Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 942

Chapter 942 Want To Escape? Do You Think Thats Possible?

Hadavy strangled the neck of one of the Calamity Grade fugitives like a little chicken. This fugitive was already covered in wounds all over and could not break free from Hadavys grip. He launched a wave of attacks in desperation, but his attacks were not capable of breaking through Hadavys defenses.

"Useless" Hadavy closed his eyes with a look of enjoyment as he enjoyed the wave of attacks.

The next moment, his eyes glowed with a fierce light, and he snapped the enemys neck.


The enemys head immediately drooped down, and his backbone was destroyed. Such a wound was not fatal to a Calamity Grade, and the fugitive immediately activated the healing ability in his cells to recover from his injuries.

Hadavy, however, would not give the enemy the chance to recover and slammed him into the ground with a punch. The Black Star Guards beside him then swarmed over and tore this enemy into shreds.

Hadavy enjoyed fighting powerful enemies to bring himself pressure. However, he was not interested in bullying these ordinary Calamity Grades alone and wanted to take care of the battle as quickly as possible.

Black Stars Black Star Guards were all carefully chosen elites within the army. Hadavy was a Beyond Grade A seed and had a huge advantage against an ordinary Calamity Grade Super. He was famous in the Shattered Star Ring for his defense, and these kids would not even be able to break through his skin.

The instant the Black Star Army intervened, the fate of these fugitives was determined. Only one of these Calamity Grade fugitives was left alive, and Hadavy had intentionally left him alive.

With the enemies being taken care of, Ludwells two bodyguards were finally at ease. They did not care about their own injuries but immediately deactivated the protective shield around Ludwells grandson to check if he had any injuries.

After ensuring that he was alright, both of them walked forward to Hadavy and expressed their gratitude.

"On behalf of His Excellency Ludwell, I thank all of you for your assistance. I will truthfully report your contributions to him."

"Ludwell? Who is he?" Hadavy was puzzled.

Unlike Feidin, he was completely clueless about the structure of the dynasty officials. He was only concerned about becoming a Beyond Grade A Super and was not too interested in anything else.

"He is a high political official in the Crimson Dynasty" The bodyguard then described Ludwells title and position before pointing to the young man by the side. "This is His Excellency Ludwells grandson, and our job is to protect him. The consequences would have been dire if not for all of you."

"Oh, so we saved the child of a high official?" Hadavys eyes widened, and he chuckled. "Heh, you guys are truly lucky that we were on holiday here. Or perhaps it should be said that the enemy is unlucky. It is a small matter to us anyway, and we cannot watch as others cause chaos within the dynasty as an ally of the dynasty."

"We will not forget this kindness." The amputated guard then looked at the remaining fugitive and said coldly, "I have one request. I hope to participate in the interrogation later. I need to see who set their sights on His Excellency Ludwell."

"We can talk about this later. My comrades are still fighting over there, and I shall go over to help them first."

Although Hadavy had a straightforward personality, he knew that he could not easily agree to something like this. He thus waved his arms and led the other Black Star Guards to the main battlefield.

As the two bodyguards saw that, they could only follow behind with Ludwells grandson, lest they ended up being ambushed again. At the same time, they also reported what had happened to Ludwell.

"The economic situation of the dynasty isnt ideal, and we suffered from a huge impact in terms of trade"

In the gigantic conference room, all the high officials in charge of finances were gathered and Ludwell was also part of the group.

Many of the economic officials belonged to the neutral faction, and Ludwell was one of the leaders of the neutral faction. As such, he possessed great authority when it came to finances.

Halfway through the meeting, Ludwells communicator began vibrating. After looking at the contents of the message, he placed his communicator aside and continued with the meeting.

After the meeting ended, Ludwell returned to his office.

As the door closed, he slammed his palm on the desk.


The entire alloy desk was dented. Although Ludwell was a refined individual, it did not mean that he did not have any combat strength. The majority of the officials in the dynasty were not weak scholars.

"Investigate this matter for me! Just who set their eyes on my grandson?"

Ludwells face was ashen, and he roared out orders for half a day before his anger subsided slightly.

He was extremely shocked when he saw the news but endured his anger as he was in a meeting. He only unleashed his anger at this moment and was determined to make use of the authority in his hands to check the matter clearly.

Thankfully, his grandson was saved in the end, and Ludwell heaved a sigh of relief with lingering fear in his heart.

Thankfully, they met the Black Star Army. If not

Upon thinking about this possibility, he could not help but shudder with fear.

After pacing around in the room for a while, Ludwell gradually calmed down and sat down in his chair while muttering to himself.

"Black Star, I owe you a favor this time"

He originally did not like Black Star. However, they were allies, and he did not treat Black Star like an enemy; there was only a conflict in terms of benefits for the dynasty.

Work affairs would remain as work affairs, but his personal impression of Black Star was much better than before.

Although he would not bring his personal emotions into work, he would remember this favor.

After Hadavy brought more reinforcements to join the battle, the chaos was immediately suppressed. Those who wanted to escape were not able to do so, and the others were either killed or wounded.

The soldiers then cleaned up the battlefield and placed restrictive equipment on all the survivors.

These fugitives then squatted by the side with their heads lowered, and the scene looked like an anti-vice operation.

"Lock them all up and interrogate them properly," Jabra roared at his subordinates before walking forward to the members of the Punisher Alliance. He then said calmly, "You guys are not bad. I will get people to give you a reward later. Thank you for your assistance."

Although he was giving his thanks, his tone was calm and perfunctory. The status of the Punisher Alliance was truly too low, and they were not able to provide much help to him. They could only deal with some small fries in his eyes. However, the other party did help him after all, and he had to show some face to these superheroes.

Raymond and the others nodded. They were not expecting an officer of a Beyond Grade A Super to be super grateful to them, and displaying such an attitude was already decent. Furthermore, they still had money to take, and the money could be used to replenish the funds of their alliance. A Calamity Grade powerhouse like Jabra definitely would not be stingy for sure.

However, Jabra did not leave immediately but looked at Aurora instead. "Are you interested in joining me?"

Raymond frowned and said with a deep voice, not bothering about the other partys status, "Whats the meaning of this?"

"Your healing abilities arent too bad. Join our Beyond Grade A organization. You will have a brighter future," Jabra said calmly.

During the battle previously, Auroras healing abilities had attracted his attention, and thus, he wanted to poach her.

Upon hearing that, all the members of the Punisher Alliance looked at Aurora with anxiousness in their eyes. They did not want such a good comrade to be poached away, but they could not reply on her behalf.

Aurora shook her head and said, "No thanks. I am more interested in being a hero."

Jabra frowned and wanted to persuade her. Right at this moment, footsteps sounded from behind him, and Hadavy arrived with the Black Star Guards.

Jabra immediately abandoned the members of the Punisher Alliance and said with a bright smile toward Hadavys group, "Hahaha, brothers from the Black Star Army. Thank you for your assistance! You have helped me greatly!"

Jabras attitude took a 180-degree turn when it came to the Black Star Guards. He would put on airs before the Punisher Alliance but was extremely passionate in front of the Black Star Guards.

Although he was a subordinate of a Beyond Grade A Super, Jabras boss was only an ordinary pillar of the dynasty. However, it was very likely that Black Star, who had a great amount of potential, would take over the position of Dark Lord in the future and become the dynastys strongest ally.

"Were all allies of the dynasty, so its only right for us to help each other." Hadavy then added on, "His Excellency Black Star wishes to interrogate these fugitives together. Would it be convenient for you?"

"Of course its convenient." Jabra chuckled.

"Hmm." Hadavy nodded before looking at Aurora. He then said, "You are extremely capable. Are you interested in joining the Black Star Army? You will be a part of the Black Star Guards at the very least."

Everyones face became strange as these words were said, especially the members of the Punisher Alliance.

You just wanted to poach one of ours, and now she is being poached by a bigger fish.

Upon hearing that, Jabras face froze in place, and he coughed to hide his awkwardness.

"This it isnt too suitable, right? I dont have any intention of leaving my current organization."

"Alright, remember to inform us if you change your mind."

Hadavy chuckled and glanced at Aurora with a look of delight.

Auroras mouth contorted slightly.

You are truly such a vengeful person.

Right at this moment, a mechanical soldier arrived with the Evolutionary Totem. Jabra immediately ran over to take a look and was overjoyed.

Great, even his last problem was solved! He would not need to have a headache over the matter anymore.

Black Star was truly a good man!

With this slight interlude, Jabra no longer felt like poaching others and got his subordinates to clean up the battlefield.

Hadavy then glanced at the members of the Punisher Alliance and left with a strange smile.

Only then did the members of the Punisher Alliance relax. They were truly nervous when being surrounded by a group of Calamity Grade Supers.

After calming themselves down, they looked at Aurora and Feidin with greater passion.

These new comrades of theirs had actually rejected a Beyond Grade A organization to stay in their organization!

They then thought about the scene of Feidin and Aurora fighting beside them. At this moment, everyone, including Slade, had truly recognized these two as their new comrades.

Upon seeing that, Feidin smiled.

At the same time, there were two individuals moving around stealthily. It was the disguiser and his comrade.

They knew that their plan had failed the moment the Black Star Army intervened. It would be a lie to say that they were not furious about failing despite investing so much resources.

However, being angry was useless. Were they going to fight a Beyond Grade A? They could only swallow their anger and secretly leave their observation spot.

"Sigh, our plan failed." One of them shook his head with resignation.

"This was an accident. Who couldve known that the Black Star Army would hide their identities and remain on this planet? The captain wont blame us."

"However, we wasted plenty of resources, and our spies located on this planet will definitely be cleaned out. According to the rules, we will be punished and demoted."

"If we can seize this opportunity to leave this plan and be transferred to a safer position, it may be a blessing in disguise. All those organizations were hired from the black market, and we didnt intervene directly. It will be difficult to trace the matter to us."

"Is that so?"

"Yes hmm?"

Both of them then froze in place with a look of shock on their faces. That voice did not belong to either of them.

Looking up, they saw a phantom-like figure floating above their heads. Who knew how long this figure had been following behind them without them noticing a thing?

Upon seeing this figure, they froze on the spot without moving. Their minds blanked out, and they had the same thought in their head.

Just how did Black Star find us?

The various gray organizations did not know that they were the masterminds, and they were also in disguise when they helped the Calamity Grade fugitives lock onto their targets!

Han Xiao then floated down gently and could not help but ask, "Whats so surprising about me finding both of you? Do you two really think that it is possible to escape from me?"

After interrogating the thieves, he realized that they had received the mission from the black market, and their employers mission was for them to steal the Evolutionary Totem.

Han Xiao then joined the dots to Feidins report of the assault on Ludwells grandson and could more or less guess what their entire plan was.

These organizations that came to create trouble were all hired from the black market and were no more than pawns. They did not know the entire plan and were only in charge of their own segment of the mission. The true objective of the mastermind should be to get rid of Ludwells grandson.

Although Enya Hub was not a colonial planet of the dynasty, their security was not too bad. For this group to be able to smuggle such restricted items in, they had definitely borrowed the strength of the local organizations.

There were very few organizations capable of organizing such a scheme in the territory of the dynasty. The two most suspicious parties were the Federation of Light and Arcane Church.

During this period, there were many cases of Evolutionary Totem robberies in the dynastys borders. The robbers were mainly hired from the black market, and the employers were not the federation or church. They had definitely borrowed the name of other organizations, and their true motive of causing chaos was not the Evolutionary Totem but creating security problems within the dynasty.

They were trying to create chaos for the dynasty and make the dynasty know that such events would be commonplace if they did not allow the totems to be sold openly. They also wanted to make use of this opportunity to express their attitudes to the other civilizations. In any case, they definitely had other plans, and this was only the tip of the iceberg.

Since he guessed that there was a mastermind behind the matter, there was no reason for Han Xiao to let them go. He had gotten Phillip to infiltrate the artificial intelligence of Enya Hub and open a backdoor to dig up all the data.

If he was not a Virtual Mechanic, these two masterminds might have escaped.

What a pity Han Xiao shook his head. You two are truly unlucky to meet me.

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