999 Times Training System Book 2 Chapter 354

Vol 2 Chapter 354: Spiritual Power

"So it seems that you are acquiescing."

The feminine youth said: "You should know the rules here."

"and then?"

Listening to the other party's tone seemed unfriendly, Ji You didn't give a good face either.

"I am the original protector who was banned by you."

The feminine youth said directly.

This next season you suddenly understood.

If nothing else, this guy is here to trouble him.

The original guardian who was banned by the newcomer had a chance to challenge the newcomer unconditionally.

"So you want to challenge me?"

Ji You said lightly.

However, the reply of the next feminine youth surprised him a little.


Just listen to the feminine youth said: "I know that your strength is very strong. I think I am inferior to you. I just want to compare my mental strength with you. This is just a discussion. No matter who loses or wins, there is no price."

In fact, he has always been known for his strong spiritual power in the Canglan branch hall, and he is also the strongest spiritual power among all protectors.

In comparison, his martial arts strength is very average, and he is the lowest among all law protectors.

After all, martial arts and spiritual power are two aspects, and it is difficult to practice both at the same time.

He was actually quite unconvinced that he was banned from the position of guardian by a new boy named Ji You this time.

But it is impossible for him to challenge Ji You, it is purely looking for abuse.

This time he happened to run into Ji You here, so he wanted to find Ji You to discuss his mental power.

If you win, even if there is no benefit, your mood will be better.

As for if you lose...

He never thought that he would lose.

In the entire Canglan branch hall, his mental power is among the best.

He has absolute confidence in his spiritual power.

The only thing he has to worry about is that the other party will probably not accept his request for discussion.

Because this is considered a challenge, it does not have the benefits of rules, and there is no such unconditional and compulsory martial arts challenge.


Ji You accepted it casually.

Than mental power?

He is really not afraid.

Hearing what the other party said, the feminine young man was taken aback.

He didn't expect the other party to agree so readily. He was still worried that the other party would not accept it.

"Speak directly, how do you want to compare?"

Ji You asked.

"We will enter the same mind control room later, and each control the puppets to fight each other, and which party loses the link of mental power will count as a failure."

The feminine youth explained in detail.

"Okay, then come on."

Apart from anything else, Ji You went through the formalities and went directly into a mind control room.

A huge mind control room is surrounded by various puppets, and a large area in the middle can be used for training as well as for learning with others.

"I will replenish all the points spent this time."

The feminine youth also followed in and said to Ji You.


Ji You said indifferently.

He doesn't care about the points.

But the person in front of him seemed to be more real than he thought.

"Then let's start."

The feminine young man said.

Ji You didn't talk nonsense, his eyes turned to the surrounding puppets.

These puppets are divided into three levels, from low to high: ordinary, bronze, and silver.

Which is also subdivided into first class, second class, and third class.

For example, a puppet from the first grade to the third grade in bronze can only be controlled if its mental power is above the bronze level.

As for why there are no more advanced puppets above Silver, it is because the entire Canglan Sub-Hall has no spiritual power higher than Silver Level, so there is no need.


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