Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Appearance

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Sharp pugilist flames cleaved EsGods doppelgangers one after another and reduced them into black mist.

Virus body was ignited with flames, and he weaved through the battlefield like a meteor. He accurately killed plenty of EsGods doppelgangers under the cover of the mechanical army and was currently riddled with injuries.

"This fellow has too many doppelgangers, and it is impossible for us to kill them all. Furthermore, he is even able to make new doppelgangers. It will be pointless regardless of how many doppelgangers we kill. At the same time, we will be severely wounded if we are careless, and we are currently too passive," Viru said with a deep voice as he raised up his blade to block an attack from one of EsGods doppelgangers.

On the other side, Sun Hunter was controlling his fortress-like artillery equipment to rain down fire on EsGods doppelgangers. His face was extremely ugly, and he replied, "I am exhausting energy too rapidly in such an intense battle. I am not like Black Star and dont have the ability to recover energy so quickly."

The combat capability of EsGods doppelgangers was not that powerful and was largely decided by the Esper Ability of each doppelganger. EsGods doppelgangers definitely were not an opponent for a Beyond Grade A, and Psyker had once killed two of EsGods doppelgangers single-handedly.

However, the situation was now different. The dozens of EsGod doppelgangers brought about immense pressure, and it was akin to facing dozens of Beyond Grade As at the same time. Furthermore, it was impossible to completely wipe out the enemy. It was truly troublesome.

Facing the encirclement of the doppelgangers, everyone was riddled with injuries, and apart from Han Xiao, the other four had limited recovery ability. Furthermore, such an intense battle also drained them of their attention and energy greatly. Apart from Han Xiao, the other four were gradually slipping up.

Han Xiaos brows were locked tightly as he controlled the mechanical army to block EsGods doppelgangers. His mechanical army had been reduced to scrap many times over, and he used [Waste Modification] to send them back into the battle over and over again.

Mechanical soldiers were not afraid of death, and with their dense psionic cannon attacks, the mechanical soldiers killed far more doppelgangers than the others.

Thankfully, his mechanical army, which had been strengthened many times, had powerful attributes, which reduced the loss of the army. With the aid of his four teammates, they were still barely able to achieve a stalemate.

However, the upgraded EsGod was far more frightening in terms of sustained combat. As long as he was given enough time, the entire mechanical army would definitely be wiped out. Han Xiao had no choice but to admit that it would be extremely difficult for him to win against EsGod if he fought EsGod alone.

However, this was not a one-on-one battle, and he did not need to defeat EsGod alone. His current mission was to hold EsGod back and restrict him to this battlefield. They only needed to hold on until their teammates were done setting up the trap.

Han Xiao was extremely clear that if the five of them could not hold EsGod back, forcing the six in ambush to come out and save them, it was very likely that EsGod would escape immediately. The trap was not set at the moment, and if they could not hold EsGod back, the operation would fail for sure.

Han Xiao then turned around to look at EsGods main body, which was seated crossed legged in space. New doppelgangers were formed every second.

After using his doppelganger technique, EsGods main body retreated to the side and did not participate in the battle personally. As his doppelgangers engaged in a bitter battle with the enemy, he watched with interest.

He did not need to take action personally; just his doppelgangers were enough to reduce the five Beyond Grade As to such a pathetic state. EsGod enjoyed such a feeling of strength.

Sun Hunter and Viru had tried to break out of the encirclement and approach EsGod, but EsGods instantaneous movement made it impossible for them to approach him. Even Han Xiao could not attack EsGods main body, so he had plenty of abilities that could not be used.

He could only wait for EsGods instantaneous movement to be restricted before he had the chance to make use of his trump cards.

With his current strength, even if he did not use any Character Summon Cards, Han Xiaos personal strength was sufficient to last a long time. His new talents brought his health up to about 5,000,000 HP, so he was extremely tanky.

Only Lotus Swordsman and the other Psychic could restrict EsGod slightly. They continuously unleashed their mental attacks on EsGod with their attacks being like swords stabbing at EsGods mental defenses.

Regardless of how many doppelgangers EsGod had, he only had a single soul, and the twos Psychic attacks were effective against his main body.

However, EsGod also had Esper Abilities to guard his mind and repair any soul damage. Although he would suffer from mental damage, he would not be so easily restricted by the two.

Because the two Psychics possessed a certain degree of threat toward him, EsGods main target was not Han Xiao, Sun Hunter, or Viru. Instead, it was the two Psychics. Thus, Han Xiao got his Apostle Weapons to lead a special team of mechanical soldiers to guard the two.

Psionic Primes spear stabbed the core of EsGods doppelganger, Mad Sky Hunter chewed on the head of a doppelganger, Silver Flash opened fire at a doppelganger, and Giant King Kong used his Divine Giant Armor and large body to protect the two Psychics and other Apostle Weapons.

The Apostle Weapons also had quasi Beyond Grade A battle strength, and they engaged EsGods doppelgangers in a bitter battle.

A portion of EsGods doppelgangers entered the dynasty and churchs fleets to destroy their battleships.

One EsGod doppelganger shot through the shield of the battleship and pierced through the battleship.

Right at this moment, countless dark energy cannons shot over from all directions and reduced this EsGod doppelganger to dust.

In the flagship, the dynasty commander said with a solemn expression, "The damage of the fleet is increasing, and we arent able to destroy the Fallen Ark fleet with these doppelgangers distracting us. Things will be bad if they continue to drag on."

Since the five Beyond Grade As could not hold EsGod back, the fleet would suffer from the attacks of the Beyond Grade A doppelgangers. The EsGod doppelgangers then weaved around the fleet and caused a great deal of chaos while disrupting the battleships in battle. As such, the fleet led by Fakisen was barely able to hold on and not get wiped out.

The Fallen Ark fleet formed a defensive formation in the center and endured the attacks which came from all directions. Fakisen directed the fleet while paying attention to EsGods battle.

"His Excellency EsGods strength is becoming more and more frightening," Fakisen said with hesitation.

"Thats right. He is able to deal with five Beyond Grade As so easily. He is EsGod indeed," a vice commander said with reverence in his eyes.

Fakisen then said with a strange tone, "Even five Beyond Grade As arent able to win against EsGod, and this isnt even His Excellency EsGods limit. The three large civilizations sent too few people and have truly underestimated him. Tsk tsk."

Fakisen then summoned an officer.

"You shall take command of the fleet now."

"What do you want to do?"

"Ah ah, I still have something else to do. This is a secret mission that His Excellency EsGod handed over to me."

Fakisen then turned around, left the command room, and headed to a spaceship hangar.

He knew that EsGod was already beginning to become suspicious of him. After EsGod took care of the present danger, he would probably be next. EsGod would never need evidence when getting rid of his subordinates.

Besides, regardless of whether EsGod was able to survive this encirclement, Fakisen was not planning on remaining by EsGods side.

The intense battle lasted a long time, and apart from Han Xiao, the other four were riddled with injuries. The mechanical army had also suffered great losses and was gradually becoming weaker.

EsGod looked at the few who were extremely pathetic and sent out a mental message with satisfaction.

"Black Star, do you see this? This is the strength that you have given me. What do you think about it?"

Han Xiao then used the amber ball formation to block an incoming attack and snorted in response. "It isnt much."

EsGod was not bothered by the reply and continued, "Ah, although I havent broken through the Beyond Grade A limits, my strength should already be the peak of the entire explored universe. The five of you do not even have any chance of fighting back before me."

As Sun Hunter heard that, he immediately aimed his cannon at EsGod and fired.

This time, EsGod did not avoid the attack but used his body to receive the attack. He then activated his Black Hole ability and absorbed the attack to create a few more doppelgangers.

The remaining force from the attack charred his skin and disfigured him completely.

But the next moment, his injuries recovered rapidly, and his appearance went back to normal. His recovery speed was no slower than Han Xiao.

"A useless attack." EsGod glanced at Sun Hunter before looking at Han Xiao. "Black Star, you are not the only one with an indestructible body."

Han Xiao replied with an expressionless face, "Every time you repair your body, your cells activeness will be exhausted. When your cells reach their upper limit, your life span will also come to an end. This is the disadvantage of a self-healing ability."

"Thats right. I am already old. Every time I fight, my lifespan would be burnt up," EsGod said calmly. "However, your Evolution Cube increased my life span by a great deal, and it is enough for me to use. At the very least, you wont have a chance in this battle."

EsGods current strength came from the evolution energy, and thus, he treated Han Xiao differently.

"Do you really think that you have won?" Sun Hunter interrupted coldly.

"Oh? Please give me a good surprise if you guys still have any unused trump cards. In a while, you guys wont even have the strength to escape," EsGod said with confidence in his voice. "After getting rid of the few of you here, the Arcane Church and the Crimson Dynasty will definitely be infuriated. I also do not have any interest in facing the next wave of enemies, so letting all of you go will be the best option. However, if all of you do not wish to escape, I dont mind killing you."

Through this battle, EsGod had already tested his own combat strength, and defeating this wave of enemies was sufficient to prove his strength. As long as he did not kill them, the three great civilizations would not bother him for a period of time. He wanted to remain low profile for some time to familiarize himself with his strength after the evolution. Thus, he truly did not wish to kill Han Xiaos group.

If not, a Universal Civilization would not let the matter rest after suffering such a huge loss, and that did not suit his current objectives. Thus, he hoped that Han Xiaos group would willingly retreat.

Han Xiao then looked around at his comrades. They had injuries all over their bodies and were not in good states.

Just as EsGod had said, it was impossible for the five of them to do anything against EsGod. If the battle continued, their lives would possibly be in danger.

Right at this moment, Han Xiao suddenly laughed and said, "EsGod, do you know that I am extremely clear about the threat you pose?"

"My threat?" EsGod raised his brows. "My deeds are spread all across the universe. Is there a need for you to emphasize on them?"

"No, I am not talking about that." Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

"I dont get what you are talking about," EsGod said.

Han Xiao chuckled and was not planning to explain himself.

EsGod purposely revealed information about the wormhole because he wanted the other organizations to investigate the matter together with him. However, he hid information about the World Tree Civilization, and EsGod thought that he was the only one who knew the existence of the World Tree Civilization.

In truth, EsGod was not wrong in thinking so. No one else apart from Han Xiao knew about this secret and would fall for EsGods trap to help EsGod research this wormhole. EsGods wish was to open this channel and fish for benefits from the side.

However, EsGod could not have known that Han Xiao also knew about the existence of the World Tree Civilization. He was the second person in the explored universe to know about this, and EsGod was still in the dark regarding this.

It was because of the lack of information that EsGod was not clear about how resolute Han Xiao was about killing him. According to his past experience, there should be four to six Beyond Grade As coming to encircle him, so five was within his expectations.

As such, he never imagined that there would be far more than five Beyond Grade As coming to encircle him!

Right when Han Xiao finished what he had to say, an abrupt change happened.

EsGods expression changed greatly as he could clearly feel a spacetime magic spreading out to cover the entire region. The secondary dimension was cut off, and spacetime was locked down. The space in this region became extremely sturdy without any cracks.

At the same time, Han Xiao also activated the space stabilizing equipment that Manison had given him and covered EsGod within it to prevent EsGod from escaping before the trap was formed.

Losing the ability of instantaneous movement, EsGod no longer had the initiative. EsGod then detected another six energy sources appearing from afar, rapidly approaching him.

Milizaus group of six appeared on the battlefield and surrounded him.

Upon seeing that, EsGods expression darkened, and a look of shock could be seen in his eyes.

"Why are there another six more"






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