Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 858

Chapter 858: Incredible Results

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Before, everyone thought that Master Tu Qin was almost at the extreme.

But now when I compare with Caiying, I suddenly find that the former is simply a turtle speed.

Master Tu Qin finishes almost 4 kinds in one second, and Caiying here at least 10 times in one second.

This comparison is simply tragic.

It's not on the same level at all!

But how is this possible?

More and more people turned their eyes to this side amidst the exclamation of people around.

Then, they joined the exclamation craze.

"Is she messing up?"

"It must be a mess, otherwise it's impossible!"

In fact, any magic repair can easily perform hundreds of thousands or even more different actions in one second.

They felt that Master Tu Qin was quick because of the accuracy and the scheduling of complex materials.

Switching to ordinary magic repairs, I am afraid that it may not be possible to select two from the dazzling array of materials and combine them for more than ten seconds.

Thinking about it this way, it was naturally faster than imagined.

If accuracy is not considered, they can be faster, but that is meaningless.

"Idiot, how could it be a mess?"

"Didn't you listen to the rules of the competition? If you make a mistake, you will be eliminated on the spot."

"She hasn't been eliminated yet, which means that everything is right!"

"How is this possible?"

"Yeah, how could a deity be faster than Master Tu Qin?"

"But this is the truth!"

Gradually, everyone's eyes focused on Cai Ying.

Whether it is the magic repairs from all over the Demon Realm looking at the immortal weapon in the shadows, or the temple masters on the sidelines, they are all no exception.

In the end, even the three top devil emperors who valued Master Tu Qin very much could no longer look away from her.

Everyone looked at the slender figure that moved back and forth, and looked at the Qianqian hands that looked like a butterfly through flowers.

From the disapproval at the beginning, to the sluggishness, to the admiration in the end...

They just feel that the movements are full of endless charm.

It makes people unconsciously indulged in it, it is natural, as if it should have been such a step, that is the standard answer!

"It's incredible."

The three Ninth-Rank Immortal Masters in the depths of the apse all stood up unconsciously.

"How did this woman do it?"

"She hardly needs to think..."

"How far does it take to understand the material in order to do so quickly?"

"Unless she knows all the materials from the beginning!"

"But how is this possible?"

The 18,000 random materials used in this comparison were personally selected by the three of them.

In order to increase the difficulty of the competition, the three deliberately picked some extremely remote materials.

Some materials are even in the last several hundred million years. The three of them have only discovered the characteristics after their own experiments.

These materials have not been recorded in any ancient books.

It can be said that unless the three of them fit together, and then personally end up to participate in the competition.

Otherwise it is impossible to combine them.

However, at this time, they had already witnessed that Tianxian had completed several such unknown materials with their own eyes, and none of them were wrong.

"This is weird..."


The three were even more shocked than the laymen and semi-laymen outside.

Because they know the doorway, they know that impossible things are happening outside.

They couldn't even figure out how that **** could do it.

No way, Brother Cheng used the system to pile up all the skills of refining alchemy.

In addition to the weapon refining technique that can be slapped with the system, he himself is also a real Ninth-Rank Immortal Device Master.

And it's an unprecedented kind.

The systemic Ninth-Rank Immortal Device Master possesses all the knowledge of refining tools in the world that belong to the Ninth-Rank.

It is as vast as a sea of smoke, all-encompassing.

Material is only one aspect.

Although there are a total of four Ninth-Rank Immortal Tool Masters on and off the court, they seem to be of the same rank as him.

But even if these four people and all the other immortal masters in the audience add up, there will not be as many people as him.

With the passage of time, more and more fairy masters were eliminated due to mistakes.

Most of these people are immortal masters below Rank Six.

After they have combined more than a hundred kinds, it is gradually difficult to continue, they can only guess and get confused.

After making a mistake, he was immediately sent out of the competition space, and was not eligible to participate in the next three games.

So many people just stopped in order not to make a mistake, so that somehow there is still a result.

In the later stage, the combination speed of the Seventh Stage Immortal Device Master was several times slower than at the beginning.

They need to ponder over and over before they can find one.

And those eighth-rank immortal implement masters also gradually slowed down.

In the beginning, the combinations are all familiar to the heart, but afterwards, most of the rest are unfamiliar.

Master Tu Qin's speed did not slow down, but he also had to skip some unfamiliar materials and choose other more confident combinations.

In contrast, Caiying is completely different here.

"Have you noticed that she is different from the others!"

"I found out, this woman hasn't let go of any of the closest materials so far."

"She takes herself as the center, and then eliminates it in pieces."

"It's terrible, even Master Tu Qin is not sure that he can only skip it. Why doesn't she have it?"

"Could it be that she is better than Master Tu Qin?"

When this conclusion was thrown out for the first time, even the person who said it felt absurd.

However, the facts are here.

This comparison is clear at a glance, and everyone can see the difference between superior and inferior.

Master Tu Qin has completed 3,000 types so far and is launching the final sprint.

And that celestial immortal... She has completed more than 8,000 kinds not long ago.

The materials in front of them are getting sparser.

Until the end, all eyes of the audience focused on the last two materials.

Countless people witnessed that the two materials were combined and then disappeared.

Immediately afterwards, the audience burst into violent exclamations at the same time.

"Nine thousand!"

"She completed nine thousand combinations!"

There are 18,000 combinations of materials in pairs, and at most 9,000 combinations.

"She...she, she, she actually combined all the materials?"

"Okay, it seems so."

Many people were so shocked that they became stuttered.

"Unprecedented feat!"

"Unbelievable, UU reading www.uukanshu.com one day, someone can remove all the materials in this field within a quarter of an hour..."

"Too strong?"

"This **** has two brushes!"

"It's more than two brushes. How can you make Master Tu Qin and other masters feel like it?"

At this time, the time for the competition finally came.

Master Tu Qin's completion number was finally fixed at 3685, which was almost the same as everyone had guessed at the beginning.

This result is actually quite amazing. It is already the most combination of previous evangelism conferences.

However, at this time, everyone can only sigh secretly when facing this number.

No way, 3685 is really inconspicuous in front of the full score of 9000, and the two are simply not comparable.

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