Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Asking For Help

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The Rose Militants staggered toward the direction that the bullets originated from. The venomous gas had infiltrated their bodies, and they were clearly poisoned. Only Dorothy, who had the physical attributes of a pugilist, was able to withstand the poison. She led the troops in the charge.

Han Xiao calmly switched to the cartridge with the spindle-shaped penetration bullets. He fired the sniper, and the gunshots sounded as if they followed a steady tempo. Shot by shot, he wiped out the militants one by one. The bulletproof vests were unable to withstand the power of the penetration bullets. Coupled with Han Xiao’s personal attribute, a shot fired by Han Xiao could deal a theoretical damage of around 130 damage points. Moreover, the normal troops ranged from level five to level eight. They possessed around 150 points of HP. Therefore, a single shot was enough to kill them with the damage dealt by the poison and flames. A second shot was not even needed to kill the troops. The efficiency of wiping out the enemy was especially high.

Han Xiao deliberately made Dorothy the sole survivor of his attacks. Firstly, he killed all of Dorothy’s assistants, and he was only left with the strongest of them all, Dorothy, to fight.

After Han Xiao killed the last of the ordinary militants, Dorothy finally got close to him. She raised her modified machine gun and started firing hysterically at him.

Han Xiao ducked, and the bullets struck the sand dunes, spraying sand into the air.

Dorothy was running and firing her weapon ferociously at the same time. She finally came before Han Xiao after she exhausted the bullets of her magazine. She appeared to be brutal killer.

The sniper was bound to be dead if a pugilist managed to get close to the sniper.

Dorothy could not wait to smash Han Xiao’s skull into pieces, just as she had done to a couple of her other enemies.

“Hunting-tiger Axe!”

Dorothy wielded her axe and slashed it at Han Xiao’s head. The sound of the axe slicing the wind could be heard. She was confident that her strike was powerful enough to wreck Han Xiao’s brain into pieces.

Han Xiao dodged the strike and slide backward three steps like a mudskipper. Dorothy missed her strike.


Like a phantom, Han Xiao drew the Berserk Eagles from his waist. The continuous firing by Han Xiao instantly led to countless penetration bullets piercing Dorothy’s body.

Dorothy shrieked in pain. However, her eyes revealed a tinge of arrogance. She took out a shotgun from her back and fired at Han Xiao.

“Shotgun bullets are the deadliest close range. It is a sure killyou’re a dead man!”

Dorothy expected Han Xiao to be dead, but the next moment astonished her.

The scale-like armor covered Han Xiao upper body, and the bullets from the shotgun struck the hard surface of the armor, resulting in sparks. With his current skills, Han Xiao was able to create a magnetically-controlled retractable armor that covered his entire upper body.

“I have armor, you fool!”

Han Xiao then fired all the bullets in his magazine at Dorothy’s body. A pugilist that reached Pan Kuang’s level was able to withstand the penetration by the bullets only if he focused hard.

Compared to Pan Kuang, Dorothy was much weaker, and it was impossible for her to withstand the penetration by the high-caliber bullets. Blood spurted out from her mouth, and her bloodshot eyes stared hard at Han Xiao. She was mumbling, as if she wanted to say something.

Boom! Han Xiao blasted Dorothy’s head with his pistol.


You killed Dorothy (Lv. 25).

You gained 7,500 EXP.

In the earlier stages, snipers possessed strong long-range combat power, and they were able to conveniently strike their targets from afar. However, snipers were trained solely by the Union. This was because of the fact that it was too expensive to train snipers. Even the lousiest sniper would require at least $10,000 of investment. Sniper bullets were expensive; every shot fried was liked to money being used up.

Furthermore, ordinary snipers did not possess the magnetically-controlled retractable armor; therefore, they were easily killed when their enemies moved up close to them.

Han Xiao search Dorothy’s body and discovered that her gun was modified. From the modifications, it seemed like Rose Militant had a skillful mechanic.

After wiping out this group of enemies, Han Xiao had gained 10,000 EXP. The endless flames from the Flaming Poison Mines would soon attract more enemies.

Han Xiao retrieved the EMP Interference Machine and returned to his jeep, quickly leaving the site.

A while after Han Xiao left, a group of Couton troops arrive at the scene. They were shocked by the sight before their eyes.

“They are from Rose Militant.”

“Who ambushed them?”

The Couton troops were just about to check out the scene when the reinforcements led by Luo Qing also arrived. They saw their comrades lying dead on the ground and the Couton troops standing over their bodies.


The two groups had been in conflict for quite a while. Upon seeing their enemies, Rose Militant was instantly angered, and they started firing. Any form of explanation to prevent the fight was futile.

Luo Qing ordered the attack without hesitation. The Couton troops retaliated upon realizing the situation they were about to face. Instantly, a fierce battle took place, and the gunshots and explosions lit up the night sky.

Other militias also arrived at the scene. Upon seeing the ongoing battle between the Couton troops and the Rose Militants, they wanted a piece of the cake and joined in the fight. It turned into a complete chaos.

Even more militias that had bases further away from the site arrived, and they joined in the fun and started stirring more chaos before even finding out the reason behind the fight.

The fight went for almost half of the night. All the respective militias suffered damage. They retreated to their bases and started to count their losses. The last few militias that arrived at the scene did not even know why they had been fighting.

The Rose Militants brought back twenty bodies of their dead comrades. These bodies had grievous wounds created by the bullets of a sniper.

“Looks like Dorothy and the others were not ambushed by the Coutonians. They were killed by a sniper,” Ghostly Fox said.

Luo Qing’s face sank as she started thinking hard about the culprit behind the attack. Their enemies were all from the Somar Desert, and even if there was conflict, it was more likely to be a direct battle rather than an ambush. She immediately thought of the incident that had happened two years back. When the Rothschild family first put a bounty on their heads, many lone assassins had taken up the challenge and tried to kill them.

“Another bounty-hunter?” Luo Qing frowned. Rose Militant had not been approached by assassins for almost a year.

Perhaps after a year, some rash youngster had forgotten about the painful lesson the Rose Militants had taught the assassins.

Dorothy had suffered a painful death. She was murdered at a close range. This indicated that the sniper possessed some close-combat abilities.

A petite woman approached. She was wearing an oil-stained coat and said, “I found the killer’s vehicle tacks. He headed toward the southeast. There are three distinct camps based there, and the nearest one belongs to the Fabian Organization.”

“Good job, Su Li.”

Su Li was the mechanic of the Rose Militants, and she was in charge of maintaining and modifying the guns, vehicles, and defensive gear.

“I found some shards of the exploded mines at the site, and I presume the incident was a well-planned ambush. The outer shells of the mine belonged to the Fabian Organization. It is highly likely that the killer is residing in the camp of the Fabian Organization. I tried to piece back the mine that was used, and it seems like a new type of explosive. The explosion involved the use of several gases.”

Luo Qing squinted. They had met a tough foe this time, but she was determined to take revenge. She made an encrypted phone call to their secret sponsor.

“Mr. Sebastian, a team of twenty of our troops were hunted down by an unknown assassin.”

An old raspy voice emerged from the other side of the line. “I will send someone to handle it.”

Every time an assassin emerged, the sponsor behind the Rose Militants would send out other ‘Professional Assassins’ to punish the culprit. That was the reason Rose Militant had managed to wipe out so many assassins in the Somar Desert.

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