xiao and the dynastys expectations. The dynasty agreed to the list of members of the team and gathered their fleet to prepare for the battle.

Before dealing with EsGod, they had to first complete the trade with the Arcane Church.

The Arcane Church escort fleet was still on the way, and Han Xiao was awaiting his orders on Planet Crimson Ring. He could take the time out to accompany Nero and the others to explore Planet Crimson Ring.

Planet Crimson Ring was extremely large with plenty of floating cities in the sky. There were many sights that were famous in the universe. Furthermore, Planet Crimson Ring was the origin of the Crimson Dynasty Civilization, and many historical locations from a long time ago were retained.

Under the lead of the tour guide, Han Xiao and the others spent this time exploring many different tourist locations.

Han Xiao belonged to the dynasty faction in his previous life and had naturally explored the mother planet of the dynasty before. Because he was familiar with the situation on the planet, he was not too curious and was mainly there to accompany Nero and the others.

Planet Crimson Ring had plenty of rich mission resources, but to the present Han Xiao, the value of these missions was not great. Furthermore, his current status was different, and his every action would be watched by others. As such, it was impossible for him to become an errand boy for someone else.

Most importantly, there were many familiar missions and characters that had not appeared at this time yet.

Today, their group arrived at the Saint Palace Museum of the dynasty.

This museum was the largest one in the Crimson Dynasty and had objects from every historical period during the development of the Crimson Dynasty.

The Saint Palace Museum was a large garden with dozens of different palaces. The palaces all had different styles to represent the different time period of the dynasty.

The advantage of having the dynastys tour guide beside them was that they did not need to queue up or buy an entrance ticket. Han Xiao led Feidin, Reynold, and Reynold to skip the long queue and entered the museum through a special entrance.

Their special privilege drew the attention of those queuing up, and everyone began whispering to each other.

"That seems to be Black Star from the Shattered Star Ring. I saw him on the news before."

"To think that wed be able to meet such a bigshot. How lucky."

"Quick, take a picture!"

These tourists were all extremely excited and took out their cameras to take pictures. A Beyond Grade A Super was an individual who truly held great authority and was completely different from these ordinary galactic residents. Now that they had met Han Xiao, it was like meeting a famous celebrity on the streets.

These tourists came from many different races and civilizations. The Psionic Seal Ring was there to protect the mother planet but not to seal off the mother planet. At the very least, they would not do so during this generation. It was just that every visitor had to go through stringent checks and could only spend a limited time on the planet.

Every year, Planet Crimson Ring would welcome a huge number of tourists to support the local tourist industry. The dynasty was not interested in that little bit of money but in increasing the influence of the dynastys culture through tourism.

Han Xiao and the others walked into the museum and entered the main palace under the tour guides lead.

Compared to the bustle on the outside, the palace was extremely silent and had a solemn atmosphere.

The main palace described the development direction of the Crimson Dynasty, and everyone listened to the explanation of the tour guide as they looked through the various objects being displayed.

Nero was filled with curiosity toward the dynastys history and looked through the introduction of every item. Feidin followed behind Nero and was also pretty interested in the items being displayed. Reynolds attention was mainly focused on the various ancient machines being displayed. Although these machines were considered outdated compared to the current technology, Reynold was still more interested in these items than the others.

Han Xiao walked the fastest and arrived in front of ten gigantic black stone slabs. The height of the ten stone slabs almost reached the ceiling of the palace, and the history of the Crimson Dynasty was written down from the beginning to now. The development of the Crimson Dynasty had not always been smooth.

The Crimson Dynasty was also once weak and had been through many struggles such as civil war and revolutionary attempts.

The advancement of their genes brought about risk of mutation. The advancement of the machines and artificial intelligence risked the betrayal of the intelligent machines. The use of heavy machines brought about changes to the environment As their technological skills advanced, the civilization also met many different forks in the road.

There were plenty of other dangers such as the various wormholes, pandemics, exploration wars, and so on. Through the many tribulations that the Crimson Dynasty had experienced, they finally developed their iron-blooded character.

They grew from a weak civilization into one of the rulers in the universe. They had been through plenty of tribulations throughout this period, and the ten stone slabs recorded the price that they had to pay to get there.

In front of the history of an entire civilization, everyone seemed extremely small.

Just when Han Xiao fell into a daze while looking at the stone slabs, an old voice sounded beside him.

"Im always in awe whenever I see these stone slabs."

Han Xiao turned around and saw an old man wearing the uniform of the museum. He had a compassionate look in his eyes with his back straight as though he was a soldier.

"Thats right. Every civilization capable of reaching the universe level deserves to be respected," Han Xiao replied.

The old man then nodded and turned around to look at Han Xiao. With a smile, he said, "Let me introduce myself. I am the vice manager of the Saint Palace museum, Karl Fleur Wishandi. Hello, Your Excellency Black Star."

"Hello." Han Xiao also nodded, but his heart began thumping.

Karl Fleur Wishandi? This name sounds so familiar

Usually, the names that he found familiar would be the famous characters from his previous life. Han Xiao immediately began searching through his database while talking to the vice manager.

Karl was a healthy old man who did not seem too concerned about Han Xiaos status and talked to Han Xiao on equal grounds.

"I have always been interested in the history of the dynasty and have guarded the museum for many years. I enjoy protecting the items in this place." Karl stroked the stone slab in front of him and lamented.

Han Xiao glanced at the Do Not Touch sign by the side and decided to ignore the vice manager breaking the rules.

"Vice Manager Karl, did you use to be a soldier?"

"Thats right. I served in the Seventh Reconnaissance Corps of the dynasty when I was young and joined in twenty-three battles. I was then transferred to become a long-distance commander before landing an admin job. I served in the army for more than half my life and applied to retire. Then, I became the vice manager of the museum."

Rather than saying that he was explaining his origins to Han Xiao, it was more like he was talking to himself and reminiscing about the past.

Upon hearing that, Han Xiaos eyes lit up, and he finally remembered who the person beside him was!

More accurately, the retired soldier beside him was not a famous NPC, but his descendant was famous throughout the universe.

Karls surname was Fleur Wishandi, and one of the future Rulers of the Crimson Dynasty had such a surname!

It was very likely that the future Ruler of the dynasty was the descendant of this old man before him!

It could be said that he had met a large fish this time!

Han Xiao then turned around to look at Nero and Feidin slowly.

They are truly terrifying

Of course, according to the time, that Dynasty Ruler might not have been born yet. However, there was still value in befriending him, and it could be said that the value was even higher.

Han Xiao then said with a smile, "I joined the dynasty recently, and I am also very curious about the dynastys history. I wonder if you will be interested in giving me an introduction?"

"It would be my honor to introduce the dynastys history to a Beyond Grade A ally." Karl laughed heartily.

As a retired soldier of the older generation, he was very willing to narrate the dynastys history to others.

For the entire day, Karl snatched the job of the tour guide and accompanied Han Xiao and the others to view the other palaces.

Since Han Xiao intended to befriend the other party, both of them chatted merrily for the entire day and agreed to continue the next day.

For the next two days, Han Xiao followed Karl to explore the Saint Palace Museum and finally finished viewing all the palaces at night.

Han Xiao then invited Karl to go out for a meal, but Karl did not accept the invitation. Instead, he invited Han Xiao to be a guest at his place and said that he would personally cook.

At the appointed date, Han Xiao and the others headed toward Karls residence.

As a retired, high-ranking officer, Karl received special treatment from the government and had a small villa on the mother planet of the dynasty. It was not too far from Tarunamir Palace and was pretty convenient to reach.

Han Xiao and the others arrived in front of the villa, and Nero knocked on the door.

Everyone waited for a while, and a middle-aged man pushed open the door.

"Hello, Your Excellency Black Star, please come in," the middle-aged man said with a face of excitement and respect.

This middle-aged man was Karls eldest son and was working for the Crimson Dynasty. With his fathers connections, he had climbed to the middle rungs but was still nothing much before Han Xiao.

Knowing that his father had befriended a Beyond Grade A Super, he was extremely excited and made plenty of preparations for the gathering that night.

Walking into the hall, Karls head appeared from the kitchen, and he said, "Your Excellency Black Star, please sit for a while. The dishes will be served in a while."

"Dont worry, take your time. We have plenty of time." Han Xiao waved his hands.

They then sat down on the couch in the living room. Karl had another two children, with the middle child being a daughter and the youngest child being a son. The former was an entrepreneur who managed a galactic travel agency, and the latter was a sculptor. Both of them were extremely respectful and looked extremely nervous.

Looking around at the decorations of the room, Han Xiao saw the picture of a lady being hung on the wall. She should be Karls late wife.

Karl had three children, and Han Xiao did not know which branch the future Dynasty Ruler came from. It was not that he could not remember but that he did not study the matter in such great detail in his previous life. However, according to the occupations of the three children, it should probably be the descendant of the eldest son.

Karls eldest son intended to befriend him with a fawning tone in his voice. As for Karls other two children, they did not dare speak up much.

Han Xiao chatted casually with Karls eldest son for a while before Karl walked out of the kitchen with the dishes and called for everyone to come and eat.

The dishes were all common household dishes from the Crimson Dynasty and were all very tasty. Nero ate to his hearts content, and Karls eldest son snatched Feidins job to help serve Nero food.

After the meal, Karls daughter and youngest son took the initiative to clear up, and the others returned to the living room. It could be seen just how happy Karl was today, and he was truly full of smiles.

"Your Excellency Black Star still has the greatest face. These three little b*stards, always complaining that they are busy every day and do not have the time to meet me. But the moment you arrived, they all ran over obediently. Especially this little brat, he is even more passionate than this old man."

Karl chuckled.

"Cough cough." Karls eldest son coughed awkwardly.

Han Xiao then chuckled and asked Karls eldest son, "What is your position in the Crimson Dynasty?"

Karls eldest son immediately lit up and described his post.

"Oh, it isnt too bad for you to be able to sit on such a post." Han Xiao stroked his chin and added, "You can always find me if you need any help in the future. Give me your number."

"Thats great! Thank you, Your Excellency Black Star!" Karls eldest son was overjoyed.

He was so passionate about hosting Han Xiao so that he could receive Black Stars protection. His political sense was not too poor, and Black Stars status was extremely high. Together with the fact that the Dynasty Ruler paid close attention to Black Star, Black Stars protection would result in a positive impact for his career.

Furthermore, with Black Stars age, he would be able to protect the Crimson Dynasty for a long time and would definitely have a higher status in the future.

Karl did not like his eldest sons style and felt as though his eldest son made his friendship with Black Star become complicated. However, he would not stop his eldest sons opportunity and could only pretend that he did not see anything.

"Right, I also brought a gift for you." Han Xiao smiled.

"Sigh, a gift isnt necessary." Karl waved his arms.

"How could that do? I cant possibly come empty handed."

Han Xiao then snapped his fingers, and ten compressed orbs landed on the table.

"I personally made these mechanical guards. They are equipped with a transmitter to send a signal to me. You can press this button when you meet danger, and I will know that you guys are in danger. I will then be able to send my Mechanical Force through the void dimension to activate these mechanical guards and protect all of you. The mechanical guards that are boosted by my Mechanical Force should be able to deal with Calamity Grade dangers."

"Wouldnt this be too precious?" Karl hesitated.

Han Xiao laughed upon hearing that and said, "Hahaha, I am a Mechanic."

"Alright then, I shall thank you for your gift." Karl then accepted the ten compressed orbs.

He was already old, and even if he did not care about his own safety, he had to consider his future generations.

The mechanical guards of a Beyond Grade A had enormous value. Black Stars life span was very long, and as long as Black Star remained alive, these ten compressed orbs would be like a family heirloom!

After giving out the gift, both parties were much closer than before. After chatting a while longer, Han Xiao took his leave.

Upon leaving Karls villa, Han Xiaos mouth curled up slightly in a smile.

He had befriended the ancestors of a future Dynasty Ruler. If he really became the senior of a future Dynasty Ruler, things would be interesting.

This small investment had a chance of bringing him huge returns, and there was no reason for him not to make such an investment.

Thinking about it, Han Xiao stroked Neros head.

Nero enjoyed the feeling of Han Xiao patting him on the head, and he looked at Han Xiao.

"You are really my little star of fortune." Han Xiao chuckled.

Nero blinked, and although he did not understand what Han Xiao meant, he could tell that Han Xiao was in a good mood. Thus, he made use of this opportunity to ask, "Then, can my homework be reduced?"

"Sure. In your dreams."

Nero then shook his head to shake Han Xiaos hand off and placed his bag above his head to prevent Han Xiao from patting him.

Han Xiao spent the following days casually in this manner, taking Nero and the others out to tourist hotspots while farming favorability with Karls family. After some time, the dynasty finally sent him some news.

The Arcane Churchs troops had arrived at the transaction location, and he could set off.

Han Xiao left Nero and the others on the dynastys mother planet and followed the dynastys fleet on his own.






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