I Plant Zombies In The Last Days Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Elf Queen

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Qin Hao asked with a dark face, "race? How come a bare queen is a race? Are you sick, or am I sick?"

"Did you not listen to others? She will take her clan to serve you! The clan will have it, and the elves will also have it!"


Qin Hao was dubious, and then asked the Elf Queen, "Where are your people?"

"Wait a minute, I will let them out!"

As she said, the elf queen walked to a big tree, put her hands on the tree, her eyes closed tightly, her mouth muttered a curse, and her face was pious.

The place where she was in contact with the tree glowed, and soon a humanoid silhouette appeared on the tree of the big tree.

As time goes by, the outline becomes more and more obvious and more vivid.

About a minute later, the outline of the tree body opened his eyes, and the tree was completely separated from it.

Another female elf appeared in front of everyone.

Those big smart eyes seemed to be talking, and there was no hint of dull feeling.

And with extremely high wisdom, as soon as he appeared, he saluted the elf queen.

Then, under the instructions of the Elf Queen, he saluted Qin Hao.

Qin Hao looked at this elf's combat power with the eyes of truth.

Heavenly grade three!

Qin Hao was dumbfounded and couldn't believe it. He rubbed his eyes and found that it was true!

Qin Hao was overjoyed.

What kind of fairy queen is this, this is simply a heavenly powerhouse maker!

"Quickly, gather all of your people, gather as many as you can, come on!"

"Yes, the **** of life!"

The elf queen flew directly into the sky this time, volleyed, and then began to chant a spell loudly.

Qin Hao saw a large amount of green energy gushing out of the Elf Queen, and it began to spread around.

This time it lasted for a long time, chanting for more than ten minutes, but there was still no movement.

Just when Qin Hao was a little impatient, Xixisuosuo's voice came from the entire forest.

Qin Hao immediately looked around and found that some elves jumped out of the tree hole, some came out of the huge flower bag, some came out from under the leaves, and some came out of the fruit.

There are males and females, and there are so many of them that they can't even count them all at once.

Qin Hao was already excited and didn't know what to say.

The value of these 5,000 Gorefiend flowers is too straight.

When all the elves gathered under the Elf Queen, the Elf Queen fell to the ground and almost fell down.

Obviously it was overconsumed.

Even so, she walked up to Qin Hao respectfully and said with a pious face: "Return to the God of Life, all my people are here."

"good very good!"

Qin Hao hurriedly counted, among the seven thousand elves, the ones above the sky level reached five thousand. Although the others did not reach the sky level, they were infinitely close to the sky level.

"Hahaha, earned, earned, hahaha..."

The small farmer also told Qin Hao that these elves can also reproduce offspring. The little elves who are just born have territorial strength, and the life span of each elves is extremely long, and they can easily live for hundreds of years.

Qin Hao was even happier.

"Where is this profit? This is a great profit hahaha..."

Qin Hao couldn't close his legs with a smile, and Xiao Nong smiled from ear to ear.

Suddenly Qin Hao's laughter stopped abruptly.

The small farmer smiled, feeling that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, and stopped quickly, only to realize that Qin Hao was looking at himself with a look in Huabei's eyes.

"Why...what's wrong?" the small farmer asked.

Qin Hao said solemnly: "Don't pretend to be confused with me, where's the treasure chest?"

"Cough cough cough, I thought you forgot, hehe!"

Qin Hao's face was black, "If I forget, you don't plan to give it to me, are you?"

"No, absolutely not!"

"I've calculated it. Among the 15,000 Gorefiends, there are Gorefiends and Gorefiends, four thousand one hundred and seventy-five. Forget about those five, give me four thousand one hundred and eighty treasure chests. Thank you!"

This time the small peasant has a black face, "How do you count, how can it be four thousand one hundred and eighty?"

"Ah, isn't it? This is rounding!"

"Round up, so why don't you give up four thousand? When I am stupid?"

Qin Hao didn't blush before he didn't jump, "Ahem, I want to make a whole for you, in that case, give me 4,175 treasure chests!"

The small farmer glanced at the elves, as if thinking of something, and asked Qin Hao.

"Do you know what elves are best at?"

Qin Hao became vigilant instinctively, "What do you want to do? Don't even think of fooling me with the Dragon Sword. I have become smarter and I won't be fooled anymore. Just die of your mind!"

"My dragon-slaying knife is of high quality, and it's a childish man. Why are you fooled? Then I will let you open it by yourself. Just your luck, do you dare to open it?"


Qin Hao was a little shaken, the small farmer hit the iron while it was hot, and continued to flicker.

"The best things the elves are good at are magic and bows and arrows. Look at them. How do you fight with people with your bare hands? Just forget about the treasure chest. I'll just replace them with bows and arrows."

"Sounds great!"

Qin Hao was obviously moved, and then think about the elves in the movie "Lord of the Rings", with bows and arrows in hand, full of shots, and walking.

Qin Hao couldn't restrain the restlessness in his heart.

"A wizard without a bow and arrow is not a good wizard!"

The small farmer was overjoyed when he heard this, "Then I'll change it for you!"

Who knew Qin Hao suddenly said: "Wait?"

"what happened again?"

"Don't you still have magic, don't you give me a few more magic wands for free?"

The small farmer chuckled, "I want a magic wand, simple, tonic!"

Qin Hao now hears the three words "Blood Enrichment Demon", and he feels his brain hurts.

Qin Hao saw the blood demons remaining in the fence and tried to endure the pain, pretending to be bold.

"If you make up, you can make up. Brother now has a lot of Gorefiends, let's talk about it, how much?"

"Five thousand blood demons!"

"Damn, why don't you grab it!"

"I have always been conscientious, magic wand, do you think it is any fire stick!"

"No, it's too expensive!"

"Then I will add the function of transmitting blood demons and zombies to the magic wand for free, it will work!"

"This can be!"

In this way, Qin Hao was scammed by another five thousand blood demons.

The small farmer first brought out 4,175 bows and hundreds of thousands of arrows to Qin Hao.

Those bows and arrows are not ordinary products, just put them there, as if there is wind flowing on the arrows.

Qin Hao randomly ordered an elf and asked him to try.

The arrow was pulled and the bow was pulled in one go. The moment the fingers were released, the arrows flew out quickly. During the flight, a spiral-shaped air wave visible to the naked eye appeared at the end of the arrows.

In the next moment, the arrows accurately hit the big tree 800 meters away.

The tree's body was directly shot out of a big hole as thick as the water tank, and then it collapsed.

Qin Hao nodded in satisfaction, "The power is good! What about the magic wand?"

"Don't worry, I'll be fine soon!"

The small farmer flickered his wings, flew over Qin Hao's head, and circled Luo Feng Wutong twice.

Soon, he caught one of the branches. The little hand held the branch and broke it down. The branch snapped.

"Uh... don't tell me you want to use that thing as a magic wand!"

"Yes, the host is so smart!"

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