Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 935

Chapter 935 I Will Harvest Crops With A Sickle In My Hands

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Han Xiao generally tried looking for those with potential in his previous life, but apart from this, it was also possible for him to dig up some latent talents.

Before coming, the Great Mechanic Han had checked up on Iapetus background. His resume was complete, and his background was clean. He had founded a local financial group, and his few strategic decisions showed his foresight.

The way he saw it, although Iapetus did not have any combat strength, he was a capable talent in terms of management and could be brought back to help Sylvia.

With the various thoughts going through his head, Han Xiao did not say anything for a while. His silence had instead increased the pressure that Iapetus felt.

A drop of sweat rolled down Iapetus neck, but Iapetus maintained his posture and did not dare wipe his sweat off.

"Are you planning to let me continue standing here?" Han Xiao teased.

"My apologies. It is my oversight. Please follow me. I have arranged everything already," Iapetus said immediately and cursed himself in his heart. Han Xiaos immense pressure made him lose control of his own thoughts, and he was afraid that he would incur the ire of Han Xiao.

Iapetus led the way in the front and boarded the flying carrier with Han Xiao and Aurora.

The flying carrier then started moving toward the city. Iapetus and his secretary were seated opposite Han Xiao and Aurora with a reserved attitude.

"You are the one who invited me. Why are you so nervous?" Han Xiao chuckled.

"There are fewer than a hundred people in the universe who can probably maintain their cool before you, and I am not included among the hundred." Iapetus calmed himself down and attempted bootlicking him.

It was a pity that Han Xiao did not like people sucking up to him. He then suddenly said with a smirk, "Right, you seem to have told me a lie. You arent the feudal lord of this planet yet."

Iapetus tried to calm himself down and forced a smile. "This is only temporary. With my current polls, becoming the feudal lord is only a matter of time."

Han Xiao did not retort but chuckled. "This means that our Black Star Army will only be able to set up a subdivision here after you become the feudal lord, right?"

This sharp question had targeted the core of the matter. Although Iapetus had such a thought, he did not dare admit it. He could only use his silence to agree.

The other partys reaction was not out of Han Xiaos expectations. He then paused for a while and said with a smile, "If thats the case, why dont I work together with the current feudal lord?"

"The election date is arriving, and I will definitely become the feudal lord of this planet. I will still be the one in charge of working together with you. Thus, I decided to make use of you being nearby to send you an invitation." Iapetus knew that this reason was shaky, and it was only an excuse.

Before inviting Han Xiao, he had already considered the possibility of angering Black Star. He knew that Black Star might end up choosing to work together with the other huge families. However, this was a gamble anyway. If Black Star did not come, he would not have the chance to turn the tables. Thus, even if Black Star chose to work together with the large families, his situation would not be any worse than before. After considering the possible gains and losses, he had decided to make use of Black Stars influence.

Even though he was making use of Black Star, Iapetus was extremely clear that it was Black Star helping him. His little tricks would not be able to fool a bigshot like Black Star, and he had not even been confident that Black Star would show up.

Now that the other party was here, it meant that even if Black Star was aware of his intentions, Black Star was still willing to help him. Thus, there was no need to make things too clear, and both parties would have a tacit understanding of the situation.

Upon hearing the other partys words, Han Xiao did not make things difficult for him and chuckled.

He could not help but recall a story from his previous life. There was a young man who wanted to become the son-in-law of the worlds richest man. As such, he applied for a job at a famous bank and claimed that he was the son-in-law of the worlds richest man, hoping to obtain a high-ranking post. He then went over to meet the worlds richest man and claimed that he had a high-ranking post in the famous bank and wished to marry his daughter.

Although this story was fake, Iapetus strategy was extremely similar to it.

Although it was a little risky and had a low chance of succeeding, Iapetus decision wasnt too bad.

Han Xiao nodded in his head.

However, the other partys actions were no different from inviting the wolf into his house in Han Xiaos eyes. With fresh crops jumping right into his embrace, he would be a fool not to eat it up!

Constructing a subdivision on an ordinary planet was almost meaningless to him. What Han Xiao wanted was Iapetus.

Regardless of the generation, talent was the most important resource.

He did trigger a mission on his interface, but the rewards for the mission were pitiful. Since he was already going to help Iapetus, though, he might as well accept the mission.

Han Xiao and Aurora then arrived at Iapetus villa, and Iapetus could finally heave a sigh of relief after arranging everything.

The bodyguards returned to their position. After seeing that there was no one else around, Iapetus female secretary could not help but hug Iapetus neck from behind with excitement.

"Yes! We will definitely win with Black Stars help!"

Iapetus forced out a smile and then shook his head. "It is enough for Black Star to come. I only want to borrow his prestige. As long as the large families do not do anything underhanded, I will be able to win the election for sure!"

"I was almost frightened to death when Black Star appeared just now." The female secretary rolled her eyes. "This move of yours was truly too risky. Dont do something like this again."

"If not for me making this bold move, our ending would definitely have been terrible," Iapetus said with a resolute gaze. "Theres no point to trying to guess the thoughts of a bigshot. Why not just give it a try? How could we know if the other party was willing to help us? We must take the initiative to seize opportunities!"

On the other side, Han Xiaos arrival on Planet Ladbu had scared the few large families, and they were currently discussing what they should do next.

In the conference room, the family heads of the various families had solemn expressions on their faces, and the atmosphere was grave.

"Our information shows that Iapetus doesnt have any background. Why would Black Star come and meet him?" one of the family heads asked with doubt.

"Our intelligence report must have missed something. Immediately check his relationship with Black Star! Before this, all our schemes against Iapetus must stop!" another family head roared.

Black Stars arrival had disrupted all their plans, becoming an obstacle that they could not ignore. They had no choice but to consider Black Stars attitude in their future plans.

Everyone present was not sure about the relationship between the two, and this was the misunderstanding that Iapetus wanted them to have.

With Black Star by his side, it would be impossible for them to assassinate him. If Iapetus was truly Black Stars friend, they would be dead if they dared make a rash move.

These family heads could only do as they liked on this planet, but they were no different from ants when compared to Black Star.

Even if Black Star slaughtered them all, the universe would not be bothered by the matter. As a vassal of the dynasty, the central government would not stand up for them for sure.

Even if they died, no one would care about them!

"Thankfully, we stopped the assassination, but Im afraid" One of the family heads said with lingering fear in his heart.

"The current feudal lord is still a member of our family. We should first pay a visit to Black Star and try to fish for some information."

A few hours later, the current feudal lord of Planet Ladbu visited Iapetus villa with plenty of gifts.

Even though Han Xiao was only the guest in this place, he seemed more like the owner of the villa. Iapetus did not dare reject the guests on behalf of Han Xiao and reported it to Han Xiao obediently.

The feudal lord of Planet Ladbu waited for a while outside the gate before being allowed to enter. He then suppressed his anxiety and arrived at the guest room.

However, he was immediately stunned upon entering the room. Han Xiao could not be seen in the room, and only an adorable girl was seated on the couch.

He then remembered that this girl was one of Black Stars subordinates and sat opposite her obediently.

"You can let me know what you want." Aurora tried her best to force out a solemn expression.

The Planet Ladbu feudal lord then chuckled and said with a fawning tone, "As the leader of Planet Ladbu, I would like to pay a visit to His Excellency Black Star and personally welcome him"

"You dont need to worry about that. His Excellency Black Star is not an individual that you can meet as and when you please." Aurora waved her hands and mimicked the words and tone that Han Xiao had taught her. "You may leave if there isnt anything else."

The Planet Ladbu feudal lord refused to give up and tried probing Aurora a few more times. He only left after he noticed Aurora frowning.

After leaving the villa, his face became extremely ugly. He was unable to meet Black Star, but Iapetus was able to personally welcome Black Star. The meaning behind this made his heart sink.

With Han Xiaos current position, many complicated matters became simple. Just his name and appearance were sufficient to frighten the various large families. They no longer dared act as they pleased, afraid that they might anger him. As such, they had no choice but to watch as Iapetus votes increased in number and had no way to stop Iapetus.

Han Xiao trained his energy and stayed on Planet Ladbu for a period of time. Very quickly, it was time for the election.

During the day of the election, Iapetus won by a landslide.

He then made a speech and went through plenty of ceremonies.

Night gradually came, and darkness descended.

A flying carrier moved slowly in the air, and Iapetus looked out of the window at the city.

His excitement from the day had died down, and upon thinking about the bigshot waiting for him at home, he could not feel happy.

His flying carrier stopped outside his door. Despite it being his own house, he was like a frightened beast in front of the house. Iapetus then took a deep breath and walked into the villa.

"Youre back?"

Just as he entered the door, he saw Aurora leaning against the wall, waiting for him in the hall. She then pointed up and smiled.

"He is waiting in the room for you."

Iapetus then went up into the room nervously.

Han Xiao was the only one in the room and had his back facing the door. Without turning back, he knew that someone had arrived and said, "Come in and take a seat if youre here."


The atmosphere in the room made Iapetus gulp, and he sat in front of Han Xiao.

Han Xiao then looked at Iapetus expressionlessly.

"Since you have succeeded, it is time to fulfil your promise."

Iapetus heaved a sigh of relief and said respectfully, "I understand. I will immediately use my authority to work together with the Black Star Army and support the construction of a subdivision over here. I"

Before he could finish, Han Xiao interrupted him. "I am not talking about this small matter."

Iapetus felt his intestines tangle up.

Han Xiao then looked at him and said slowly, "Since the matter is completed, I shall speak openly. You borrowed my prestige to suppress the other great families, and this is only your motive on the surface. Your second motive was to obtain the support of the army through the subdivision constructed here to ensure that you can sit comfortably in the position of feudal lord."

Iapetus fell silent upon hearing that.

That was indeed his plan.

The election was only the start. After running Planet Ladbu for so many years, the various large families controlled the officials of all levels. Even if he became the feudal lord, he would be no more than a puppet without authority. When Black Star left and the families investigated his relationship with Black Star, his life would be in danger.

Thus, he had to find a reliable backer.

Black Star, who was in the vicinity, had attracted his attention. As such, he hoped to make the Black Star Army his backer to stabilize his position of feudal lord.

"What do you want?" Iapetus said with a dark expression.

Han Xiao looked at him and smiled. The oppressive atmosphere in the room also disappeared.

"Dont be so nervous. I wont harm you since I chose to help you."

Iapetus also felt that those words made sense and eased up slightly.

Before Iapetus could catch his breath, Han Xiaos next words made him freeze in place.

"Alright. You have played enough already. Pack up and follow me onto the spaceship."

Iapetus expression froze in place.

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