Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Success Return

The moment the Spacetime Amber was formed, all energy was isolated, and everyone let go, surrounding it and gazing at EsGod, who was trapped within the amber curiously.

"Is it done?" Sun Hunter tapped the casing of the amber ball, gazing at the motionless EsGod. His eyes carried some surprise.

Before the operation, they had estimated that the success rate would not be low, but now that it had been completed, the Beyond Grade As found it unbelievable.

EsGod was famed in the universe and had escaped the grasp of the three Universal Civilizations time and again. Now, it had truly been caught!

Furthermore, the operation had gone quite smoothly.

"Once trapped within the Spacetime Amber, time and space will be frozen. EsGod still retains his consciousness but can no longer move his body. Weve succeeded," Han Xiao summarized.

"Humph, to think this day would come." Milizaus shook his head.

"With eleven of us, it would be an embarrassment if we failed." Manisons expression was calm, but he felt emotional at the loss of someone he knew.

But just as this feeling surfaced, it was immediately suppressed down when his gaze shifted to the Spacetime Amber that Han Xiao was holding. Everyone also looked at the Universal Treasure.

The capture of EsGod filled everyone with surprise, but this did not last long as they were all Beyond Grade As. What they were more interested in was the Spacetime Amber.

Due to the rumors of the battle of Planet Lighthouse, the Spacetime Amber had entered the sights of the various Beyond Grade As, and they were interested in something that could easily imprison another Universal Treasure. Now that they saw it in person, feeling envious was only natural.

Black Star had the means to restrict a Beyond Grade As abilities, which posed a threat to most of them present. Everyone had to reconsider their evaluation of Black Stars strength. His position was unique.

Sensing their gazes, Han Xiaos brows furrowed, and he put the Spacetime Amber away once again with a flip of his hand.

"What a good thing." Sun Hunter sighed. "Black Star, your luck is good to actually possess two Universal Treasures."

Han Xiao raised his brows in response. He was the happiest whenever someone praised his luck.

After all, something intangible had to be emphasized by others, just like how ordinary people liked to be called handsome or beautiful

After pausing for a moment, he did not respond but rather changed topics. "Now that EsGod has been caught, the operation is complete. Ill take EsGod back to the dynasty. Any objections?"

Manison shook his head. He was interested in EsGods body, but it was a pity that he could not open the Spacetime Amber.

The trio from the Arcane Church, including Sun Hunter, thought about it before finally agreeing to Han Xiaos request as well. The Arcane Church wished to take EsGod captive, but the situation always trumped ones desires. With seven Beyond Grade As from the dynasty present, there was no guarantee they could snatch it, and there was also no need to.

"Since everyone is agreeable, then leave it to us." Milizaus nodded. "Black Star, your contribution was the biggest in the operation this time. The dynasty will cooperate and announce your deeds."

"Alright." Han Xiao smiled.

EsGod and the Fallen Ark fleet were quite well known in the universe as notorious villains, frightening countless interstellar citizens. Now that this guy had been caught by the dynasty, it would definitely be big news. The dynasty would not let go of this opportunity to announce in public their contribution to maintain peace in the universe by eliminating a scourge that threatened the citizens safety.

As the promoter and biggest contributor to the operation, Han Xiao would naturally be the key figure of this propaganda. When the news was spread, his reputation would also rise, and it would most likely become one of his defining battle records. The influence of this event would not necessarily be lower than the battle of Planet Lighthouse.

For someone such as EsGod, he might not be able to obtain any political assets, but he should definitely get Legendary Points.

Of course, when compared with the hidden dangers of the World Tree Civilization, these were trivial things. It was more important to eliminate the hidden dangers. At least the citizens would not receive a sudden alert that a World Tree was invading when they were on the toilet one day. That would probably scare the sh*t out of them.

Without the threat of EsGod, the spatial research of the three civilizations would also be lowered somewhat, and the Fallen Ark would also not continue launching attacks without a leader. Thus, the time when the World Tree Civilization would be linked with them would be delayed.

Since he had captured EsGod at this stage, the storyline of EsGod would disappear, but compared to the disaster brought about by the early invasion of the World Tree, this consequence was worth it, and it would win him more time for a stable development.

In the future, the three Universal Civilizations and the World Tree Civilization would definitely notice each other, and there would be a cosmic disaster. Han Xiao was accumulating strength for this, so to him, the later it happened, the better.

Thats right, EsGod said that he would meet me again.

Han Xiaos eyes flashed. Just now, he was busy trying to seal EsGod and did not pay attention to his words. Now that he had relaxed, all sorts of hypotheses began to float up.

EsGod also knew of the existence of the World Tree Civilization and was definitely certain that there would be a war between the two. His meaning waswould they let him out when they realized that they would require his strength?

Han Xiao shook his head. It was unknown when that would happen, and by then, it was hard to say that EsGods consciousness would still be sane after the long period of captivity.

This time, the Lotus Swordsman opened her mouth, coldly remarking, "Theres something I must remind you of. When I was interfering with EsGods soul, at that instant when he was sealed, I felt an extremely strong mental fluctuation.

Han Xiaos expression stiffened. "What sort of fluctuation?"

"The mental state of EsGod exploded out at that time, and his resistance increased manifolds, as though he wished to use his mental energy to incite his body and remove his restrictions. However, he did not succeed, and the Spacetime Amber enveloped him shortly after, bouncing my psychic powers out."

"Ok, I got it." Han Xiao was silent for a while before he nodded.

It sounded like EsGods last gamble, but he had seemingly failed. It should be very normal.

No one argued over the rights to hold EsGod, and they quickly reached a consensus.

Everyone then turned back to look at the battlefield. The three Universal Civilizations fleets were still clearing up the remnants of Fallen Ark, but no one intended to help.

They only had EsGod in their eyes. Now that the main evil had been cleared, these small fries were not worth moving.

Han Xiao remembered that the Contribution Points awarded by [Dynasty Battle Operation: Fallen Ark (Repeatable)] and thus split apart some of his mechanical army to hunt down the fleet.

The moment EsGod was caught, the rest of the Fallen Ark members also gave up resisting. No one surrendered since they were wanted criminals but fled in all directions. There was almost no one left on scene.

While waiting for the battle to end, Han Xiao opened the interface and viewed the large number of prompts that had popped up just now.

[Dynasty Battle Operation: Fallen Ark (Repeatable)] would soon end, and the few missions regarding facing EsGod directly had been completed. Just the reward for the experience measured up to thirty billion and was enough to level up a few times even at his level of 280. Of course, the premise was destroying his doppelgangers. Be it in the early or late versions, the number of players who could achieve that were few, but to him, it was not much effort.

The Contribution Points of the dynasty also surged up, crossing the ten thousand mark, almost nearing the amount where he could purchase two Ultimate Knowledges.

Very rewarding!

At the same time, a brand new [Character Summon CardEsGod] also fell into Han Xiaos hands.

However, EsGod had too many abilities, and the chances of drawing Esper Silence were low. This time, his draw was ordinary, and he only got teleportation. He could use it about ten times, and its effect was pretty good, but it was chicken feed for him, given that he already had Void Hyperdrive.

However, Void Hyperdrive was a little less flashy, and having more methods would also be good.

This time, Han Xiao had spent a lot to deal with EsGod. He had completely used up his Esper Silence skill, so this sure-kill ability against Espers was gone. Furthermore, the number of [Perfect Mechanical Sense] uses had dropped by one.

He still had one final blank Character Summon Card, which he could use to produce another [Perfect Mechanical Sense], but he did not plan to do so currently.

The battle at Planet Lighthouse and with EsGod was enough to give him a strong reputation, and it was estimated that no one would come and provoke him for a period of time. There was no need to think about using the blank Character Summon Card.

The other mission, [Archenemy of the Three Universal Civilizations], also showed a completed status.

By capturing EsGod alive, he had fulfilled the additional requirements of the mission, and thus, he could draw three abilities from EsGod, which was much better compared to the Character Summon Card.

His Molding Talents were all practically drawn in this manner.

Han Xiao did not accept the reward immediately. Such precious reward, if he did not go back and touch Feidin and his godson first, would he not waste his chances

Just based on his own face, he would probably draw something nasty out!

Other than the reward, Han Xiao also obtained a great amount of experience in killing enemies. Killing a doppelganger would net him a lot of experience, and since the doppelgangers came unceasingly, it allowed him to obtain a ton of experience.

While gazing at his interface, the battle finally ended.

Han Xiao looked toward the other two universal civilizations.

"Our cooperation ends here. I thank you all for your help."

"Theres no need to be polite. If theres time, you can come over to my territory for a visit." Manison sent another invitation to Han Xiao.

"Not today. I still have to escort EsGod back," Han Xiao said. "Lets do it another time."

"Next time then."

Manison shook his head regretfully before turning to leave.

Sun Hunter exchanged communicator numbers with Han Xiao before leading the rest of the Arcane Church members back to the main flagship. Han Xiao took the captured EsGod and followed Milizaus and the rest back to the dynastys flagship.

The eleven of them returned to their respective factions, and the three civilizations left.

At the same time, the operations report was also sent to the upper echelons of the three Universally Civilizations.






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