Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 930

Chapter 930 The Prototype Plan Of Three Great Calamities

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In the Flickering World, the Purple River Star System was one of the seven Star Systems that belonged to the Black Star Army. It was located at the edge of the Garu Star Cluster and was one of the important gateways into the Star Cluster. At this time, from the stargate of the Purple River Star System slowly sailed a huge Black Star Army fleet. This was the construction force led by Herlous.

There was a large number of Black Star Army spaceships awaiting Herlous arrival next to the stargate station. This was originally the first exploration fleet. Now that the exploration had been completed, the same fleet was transformed into construction personnel, awaiting instructions from the higher ups.

In the meeting room of the flagship, Herlous was having a discussion with the senior officers such as Sylvia and Lagi to go through the construction plans. "Purple River, Long Day, Ponzale, Orlando, Fenrir, Sigma, and Edneathese seven Star Systems belong to our Black Star Army, and we have to first set the infrastructure foundation before carefully sculpting and slowly transforming the Star System." Herlous had a serious expression on.

While he usually behaved in a lazy manner, he still acted properly and seriously when faced with Han Xiaos tasks.

Sylvia nodded. "We should first establish the stargate transportation network within the seven galaxies to form a whole and facilitate fleet transportation. Through our exploration, the network has already taken shape, which is convenient for us. After this, we should install the armys own warning and space monitoring devices, and well lay a large scale quantum network base station to place the seven Star Systems under the management of the artificial intelligence system."

The Black Star Army had to establish its own infrastructure to take over the seven Star Systems and make it into a seamless whole, strong as an iron board.

"According to the plans left by the Army Commander, we need to focus on the two Star System gateways, Ponzale and Purple River. We must firmly control the entry and exit stargates for the main traffic routes. These stargate stations were originally made by the dynasty, and now that the station is under our control, we have to spare some troops for the stations. "In terms of planetary terraforming, the priority should go to the army bases and resource mining bases. The galactic cities and transit stations will only come in handy when the Star Field is opened, so we can put those off until a later date.

"The blueprint also states that the Sigma Star System will be the logistics base of the army within the Flickering World. There will also be a need to focus on the transformation and the construction of a large number of barracks, military factories, and airports there"

The construction scope for seven Star Systems was a monumental task. Han Xiao only provided a blueprint, and the specific action plans would need to be developed by those responsible for each star system. While everyone was discussing, Lagi maintained his usual style, not caring about anything and serving as a mascot.

A plan was quickly formulated, and under the command of Herlous, the construction troops began to proceed in an orderly manner. The stargate passage was set up, various devices were laid, and they took the facilities that had been left over during the exploration to be reused, saving a lot of resources.

At the same time, Bloodshed Land, Klent, and the rest of the dynastys allies also started to construct their territories. The entire Flickering World entered a period of rapid development.

Rural development was a long-term project. It would take a lot of time to raise the region to the standard of the currently explored universe. The seven Star Systems that Han Xiao had chosen were all important areas in his past life. Han Xiao had drawn out the renovation plans according to his memory, and it was expected to take decades to completely construct everything on the blueprint. It was estimated that the next phase of exploration for the Crimson Dynasty would not be held back for so long. As long as at least two Star Systems were complete in each Star Field, the second phase of exploration would then proceed.

While the construction team was in full swing, the mechanical lives and Black Spirit Race also arrived at their new, separate home planets.

The Sigma Star System was a central area of the Garu Star Cluster, rich in resources. It bordered the other two Star Systems, Ednea and Orlando, occupying a vast area.

Planet Apostle was one of the resource rich planets within this Star System, which was named by Han Xiao. The whole planet was gray, with rich mineral veins and metal resources. Although it was not a habitable planet in the conventional sense, it was very suitable to host mechanical lives.

Dozens of spaceships landed slowly on this gray wasteland. The Psionic Prime disembarked from the spaceship with the hundred thousand mechanical lives and glanced around. The undulating wasteland extended to the end of the horizon, and there was no greenery in sight, only endless gray rocks and flying sand. "This will be our homeland in the future."

The Psionic Prime held his spear and directed everyone to begin building the city immediately.

If it was a normal civilization, eighty percent of them would collapse from the mental burden of establishing a civilization on this desolate planet. However, to the mechanical lifeforms, this emotion did not exist, and their mentality leaned toward a colonialist mindset.

With the engineering equipment provided, coupled with their natural talents, the speed of the mechanical lives in building cities was incredibly fast.

If one overlooked the planet, they would quickly see a metal area appearing on the surface and spreading out to form a city of machines.

First of all, a large number of assembly lines were built. With sufficient resources, the mechanical lives were assembled. A portion of the existing life forms consumed their energy to synthesize their own tinder gene codes, incubating the second generation of mechanical lives.

Having a large quantity of soldiers was the specialty of a Mechanical Race.

At the same time, they built specialized equipment that allowed them to excavate the underground veins and resources, smash apart stones, and gather all these raw materials into the warehouse.

Without any enemies, the construction efficiency was frightening, and under the command of the Apostles and the Psionic Prime, the mechanical lives civilization slowly unfolded.

On the other side, the Black Spirit Race also arrived at their new home, Planet New Black Spirit.

This planet was different from the Planet Apostle. It was a habitable planet with vast vegetation and verdant forests. There were many indigenous beasts with mild temperaments.

The migratory fleet landed on a fertile plain, and the Black Spirit Race rushed down from the spaceship. Their newly evolved green eyes curiously took in the scenes.

"This is our new homeland?"

"It seems even more beautiful."

One of the spaceships fired a traction beam, lowering the Black Star statue onto the plain. They were unable to move the entire city, but landmarks could still be transported.

To the Black Spirit Race, the statue of Black Star was just like their landmark, and its function was similar to a civilization monument. This monument gave their race hope. They could do without the city but not without the statue.

Han Xiao required the Black Spirit Race to develop itself during the decades when the version was undergoing an update, so he could only intervene in the Black Spirit Races civilization process. The spaceships that transported the Black Spirit Race were outfitted with many engineering devices and stayed to help them construct their new homes.

Under the gazes of the Black Spirit Race, an army member handed a communicator to the Germinal Tribe leader.

"This contains Knowledge that the Black Star God is gifting you. You can learn it and use it to transform your race."

The Germinal Tribe leader carefully switched it on, and a list popped up. Within it was all sorts of information compiled by Han Xiao. It was a technological tree tailored to the racial characteristics of the Black Spirit Race, ranging from basic to advanced Knowledges.

Planning out a technology tree for the entire race would ensure that their development direction would not deviate.

Thanks to their mind network, the Black Spirit Race quickly found out about the contents and started worshipping the statue.

"Many thanks to Black Star God for this generous bestowal!"

The Germinal Tribe leader was very moved. This emotion spread to everyone else, turning their faith even more fanatical.

Their Black Star God had passed down divine knowledge to them, which had historical significance for the entire race. This scene would forever be inscribed in the inheritance memory of the Black Spirit Race.

While there were varied differences between the mechanical lives and the Black Spirit Race, they shared similarities in the fact that they had a hive mentality. One utilized a mind network, while the other accessed the quantum network, which could highly condense the productivity of their race. Thus, all races with such characteristics typically had unparalleled development potential.

The Black Spirit Race was akin to the Bug Tribe. So long as they were placed on the right track, they would enter the fast lane of civilization development. As for the mechanical lives, they were even more overpowered, starting with a high technological level. All they lacked was land and population, which were easily expanded. Han Xiao had high hopes for these two races, so he had specifically placed them in different Star Systems, hoping to give them ample room for development.

Speaking of which, if both of them developed, they could be treated as Calamities that could shake the balance of the world. If one added in the players that were supposed to be the fourth Calamity

Han Xiao himself occupied three of the four Calamities!

In the past month, countless people were paying attention to the construction of the Flickering World by the Crimson Dynasty and its allies. This was the most eye-catching event in the Universe.

Like the others, the Black Star Army also poured all its effort into development, investing a lot of manpower and resources within.

Taking advantage of this time, the Limitless Financial Group finally started to manipulate the network of interests that the Black Star Army had within the Shattered Star Ring.






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