Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 901

Chapter 901 Clue On Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy

“This is the observation record and prediction coordinates of the [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy]”

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes.

EsGod had been conducting research on mastering Super High Risk Esper Abilities for many years. One method would be to synthesize the abilities, and the other would be to directly find the whereabouts of such an ability.

Within the Super High Risk Esper Ability Restriction Treaty, not all abilities were derived from self-awakening. There was a super high risk Esper ability that was rare and unique, known as ‘Primal Energy Body’, which could exist as a life form in the form of an energy field. It had its own independent consciousness and was an ancient existence that flowed through the universe.

This kind of ability allowed a biological user to harness its power in the form of a possession, and they were called ‘hosts’.

However, the screening conditions were extremely harsh. If the strength of their energies conflict, no matter how powerful the Supers were, they could not bear the original energy body. Therefore, only Espers or ordinary people had the opportunity to become hosts. If the host was unable to carry the energy body, there would be a backlash.

Biological creatures below the Calamity Grade would be completely unable to withstand its strength and would implode due to the immense energy.

If successfully possessed, the host could use the power of the energy body. The host’s power would then come from an external source, and they would act like a launcher. The stronger one’s body, the more strength could be utilized, and the host would not need to develop the strength. This alternative ability was rare and much stronger than self-awakening an ability.

[Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy] was one of these ‘Primal Energy Bodies’. It was a compound ability, covering multiple abilities such as physical fitness, firing radiation beams, and super speed. It could also allow the host to travel in space and extract the energy cores of stars, as well as possessing spatial and mental attribute abilities. It was well rounded and extremely powerful.

In history, there had been a few cases where hosts of [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy] were recorded. All of them left startling records, pushing this ability onto the list of Super High Risk Esper Abilities.

In his previous life, the [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy] was one of the Super High Risk Esper Abilities that EsGod grasped in the later versions. He did not become a host but rather managed to rip off part of the [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy] body and obtained a portion of the [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy].

This storyline was quite interesting, as it was unknown if the piece ripped off was the reproductive organ of the energy body, but the energy body went berserk and tried to reclaim that piece at all costs, searching for hosts to fight against EsGod.

Thus, there appeared two hosts capable of using the [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy], and as though it was some drama where one sky could not hold two suns, they would fight. As for the host, he was also one of the important characters in EsGod’s storyline.

The [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy] shuttled through the secondary dimension usually, only occasionally appearing in a corner of the universe. This report recorded where the [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy] had moved and predicted its next location.

“Since EsGod obtained that ability in the future, out of the predictions here, one should be accurate.”

Han Xiao stroked his chin, feeling a little moved.

While he could not possess any Esper Abilities, he could always use it to nurture his followers. Although they were bound by the Super High Risk Esper Ability Restriction Treaty, the specific implementation varied from person. With his current status, as long as he did not allow his people to abuse their ability, the Universal Civilizations would not care about him. After all, there was something known as ‘privilege’.

As for the method of capturing the Primal Energy Bodies, it was not an issue at his current stage. It was more than enough to create a containment device that could restrict an energy life. Many civilizations had this technology.

However, the time stated for the [Primal Chaos Mysterious Energy] was still far away. He had plenty of time to prepare.

Han Xiao nodded.

According to the data, he had decades before the next return. Preparing it now would be too early. As long as it had not appeared, going to the coordinates would be useless.

However, this time would not be as relaxed as obtaining the Spacetime Amber. It was likely that not only Shazik had managed to obtain this data, so there would be competitors.

Let’s think about it more when it comes. If push comes to shove, I can just snatch it Han Xiao did not care much.

With his current strength, he was not afraid of clashing with any organizations, let alone decades later. Who knew how much the Black Star Army would have developed by then?

Retreating from the quantum network, Han Xiao renewed his gaze on the both of them, nodding.

“I’m very satisfied with this gift, Shazik. I feel that you have some ability in the area of intelligence gathering and intend to put you in that department. How about it?”

“I will accept any position.” Shazik did not have any objections.

Han Xiao nodded. He felt that Shazik was a talent in intelligence and might be able to lead it in the future.

He then turned toward Lothaire, and after pausing for a moment, he said, “As for you I will not give you any positions at the time being. Just follow at my side for now.”

This main character was quite strong, so he decided to allow Lothaire to lead a special ops team in the future but not at the moment.

This guy had just entered and required a period of observation.

“Okay.” Lothaire’s words were like gold to him.

“Then you two may go rest up and familiarize with the headquarters.”

Both nodded and left the room.

Han Xiao sat on the sofa, sending them off with his gaze before leaving the room himself.

He went straight to his grand, exclusive machinery factory before allowing Phillip to arrange the information on the Evolutionary Civilization.

He had only glanced at it just now and finally had the time to study this in depth.

The Evolutionary Civilization’s technology had long been lost, and even the information on EsGod’s hands was incomplete. It could not explain the principle behind the Evolution Cube and only acted like an operation manual.

After reading it, Han Xiao realized that his usage of the Evolution Cube was actually very rough.

As a Universal Treasure that a semi Universal Civilization had created, its purpose was not that simple. The Evolutionary Civilization had used it as a special energy source and had developed a variety of devices for it to be utilized differently.

For example, one of them acted like a totem device, where it used the energy of the Evolution Cube as fuel, and the influence of the totem could be adjusted to cover up to the entire planet. Unlike the one-time improvement of the Evolution Cube, the effect of the totem device was gentler, similar to a buff. If maintained for a long period of time, it would slowly increase the talent and potential of a planet’s inhabitants so that the awakening rate of the planet’s supers soared. This was equivalent to transforming the planet, allowing the newborns to become stronger.

There was only one Evolution Cube, but one could create as many Evolutionary Totems as they wished. They just had to be charged to be used. The Evolutionary Civilization had utilized this to great effect to improve the talents of their civilization; the efficiency was high and results controllable.

“This is good!” Han Xiao’s eyes turned into dollar signs.

With such totem blueprints, the Evolution Cube’s value would rise several times in the eyes of the other civilizations. The value could not be estimated.

But this was also useful to the Black Star Army. This could be used to slowly enhance the talents of all their soldiers in the subbases.

There was also a device worn on the body, called the Ovitan Badge, which used Evolutionary energy as fuel. It could carry out an ultimate evolution of the wearer when activated regardless of the consequences, turning a normal person into a biological aberration. Their combat power could even reach Grade C or B just from the evolution. This effect was more potent than any strength enhancing drugs, and the duration ranged from hours to days. However, when the effect ended, the user would collapse and die.

There was also a chance to break through the genetic locks and become a perfect evolutionary being, but the chance was so miniscule that it was not considered at all.

Only when faced with great danger would the Evolutionary Civilization resort to this method.

Han Xiao immediately thought of the perfect users for thesethe players!

The army’s nuclear explosion backpack had always been a hot product, and eighty percent of the players would definitely ignore the effects of the Ovitan Badge.

“With this thing, the death-strike gameplay is going to become famous again.”

When his players next went out to fight, if they all transformed into monsters, this might give people the impression that his people were undergoing some human genetics experiment, viewing them as an evil faction camp.

This function also has a long-range method of attack. The data from EsGod recorded an offensive method as a special missile that carried the evolutionary energy similar to that of the Ovitan Badge. After hitting the surface, the energy would spread and contaminate all living beings within the range, and they would all turn into aberrations, waiting to die.

The Evolutionary Civilization only needed to wait for their genes to collapse and die, and they could easily capture the territory without damaging any structures. These were simply biological weapons that could kill creatures with the utmost precision.

“What a frightening weapon,” Han Xiao remarked. In the exploration era, the Evolutionary Civilization did not utilize such weapons at all.

At the back of the document, various techniques for connecting one’s soul with the Evolution Cube were also recorded. In the words of the Evolutionary Civilization, this was known as ‘resonance’.

Every Evolutionary Civilization guardian of the Evolution Cube had to form a soul connection with the Evolution Cube, and this was a skill passed down every generation.

“This has made it easier for me.” Han Xiao’s eyes lit up.

Since Psyker had removed his Soul Connection, the quota had been vacated.

Another Soul Connection to a Universal Treasure would also increase his strength.

Speaking of which, this little Evolution Cube seemed to have had many owners before and was technically a spoiled flower.

It was unlike the Spacetime Amber, which had given its first time to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao immediately shook his head, throwing these weird thoughts out before clapping his hands.

“There’s now a job for me to do. Let’s first do a mass production of these containers.”



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