Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 924

Chapter 924 True Colors

"The value of the Evolution Cube need not be emphasized. Today, this Universal Treasure coveted by all organizations is in the hands of Black Star, and its risk to the dynasty is huge. However, the Universal Civilizations will not force their Beyond Grade A allies to hand over their Universal Treasures, so while they acquiesce to Black Stars ownership of the Evolution Cube, it does not mean that the dynasty will be at ease."

Heber nodded. "Indeed. Continue."

"Only when the Evolution Cube is held in the hands of the dynasty can the risk be eliminated. Although he came out victorious in the battle of Planet Lighthouse, it has also sounded an alarm within the dynasty. Rather than simply believing in Black Stars strength, its always better to prevent such things from happening. The Multi-Dimensional Sky Opening Transportation Device of the Federation of Light will forever remain a threat. Think of what will happen if a group of Beyond Grade As suddenly raid the Black Star Army headquarters."

"If the federation could do it, they would have done so long ago." Heber remained unmoved.

"Thats right. If you take into account various factors, the Federation of Light will not take such a risk, so it takes a roundabout approach to put pressure on the dynasty and Black Star But if all means fail, then the risk will only get higher."

Heber neither agreed nor disagreed, only indifferently replying, "Even if there are external threats, Urranrell still attaches importance to Black Star. The dynasty will not force him, so the success rate of your plan can be ignored. I advise you to give up as soon as possible."

"We have to try," Lovell insisted. "Black Star is close to the faction of the Ruler and has gained a lot of protection, but you also know that there are many factions inside the dynasty. Ever since the Evolutionary Totem appeared, there have been more cries to make Black Star turn in the Evolution Cube. Black Stars refusal to settle in with the cube on the mother star also convinced more factions."

Heber frowned. "You seem to know a lot."

Hearing this, Lovell mysteriously smiled. "Thats because Im not just representing the federation and church by coming this time."

"Hahaha" Heber burst into laughter, and his tone was playful. "Your appetite is so big, to think you want to gobble up all three players. No wonder. I was doubting what you said, because if Black Star hands over the Evolution Cube, then the last chance for the federation and the church would also disappear. Turns out its actually like this"

Lovell smiled without answering, but inside, she secretly praised Sorokins courage.

While Sorokin appeared to agree with the deal between the federation and the church, he secretly contacted a few of the factions within the dynasty to change the plan to suppress the Black Star Army, saying that he would make the Black Star Army willingly pass the Evolution Cube over to them. The second deal made it obvious that the Limitless Financial Groups plan was to suppress Black Star.

Not only did it leave him with a way to retreat, it also allowed him to reap the most benefits. Sorokin was not someone who listened to orders quietly; he had himself to think about.

The scale the Limitless Financial Group had developed not just by profiteering from war. The battle at Planet Lighthouse had resulted in the market becoming volatile, which in turn affected the stocks of the Limitless Financial Group, causing them to eat quite a loss.

In order to prevent such a situation from happening again, Sorokin would rather become a pacifist, completely removing the possibility of the Evolution Cube provoking a war by cutting off any chance for the other two civilizations to obtain the cube, solving the conflict between the three Universal Civilizations.

If the Evolution Cube fell into the hands of the dynasty, it would eliminate any risk of turbulence in the universe.

Thus, on the surface, he made a deal with the federation and the church, but he was actually thinking from the view of a third party.

Lovell paused for a moment before speaking in a low voice. "The moment the dynasty obtains the Evolution Cube, they will also seize all the profits from the Evolutionary Totems. Black Star will thus be kicked out of the scene, and the dynasty can now increase the possibility of opening this purchase to the outside world so that they can pacify the growing pressure from the federation and the church. Since the latter two do not wish to take any risks if possible, completely severing their desires would be best."

"Sorokin this guy is interesting." Heber narrowed his eyes. "So, after saying all that, the premise lies in Black Star surrendering the Evolution Cube. If it fails, these will all be empty words. What do you plan to do?"

Hearing this, Lovell was happy. Heber asking for the details meant that he was interested.

"Very simple, exert pressure on Black Star internally and externally so that he sees that there are greater benefits in handing over the cube rather than keeping it."


"In the battle of Planet Lighthouse, Black Star obtained huge battle records and shut the mouths of those that insisted he turn in the Evolution Cube, but the number of casualties in the battle for the dynasty were also high. As long as the dynasty continues to suffer losses due to the Evolutionary Totem, Black Star will encounter more pressure within the dynasty. Even Urranrell will not be able to suppress them all but this part will be the work of the federation and the church, and I cannot disclose more."

"What about the external side?"

"We have to target Black Star Army, so we require your help."

"If you want me to betray the dynasty, then we can stop here."

Lovell smiled. "Rest assured, there is no harm done to you. Even if we do not particularly aim at the Black Star Army, the Bloodshed Land will still benefit from it."

"What should we do?"

"Simple, my Limitless Financial Group will first come out with the investments to support the Bloodshed Land and recapture those business markets that the Black Star Army has taken from you. This will suppress his business. While developing your site in the Flickering World, we will use our influence in the dynasty for you to obtain a better site.

"Since you also belong to the dynasty, it is nothing but legitimate commercial competition. Thus, the dynasty will not have any issues. The strength of my Limitless Financial Group is also clear to Your Excellency. With our capital injection, regardless of success or failure, the Bloodshed Land will not make any losses."

Hearing this, Heber closed his eyes and thought hard. After a few seconds, he reopened them as he lightly replied, "Ok. I agree."

Lovell breathed out in relief, her taut mental state relaxing. "In this entire deal, only Black Star will lose out, but for universal peace, he can only be wronged."

"Universal peace, huh" Heber sneered to himself, but he did not show any expression as he said, "With the Federation of Light, Arcane Church, the Crimson Dynasty, and my Bloodshed Land, humph, the Limitless Financial Group is really making some big moves. This is akin to an anti-Black Star alliance."

"This is just business, and there are no personal grudges within." Lovell smiled without minding it. "I just hope that he will recognize this point. Besides, he will still receive compensation from the dynasty."

Heber inwardly curled his lips. While he did not like Black Star, knowing his character, the probability of him compromising was infinitely close to zero, and that guys ability to resist pressure was terribly strong. Even if Lovell could upend everything, their plan still might not work.

However his Bloodshed Land did not stand to lose out. Heber was willing to cooperate with the Limitless Financial Group to develop himself, unwilling to sit back and watch Han Xiao throw him further and further away.

The next day, in the Black Star Army headquarters, there were still a few days before the actual party. Thus, many guests were walking with each other and expanding their social networks, a lively scene.

Han Xiao visited Sorokin early in the morning and invited him to visit the headquarters of the Army. Sorokin readily accepted.

The two hung around the headquarters chatting, and Han Xiao once again made a request to spar but was rejected firmly. Han Xiao was a little helpless.

The other party just kept admitting defeat, without a single hint of a strong mindset.

Just as Han Xiao was hesitating, Sorokin suddenly seemed to think of something.

"I heard that Aesop is over here."

Han Xiaos brows rose. "You know that d*mned cough, that old man?"

"In the past, when he was part of the Ancient Ones, I met him a few times. I also invited him to join the Limitless Financial Group but was rejected." Sorokin shook his head.

Aesop, that old man, was really a social butterfly. To think that people recognize him everywhere he goes Han Xiaos mouth twitched.

"Thats right. I also seem to have heard that you and Ames are a couple."

Han Xiao froze. "Now where did you hear that?"

"The rumor is being spread everywhere, and I just happened to chance across it." Sorokin sighed. "The union between two Beyond Grade As is just too rare. I dont even remember who the previous couple was."

"The head of the Limitless Financial Group actually has time to pay attention to gossip, huh?" Han Xiao helplessly shook his head.

"Its precisely because Im the leader that I need to pay attention. Sometimes, business opportunities can be hidden within." Sorokin smiled.

Han Xiao thought a bit and decided to probe further. "If Im not wrong, you seem to be the successor to the group and not the original owner of the financial group, right?"


"There are few records of you in the Universe, so Im a little curious about your experiences before you became a Beyond Grade A."

"Haha, are you so curious about my childhood?" Sorokin laughed.

In the eyes of many Beyond Grade As, their lives before they reached their current realms were as good as their childhood years.

"Im just curious." Han Xiao waved his hands.

"That was a long time ago. Be it training or combat, theres nothing really worth talking about." Sorokin shook his head and changed the topic. "I wonder, do you have any ambitions, Your Excellency?"

"Ambitions? Does universal peace count?" Han Xiao cracked a joke.

"What a coincidence, me too." Sorokin laughed.

As they continued to chat, Han Xiao split his consciousness and slipped into the quantum network, hacking into Aesops communicator.

An old face surfaced in his field of vision within the quantum network, obviously frightened out of his wits.

"Black Star, Im watching a show now. Why did you hack into my communicator"

"Old man, I have something to ask you. Do you know Sorokin?"

Aesop stopped before suspiciously saying, "I do. Why are you mentioning him?"

"Hes beside me now, and Im quite curious about this guy. What was he like when you met him in the past?"

Hearing this, Aesop fell into silence for a while before finally saying, "Sorokin tsk, an old sly fox. Youll never know if the words coming out of his mouth are truth or lies. Its better for you to be cautious when dealing with him."

"Oh then hows his battle strength?"

"I dont know, definitely stronger than me." Aesop spread his hands out.

"Isnt that as good as not saying anything?" Han Xiao was speechless.

"Alright, stop bothering me. Put my communicator back to normal. I want to continue watching my show."

Resigned, Han Xiao could only retreat out of the quantum network. Turning over to glance at Sorokin, he suddenly made up his mind, sending a quick punch over.


Sorokins reaction was impressive, and he raised his hand to block the punch.


There was not much force behind the punch, but a loud noise sounded, and a shock wave rippled out from the point of contact.

" Your Excellency Black Star, what is the meaning of this?" Sorokin narrowed his eyes.

"You mentioned that your skills have regressed, but I didnt believe you, so I decided to test it out for myself." Han Xiao smiled, not hiding it at all.

Sorokin frowned, but that turned it into a smile as he shook his head. "As a Beyond Grade A, how could I not have basic reactions and awareness? Its just that if you were a Pugilist, I would not have been able to block this punch. Please dont scare me, Your Excellency Black Star. Im really not your opponent."

"Alright, it was my fault. I was too reckless." Han Xiao immediately pulled his hand back, as though he had given up.

Seeing this, Sorokin heaved a sigh. He did not expect Han Xiao to move against him and thought that Han Xiao was going to force him to spar. But the latter only dealt a punch before restraining himself, making him a little surprised.

Thinking about it, Sorokin was relieved. Because Black Star had displayed tempestuous behavior all this while and was quite reckless. For him to suddenly attack like this was in line with his character.

However, he did not know that this blow he received had already activated his combat information, and it was enough for Han Xiao to see his true strength.

Stealthily opening the interface, Han Xiao swept across the notifications, and his pupils narrowed.

He did not guess wrong. Sorokins level was actually unknown, only having ???.

When I was Level 280, Manisons information was unknown too. Now that Im Level 300, Sorokin still appears as unknown to me. This means that his combat strength is at the peak of the Beyond Grade A! He actually hid it for so long, letting all Beyond Grade As think him weak This guy, playing the pig to eat the tiger, what is he planning?

Han Xiaos thoughts spun, and his eyes narrowed.

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