Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 937

Chapter 937 Feidin Being Lucky Is So Troublesome

When Iapetus left the room, Sylvia rolled her eyes and said, "You are far too petty. You actually came up with such a name."

Although she was not someone from Planet Aquamarine, she had served under Han Xiao for many years and had also heard about his experiences in the early days.

"I am not being petty." Han Xiao grunted.

In fact, Hila, Aurora, and himself were the final three members of the Germinal Organization. Looking at it that way, Germinal was truly brimming with talents.

After joking for a while longer, Han Xiao got back to the main point. "Anyway, how are matters in the Shattered Star Ring?"

Upon hearing that, Sylvia also retracted her smile and reported the situation regarding the Bloodshed Land and Limitless Financial Group. Ever since the start of their competition, Han Xiao had gotten Sylvia to give him a report every now and then.

Currently, the remaining organizations working together with the Black Star Army had formed an alliance and restricted the Limitless Financial Groups acquisition tactic to a certain extent. The Limitless Financial Group and Bloodshed Land had also changed their tactic and started to stabilize the operations that they had acquired.

The efficiency of the Bloodshed Land had immediately shown itself. They quickly digested the market stolen by the Limitless Financial Group, and the Bloodshed Land expanded rapidly during this period.

Both parties were able to complement each other. The Limitless Financial Group smashed money to acquire organizations while the Bloodshed Land provided their influence and network to reorganize these resources. As such, the development of the Bloodshed Land went smoothly and was catching up to the Black Star Armys status in the Shattered Star Ring.

The combination of a foreign dragon and local snake gave people the greatest headache. If not, even if the Limitless Financial Group could print money, their threat would still have been limited.

The Tyrant had truly created a lot of trouble for him. Han Xiao snorted after listening to the report.

I will definitely give you a good beating after my Promotion!

Han Xiao shook his head.

"I understand the situation. You can get back to work."

"Humph, you only know how to order me around. Cant I even stay a bit longer with you? Ever since I became the Chief Administrative Official, youve become more and more distant from me!" Sylvia could not help but sniffle.

"Since when?" Han Xiao was stunned.

"I dont care! I havent taken a break in such a long time. I want to be as carefree as Jenny!" Sylvia complained with anger. "Although I am willing to work for the army, you cannot treat me like a slave! Humph! Do you really think that I like working If not for you Humph!"

Han Xiao could only comfort her helplessly.

In the eyes of the members of the army, Sylvia would never complain and had a steady image. She would only start to whine and throw a tantrum when she was in front of him.

At the next planet, Han Xiao picked a few battleships and sent Iapetus back to the Shattered Star Ring.

He then continued to run around in the dynasty, searching for crops while training his energy.

He went through many different Star Clusters, Star Systems, and planets. As time went on, the various organizations no longer found his actions strange.

After touring the dynasty for a long time, Han Xiao accumulated his energy to the boundary point of Lv.19. He was getting closer and closer to completing his Promotion mission.


In the gravitational chamber, the half-naked Han Xiao was floating in midair with his eyes glowing brightly.

Han Xiao then took a deep breath and retracted all his Mechanical Force. Ending the gravity simulation, he could feel as though a layer of restriction was taken off his cells, and new energy was being formed.

Ive finished training another Energy Training Technique.

Han Xiaos eyes sparkled, and he nodded with satisfaction.

This was an Energy Training Technique that used gravity to force out the energy of the cell. He had trained it to the maximum and squeezed out all its value.

During this period, Han Xiao had trained a few different Energy Training Techniques, and he now had about 119,000 energy points.

Just one last thousand points. I am not too far away from Lv.19.

Han Xiao then controlled his body to open the sweat pores of his body. Sweat immediately gushed out from his pores but evaporated the instant it left his body.

At his current level, he was able to control his body perfectly. Even sweating was something that he could control with a thought. He could choose not to sweat after an intense workout and would only feel a tinge of discomfort.

Drying up his body, Han Xiao touched his chest muscles and admired his body for a while before putting his clothes back on.

Han Xiao then walked out of the gravitational chamber, walked to the alley, and looked out of the window.

The image displayed on the window was capable of zooming in and out. At this moment, the image on the window showed the surface of a planet with plenty of spaceships taking off and landing from it.

Enya Hub, a famous galactic city in the Constellation Corridor. A high-grade transfer hub.

This was a prosperous galactic city that belonged to one of the dynastys Beyond Grade A allies. Because of its good management and location, Enya Hub had become one of the famous spots in the dynasty.

However, Han Xiao did not come to this planet to dig up talents. His fleet needed to replenish their resources, and Aurora and his Black Star Guards complained that they had stayed on the spaceship for too long and wanted to play in the city. Thus, he brought them to Enya Hub and had stayed there for a few days already.

In order to not attract any commotion, Han Xiao disguised his fleet and got Phillip to conceal information of his arrival and create a fake identity. As such, Enya Hubs artificial intelligence did not detect his arrival, and no one knew that he had arrived.

Opening his interface, he could see an Evolutionary Totem buff on it.

This is also a planet that has an Evolutionary Totem on it. Han Xiao stroked his chin.

The sale of the Evolutionary Totems had been going on for quite some time already. The dynasty and their allies had purchased whatever they wanted and had begun putting them to use already. The Evolutionary Totems would usually be used on colonial planets, and it was rarer to see one being used in a transit station.

Han Xiao looked through the past two years of information for Enya Hub and realized that the Enya Hub had attracted more tourists and visitors. Some weak races would even send some of their members to stay on a neutral planet that had the Evolutionary Totem.

As such, a new wave of migration happened.

Han Xiao then walked over to the officers activity room.

There would usually be many people playing cards in there, and it would be extremely noisy. But today, it was extremely silent, and not even half of the Black Star Guards were playing Wayne Cards.

All of them turned around and greeted Han Xiao before continuing to play their game.

Looking around, Han Xiao did not see Feidin, Hadavy, and the others. He then tapped someone on the shoulder and asked, "Where are the rest?"

"Oh, they went to Enya Hub to play. Hadavy led a group of them to cough cough to that type of bar. As for Feidin, I think he went shopping with Aurora." This Calamity Grade guard rubbed his head and said, "Do you want to call them back?"

"Forget it." Han Xiao shook his head. He would not prevent his subordinates from seeking entertainment.

He was not in a rush to leave anyway. Since he only needed another thousand energy points, he might as well remain there and finish his Promotion mission.

In the Fourth Entertainment Zone, a grand ceremony was being held, and the streets were filled with people of many different races. A convoy moved slowly down the streets with the performers on the convoy performing strange actions toward the spectators. From time to time, there would be street performers performing alongside the convoy.

Feidin and Aurora had put on disguises and were currently mixed in with the crowd. Aurora looked around with curiosity, and Feidin followed behind her as a temporary bodyguard. He had a bright smile on his face and would comment on the performance by the side from time to time.

"Sigh, it is truly too boring to be on the spaceship. Somewhere with more people is much more fun."

Aurora was currently holding onto some snacks in her hands, and she spoke while chewing on her food.

Hila enjoyed being alone, but Aurora enjoyed crowded places. When she was young, although a traumatic experience had given her social anxiety, she no longer faced such an issue after so many years of adjustment.

She spent most of her time with Hila, and now that Hila was on a long trip, Aurora wanted to travel around to increase her worldview. However, she did not only like crowded places because of her personality, and there was also a biological factor. Her Esper Ability allowed her to detect life force, and there was a certain degree of attraction in a place with plenty of life force. Such an environment allowed her to become extremely energetic and joyful.

"Oh, I like places that are quieter." Feidin shrugged his shoulders.

Aurora then rolled her eyes and said, "You like your two-person world, right? Is mental mating really so fun? Are both of you addicted to it?"

Feidin was not too bothered by the remark and chuckled while pointing to his forehead. "You made her shy."

Aurora felt her hair standing up. Just when she wanted to say something, Feidins expression changed, and he grabbed Auroras shoulders.

"Wait a moment, something seems to be happening."

Aurora immediately dropped her joking expression and threw away the snacks in her hand. She then grabbed her firearm and got ready for battle.

At the same time, she circulated her life force detection ability and scanned the direction of Feidins sight. She then noticed the appearance of a few life forces with a particularly weak one as though an individual was severely injured.

Both of them then looked at each other and entered an alley. After making a few turns, there was no trace of the passersby anymore.

Very quickly, they arrived at the location of the life force but were greeted with an empty patch of land.

Feidin frowned and took out a magical badge. This was a gift that Lagi had given to her. It was equipment that could detect magical fluctuations. It was currently vibrating and pointing toward the empty land in front of them.

"It seems like some magical barrier. To think that it is able to hide from the magical detection equipment of the city. However, they dont seem like good guys if they wanted to hide in the city. Just what are they trying to do?

Feidin wondered if they should poke their noses into this matter.

But before he could even make a decision, the space around him shattered like glass!

Clank clank!

The invisible barrier was broken from within, and a bloody figure charged out before collapsing on the ground. The scene in front of Feidin and Aurora immediately changed, and a large number of craters could be seen.

Apart from this injured individual, there were a few standing far away with war hammers in their hands and black hoods on their heads. Their robes were inscribed with a white insignia, and they had a couple of different necklaces each. They were dressed like the priests of some religious order.

A group fight had obviously just broken out here.

It might have been because of the broken barrier, and they did not wish to attract any attention. These few priest-like individuals then turned around and left without any hesitation.

Feidin thought for a moment and did not bother giving chase because he was not aware of their identities. He then walked forward to support the injured individual.

Before he could even ask about what had happened, the injured individual grabbed onto his clothes tightly and said with a hoarse voice, "St op them"

The injured individual fell unconscious and left a bloody print on Feidins clothes.

They looked at each other with their eyes widened.

"What should we do?"

"Sigh, use your ability to save him first. We should ask him about whats going on. I have a feeling that this isnt a small matter."

As he said that, Feidin shook his head and muttered under his breath, "Why do I always encounter such situations?"

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