Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 958

Chapter 958 Neros Campus Lifestyle

At the dock of a surface civilization in the Godora Star System, a fleet of mid-sized spaceships waited. The hatches of the spaceships opened up, and a long queue of passengers were prepared to board the spaceships.

This was a flight that was headed toward Planet Aquamarine and was funded by the government. There were many different types of people boarding the spaceship. There were some wealthy individuals who bought tickets, some elites from the army, civilian youths with high potential, and some who had broken the bank to buy a slot, hoping to change their destinies.

Planet Aquamarine was extremely lucky to have someone like Black Star. In this Star System, most of the surface civilizations were vassals of Godora, and his planet was also no exception.

It was extremely difficult for a surface civilization that was a vassal of an advanced civilization to develop. Although this civilization was not a pool of dead water, it was obviously lacking in development. There was only a single dock on the entire planet, and they did not have that many galactic tourists. It was a complete contrast to the prosperous Planet Aquamarine.

News of the Black Star Army opening a school had also been spread to this planet, and the upper echelons of the planet immediately had an idea.

A small location like theirs naturally would not have the rights to invite the Black Star Army to open up an academy. If they wanted to enter the academy, they could only go to the other planets. As such, this was the flight that the upper echelons had specially arranged to head toward Planet Aquamarine. Their goal was to send the elites of the army and youths with potential to the Black Star Armys Super Academy.

It was impossible for a civilization like theirs to catch up to a Star System Civilization in terms of strength. The technological skills that they treated as gold were worthless to advanced civilizations. Thus, they could only choose to walk down the path of Supers. As long as they could groom a group of sufficiently powerful Supers, these Supers would be able to bring their civilization up to the next level. Planet Aquamarine was the example that many surface civilizations were envious about.

Of course, they did not even dare dream about raising a bigshot like Black Star. Their biggest wish was only to groom a Calamity Grade Super.

The Black Star Army opening an academy gave them a ray of hope.

The probability of the strongest individual grooming a Calamity Grade Super should be higher, right?

Amid the noisy crowd, a skinny little girl was standing in the crowd with four soldiers beside her to block the crowd and prevent her from being squashed. She obviously had special treatment.

This skinny little girl hugged the doll in her hands while asking, "Uncle, what is Planet Aquamarine like?"

She was still very young and her features had not been fully developed. However, she could be considered pretty if one took a close look, and her eyes glowed with a bright light.

"Planet Aquamarine I havent been there before either, but Ive heard that it is a prosperous place," the soldier replied with a friendly tone.

"Then, when will we come back?"

"We dont know yet. This depends on the intentions of those above."

"Oh" The skinny little girl hugged her doll with a tinge of fear in her eyes. She was afraid of the unknown life that awaited her.

She was an abandoned orphan and was taken in by a public orphanage. Not too long ago, the government tested the potential of all the children in the orphanages, and she was one of the orphans that was chosen.

Her peaceful days were shattered, and there were suddenly people arranging her everyday life. She was like a puppet that could only accept the arrangements of others. No one told her the reason, and she only knew that she was about to leave the orphanage for a very long time. She said her goodbyes to all her friends and headed toward an unknown planet to learn some things.

"Black Star Super Academy just what kind of a place is that?"

A newly constructed floating city floated above Black Star City.

This floating city was the first Black Star Super Academy campus and had all the necessary facilities.

The speed at which the academy had been constructed was truly unbelievable. The production capabilities in the interstellar era were extremely high, and this gigantic floating city had taken less than half a month to construct.

Ever since the construction of the academy was announced, a large number of galactic residents started to migrate over.

The Black Star Army was prepared to open a few dozen academies all over the Godora Star System during their first phase, and the academy on Planet Aquamarine attracted the most attention. Everyone knew that Planet Aquamarine would definitely receive the greatest amount of resources and would definitely be the best Super Academy.

In just ten short days, the Black Star Super Academy on Planet Aquamarine received countless applications. Thankfully, Han Xiao had already expected such a situation and constructed a gigantic floating campus that could hold a few million people. It could even be expanded in the future.

In order to expand his influence, the school fees were not too expensive. He did not walk the path of nobility but opened the doors of the academy to the commoners as well.

However, the school did not provide any dormitories. There were many different lifestyle regions in the school where students could rent or purchase a house. Han Xiao was not planning on using the school fees to recoup his losses. These houses that he had built would be where the profits lay.

The Black Star Army did not lack any teachers at all. All the Supers within the army were willing to earn a quick buck and would just treat it as accepting an employment to teach students. They also had plenty of Super Academies as reference for the syllabus. With the prosperity of Planet Aquamarine, they could easily hire various workers as long as they had money. Furthermore, Black Stars name would grant them the green light in the application process, and no one would dare block them.

Efficiency was high in the interstellar era, and thus, the Black Star Super Academy needed less than a month of preparation before they were ready to open.

A floating school bus brought the students to the floating island, and many students had looks of fascination on their faces.

The skinny little girl was one of them. Her experiences during this period were like a dream. She witnessed many spectacular sights that had shaken her soul.

"Country bumpkins." A portion of the students who came from a well-off background could not help but look down on these students with disdain.

Isnt it just a floating island? Why is there a need to make a big fuss out of it? Look at all of your country bumpkin appearances. Wont all of you faint when you see our honorary principal?

Some of the new students who came from backward planets then lowered their heads with embarrassment. They could only suppress their gasps as they admired the view on the outside.

The skinny little girl stood beside the window and was dressed in a simple dress. She was sitting next to a Godoran who was dressed in luxurious clothing, looking as though he was extremely unwilling to sit with the skinny little girl.

Many orphans had keen observational abilities, and upon noticing that her classmate disliked her, the skinny little girl could not help but clench onto her dress tightly.

The floating school bus reached the academy quickly, and all the new students unloaded from the bus. A huge crowd was quickly formed, and the students waited for their teachers to lead the way.

The skinny little girl was not used to many things, and she hugged her luggage not knowing where she should go.

At this moment, a commotion sounded from afar, and everyone looked in a direction excitedly as though they had discovered something.

"Is that Nero? The son of Planet Aquamarines leader?"

"Thats right. Its him. I heard that he followed Black Star for a couple of years and is Black Stars godson."

"How envious. I also want to call Black Star father."

"Who would have thought that such an individual would be attending school with us? There will definitely be benefits to building a good relationship with him."

"What a pity, he looks too young. If not, I would definitely chase him. As long as I can get him, my future will be bright."

"Buddy, you should leave such a job to us girls. A guy like you shouldnt think about it."

"Eh, hes walking over."

In the eyes of the ordinary students, Nero was like a prince on a white horse.

Upon hearing the discussion of those around her, the skinny little girl was also a little curious.

Right at this moment, the crowd suddenly grew restless. Without anybody protecting her, she was immediately pushed around and fell on the ground by accident.

"Ouch, it hurts"

The skinny little girl then hugged her knees and shut her eyes to prevent herself from being stepped on.

All of a sudden, the crowd around her seemed to have disappeared, and no one pushed her anymore.

She then opened her eyes and saw a flying shuttle floating above her head that pushed back the crowd around her.

She then saw a bright teen walking toward her with a face full of concern. Bending down, he stretched out his arm toward her.

"I am called Nero. I saw you fall just now. Are you okay?"

The skinny little girl then looked at Nero. In her eyes, this young man seemed to have a warm golden edge around him.

After falling into a daze for a few seconds, this skinny little girl snapped out of her daze and grabbed onto Neros hands. She then stood up and said thanks to him with a soft voice.

"Thank you I am not injured"

Nero then looked down and realized that her knees were bleeding. He then could not help but say, "Isnt this an injury?"

"Its nothing. Its only a small injury, and I will be alright in a few days time."

"Wait a moment, I have a recovery spray."

Nero then placed his machinery backpack on the ground and dug out a metal spray can that had the Black Star logo on it. He then squatted down and sprayed it on her knees before nodding with satisfaction.

After standing up, he realized that the little girls face was flushed completely red.

Upon seeing that, Nero could not help but chuckle, "Why are you so nervous? Right, I havent asked you. What is your name?"

"I I am called Mia Moretto. This is the name that the principal of the orphanage gave me." The skinny little girl held onto her skirt and did not dare look at Nero.

"Orphanage? Youre an orphan?" Nero was surprised.


Nero then rubbed his head, and after thinking for a while, he gave the spray in his hands to Mia and said, "Take this. You will recover quickly if you are injured in future."

Mias dressing was extremely simple, and after knowing that she was an orphan, her economic situation definitely was not good.

Nero knew that learning how to become a Super had the risk of getting injured, so he passed her the spray can. In any case, it was not much to him, and he could have as many of them as he liked. Furthermore, he rarely used it himself.

Mia then plucked up her courage to look at him. Facing Neros sincere eyes, her heart trembled, and she quickly lowered her head like a startled rabbit. She accepted the spray can from Neros hands carefully.

"Thank you"


Han Xiao facepalmed upon seeing the situation in the academy.

"My goodness!"

Learning how to pick up chicks at such a young age

Is this what I sent you to school for

I must definitely nip this in the bud! If not, my [Perfect Mechanical Sense] will become [Perfect Female Sense]!

However, why does this Mia Moretto sound so familiar?

Han Xiao frowned and locked onto a target in his memory.

A tall beauty dressed in black, skintight clothes. However, she was already disfigured, and half her face became prosthetics. A strange red glow could be seen in her mechanical eye, and her face looked extremely evil. She had a chilly disposition, and her black alloy spear dripped with blood.

[Conqueror] Mia Moretto. A Calamity Grade Pugilist who was once a Beyond Grade A seed. She lost a portion of her limbs during a battle, which destroyed her path to become Beyond Grade A. She was one of Hilas followers in my previous life

Han Xiao blinked, and it was truly difficult to relate that baleful female image to this weak skinny girl.

Han Xiao then looked at Nero with a complicated gaze in his eyes.

This was truly the treatment of a protagonist. He was able to so casually meet a teammate with high potential.

The Advanced Luck Glow was truly terrifying.

Han Xiao could not be bothered to continue watching Nero and looked toward his machinery modification workstation.

After a month of hard work, not only was his mechanical army upgraded, his mechanical army had also been expanded to the size of twenty million soldiers. The embryonic form of his Dimension Factory had also taken shape, and he only needed to perfect it to transform it into a military factory.

"My efficiency is as high as always."

Looking at his mechanical army, Han Xiao chuckled with a face of satisfaction.

Di di di

Right at this moment, an alarm went off in Han Xiaos quantum network.

The next moment, Phillip appeared and hugged Han Xiaos finger. His face was pale, and he cried out anxiously, "Detecting an abnormal infiltration! It is currently destroying my firewall. Daddy, save me, hum"

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