999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 347

Vol 2 Chapter 347: Ji Hufa Seventh More

Before long, Ji You, led by the black man and Yang Qingxue, arrived in front of a building called the "Reward Hall".

There are many people in the hall, each doing their own thing, no one pays attention to Ji You who walked into the hall.

It was mainly because Ji You's face was still covered by the white robe, otherwise the whole reward hall would definitely become a sensation. After all, Ji You was not one of the main targets on the reward list.

Ji You looked around in the hall, and finally stayed on a huge stone list.

This list is the so-called reward list.

When Ji You could see his name, he was in the first place.

Sure enough, he had already become the primary target of Canglan Branch Hall.

In this way, the black man and Yang Qingxue should have brought him to submit the task.

But when Ji You saw the second place in the reward list, his pupils suddenly shrank.

Nangong Moqing!

Ji You almost thought that he had made a mistake. He stared carefully and then took another look, and found that it was still the name Nangong Moqing.

He couldn't help but wonder.

Why is Nangong Moqing ranked second in the reward list?

The reward list will show everyone's general cultivation strength.

Among the top 30, none of them has a strength lower than Nangong Moqing.

It is really abnormal that Nangong Moqing can rank second.

In terms of martial arts talent, Nangong Moqing is not very good, and in terms of alchemy talent, he is not particularly good.

So what is the picture of the Canglan branch hall that put Nangong Moqing in the second such an important position?

I really don't understand, Ji You doesn't bother to think about it.

His eyes continued to move down, and he saw Jiang Yuechu and Jiang Yuexin at the bottom.

Sure enough, not only Jiang Yuechu, but Jiang Yuexin has also been targeted.

Looking at these two names, Ji You's eyes flashed with determination.

If these two names are not erased from the reward list, he will not give up.

"Elder Zhuang, I brought Ji You back."

At this time, the man in black said directly to an old man at the front desk.

"Elder Zhao, take this seriously?"

The old man's eyes flashed with surprise.

"of course."

The black-clothed man pulled Ji You out from behind and tore off the white robe from Ji You's head.

At this moment, the eyes of almost everyone in the hall gathered together.

"This look... actually is that Ji You!"

"Elder Zhao is still very good, and I caught that Ji You back so quickly. I heard that that guy is a strong master in the Profound Profound Realm of the second step."

"It looks like Yang Qingxue and Elder Zhao joined forces. I am really envious. The reward for bringing Ji You back is incredible."


The members of the surrounding Canglan Hall were envious.

Next, the black-clothed man and Yang Qingxue shared the rewards there.

But Ji You was taken away by the elder Zhuang.

Elder Zhuang brought Ji You to an altar.

In the middle of this altar, there is a crystal clear blue crystal.

"Since you are here, you should also know what to do next?"

Elder Zhuang said to Ji You.


Ji You nodded slightly.

He naturally knew that the next step was to join the Canglan branch hall.

But as for what kind of process and ceremony to be carried out, he is not clear.

"You just have to know."

Elder Zhuang said: "Next, put your hand on this crystal first."

"I can remind you in advance that this crystal will engrave a curse in the depths of your soul, and everything in the future must be based on the benefits of the evolution temple."

"You think carefully. But if you don't want to accept it, you will be imprisoned in a dark room until you are willing to accept it."

The other party's words seem to be tolerant, but in fact they are driving people to a dead end.

Ji You didn't say anything, but put his hand on the crystal without hesitation.

Seeing Ji You so decisive, Elder Zhuang couldn't help being surprised, and reminded: "Almost ten seconds is enough."

"Ding! The master's soul power is invaded, and the soul power gains experience points: (1*999 times)!"

"Ding! The master's soul power is invaded, and the soul power gains experience points: (1*999 times)!"


In ten seconds, Ji You's soul power has improved a lot.

The reason why he was so decisive was because he heard what Elder Zhuang said just now, the crystal would invade the soul.

And Ji You, not only has been a human for two lives, but now his soul power has grown far beyond ordinary people.

So he didn't worry that his soul would be invaded by this crystal.

Ten seconds later, in order not to be suspected by Elder Zhuang, Ji You could only release his hand on the crystal.

Otherwise, he still wants to let it go for a while, so that the soul power can keep improving.


Elder Zhuang showed a satisfied expression on his face, "Guardian Ji, starting today, you will be a part of our Temple of Evolution."


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