Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Entrapmen

Near the borders of the Sea of Star Spirits, a fleet of over forty battleships was currently cruising. The battleships all had the logo of the Rock Sprite Civilization.

These spaceships were the long-distance spaceships created by the Rock Sprite Civilization. Their exterior looked a bit like a bloated mining spaceship with the main weapons of the spaceship being a lightweight Ion Cannon and a Particle Cannon.

A Star System Civilization would only be able to move around the Star System if they relied on their own technology, and even if they had a stargate from a higher civilization, a Star System Civilization needed to construct a special spaceship in order to conduct inter-Star Field travel. Resources and energy would be a huge barrier between the short-distance and long-distance travel spaceships.

To a Star System Civilization, long-distance spaceships were extremely precious, and the difficulty of constructing one was far more than that of a short-distance spaceship.

In order to transport the Evolutionary Totems from the Black Star Army in the neighboring Star Field, the Rock Sprite race sent out a long-distance fleet. Their previous fleet was ambushed by the Blood Gold Organization and was completely wiped out. This fleet was their second batch of spaceships, which had travelled in hyperdrive for a period by borrowing a stargate before reaching the Black Star Army base. After a long trip, this fleet had finally returned to the Sea of Star Spirits.

In the command room of the flagship, a Rock Sprite commander instructed with a solemn expression, "Everyone, remain on high alert. Our previous long-distance fleet was ambushed around the border of the Sea of Star Spirits. We have already received news of the enemys operating region. Report any anomalies on the radar to me."

"Understood," the crew in the command room replied anxiously.

The civilizations of the Star Cluster grade and above were used to long-distance voyages, but to the fleet of a Star System grade civilization, every trip out of their own region represented unknown danger. After leaving their borders, they no longer had the protection of their civilizations fleet, and it was akin to entering the deep ocean.

The enforcement squad would not descend from the sky, and various galactic organizations were active within this region. They would never know how many eyes were looking at them.

"There are still another eighteen days until our next stargate, and we will be able to jump past three Star Systems to leave this border region. The border is the most dangerous, and as long as we do not meet any enemies during this region, we should be safe," the commander said.

However, right as he completed his sentence, an ear-piercing alarm rang.

Spaceship signals appeared all round them, and they entered an encirclement that the enemy had prepared.

"Again Who leaked our whereabouts"

The commander gritted his teeth and cursed in his heart.

If not for His Excellencys Black Star help, wed definitely suffer a huge loss this time.

The attackers had more than three hundred spaceships and were rapidly surrounding them. They immediately activated their equipment to jam hyperdrive and prevent their prey from escaping.

In the flagship of the attackers, a large crystal bodied organism was floating in front of the command rooms window. His exterior appearance was a crystal with many edges, and he did not have any limbs or sensory organs. He only had two blue tentacles formed by Psychic energy that were wiggling around.

This crystal lifeform was the leader of the assault fleet and was named Kelansta. He was a Calamity Grade Psychic and an experienced mercenary of the Blood Gold Organization. He was once the traitor of a crystal lifeform civilization because he absorbed a large amount of his races own mental energy to become a Calamity Grade Super. As such, a bounty was placed on him, and he joined the Blood Gold Organization many years ago.

The encirclement was rapidly formed, and Kelansta made use of his Psychic energy to form soundwaves to say, "Release the magnetized radioactive waves to weaken the enemys defensive shields. The vanguard force shall approach the enemy and enter close-quarters combat. Do not bombard them from long range lest we damage the goods. Our objective is to snatch the Evolutionary Totems."

The Blood Gold Organization had been eyeing the Evolutionary Totems in the black market. Not too long ago, an account with a high credibility rating issued a mission to snatch the Evolutionary Totems and revealed the whereabouts of this Rock Sprite fleet. The Blood Gold Organization then accepted the mission immediately.

They were not interested in the reward of the mission; their main aim was the Evolutionary Totems. Handing an Evolutionary Totem over to the civilizations that needed them would give them even more money, and they would even be able to gain the support of a backer. Han Xiao made use of the Evolutionary Totems to gain huge political support, and the Blood Gold Organization and other organizations snatching the Evolutionary Totems wanted to share this influence.

It would not matter if they were unable to complete the mission; snatching the totems was their main goal. However, the Blood Gold Organization was not planning to swallow the entire batch of totems for themselves. They only needed to give a portion of the totems to their employer and claim that the rest were destroyed in battle. The remaining totems would then go into their pockets. This was a standard practice of theirs.

Because of the robberies over the past few months, the civilizations purchasing the totem made sure to keep the matter a secret. As such, it was extremely rare to come across such information on the black market. There were few transportation fleets that had their location discovered, and this employment mission had revealed the whereabouts of the Rock Sprite fleet.

Because the Blood Gold Organization had previously robbed the Rock Sprite fleet, they had a certain degree of trust toward this information. They had also gotten a large intelligence organization in the black market to verify the information before taking action.

The fleet of the Blood Gold Organization was many times larger than the Rock Sprite fleet, and they were like wolves surrounding a herd of sheep.

The next moment, a radioactive pulse was released from the Blood Gold Organization fleet, and the defensive shields of the Rock Sprite fleet began to flicker.

Such a radioactive pulse was generated by a powerful electromagnetic field. It was capable of disrupting electromagnetic and ion shields. However, it was useless against psionic and dark energy shields. However, most Star System civilizations would mainly use electromagnetic and ion shields.

The distance between both parties rapidly shrank, and the Blood Gold Organization made use of their electromagnetic chains to latch onto the Rock Sprite spaceships.

The image of the spaceships being latched on was displayed in the command room.

"Report, I have boarded the spaceship, and everything feels good. I am heading toward the control room of the spaceship, taking out any resistance along the way."

"Very good," Kelansta replied slowly. "Speed up, I"

Before he could even finish what he had to say, the screens in the command room all shut down, and everyone was stunned.

The next moment, the sound of intense battle could be heard from the communicators, followed by the sound of miserable groans.

"Enemy attack! There are other troops on the spaceships!"

"My armor isnt listening to my commands!"

The sound of the battles lasted for a short while, and the communicator fell silent. The vanguard force was completely wiped out.

Everyone in the command room had a look of loss, and they looked toward Kelansta, waiting for his orders.

Kelansta was also in shock, and just when he was about to say something, a buzzing white noise could be heard from the screen on the command room.


The next moment, a human silhouette formed by white noise appeared on the screen and let out a mechanical voice.

"Following the orders of my Lord, I am taking over this region."

"Who are you?"

"Formless Ghost."

After which, everyone in the room detected an anomaly. Something seemed to be flowing under the alloy walls around them as though snakes were slithering around their command room.

The members in the room immediately got away from the walls and stared at the walls with fear in their eyes.

"Just what is going Argh!"

Before they could finish their sentence, the metal floor beneath them suddenly changed shape, and a cactus-like iron tree grew in the middle of the room with many bodies hanging down from the branches!


Kelansta released his powerful Psychic force and smashed the iron tree apart.

The shattered alloy then collapsed onto the ground and was absorbed back into the ground like it was liquid. Following which, the command room changed shape, and the alloy walls seemed to have transformed into flesh, contracting inward. The entire room came alive.

Kelansta immediately used his Psychic force to destroy the windows and entered space. Only then could he see what was going on.

The entire spaceship seemed to have been transformed into nanoparticles, and the alloy was being molded like clay. The few spaceships in the surroundings also had the same phenomenon.

Kelansta was shocked.

Formless Ghost was one of the Apostle Weapons. He had an infective nanoparticle virus that could live in any alloy or machinery to control it. At the same time, he was capable of transforming alloy into nanoparticles and becoming one with them to increase his body mass.

At the same time in the Rock Sprite fleet, a black tide of mechanical soldiers rushed out. These mechanical soldiers easily destroyed the many spaceships of the Blood Gold Organization.

Upon seeing the Black Star Army insignia on the mechanical soldiers, Kelansta immediately understood what was going on and fell into despair.

"Black Star"

After realizing who his enemy was, Kelansta lost all motivation to fight back.

Formless Ghost led a long-distance fleet to escort the Rock Sprite fleet. With Han Xiaos current strength, he would be able to easily wipe out the few hundred Blood Gold Organization battleships without even using Lords Descent.

The battle had no suspense, and all the enemies became his captives.

Kelansta also had nowhere to escape. Even if he was in the Calamity Grade, he was powerless against the mechanical army. He was captured, and his mental energy constrained.

Without his Psychic energy, he would even need help if he wanted to get up.

After the battle, Han Xiaos consciousness descended upon a complete Blood Gold Organization spaceship through the quantum network, and he shook his head with a chuckle.

"These fellows indeed took the bait."

"Lord, I completed your orders."

The ground of the command room then transformed into a human figure, and the human figure knelt on the ground. This was Formless Ghost. His main body was made of nanoparticles, and he could exist in many different forms.

"Its been tough for you." Han Xiao praised him. "I shall take care of the rest."

In the blink of an eye, Han Xiaos consciousness went through the quantum network of the spaceship and infiltrated the Blood Gold Organizations database. In the quantum network, physical distance lost all meaning.

In the eyes of a Beyond Grade A Mechanic, the firewall of the Blood Gold Organization was filled with loopholes everywhere.

Not too long later, Han Xiao opened his eyes in the Black Star Army headquarters, and he smiled.

"Found it."

"Lord, what should we do with the captives?" Formless Ghost asked.

"They arent anything good. Execute them all. Oh, apart from that crystal lifeform. Bring him back to me. I want to see if I can squeeze any juice er, crystal powder from him," Han Xiao replied casually and exited the quantum network. He then picked out the whereabouts of three Blood Gold Organization upper echelons and sent the data to the Crimson Dynasty official in charge of the totems.

The members of the Blood Gold Organization were extremely mysterious with their whereabouts unknown. But as long as Han Xiao set his sights on them, it would be incredibly difficult for them to escape.

If this mission was assigned to the players, it would be extremely challenging for them, and they would have to find clues from all around. However, it was an easy matter to him; he only needed a single clue to dig up all the intelligence.

After handing over the intelligence, a notification popped up on his interface.


[Warning] has been completed.

You have received 15,000,000 experience, 1,000 Crimson Dynasty Contribution Points, x1 Random Reward.


Not too long later, the dynasty replied to him.

"Thanks for your intelligence, Your Excellency Black Star."

"Its a small matter. How are you planning to deal with the three of them?"

"Haha, Your Excellency, youre asking the obvious."

"Thats true. Using such a method to find them isnt an overboard method." Han Xiao then added, "How about this? Let me take care of one of them."

"Since you are interested, the dynasty has no issues with that."

"Alright then."

He then hung up, and Han Xiao sent the intelligence to Lothaire.

Lothaire had joined the army one and a half years ago, but he did not have much to do most of the time. After all, the army did not really have any assassination missions for him to do, so this was a chance for him.

Han Xiao was planning to let Lothaire go out and exercise a bit so that his assassination skills would not turn rusty.

Furthermore, after a year of observation, he felt that Lothaire was now sufficiently trustworthy to set up an assassin organization on the outside. This plan of his could be brought forward.

"I will set off immediately," Lothaire replied promptly.

He was not concerned about the reason behind the assassination. After a year and half of interaction, he already trusted Han Xiao and had a good impression of the army.





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