Edge Of The Apocalypse Chapter 1986


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"who am I?"

"You are Twilight."

"Where do I come from."

"You were born from fire."

"and who are you?"

"Me? Well, if you want, I can be your father. I will protect you through the hardest part of the road, and I can guide you so that you don't take some detours."

"Oh, what is your name then?"

"My name is Ellen."

Many people may have forgotten such a town, a long time ago, it was located near the desert. The town is not big, but many people live in it. In the hardest time, the people in the town supported each other and walked over together. Many children were born in the town, and many old people died in the town. Some people come and some people leave. This unnamed town witnesses the life and death of people, and people come and go.

Until one day, a disaster suddenly struck, erasing the town from history.

After the town was abandoned, the buildings were dumped and the streets began to be occupied by yellow sand. If there is no accident, it will disappear forever in the desert and become a part of the desert. However, one day, the original site of the town suddenly became an oasis. The reason for the sudden use was that this oasis appeared overnight. And the desert seemed to be blocked by invisible power, and the yellow sand stopped there and stopped moving forward.

Gradually, there are some "residents" on the oasis, which are small animals living nearby. They come to the oasis and have a habitat. Their favorite place is a tin house full of sunflowers on the oasis. Soon after, a few rabbits set up a nest here.

Sometimes people come to the oasis, but dont come, dont leave, it has no effect on the animals living in it. But today, a team of people suddenly appeared. They came to the oasis, to the sunflower. The rabbits in the tin room are very nervous, and their happy life seems to have come to an end.

"Are you going to rebuild this place?" a girl with short hair asked, she looked very special in a neutral hunting suit.

The first young man shook his head and said, "If you want to rebuild the original site, this sunflower will have to be pushed away. So let's build another one, right here, what do you think?"

A black-haired woman with a reddish complexion and a strong heroic spirit said: "So, do you need to chop wood? Leave it to me. I used to do this when I was in the tribe. "

A woman with a double ponytail shook her head and said, "With him here, you still need to do these heavy tasks."

"That is, we might as well go for a walk around and build houses. Of course, it is men who do this." The woman with dazzling blond hair said so, and then said to another tall and beautiful woman next to her, "Go, let's take Twilight goes around. You see, there is a lake there. We can enclose it and plant some flowers to decorate it."

In the hands of that tall beauty, she was holding a five or six-year-old girl. The little girl is very beautiful and cute. What's more special is that there are three small diamond-shaped crystals embedded in the center of her eyebrows, which are distributed like clover.

"Okay, all of you go and play, I will work. No way, who will let me be the only man here?" The young man kicked off the women and started working. He first cleared an open space near the tin hut. The process of cleaning was very simple. He stretched out his hand and stroked the ground. The debris on the large area of the ground disappeared, and a large enough foundation appeared. Then his figure kept flashing, each time he disappeared and reappeared, he would carry stone pillars. He cut the stone pillar into the shape he wanted, and then with a wave of his hand, the stone floated into the air, assembled in midair, and when it fell to the ground, it had already formed a wall.

Soon, a house appeared in the oasis, three stories high, and a small warehouse was erected next to it. While the man was building the roof, the girl in the hunting suit came over and said, "Well, there is still a square, another fountain, and finally the wall is pulled, and it is a small manor."

"I need a garden!" the blond woman exuding beside the Hu said loudly.

"I want a martial arts field!" The black-haired and red-skinned woman also said.

"All right, ladies, can't I stamp it?" the young man spread his hand.

A few days later, a manor has begun to take shape. In addition to the main building, there are warehouses, auxiliary buildings, gardens, squares, and facilities. In a few days, there will be more stone fences around the lake on the oasis, and a small road will lead to the highway in the oasis. A few days later, there was an awning on the lake, a boat in the lake, and lotus in the lake. There were more trees in the oasis, and small wooden houses were built on the trees. Under a tree, the young man made another swing. In the evening, the blonde woman would sit and swing on the swing with the little girl, enjoying the beautiful time of the sunset.

A month later, the oasis has changed a lot. Standing on the highway and looking down, there are many manors and many facilities. The young man stretched out with satisfaction and said, "Let's live here in the future."

The female haired woman standing next to him said, "It's a pity Xia Gelin doesn't come with us."

"She doesn't want to disturb our honeymoon, and she doesn't take care of Lei An very well here. In short, let's spend a good vacation here and go back for a year or a half."

Time flies quickly, and half a year has passed in a blink of an eye. The news that there were more manors in the oasis spread, and gradually, people began to come to the oasis, planning to build houses here. The owner of the manor generously agreed, with only one request that the tin house and sunflower must be kept. And, try to keep the original appearance of the oasis. In this way, more and more people came to the oasis, and those latecomers who could not share the land in the oasis simply built it outside.

Of course, during this period, some people who didn't have long eyes planned to occupy the manor, and even wanted to monopolize the oasis. These people usually disappear inexplicably and never show up again. Soon after, an army came to the oasis, and they all came with Bethkod's family logo. After they arrived, they tore off the sign and became the guards to maintain order in the oasis.

A year later, there was already a small town on the edge of the oasis, which was decided by the owner of the manor and it was called Land Town.

There is a tavern in Rand town. Every night, the owner of the manor comes alone or with one or two of his beautiful young wives. They don't have any pretensions, and they can mingle with anyone in the tavern. Occasionally, they will bring their own pumpkin pie, or a cake that is so delicious that they share it with people. Their generosity and friendliness won the love and respect of the people in the town.

That night, the owner of the manor came to the tavern alone. The pub has just opened, and the young bartender greets him to the table he usually uses.

"Still the same? Sir?" the bartender asked.

"Still the same." said the manor.

So after a while, a bottle of rum and a plate of dried lamb were delivered to him. The number of people in the tavern gradually increased. People greeted each other and narrated interesting things that happened today.

Suddenly a man rushed in and said loudly: "I want to tell you a good news. I have got the right to move in to New Babylon. I just received the letter. I really hate everyone, but I still decided to move to New Babylon!"

"Oh my god, you really got lucky, Bob."

"You must treat tonight!"

"Yes, come on, bring up the wine and put it under this lucky guy."

The man named Bob looked embarrassed and said, "You can forgive me. Moving house will cost a lot of money."

At this time, the owner of the manor stood up and smiled: "It's okay, I'll pay the bill. You can eat and drink as you please, as a gift to Bob."

The people cheered suddenly.

At this time, an oasis guard got into the tavern and came to the manors side to whisper. The young man nodded: "I see."

Then he stood up and smiled and said, "There is a little trouble, I will deal with it and I will be back, but I have to wait for me to drink together, you drunks don't drink up all the wine."

The men laughed.

Leaving the tavern, the young man disappeared into the air with a flash. When he reappears, he has come to a checkpoint on the highway. The checkpoint was established not long ago, and you must pass the checkpoint to enter Rand Town. A captain on the level saw the owner of the manor and quickly ran over and said, "Master, the other party seems to be unkind."

He pointed to the front.

In the distance, a convoy could be vaguely seen coming along the road. According to their speed, they will arrive here in ten minutes. The owner of the manor laughed, "Those guys in town are celebrating, don't let them disturb everyone's interest, let me go and see."

Then he walked straight out of the checkpoint and disappeared on the road.

Crazy music sounded on the highway. On a modified off-road vehicle, a man with a lot of tattoos picked up a rifle and shot a bullet into the sky, shouting: "Come on, brothers. That oasis town is Ours. Tomorrow morning, we can sleep in that manor. By the way, I heard that the women in the manor are very beautiful. I want to sleep three!"

"What about us, boss!"

"Who cares about you, you bastards."

Strange laughs and screams rang out in the convoy, and suddenly a man appeared in front of the highway. The team had no time to stop, so it ran into him directly. The man raised his hand and pointed at the convoy. The led off-road vehicle flew up as if hitting an invisible wall, and then the convoy collided in series, knocking all the cars tossing.

"Asshole, what's the matter." The leader of the convoy got up, his face covered with blood, and he shot the man with his rifle.

After scanning for a round, he found that the opponent was completely unharmed. Just listen to the man shook his head and sighed: "No matter when, there will always be **** like you. Back then, the town was destroyed by people like you. But now its not what it used to be, now Rand Town will not Let you **** break again. Because I am here, the town is here!"

Then the man waved his hand, and the leader saw that the people and cars behind him disappeared into the air. He had never seen anything like this before~wuxiaworld.online~, shaking his whole body in fright, looked at the man and said, "Who are you?"


The man smiled: "My name is Alan, Alan Bethkod."

Then the leader also disappeared.

Allen clapped his hands and exhaled: "It's finally quiet, I hope those guys haven't drunk all the wine..."

He walked forward, his figure flashed and disappeared into the night.

(End of the book)

Finally finished the book.

On the first day of November 2014, the new book "Edge of Doom" was released. It lasted three years and had more than 10,000 characters. This book finally knocked out the words "End of the Book". This is the second book written by Lao Chen. I dare not say how well this book is written, but the plot conceived at that time, the characters have been written completely. I dare not say how perfect the ending is, but finally the more important characters in the book have a fair ending.

Each book is like a journey. During this journey, Lao Chen met more friends. Brother Xiang and Su are old friends who followed from the previous book, while Yinzhizhi, wooukaide123, the lonely galaxy, acting Feng Hahe, Qingdong, etc. were met during this book. Of course, if there are too many people, I might remember it wrong. If you make a mistake, just laugh, but dont hit me. Haha, anyway, thank every new and old friend for your support, thank you brothers for accompanying me on this journey.

Now that "Doomsday" is finished, we will start a new journey again, hope that you will still be there in that journey, and we hope to meet more friends.

Everyone, see you in the new book!

Source: Edge of Doom

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