Remarried Empress Chapter 209

Chapter 209 Meeting Sovieshu Again 2

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Chapter 209. Meeting Sovieshu Again (2)

Translator: Aura / Editor: Maybe

Apparently one of the wheels of our carriage had come loose, but there were spare wheels, so it was possible to replace the wheel and continue the trip.

After that, nothing relevant happened in the next few days, so we arrived safely in the Eastern Empire.

By then, I had mostly recovered from the shock.

Every time I was alone with Heinley, I felt uncomfortable because what happened that day would come to mind…. Still, we both did our best to keep our composure.

At least I did.

However, when it came time to pass through the Eastern Empire’s capital, I was so nervous that I could not even think about the carriage incident.

Crossing the capital’s walls, I half-opened the window and the curtains.

I looked out the window silently like this.

I could see people in the surroundings curiously observing the carriages of the Western Kingdom.

Surely they heard rumors that Heinley and I were coming.

Do they think I’m riding in one of these carriages?

Perhaps they think that the empress, who left and remarried, has the impudence to come back.

It was natural but still did not feel good.

When I leaned my head against the carriage wall and closed the window completely, Countess Jubel, sitting across from me, said firmly, “These people are not Your Majesty’s followers. Don’t give importance to that.”

Laura immediately added, “That’s right, if Your Majesty had only accepted the divorce and lived locked up for the rest of your life, those people wouldn’t have done anything for you, right? Don’t bother with that.”

Do I look too depressed?

I patted my cheeks with both hands, then smiled and replied, trying to look casual, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”


Before going to the Imperial Palace of the Eastern Empire, we first stopped by Troby Mansion.

We would stay here today, and go to the Imperial Palace tomorrow.

As soon as I got off the carriage, my parents and relatives, who had heard the news in advance, rushed over and surrounded me.

Seeing me, my father again burst into tears unable to contain himself, while I could barely hold back my own.

Hugging my mother as well, sharing the joy of having reunited us, Heinley immediately approached my father, smiling and saying, “Father, Father.”

I don’t know if I should say it was a good thing, but… my father seemed to have stopped crying because he was puzzled.

After we stood there for a while, talking about what happened during the time we were apart, we went to the dining room and continued conversing.

I had so much to tell that I couldn’t stop talking. For his part Heinley, who was standing next to me, looked at me silently as if in amazement.

“Why were you looking at me like that?” I asked him as I led him to his room after eating.

He told me that he was amazed to see me talking so much for the first time…

Later, after taking a bath in his room, Heinley went to see my parents again, striving to achieve his goal.

I exchanged greetings with familiar faces as I wandered around the mansion after a long time, occasionally running into Heinley next to my parents.

Unfortunately, my parents seemed to still feel uncomfortable being with Heinley.

It was understandable.

Sovieshu had been their son-in-law for many years, but now they had a completely different son-in-law.

Still, I felt that everything was going well, so I kept walking around and then headed to my room to rest comfortably.


Sadly, the next day we had to leave Troby Mansion.

“We will also be attending the party.”

“We’ll see you again the day after tomorrow.”

My parents were also sad, but tried not to show it too much.

Heinley and I got into the carriage, and headed for the imperial palace.

However, when the carriage passed through the main gate of the imperial palace, I felt strange.

I was really nervous when we entered the Eastern Empire’s capital. But now there was only a subtle and complex feeling inside me that was difficult to define clearly. It was like when I received the letter from Sovieshu.

As I listened to the rattle of the horses’ hooves and the carriage rolling, I felt my head spinning.

The view outside was so familiar that it was disturbing. I spent many years of my life in this place. I never thought I would come here pretending I didn’t care…

When the carriage stopped, my heart fluttered.

Controlling my expression as much as I could, I got out of the carriage.

It was Count Pirnu, Sovieshu’s secretary, who received us.

I was not the only one who was disturbed.

When we saw each other face to face. Count Pirnu’s eyes were also trembling slightly.

“Welcome, Your Majesty the Queen of the Western Kingdom and Your Majesty King Heinley.”

But he greeted me firmly, and I nodded as calmly as I could.

Count Pirnu hesitated for a moment before pointing with his hand.

“Please, come this way.”

I knew exactly where he would lead us— The White Rose Room.


That room was where distinguished guests were received. It was there that I met Heinley for the first time.

In front of the White Rose Room stood the Knights of the Sovieshu Imperial Guard.

When they saw me, their faces froze.

I smiled as if I hadn’t noticed, and waited for Count Pirnu to let us into the room.

Eventually, the door of the White Rose Room opened and we were allowed to pass.

Inside was Sovieshu, his secretaries, and other nobles.

Did he hear that I was coming?

Sovieshu seemed completely unperturbed.

I noticed the empty throne next to him. The throne where I used to be to receive distinguished guests.

I looked at Sovieshu again. He was staring at me with a determined expression. But unlike his expression, his eyes seemed sad.

We stared at each other for a moment. Contrary to what I expected, nothing came to my mind.

What about Sovieshu? How long will he remain like this.

“Your Majesty,” Count Pirnu whispered to him.

Only then did Sovieshu open his mouth as if he had awakened from a spell.

“I know it has been a hard journey… I appreciate the gesture of friendship shown by the Western Kingdom.”

His expression was impassive and his voice serene.

He did not seem like the man who had been stunned a moment ago. He looked at me again but said no more.


“Who is here?”

Unlike Sovieshu, who managed to hide his true thoughts and remain expressionless, Rashta could not do it.

While checking her finished dress one last time, she was perplexed to hear that Navier would be attending the wedding.

“How did this happen?”

Baron Lant, who gave her the news, laughed awkwardly, “She is a person who puts affairs of state first. Since she was invited, she must have considered that it was best to accept.”

Once Baron Lant left. Rashta became so anxious that she began biting her nails.

Soon after, she asked the designer, “I also want all the accessories to be glamorous, from the headpiece to the jewels.”

The designer asked in surprise as she stuck pins into her dress, “What? Really?”


Rashta spoke firmly.

“Everyone will compare Rashta to the deposed empress.”

“That’s true, but…”

“The deposed empress came to the country she left, how much must she have prepared herself so that her dignity would not be trampled upon?”

Rashta’s words were reasonable. However, Rashta’s demand did not fit with the taste of the designer.

“The dress is glamorous, if the accessories are glamorous too, you could be overshadowed.”

The designer advised, but Rashta insisted, “It’s Rashta’s wedding. On my wedding day, I don’t want to lose to anyone.”

The designer had no choice but to choose glamorous accessories before leaving.

Looking at the dress on the hanger, Rashta felt a little relieved. With that dress, she was sure she wouldn’t lose to Navier.

Still, her anxiety did not disappear.

After pacing back and forth for a while, Rashta came up with a good idea.

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