Warning : Providence The Beauty Is Driven To Villainy Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438: Extra: Jiang Si End

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By the time Fu Yue saw Jiang Si again, it was already a long time ago, not knowing how many tens of thousands of years, she had almost forgotten her friend in her previous life.

Past and present, suddenly like a dream.

Jiang Si, as the name suggests, a demon-like woman, cold and charming, with a passionate face, and the corners of her eyes and eyebrows are full of affection. This woman's heart is completely opposite to her appearance. She has the cold blood of a snake.

She will always play the world, watch all the prosperity and excitement in the world with cold eyes, and will always be able to withdraw in time, so rational that she is almost cold.

The moment we meet again.

Fu Yue knew that Jiang Si remembered her.

She wore a black suit, and the color of her clothes was darker than the night. She came over tenderly and curled her arms around Fu Yue's neck, "Long time no see Xiao Yueyue, do you remember me..."


She breathed softly in Fu Yue's ear, she was obviously such a hot person, but her breath was cold.

Fu Yue laughed and hugged her back: "Of course I remember."


Jiang Si only greeted her briefly, and then left, mysteriously not knowing what to do.

She said that she had encountered some troubles, but it was not a major issue. She said that it would be resolved soon. After the appointment was made, she would come to Fu Yue for a drink. Fu Yue naturally smiled and agreed.

What Fu Yue did not expect was that this agreement would be years later.

the reason is simple.

The game flowers eventually turned over the gutter. Jiang Si had stepped in the mud.


Genting Temple.

The white-clothed **** is a long jade, with a jade crown on his head and a pair of beautiful and pure amber eyes. He stared at the woman in front of him for a long time, seeing the boredom flashing under her eyes, his eyes flashed. And the loneliness.

Jiang Si seldom got colder and glanced at the standing **** in front of him.

She has a headache, it is a real headache.

For the first time in so many years, there is someone who can come into her eyes. No, I did not expect that the one who provokes casually is the prince of the gods.

If it's going back in time, she will definitely turn around and leave.

"Prince Wei, I'm sorry, I didn't know your identity before, but I offended. Now you have detained me for several days, is that okay?"

Qi Yun looked at Jiang Si, he stepped in her direction, took her hand, stared at her, and asked the question again, "How can you stay?"

Jiang Si sneered and blurted out the sarcastic words.

"You serve me as your master. I've never wanted to succumb to others. Since you want me to stay, it's very simple--" Jiang Si looked at him with a smile, his eyes self-evident.

Protoss prince Wei, born as a respect.

Jiang Si's request for such a request was indeed a shame.

Qi Yun was also taken aback for a moment.

Seeing Jiang Si turned to leave, Qi Yun hugged her waist directly.

"Don't go" blurted out.

It seemed that he had made up his mind before he said, "I didn't say that I didn't want to..."

Jiang Si was also stunned, and then watched Qi Yun push her to sit on the throne in the heavenly palace.

But Qi Yun slowly bent down and knelt in front of her. The white-clothed goddess' face was as cold as jade, and his long eyelashes cast a silhouette under his eyes. His appearance was delicate and fragile, giving a human kind The temptation to do whatever you want.

The **** in white looked up at her for a moment, he actually smiled, his thin lips opened and closed, and said.

"I will...Master."

His voice is a little muffled, but it is even more seductive.

Jiang Si: "..."

crazy. Really crazy.

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