Hot The Legendary Mechanic Chapter 959

Chapter 959 Forceful Infiltration

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A few minutes earlier, on a desolate planet in the Godora Star System, a mechanical host landed on the planet with light glowing in its eyes. It was Manisons [Lords Descent] avatar.

"This location is about right."

Manison nodded and controlled his avatar to float in midair. He then threw out a bunch of compressed orbs, and they were quickly assembled into a portable quantum network base.

The next moment, Manison entered the quantum network and searched for a nearby node.

Countless balls of light flew past his eyes, and he locked onto the Black Star Armys quantum network node very quickly. The Black Star Armys node was like a ball of light in his eyes with many different light rays stretching out in different directions to form a complicated network.

An endless stream of information was being sent out and into the network and layers of firewalls protected all the information.

This planet was not too near or far from the Black Star Army headquarters. Usually, Manison would use the Virtual Soul created by [Virtual Creator] to infiltrate the quantum network of others. However, he was not planning to do so when facing Black Star.

They were both Mechanics at the same level, and Manison was extremely clear of Black Stars abilities. No one was clearer about the [Divine Throne Mechanic] than him.

If he only used a Virtual Soul to infiltrate Black Stars network, Black Star only needed to use [Virtual Paramount] to trap him for a while before destroying the quantum network region that his Virtual Soul was trapped in. This would cut off his connection, and his Virtual Soul would be trapped in a sticky situation.

Although Manison would be able to deal with the situation, it would be troublesome, and it was not in line with his plan.

As such, Manison would rather take a little longer and send his avatar over to the Shattered Star Ring. As the attacking party, he chose to first lay out his path of retreat and was extremely careful.


The Black Star Armys quantum network node then enlarged in his view.

"A Virtual Intrusion?"

Han Xiao frowned, and various possibilities surfaced in his head.

After many modifications and upgrades, Phillips firewall was already extremely sturdy and even had counter-tracking abilities. An ordinary individual would not even be able to trigger the alarm before being counter-infiltrated by Phillip.

However, Phillip was currently in a bad state, which meant that his database was attacked. For the other party to perform such a feat in a short period of time, the attacker was definitely a Beyond Grade A Virtual Mechanic.

There are only a few Beyond Grade A Virtual Mechanics in the universe. Who would be so free as to come cause trouble for him?

Han Xiao then entered the quantum network as well.

He was currently located in the main network of his headquarters node. The firewalls were like layers of protective shields. At this moment, an usual amount of data was crashing down on the firewalls to create holes in them.

Phillip had already attempted to defend against the attacker but was in a terrible situation.

The flow of data that the other party had created was like mercury seeping into the ground. Phillip could not manage the situation, and the number of holes in the firewall increased over time. Some of the data had already infiltrated the system and released viruses all around to attack Phillips core data while releasing useless data to slow down Phillips calculation process. Plenty of AI hunters were also released to seize the information in the database and create a pincer attack.

Phillips main program was located in the Black Star Army headquarters. He was akin to the brain of the entire system, and this was where the defense was the highest. The moment this place was infiltrated, the network of the entire army would fall into the hands of the enemy, and it was akin to losing their brain.

The enemys target was to attack the core data of Phillips main program. Phillips core data had a few layers of protection, and the enemy had already infiltrated the outer protection of the database.

"What a powerful Virtual Intrusion skill."

Han Xiao was startled. He could feel a strong sense of pressure from the enemys infiltration.

Such a feeling was slightly familiar to him.

"An attack of this level Manison, is it you"

Han Xiaos eyes narrowed, and he sent out a message.

Outside the firewall, a virtual projection was created; it was Manisons Virtual Soul.

"Ah ha, hello Black Star."

"Its you indeed. Whats the meaning of this?" Han Xiao frowned.

"This is the world of the Beyond Grade As," Manison replied calmly. "Becoming friends or foe only requires a single thought. You dont have to ask for the reason."

As he said those words, the data attack suddenly intensified, and the firewalls began collapsing.

It is indeed because of the Machinery Faith

Han Xiao then took over Phillips job.

Manison was the attacking party and had the initiative. Han Xiao could only take up a defensive position and resist the attack. His objective was to prevent Manison from infiltrating and protect Phillips main program.

Han Xiao focused on strengthening his firewalls, filling up their loopholes and dealing with the viruses.

Phillips data became Han Xiaos army, and the foreign data was cleared out bit by bit.

Although he had many restraints when fighting in his main base, he also had some advantage. The firewalls and alarm system that he had maintained over the years would increase his defenses.

However, Han Xiao could only temporarily prevent the situation from getting worse; it was still difficult for him to fight back. This was the first time he had fought another Beyond Grade A Virtual Mechanic.

In terms of experience, he did not have as much as Manison. In terms of Virtual Technology skills, his knowledge was not as deep. In terms of affinity, he was not Manisons match. The other party had many years of accumulation, and he was at an absolute disadvantage.

The Mechanic Emperors Virtual Technology skills were something that even the Federation of Light had to be wary of. It was terrifyingly scary, and he did not even need to play any tricks. Just attacking Han Xiao openly would result in Han Xiao being suppressed.

"Things are slightly troublesome"

Han Xiao could not think of a way to fight back. It could be said that his current Virtual Technology skills had all been used by Manison before.

They were both Mechanics of the same subclass. The Virtual Technology skills that even he was not afraid of naturally would not be able to threaten Manison.

"What a powerful Mechanic. He truly lives up to his fame."

Han Xiao could truly feel how terrifying Manison was when facing him.

Han Xiao tried his best to repair his firewalls while Manison continued his many waves of attacks. Every second, the firewalls that Han Xiao had just repaired would be destroyed again by Manison, and Han Xiao did not even have time to catch his breath.

The information flowing between both parties in a single second was enough to cause the brain of an ordinary individual to explode!

Although he managed to fill up the holes, the thickness of his firewalls decreased. However, thankfully Han Xiao was also a Divine Throne Mechanic and defending for a short while wouldnt be an issue.

The viruses that had infiltrated were quickly cleaned up by Han Xiao and Phillips appearance also went back to normal.

As his brain calculated data rapidly, Han Xiao observed the situation and had a grave look on his face.

"We wont be able to last for long like this. Phillip, deactivate all of your child programs and gather your calculation power."

"Roger, hum"

The next moment, half of the connections expanding out from the Black Star Army node broke off.

Phillip gathered a large amount of calculation back, and Manisons infiltration rate seemed to have decreased.

"You are finally getting serious." Manison smiled. "I was waiting for you."

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao had a bad feeling.


The next moment, countless data packets exploded near Phillips core data and immediately disrupted Phillips program.

"Data deep dive." Han Xiao frowned and immediately understood Manisons plan.

Manison had already arranged an ambush and planted explosive data packets that could be detonated remotely. The moment the middle region was in danger and calculation power was recalled, these concealed data packets would enter into the main system through the network channels. It was similar to a trojan horse.

However, Han Xiao had no way to avoid it. If he did not recall Phillips calculation power, the main system would not be able to defend against Manison. If he did, he would fall for Manisons trap.

Phillips projection immediately became blue, and he began stuttering.

"Aiyoh yayaya I feel strange uwuwuwu"

Han Xiao immediately opened up Phillips core program. At this moment, twenty percent of Phillips calculation logic had been infected, and the infection was still spreading.

"The core logic module has been infected. This is bad"

Han Xiao felt his head ache. He would be able to clean up the viruses in the outer region without much restraint. However, cleaning up the core logic module would require extremely precise calculations and would take up a considerable amount of his attention.

Gritting his teeth, Han Xiao had no choice but to split out a portion of his attention to clean up Phillips core logic module while defending against Manisons infiltration.

His main body in reality did not remain idle either and immediately dragged his Divine Mechanical Throne over. After sitting down on it, he immediately received a boost in his attributes.

"Why dont you try cutting off from the network?" Manison chuckled.

This darn old man has a belly full of bad thoughts. Do you really think that I dont know what you are planning? Han Xiao snorted coldly.

Manison definitely would have left behind a backdoor, and cutting off the network would be useless.

Furthermore, an experienced individual like Manison would definitely have taken a portable base for his retreat.

"Thankfully, I chose to go down the path of a Virtual Mechanic. If Id chosen one of the other two branches, everything that I have accumulated over the years wouldve been handed over to him for sure." Han Xiao tried to be optimistic.

The situation was not good right now. Although he was barely able to defend against Manisons infiltration, he was extremely passive and was only able to slow Manison down. He could not stop Manison from infiltrating his system and was only delaying his death.

"Do you really want to become enemies with the dynasty?" Han Xiao roared.

Manison was not bothered by those words and chuckled. "You should ask if the dynasty is willing to be my enemy."

Upon hearing that, Han Xiao knew that Manison wanted to give him a good warning, so he did not bother saying anything else.

Trace the origin of the data?

While it sounded like a good plan, he might not even be able to win against Manison, and Manison would definitely conceal his location. It would be difficult to determine his location.

Although Han Xiao had the ability to do so, he was already struggling to defend against Manison and did not have the additional capacity to do anything else.

Ill probably be dead before I can even find where he is.

Seek reinforcements?

This was his only method. He would not be able to defend against Manison alone.

After all, Manison was different from Heber, and his title of Mechanic Emperor was not just for show.

As such, Han Xiao could only contact Maximiler for help. Although Maximiler was not a Virtual Mechanic, he could still enter in the battle between two Beyond Grade A Virtual Mechanics and help share some pressure.

Manison blocked most of the messages, but one of the messages was still sent by Han Xiao.

However, Manison was not too bothered by it.

"Ah, who did you ask for help? Maximiler? It cant be Kant, right?"

Han Xiao snorted in response.

"I have plenty of time anyway. It will be fun if you call a few more over." Manison was not bothered about Han Xiao seeking reinforcements.

Since Black Star had called for reinforcements, it meant that Black Star was not a match for him, and half of his objective was completed. Furthermore, there was not a Mechanic capable of winning against him in terms of Virtual Intrusion.

He knew that Han Xiao was a unique Mechanic and was not interested in using his weakness to compete with Han Xiaos strength. He would naturally use his strength to deal with Han Xiao.

However, Manison did not look down on Han Xiao. He would not be careless when facing a Mechanic at the same level as him and was prepared to spend time dealing with Black Star. He was not prepared to finish Black Star off quickly, even if Han Xiaos Mechanical Sense was unbelievably weak to him.

Right at this moment, a glowing figure appeared outside the firewall.

"Black Star, it seems like you need some help."

A familiar voice sounded.

Han Xiao looked up and raised his brows. This figure was the AI lifeform Risda that had not harassed him for a long time.

The Virtual World was the main battlefield of an AI lifeform. If he could gain Risdas help

However, Han Xiao realized that Manison remained calm and did not seem to have any intention of doing anything.

Manison only glanced at Risda and remembered that this was the fellow whom he let go.

"Oh, its you."

"Mechanic Emperor!" Risda faced Manison, and although his voice was as calm as usual, Han Xiao could feel the rage that he had suppressed.

The next moment, Risda released a surge of data and unleashed a barrage of attacks on Manisons Virtual Soul.

Manison remained on the spot, and the data bounced off his body as though it was completely useless.

"I shall let you meet an old friend since youre here."

A stream of data was then disjointed from his body and another figure appeared beside him.

This figure was glowing and was also an AI lifeform.

Upon seeing this figure, Risda was stunned.


At the same instant, a notification popped up on Han Xiaos interface.

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