Apocalyptic Interstellar Emperor Chapter 655

Chapter 649: : Grand Marshal Modos

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Here, the Crypt of the Caverns lost their soldiers, killed and injured so many people. In particular, 30 crypt generals on the defensive line were beheaded, and hundreds of thousands of crypt warriors were killed.

The heavy loss caused the wrath of Modos, the leader of the crypt clan.

In the Arctic Continent's crypt commander's mansion, Marshal Modos summoned more than fifty crypt generals around him and held a meeting.

"The harbor camp was breached, Admiral Eston was killed, and the 30 generals in the crypt died. Hundreds of thousands of crypt soldiers were lost! You guys got the news about these things."

Marshal Modos said gloomily.

Since Dadi Cave entered the Arctic Continent, it has always been an unfavorable existence. It can be said that it has been a way of killing gods when encountering gods, killing Buddhas when encountering Buddhas.

This time is the first time for the Catacombs in the Arctic continent and suffered a big defeat!

Moreover, it was a heavy blow.

Suffering a severe injury, Marshal Modos was distraught for a time.

These were all selected by Marshal Modos from the various tribes in the crypt, and so many people were killed and injured at once, and he was not easy to explain when his class teacher returned to the court.

"Marshal, we want revenge! I have already obtained specific information. It is Du Qingke, the lord of Haitang City who killed so many of us. Before, this Du Qingke had caused huge damage to the underground race goblin army! "

"If it weren't for Du Qingke's help, the British Empire among the human races would have long been the land of goblins."

A cave general in charge of underground intelligence said slowly.

"It doesn't matter what the lord or the Haitang army, as long as he is an enemy, he will die without a place to bury him! The deaths and injuries of my crypt clan are too heavy, it should not be!"

A crypt general roared angrily.

"Vengeance, revenge! We want revenge!"

The generals of the crypt, all shouted.

"From now on, send five million troops! Bring your weapons and go to attack the Haitang Army!"

"I personally command it, and I must destroy the Haitang Army!"

Grand Marshal Modos, with stern expression and stern expression, gave a stern order.


The army of five million caves began to be mobilized from all over the Arctic continent.

On the other side, the king of the Xueqibao Kingdom heard the news of Du Qingke's victory, and he couldn't be said to be too excited.

"The Arctic Continent is saved! The Arctic Continent is saved! My Xueqibao Kingdom does not need to be subjugated."

King Xueqibao shouted again and again.

The officials of the kingdom are all happy, everyone is dancing and dancing!

A cabinet minister suggested: "Your Majesty, Lord Du Qingke has the grace to save the country for my Xueqibao Kingdom. We must give a generous reward for such a favor!"

King Xueqibao also nodded: "Yes, Lord Du Qingke has great kindness to us. We must repay. From now on, I announce that I will give my little daughter, oh no, nine daughters. , All marry Lord Du Qingke!"

"Also, I want to canonize Du Qingke as the unparalleled scholar of the Xueqibao Kingdom!"

King Xueqibao said boldly.

Indeed, after continuous wars, the Xueqibao Kingdom was already full of defects, without so many resources and funds, to come up with substantial benefits.

Only, the king has married more than one hundred concubines, and there are nine beautiful, beautiful and refined daughters under his knees, who can marry Du Qingke.

"In addition, we must send an envoy as soon as possible. We must contact Lord Du Qingke as soon as possible! Lord Du Qingke is now our savior!"

The king continued.

The Kingdom of Xueqibao soon sent an emissary.

The war situation in the Arctic continent is also changing day by day.

The intelligence system of the Haitang Army is not vegetarian either.

The news was soon received. Du Qingke was inside the camp, coldly pointing to a position.

"The Grand Marshal Modos, a tribe of the catacombs, practiced martial arts at the age of three, and began to show his prowess in the catacombs at the age of 10. The pinnacle emperor is one of the best, powerful and wise! Extraordinary!"

An officer in Haitang City, who was in charge of collecting intelligence, said truthfully.

"Marshal Mordos is the culprit who caused the turmoil in the Arctic continent this time! It has caused the deaths of countless soldiers! This Marshal is extremely guilty! Must be severely punished! They came to attack us in this position. The only way!"

Du Qingke pointed at the position and said coldly.

"This ice and snow canyon is where Modos was buried!"

The place Du Qingke delineated is the ice and snow canyon above the Arctic continent.

The Ice and Snow Canyon was originally a famous scenic spot on the Arctic continent.

Now, the invasion of the catacombs, because of its unique geography, has become an important landmark and a battleground for military strategists.

At present, the Ice and Snow Grand Canyon is controlled by the caves.

The caves are armed with 300,000 troops and seven or eight generals guarding them.

It can be seen that the cave people also attach great importance to this ice and snow canyon.

Du Qingke directly issued the order: "Tao Xiaobai! You immediately led one hundred thousand troops to the Ice and Snow Grand Canyon, and take this Grand Canyon for me!"

Tao Xiaobai replied with a deep voice: "Please rest assured, boss, I am absolutely fortunate not to be insulted!"

As a strategically important position~wuxiaworld.online~ Marshal Modos has been familiar with the art of war since he was a child, and this strategic position is naturally very important.

Marshal Modos wants to stare at this fiercely.

"Come here, quickly lead hundreds of thousands of troops over, and you must show this ice and snow canyon to me. The ice and snow canyon is a lifeline, and there must be no mistakes. If anyone loses this canyon , Dont blame our ruthless military law!"

Marshal Modos said harshly.

Now, Marshal Modos will be particularly fierce, and Marshal Modos is also a strong general!

For the Ice and Snow Canyon, Marshal Modos knew that this location was particularly important!

As long as you control this juncture, everything will be easy!

With an order from Marshal Modos, a total of seven or eight crypt generals led them, and suddenly there were more than 300,000 crypt army, rushing away.

For a time, the Ice and Snow Grand Canyon has become a battleground for military strategists!

A confrontation is coming.

His Majesty the King of Xueqibao Kingdom also sent related envoys to Du Qingke.

The envoy respectfully paid homage to Du Qingke.

"Lord Du, on behalf of our King, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you. Thank you for leading the army to come and help us! Thank you for your support! You are our savior! You have helped us a lot!"

Du Qingke waved his hand: "You don't need to say more about these kind words. These are all what I should do."

The messenger knocked his head and said: "Lord Lord, in order to express my gratitude to you. Your Majesty the King, decided to marry you nine princesses!"

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