Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 915

Chapter 915 Surging Currents

In some secret conference room of the Blood Gold Organization, over ten upper echelons were meeting through long-distance projections. They were made up of organisms from many different races.

All those present in this room were not ordinary characters and were infamous in their respective regions. Most of them had high bounties placed on them by the various civilizations, and their combat capabilities were not weak in the Calamity Grade. They were now the leaders of the Blood Gold Organization and had various troops under their command. They rarely took action personally and were in a semi-retired status.

"I believe that everyone understands our recent situation. The Crimson Dynasty and Black Star Army have taken action against us. Marlowe, Vancesna, and Indir have been assassinated," the leader of the Blood Gold Organization said with a grave tone.

The current leader of Blood Gold was a male organism and a member of the Federation of Light. He was an elite being that went through genetic testing before. His appearance was extremely ferocious, and he was currently at the peak of his life.

As compared to the others present, his background was extremely clean, and he was not a wanted man. He was an elite brought up by the previous leader of the Blood Gold Organization. When the previous leader died, he took over the position as leader, and it had been thirty years since then.

The Blood Gold Organization was a pretty old organization, and he was the twelfth leader.

The existence of the galactic black market was even older than some Star System or even Star Cluster Civilizations. The managers had been changed over and over again, and the Blood Gold Organization had only taken up the role of manager of the black market two hundred years ago.

"Poor Marlowe, I still owe him 7,203,050 Enas. He is truly a good man and died at the best time." A squid like upper echelon rubbed his eyes to squeeze out some tears.

"This isnt the time to joke. The Crimson Dynasty is obviously trying to scare us by killing the upper echelons of our organization and punish us for stealing the goods of their allies. They want us to retreat and not think about the Evolutionary Totems anymore. The problem is, how did news about the upper echelons leak?" a member of the Andor Bee Race said.

The leader of Blood Gold then said, "Kelanstas fleet met Black Stars mechanical army a while back, and Black Star should have taken action personally to locate the upper echelons. It is usually us scaring others, but this time, some powers higher up have their eyes set on us. The Crimson Dynasty and Black Star Army arent easily provoked, and we have to consider how we should deal with them."

"Humph, the Black Star Army is far away in the Shattered Star Ring, and the threat that they pose is limited. Furthermore, the Black Star Army is only a little bit more prominent in the Shattered Star Ring and does not have any forces in the other Star Fields. Their scale cannot be compared to ours; only Black Star is difficult to deal with. For now, we do not need to bother about them. The dynasty should be our main focus," a pirate-like man with a large beard said.

"I agree." The Blood Gold leader nodded.

Their Blood Gold Organization had operations across three Star Fields, and their scale was even larger than the Black Star Army. In their eyes, the Black Star Army was nothing to be afraid of; they only needed to be afraid of Black Star alone. It was the strict attitude of the Crimson Dynasty that truly worried them.

"The federation and church were the ones who approached us. If we continue to snatch the Evolutionary Totems, the Crimson Dynasty will definitely fight back. But if we stop, the federation and church will abandon us," the Blood Gold leader said slowly.

"I was against interfering in the Evolutionary Totems back then. We are no more than a chess piece in the battle between the three Universal Civilizations. Our fate was no longer in our hands the moment we joined. We shouldve just operated in a low profile manner," one of the upper echelons grumbled.

"Humph, the federation and church came to find us. Do you think theyd give us the chance to reject them? We still have some hope of advancing if we hug their thighs, but we wouldve lost everything if we rejected them," the Blood Gold leader said coldly. "Manager of the black market? You dont even need to think about it. Wed slowly become an insignificant black market mercenary group waiting to be wiped out. From the moment they came to find us, it was impossible for us to steer clear of the matter."

The galactic black market had plenty of benefits, and every manager was a tyrant in the various gray operations. Among the managers of the black market, the one with the largest authority was the one in the broker business. They used many different means to persuade different civilizations to provide protection to the other managers.

If the Blood Gold Organization dared incur the ire of the federation and church, the aftermath of the matter would not affect them alone. If the other managers of the black market ended up being affected, they would kick the Blood Gold Organization out of the black market and not provide them with protection or support.

Since the other party had chosen them, a gray organization unprotected by the galactic laws need not dream about maintaining neutrality!

The world was not that convenient!

"The Universal Civilizations are as tyrannical as always. This is the tragedy of a gray organization not protected by galactic law."

"Then what should we do? The federation and church wont just watch as we are all assassinated, right?"

Right at this moment, another two projections appeared in the room wearing the federation and churchs uniform.

"I have already spoken to the federation and church about this matter." The Blood Gold leader stood up and said, "Let me give you an introduction. These two are the emissaries of the federation and church. He"

Before he could finish, the Federation of Light emissary waved his arms and said, "Dont need to bother introducing us. Lets get straight to the point. The Federation of Light already knows about the price that you have paid and expresses our sympathy. As such, we will be providing protection to the upper echelons of the Blood Gold Organization. We will secretly bring all of you to the Abyss of Stars and Silver Arm. The Crimson Dynasty and Black Star Army wont be able to touch you in our territory. All of you can continue controlling the organization remotely and gather more Evolutionary Totems. We will provide you guys with resources as well."

The Ten Thousand Deity Scepter was a wedge between the federation and church. However, it did not stop them from working together for the Evolutionary Totems. After all, the Evolutionary Totems involved the improvement of their entire civilizations genes. It had a huge strategic significance. In front of benefits, there was no such thing as an enemy forever. However, both parties definitely did not get along very well.

Upon hearing that, the upper echelons of the Blood Gold Organization all heaved a sigh of relief. They would only be able to become a chess piece at ease if their own safety was protected.

Right at this moment, the upper echelon from the Andor Bee Race said, "Pardon me for being straightforward, but I have a question. Robbing the Evolutionary Totems that the other civilizations purchase is an extremely inefficient method. If we rob too many civilizations, the same situation will probably happen, and Black Star wont allow us to keep robbing his customers.

The Federation of Light emissary smiled and nodded. "You are right. This isnt a long-term solution. Just robbing alone wont be enough to satisfy our needs. What are your plans?"

"After EsGod was caught, the method of making the Evolutionary Totem was discovered. The most effective way to solve this problem would be to snatch the Evolution Cube from Black Star!" a member of the Blood Gold Organization upper echelons said with a cold glint in his eyes.

"You are right, but this method will not work for now," the Arcane Church emissary said coldly. "With the presence of the Evolutionary Totem, the strategic importance of the Evolution Cube is much higher than before. If we snatch away the Evolution Cube, there wont be any room for negotiation like the battle on Planet Lighthouse, and the moment we succeed, it will mean war. Until the last moment, our three civilizations wont start a war and let others benefit from the side.

"Furthermore, do you think that it is that easy to deal with Black Star? Its easy for you to say! If not for us knowing about the existence of the Evolutionary Totem, do you think we would have risked offending the dynasty and starting the battle on Planet Lighthouse? We have tried before, and there are still a few Beyond Grade As sealed up in Spacetime Amber. Do you want to go give it a try"

"No no no." That upper echelon was completely speechless and coughed awkwardly.

What a joke. Black Star is a true powerhouse in the galaxy, and an ordinary Calamity Grade like me isnt even in the same league as him.

The Federation of Light emissary nodded and said, "Hes right. We do not intend to risk stealing the Evolution Cube at this moment. That will be our final choice. There is still another approach for us to take at the moment. That is to get the dynasty to allow Black Star to openly sell the totems."

"Is this really possible?" the Blood Gold leader asked doubtfully.

"Humph, the current situation is like this. Black Star likely doesnt mind selling the Evolutionary Totems publicly, but because he belongs to the Crimson Dynasty faction, he cannot risk offending his ally and sells the totems privately. Thus, we should not be setting our sights on Black Star but the Crimson Dynasty.

"As long as the Crimson Dynasty gives in, we will have the chance to obtain a large number of totems.

"There are a few ways for us to force the Crimson Dynasty to give in. Suppress them with force, exchange benefits, work together to pressure them You should also know about the dynastys style. It would be a pipe dream to suppress them with force, and we will definitely suffer a huge loss if we want to exchange benefits with them. The dynasty will not agree unless we give them our core technological skills and resources.

"As such, we can only choose to work together to pressure them from the economical, trade, political, and security side. Your Blood Gold Organization will be a part of this plan.

"The Crimson Dynasty has invested a large amount of resources to develop the Flickering World, and they will be weakened in other areas. This is our best chance to pressure them, and we will be able to force the dynasty to compromise!"

One of the upper echelons then trembled. "Is it really okay to tell us such a secret?"

"Ah, there is nothing secretive about this matter. The dynasty knew that this would happen the day they decided not to sell the Evolutionary Totems openly. Furthermore, you are working together with us, and there is no harm informing you about our plans," the Federation of Light emissary said casually.

The Blood Gold leader then frowned. "What if the plan doesnt work?"

The Federation of Light emissary then sneered coldly.

"If the dynasty refuses to give in, we will have to consider going for the source."

In the Sea of Star Spirits was the Limitless Financial Groups headquarters. Four figures were seated around a table in the personal guest room of the financial groups boss.

"I heard that the members of the Blood Gold Organizations upper echelons were assassinated recently. Your Federation of Light and Arcane Church wont ignore them after getting them to work for you, right?"

Sorokin took a sip of his drink and sized up the other three at the table. Everyone present was a Beyond Grade A bigshot who could easily shake various large organizations.

One of them was Mechanic Emperor Manison, who appeared in the meeting with a mechanical host. The other was the doppelganger of Void Overlord Kasuyi from the Arcane Church. The last was one of the protectors of the galactic black market, Beast Ancestor Gorutan.

All three of them had a common identity. They were the shareholders of the Limitless Financial Group!

"Such a small matter has nothing to do with me," Manison said calmly.

Gorutan had a huge body, and he picked up his cup with his hairy hands. He poured all the drink into his mouth before saying, "I just received news that the Blood Gold Organization has met with the emissaries of the federation and church. Theyve come to an agreement."

With the sheer size of the galactic black market, they naturally had a Beyond Grade A to support them. A portion of the galactic black market managers were Beyond Grade A organizations. The galactic black market was an allied organization to protect the benefits of the evil factions and did not belong to a single person. There were many Beyond Grade As behind it, and Gorutan was one of them.

Sorokins eyes then narrowed upon hearing that.

"If I didnt understand your words wrongly, the organizations behind all three of you plan to join hands?"

"You can say so." Kasuyis voice had an ethereal feeling. "We have also sought you out because of this matter. You can treat us as emissaries."

Sorokin fiddled with the cup in his hands and said calmly, "I dont really want to interfere with this matter."

"Arent you interested in the Evolutionary Totems?" Gorutans voice rumbled like thunder.

"No, I believe that every organization in the universe is interested in the Evolutionary Totems," Sorokin said expressionlessly. "But according to my understanding of the Black Star Army, rashly intervening in this matter will be a huge risk. I do not like making a loss."

Manison nodded in response. "I understand. You dont only have business deals with the federation and church but also the dynasty. You do not wish to offend any party. Your Limitless Financial Group is different from those gray organizations and is protected by the law. You have the right to remain neutral."

"Thats right. This is the case," Sorokin replied.

"Haha, dont worry. We will not ask you to do something too outrageous." Manisons mechanical host chuckled.

"Oh? Then, how can I help?"

"We hope for the Limitless Financial Group to invest in the Shattered Star Ring and compete with the Black Star Army using proper business means. This is only a small matter to the Limitless Financial Group. If you dont set your eyes on the Evolutionary Totems, the dynasty cannot disrupt your business."

Sorokin raised his brows and asked, "Why do you want me to do so?"

"This is a part of our plan to pressure the dynasty. The Black Star Armys opinion will influence the dynastys strategy to deal with the Evolutionary Totems. We have to make Black Star know that he cannot think about swallowing such a huge business alone. Of course, other than these official matters, I also have a small conflict of interest with him," Manison said calmly.

Sorokin then chuckled and said, "So, it turns out that the Mechanic Emperor also has some conflict with Black Star. Ah ah, I also have some personal grudges with him."

"Does that mean that you agree?"

"I will definitely have to respect the views of three shareholders. However, it wont be so easy to snatch the Black Star Armys business," Sorokin said with a solemn tone. "I performed my research on the Black Star Army before. Their development is rapid, and they manage a few dozen different operations. Their four main operations are armed employment missions, mining operations for the local civilizations, the exploration of the Flickering World, and the sale of the Evolutionary Totems. Forgive me for being straightforward, but the latter three are specialized businesses that are difficult for an outsider to enter. It is difficult to deal a heavy blow to his core operations, and our Limitless Financial Group can only do so in other areas.

"Thankfully, the Black Star Army has only been around for twenty years or so, and their foundations arent too stable. However, this will still require a great deal of investment At the end of the day, what is my benefit for doing so?"

Manison then waved his finger, and a virtual screen appeared. A long list was on the screen.

"Resources, political support, and many more. The details are all written within the document. You only need to risk the Crimson Dynasty reducing their cooperation to you. However, we are in the interstellar era, and the dynasty will not be able to cut off all ties with you completely. You can gain a deeper business relationship with two other Universal Civilizations

"You believe in benefits and risk. I believe that you will be able to make the right choice. I can give you a month to consider the matter, and you can reply then."

"I dont need that long. I can give you an answer now." Sorokin smiled. "This sounds like a good plan."




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